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Blockchain Certification and Training

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  •  Personalized Blockchain Training
  •  Practical training in Blockchain tools

What makes Blockchain training course a very hopeful career choice for you?

most wanted skills


Among the top 20 most wanted skills right now


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Full-time job openings asking for Blockchain skills in the past 12 months


Demand growth in the freelance domain in the year 2017 to 2018.

Salary Trend

 A Few Compelling Facts A Few Compelling Facts

Blockchain technology is rising as a business focus for many global organizations in numerous enterprises. B2B business, fabricating, innovation, banks, media, and broadcast communications are the areas well on the way to adopt Blockchain projects in production, while social insurance and life sciences lead all sectors who are in plans to deploy Blockchain ventures this year, as per a survey conducted by Deloitte.

 Future of CRM Future of CRM

80% of the 3,000 administrators reviewed demonstrated that they were utilizing or considering utilizing the innovation either to grow new plans of action or as a response to a financial shift in the business. Additionally, 71% of business pioneers who are currently utilizing Blockchain trust that it plays a key part in developing the innovation and recommending far-reaching support for industry models.

 Job Market Job Market

There are a plenty of employment profiles that require Blockchain abilities. With a specific end goal to land them effectively, you have to seek after a precisely developed Blockchain course that influences your affirmation and in the end to makes your dream of a prospective employment opportunity a reality.

. How will it impact your career ?

Best Industry Recruiters: Blockchain Top Customers and Partners

Blockchain Training

Your goal is our responsibility!

"We ensure that you learn Blockchain completely, and not only become Blockchain Certified but also get ready for Blockchain Job Interviews."

Our Reviews

Improved Learning

"Troublesome concepts made simple with live sessions"

With the assistance of the best mentors and the live illustrative sessions, you can take in the most troublesome ideas very easily.

Special Classes

"Special Classes dedicated to Blockchain Basics"

In order to help you learn the functioning of Blockchain very well, the Blockchain training course contains sessions to help you understand the basics of the framework such as bitcoin, hashtag, mining etc.

Interactive Classroom Learning

"Interactive Classroom to Learn in a collaborative environment"

Our classrooms comprise of students coming from all the parts of the world. You can learn, debate and engage with people from different areas to learn more and better.

Tailored Learning program

"A comfortable learning catering to all your needs "

Your Trainer alters the training sessions’ speed and the list of topics etc as per the feedback is given by the students, so you control what you learn.

Lifetime Access

"Once a part is always a part of our network"

We give lifetime access to your learning assets. We likewise help you during the season of your further certifications or job changes and so on.

Consistent Assignments

"Take risks, commit errors and learn more "

We prepare you energetically in handy assignments with the goal that you get the maximum amount of practical exposure during your training itself.

Course Objective

  • The online training course of Blockchain has been carved out with an objective to help all the students in mastering the concepts of Blockchain in a more comprehensive way.
  • The ultimate aim of the course is to ensure job success and to help you clear your certification exam in the very first attempt.
  • The course will primarily teach you how about the basics of Cryptocurrency, Currency Mining, Blockchain so that you can efficiently handle all the transactions that are performed using Blockchain.
  • Further, you will learn the practical working of the Blockchain tools to aid you in deploying transactions on the Blockchain node.

Skills you will learn?

When you have effectively finished your Blockchain Training you will feel that you have improved as an expert, as we don't just teach you about the course we also teach you about the other delicate abilities that you require. Be assured that in specialized abilities, for example, data mining, zero proofing etc you would be an ace

  • Master the fundamentals of Blockchain to build sustainable applications.
  • Learn the practical functioning of various Blockchain tools such as Tietrion, Etherum etc.
  • Get practical training in developing different applications where Blockchain is used.
  • Learn to develop zero and null proofing statements.

Blockchain training objectives for beginners:

  • Learn the key-vocabulary and course fundamentals
  • Learn the core process of Blockchain platforms; understand what Bitcoin is and how it works?
  • Get practical experience in real-world Blockchain development scenarios.

Blockchain training objectives at advanced stage:

  • Learn to apply Bitcoin and Blockchain concepts in business development situations.
  • Learn how to build compelling Blockchain apps using the Ethereum Blockchain
  • Design, test and deploy secure Smart Contracts

Who should take the Blockchain certification training course?

Any individual who is keen on acing the Blockchain skills can take this course irrespective of the fact that he/she has a technical background or not.

  • Any graduate or post graduate eager to master the Blockchain App Developers
  • Architects, Testing engineers or Mainframe experts.
  • IT project managers or experienced professionals
  • Programmers, Developers or System admins.
  • Programming or coding professionals interested to learn other related concepts like proofing, mining or administration etc.

Blockchain Training Course - Exam and Certification

The course as such has got no pre-necessities that you need to worry about. In order to successfully learn Blockchain and its concepts, the fundamentals of certain technical concepts can truly assist you with your learning

  • Blockchain Certification Training gives you enough learning exposure to clear any certification exam easily.
  • Once your Practical Blockchain Training Course is complete, you are required to complete a project to get qualified for a certification.
  • You need to finish this project very efficiently and it will be audited by our specialists later to entitle you as a certified Developer, Engineer, or Architect.

Course RoadMap

Course Curriculum


  • What is a blockchain?
  • What are transactions and blocks?
  • How do P2P systems operate?
  • Difference between private, consortium, and public networks
  • What does the data structure look like?
  • What is the Ethereum Virtual Machine?
  • What is a Hash?
  • How do public/private keys work?
  • Digital Signatures
  • Algorithms Introduction
  • What is the Ethereum Virtual Machine?

Ethereum Basics

  • Introduction to Ethereum
    • Basics of Ethereum
    • Introduction to Web 3 & Truffle
    • Introduction to smart contract
    • Components of smart contract
    • Create & deploy Smart contract
    • Ethereum Test Loopback
  • Blockchain Architecture and Platforms
    • Introduction to solidity programming
    • Structure of Solidity contract

Bit coin & Block Chain

  • Block Chain and its history
  • Blockchain structure
  • Why Blockchain is crucial and its objectives,
  • Blockchain terminologies,
  • Distinction between databases and blockchain,
  • Distributed Ledger,
  • Understanding Blockchain ecosystem and structure,
  • How blockchain works,
  • Types of blockchain
  • Why Bitcoin Blockchain was created?
  • What is Bitcoin Blockchain
  • How Bitcoin Blockchain Works

Bit coin Mining

  • Purpose of mining
  • Algorithm used in mining
  • Hardware Mining
  • How does Bitcoin mining work?
  • Bitcoin mining pools
  • How cloud mining of Bitcoin works?
  • Mining Developments

Wallet, Buying and Selling Bitcoin

  • Wallet types
  • Bitocoin Wallets
  • Bitcoin Clients
  • Deterministic wallets
  • Backups
  • Applications of bitcoin script
  • Mobile Wallets
  • Invest & Hedging


  • What is Ethereum network and its usage,
  • Ethereum ecosystem,
  • DApps and DAOs,
  • Understanding Ethereum mining,
  • Learning Solidity in detail

Ethereum IDE, Web3 & Truffle

  • Web3 JS OverView
  • Setup Web3 and Connecting to Node.
  • Instantiate web3 and communicate with a contract from an JScript
  • Test Web3 Version, Node Status API, Account List, balances API.
  • Web3API Send Transactions and Transaction Object
  • Web3 API Smart Contract Compilation and Deployement.

Setup Private Block chain

  • Dive Into Working With Ethereums Core Development
  • Various blockchain setup platforms
  • Using Ethereum to setup private blockchain
  • Create & deploy private blockchain
  • Different phases of contract Deployment
  • Account management and mining
  • Understand the different stages of a contract deployment

Implement Blockchain using Hyperledger

  • What is Hyperledger?
  • What is Hyperledger Fabric Model?
  • Hyperledger Architecture
  • How Hyperledger Fabric Works?
  • Components of Hyperledger Fabric
  • Advantages of Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain

Sample Project and Certification

  • Mini Projects for creating your quick app.
  • Assignments to do hands on practice
  • Real time projects for hands-on practice
  • Guidance & Study Material to get Block chain Certified
    • Certified Blockchain Expert (TM)
    • Certified Blockchain Developer (TM)
  • Sets of Multiple choice questions (MCQs)
  • Study materials

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Frequently Asked Questions - Blockchain Training Program

Who will be the instructor that will be delivering the sessions for Blockchain training and certification course online?

Our sessions start from the plain raw pieces of each concept so your Trainer would start from the Scratch. Thusly, you don't face any inconvenience as it's not critical to be from an IT establishment to wind up being an ace in a particular advancement, all you require is a cleverness to learn and gain knowledge from our teachers.

What are the difficulties that are faced by professionals from non-tech background during Blockchain Training?
Our sessions start from the plain raw pieces of each concept so your Trainer would start from the Scratch. Thusly, you don't face any inconvenience as it's not critical to be from an IT establishment to wind up being an ace in a particular advancement, all you require is a cleverness to learn and gain knowledge from our teachers.
What is the advantage of joining the live-session for the online Blockchain course?
Each one of the sessions that you get with us is a dynamic live session passed on by our real-time teaching instructors LIVE. This is to support you with a smart learning wherein you can ask questions and get your inquiries cleared right when the subject is being talked about in a class.
What is a demo class? Is it mandatory?
A demo class is like a test session of our online sessions on Blockchain for you to ascertain the quality and other nuances of learning that you will be getting with us.
It is not mandatory it is up to you totally.

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