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Blockchain Certification and Training

Learn Blockchain online and become an expert in Blockchain technologies. JanBask Training offers practical training in various Blockchain tools such as Tietrion, Etherum & different applications where Blockchain used.

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Career Counselling

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Interview Preparation

Blockchain Certification Training Course Roadmap

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    • What is a blockchain?
    • What are transactions and blocks?
    • How do P2P systems operate?
    • Difference between private, consortium, and public networks
    • What does the data structure look like?
    • What is the Ethereum Virtual Machine?
    • What is a Hash?
    • How do public/private keys work?
    • Digital Signatures
    • Algorithms Introduction
    • What is the Ethereum Virtual Machine?

Ethereum Basics

    • Introduction to Ethereum
      • Basics of Ethereum
      • Introduction to Web 3 & Truffle
      • Introduction to smart contract
      • Components of smart contract
      • Create & deploy Smart contract
      • Ethereum Test Loopback
    • Blockchain Architecture and Platforms
      • Introduction to solidity programming
      • Structure of Solidity contract

Bit coin & Block Chain

    • Block Chain and its history
    • Blockchain structure
    • Why Blockchain is crucial and its objectives,
    • Blockchain terminologies,
    • Distinction between databases and blockchain,
    • Distributed Ledger,
    • Understanding Blockchain ecosystem and structure,
    • How blockchain works,
    • Types of blockchain
    • Why Bitcoin Blockchain was created?
    • What is Bitcoin Blockchain
    • How Bitcoin Blockchain Works

Bit coin Mining

    • Purpose of mining
    • Algorithm used in mining
    • Hardware Mining
    • How does Bitcoin mining work?
    • Bitcoin mining pools
    • How cloud mining of Bitcoin works?
    • Mining Developments

Wallet, Buying and Selling Bitcoin

    • Wallet types
    • Bitocoin Wallets
    • Bitcoin Clients
    • Deterministic wallets
    • Backups
    • Applications of bitcoin script
    • Mobile Wallets
    • Invest & Hedging


    • What is Ethereum network and its usage,
    • Ethereum ecosystem,
    • DApps and DAOs,
    • Understanding Ethereum mining,
    • Learning Solidity in detail


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Course Curriculum

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Blockchain Corporate Training

Blockchain Corporate Training & Certification


FAQs on Blockchain Certification Course and Training

Blockchain FAQs

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George Levy

Great course, everything related to the concepts of Blockchain is well explained that too in a time span of approximately six weeks only.

Philip Jacobs

One can learn all the key elements of Blockchain and related concepts in a very easy manner; you don’t even need any prior technical knowledge.

Duncan Ruther

A very informative and detailed curriculum on Blockchain and related concepts. It helped me clear my certification in one go itself.

Lara Gean

I had joined JanBask Training’s Blockchain Training after much research and I found that I had gotten the best training at the best prices.

Joshua Peters

What a training course, I mean what do they not use to make you learn the concepts, videos, audios, ppts, case studies everything.

William Kirsten

I got an unparalleled hands-on training on various tools and concepts of Blockchain that I am currently getting a promotion in just one year of service.

Dan Burgiese

JanBask Training helped me revamp my career with their amazing Blockchain Training and Certification sessions. Experienced instructor with perfect skills made learnings more easy and interesting.

Charlotte Harper

JanBask Training’s online course on Blockchain training and certification is simply amazing it covers everything, cryptocurrency, ethereum, bitcoin etc that too in a very easy manner.

Snigdha Parihar

About JanBask Training’s Blockchain course I just have one line to say - Six weeks of rigorous training that will change your life.

Jonas Ohana

The course provided by JanBask Training on Blockchain was the best kick start for my stagnant career. Would recommend to everyone.

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