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Learn exceptional testing skills in the Mobile app testing domain with Appium skills Reign the world of mobile app testing with the help of contemporary syllabus, practical training and projects based learning routine.

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Instructor-led Live Online Classes

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Best-in-class content by leading faculty & industry leaders in the form of videos and projects, assignments & live sessions.

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Career Counselling

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Resume Feedback

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Interview Preparation

Appium Certification Training Course Roadmap

Get a glimpse of your Course Syllabus here!

Mobile Application Testing

    • Learn about Market size and figures
    • Get knowledge of Players in the Mobile Space
    • Learn about Target audiences and customers
    • Get knowledge of Business Model in Mobile Space
    • Get an Overview of Mobile Devices
    • Learn about Different Types of Mobile Applications
    • Learn about Mobile Application Architecture
    • Get knowledge of Automation of Web Applications
    • Learn about Automation of Mobile Applications
    • Get knowledge of Open Source and Paid tools for Web and Mobile Automation
    • Learn about Client-side architecture
    • Get knowledge of Server-side architecture
    • Learn about the common Connection Types
    • Learn about Development Platforms for Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications Test Types

    • Get knowledge of the Challenges of mobile application testing
    • Learn about Testing in Mobile Space
    • Learn about Emulators & Simulators
    • Learn about Differences in Mobile & Conventional Application Testing
    • Learn about Mobile Testing Types
    • Learn about UI Testing
    • Get knowledge of Functional Testing
    • Get knowledge of Regression Testing
    • Get knowledge of Interruption Testing
    • Learn about Installation/ Upgrade Testing
    • Get knowledge of Compatibility Testing
    • Learn about Network Testing
    • Get knowledge of Certification Testing
    • Learn about Field Testing
    • Get knowledge of Usability Testing
    • Learn about Localization Testing
    • Get knowledge of Performance Testing

Mobile Application Testing Process & Techniques

    • Learn about Test Process
    • Learn about Test Levels
    • Get a good knowledge of the Agile and Mobile Application Development
    • Learn about Test Coverage
    • Get a good knowledge of Equivalence Class Partitioning
    • Get a good knowledge of Boundary Value Analysis
    • Learn about Decision Table
    • Get a good knowledge of the State Transition Testing
    • Learn about Structural versus Functional Technique Categories
    • Get a good knowledge of Verification versus Validation
    • Learn about Static versus Dynamic Testing
    • Get a good knowledge of the Examples of Specific Testing Techniques

Appium Installation On Android And Ios

  • 1. Android Platform

    • JDK (Java Development Kit) and Eclipse Configuration
    • Android SDK Installation
    • Appium Exe – Installation
    • Real Mobile Device configuration – Settings, PDAnet+, etc
    • Application utilities - APK Extractor, Activity Launcher, etc
    • Selenium Jar and Appium Client Library configuration
    • ADB Commands, Android Settings, Developer Settings, Appium Inspector, Trash actions

    iOS Platform

    • Xcode tool for iOS
    • Homebrew, Npm to install appium server
    • iOS Automation Testing using UIAutomation framework

Web Application & Mobile Application Automation

    • Learn about Selenium WebDriver Introduction
    • Get to know about WebDriver Architecture
    • Learn about WebDriver Configuration
    • Get to know about Locators - ID, Name, Xpath, CSS, etc
    • Learn about Handling Different Browsers
    • Get to know about Mobile Application Types – Native, Hybrid, Web
    • Learn about Different Mobile Platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
    • Get to know about Real Mobile Device/ Emulators and Simulators
    • Get an Introduction to Appium, Features, Advantages, and Limitations
    • Learn about Open Source and Paid tools for Web and Mobile Automation

Introduction to Calabash

    • Get to know about Mobile Testing Overview
    • Learn about Mobile Application Testing Strategy
    • Get an Introduction to Calabash & Cucumber
    • Learn about Setting up Environment for Calabash
    • Get to know about Making the application ready (Resigning)
    • Get to know about Querying the Android APP
    • Get to know about Creating the Object Repository
    • Learn about Basic Calabash Scripting
    • Learn about Advanced Calabash – I
    • Get to know about the Executing Tests and Analyzing Results

Appium Certification Training Course Roadmap

  • Get a glimpse of your Course Syllabus here!

    Let us go through all the interesting milestones you will be covering in your Mobile App Testing by Appium certification training. Here is a glimpse of the principles that are elaborately covered in this online Mobile App Testing by Appium training that is specially designed for you.

    With us, you can be assured of the most recent course syllabus. This is because our research and development team is always and constantly gathering market data and analyzing it continuously to make sure that you get the best training that you deserve.

Course Curriculum

Get the Complete Course Curriculum

Appium Corporate Training

Mobile App Testing by Appium Corporate Training

Now create a team of testing ninjas with our Mobile App Testing by Appium Corporate Training. Avail the program now to create a team with the latest testing skills.

FAQs on Appium Certification Course and Training

Appium FAQs

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Our Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Preeti Somai

I had great fun in my online Mobile App Testing by Appium training course. I never knew learning online could be so easy and interesting. The technology is interesting that these guys made it more interesting with PPTs, MCQs, etc. The entire training module was just amazing. My training started with the very basic concepts of OOP, IDE commands, Java, etc. It was very interesting to learn everything in a live environment.

Dallas Jones

Well, to be honest, we started slow so I was not very sure where this was going. But it picked up the pace once everyone was on board with the basics of the training program. It was deliberately set this way to help us to get accustomed to Mobile App Testing by Appium terms easily. Once we were familiar with basics, the course picked up speed. The entire team was very professional. My teacher was also very keen on teaching. He always helped in doubts.

Sean Garreth

It was a great course on Mobile App Testing by Appium. Most of the concepts were discussed quite elaborately and also right from the start. This was a very pleasant experience for me as it was my first remote learning program. We were encouraged to speak in sessions and discuss the concepts with the teacher and other fellow session takers. The course was current in terms of the syllabus.

Rosa Marlando

The Mobile App Testing by Appium Training and Certification course given by JanBask Training was pretty amazing. It was very affordable. This training changed my career path for good. I cleared my certification in the very first go. Not only this, I even had a very smooth stint with my job applications and interviews. They train you for all these things in a brilliant manner. The course is of very short duration and is very light on your pocket too.

Swani Khare

I was very satisfied with my Mobile App Testing by Appium Training course. I had subscribed to Mobile App Testing by Appium Training and Certification. It was very affordable and short. The course comes with a very good and elaborate syllabus along with varied forms of learning resources such as PPTs, YouTube Videos, MCQs, and regular assignments that make every concept very easy to learn. The resolutions’ team is very prompt in query resolution.

Suzanne Stone

I would say overall a good course. I would give full marks for quality and affordability. Everything was quite perfect. They have a very prompt query resolution. Special doubt sessions are what I like the most. The tutor was a very knowledgeable fellow. He was always very welcoming about doubts and everything. I enjoyed my online debated and discussions. It was great. I used to look forward to the sessions eagerly. Suzanne Stone

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