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Performance Testing Training & Certification

Our Performance Testing certification course gives you a depth insight into software behavior during workload. Here, you will learn how to check the latency and response time of software. You can also check either software application is efficient for scaling or not. The course gives you the strength to analyze the overall performance of an application under different types of loads.

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Why Online Performance Testing Certification?

Join the advanced performance testing course to shape your career in the dynamic field of software testing. Here are a few facts to consider that makes performance testing certification so popular nowadays.


Jobs are posted in the USA alone in the year 2019.


Average Salary of a Performance Tester in the USA as per payscale.com

QA Growth


Growth is estimated in software testing jobs by 2020.


Companies are hiring Performance testing experts on an urgent basis.


Increase in demand for skilled performance testers in 2019.

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QA jobs


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Career Counselling

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Resume Feedback

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Interview Preparation

Performance Testing Training Course Roadmap

Milestones that you will achieve with our Performance Testing Course Training

Performance Testing & Tuning Techniques

    • Overview of the performance testing process
    • Setting up the test environment
    • Hardware & Networking requirements
    • Available performance tools
    • Scripting languages
    • Additional tools and requirements
    • Basic analysis techniques
    • Performance Project Questionnaire
    • Performance Test Plan & Reports
    • Translating Business requirements
    • Demonstrating accuracy
    • Data challenges and solutions
    • Monitoring techniques

Automating Performance Testing for Web Applications

    • Automate Performance Testing for better quality and efficiency
    • A different view of Performance Testing
    • Analyze Performance Requirements
    • Automation planning phase
    • Develop user profile and Workload Planning
    • Test Execution and Analysis of Results
    • Post Test Automation Phase
    • Review of Test runs with Test logs
    • Different mechanisms used for result presentation
    • Filtering and overlapping of result and its importance
    • Analysis of results feedback process to automation

Improving Performance through Standards and Processes

    • Understand the relationship of IT standards to international standards
    • Define Mission Critical Processes with internal and external customers
    • Use the New Process Development Model to develop
    • Deploy processes and standards, procedures and guidelines
    • Measure standards usage, effectiveness, and efficiency
    • Manage standards usage day-to-day
    • Optimize standards
    • Plan and deploy a standards program

Performance Testing for Web and Client/Server Applications

    • Performance in general (both C/S and Web)
    • Understanding of Issues in Performance Testing
    • Get Ready for Performance Testing
    • Quality characteristics for C/S and Web
    • Build a Strategy for Performance testing of both C/S and Web applications
    • Issues in Test execution
    • Analysis of test results and guidelines
    • Issues in Performance testing
    • Variation of Performance Testing
    • Quality characteristics for C/S and Web

Understanding Performance Testing

    • Analyze Performance Testing Needs
    • Design Performance Test Suite
    • Design Performance Test Suite
    • Design Performance Test Suite
    • A methodical approach to Performance Testing
    • The need for performance testing
    • Performance testing goals
    • Impact of downtime for an application
    • Performance testing types
    • Develop a test suite execution plan based on the scenarios developed

Understanding Performance Testing

    • A methodical approach to Performance Testing
    • The need for performance testing
    • Performance testing goals
    • Impact of downtime for an application
    • Performance testing types
    • Develop user transaction matrices to define performance test scenarios to validate individual requirements and end-to-end scenarios
    • Perform an effective result analysis
    • Review Planning and Acquisition of Test Environment
    • Performance Test Suite Integration Test and Debugging
    • Develop Results Analysis reports for different performance tests

Performance Testing Training Course Roadmap

  • Milestones that you will achieve with our Performance Testing Course Training

    Our performance testing certification course curriculum is designed in such a way that hundreds of students can pass the performance testing certification exam in the first attempt and hired by top companies worldwide at attractive salary packages. All software apps are built on the performance testing strategy that ensures durability and reliability. Leading IT Companies like Infosys, IBM, TCS, Cognizant are hiring performance testers for their clients across all domains.

    Here is what all we cover in our online Performance Testing Course to make you a Performance Testing Expert. Each topic has been detailed with the sub-topic that we cover.

    • Introduction to performance testing
    • Principles of Performance Testing
    • Types of Performance Testing
    • Testing Activities in Performance Testing
    • The Concept of Load Generation
    • Common Failures in Performance Testing and Their Causes
    • The importance of Architecture for performance testing.
    • Different types of Architectures
    • 2- Tier, 3- tier, n- tier architecture.
    • Static Content, Dynamic Content
    • What is Testing - Functional Testing and non-Functional Testing?
    • What is Performance Testing?
    • Why Performance Testing?
    • Common Performance problems
    • Performance Testing process.
    • Performance Testing phases / Life Cycle
    • Performance testing tools
    • Benefits of Performance Testing
    • Types of Performance Testing (Load, Stress, Volume, Endurance & Scalability)
    • Identifying the business scenarios for Performance Testing
    • Think time, rendezvous point, IP Spoofing
    • Workload Modeling
    • Typical Measurements Collected In Performance Testing
    • Why Performance Metrics Are Needed
    • Collecting Performance Metrics
    • Selecting Performance Metrics
    • Aggregating Results From Performance Testing
    • Methods Used For Collecting Metrics
    • Typical Results Of A Performance Test
    • Principal Performance Testing Activities
    • Performance Risks for Different Architectures
    • Performance Risks Across the Software Lifecycle
    • Performance Testing Activities
    • Planning and Analysis
    • Deriving Performance Test Objectives
    • The Performance Test Plan
    • Communicating about Performance Testing
    • Design and Implementation
    • Typical Protocols
    • Transactions
    • Identifying Operational Profiles
    • Creating Load Profiles
    • Analyzing Throughput and Concurrency
    • Basic Structure of a Performance Test Script
    • Implementing Performance Test Scripts
    • Preparing for Performance Test Execution
    • What are Non- Functional requirements
    • Different types of Requirements - Product requirements & Process requirements.
    • Deriving NFRs
    • NFRs Verifiability.
    • Performance testing requirements analysis.
    • Collect performance requirements data
    • Infrastructure Data
    • Growth Data
    • Transaction Data
    • Workload pattern Data
    • Quality of Service (QoS) Data
    • Data retention Information.
    • What is LoadRunner?
    • Why LoadRunner?
    • LoadRunner Components
    • LoadRunner Protocols
    • Protocol Advisor
    • LoadRunner Architecture
    • How LoadRunner works?
    • Load Test Process
    • What is Controller?
    • Different kind of Scenarios
    • Scenarios Creation.
    • Adding Load Generators and verifying the connectivity
    • Load Generators, Calculating the # of LGs for a load test.
    • Run Time settings
    • Executing the tests
    • Post-execution activity
    • Monitoring servers through controller
    • Windows resources.
    • What is Parameterization?
    • Why Parameterization?
    • Objectives of Parameterization
    • Parameter types
    • Simulate Parameters
    • Parameter Properties
    • Parameter combinations
    • atoi()
    • itoa()
    • lr_eval_string()
    • lr_save_string()
    • lr_save_int()
    • What is Analyzer?
    • Auto Load Analysis
    • Session Explorer
    • 90thPercentile
    • Analyzer Graphs
    • Analyzer Reports
    • Drill-down
    • Granularity
    • Auto Correlate
    • Cross Results
    • Merge Graphs
    • Web Page Diagnostics

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Performance Testing Corporate Training

Performance Testing Online Corporate Training & Certification

Our Performance Testing Certification Training will help your workforce to build a strong foundation and gain hands-on expertize on using performance testing tools, performance test cases, and lots more. We make sure that you can obtain the impact of your training investment when enrolled with us.

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