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Build a successful career in Software QA Testing Domain with a trailblazing Guide

For ensured career growth, it is necessary to deep dive into a career field that you are going to opt for. QA is an established field, and every software application needs to be tested rigorously before it is deployed at the customer-end. This is the reason why QA engineers are always in demand and earning a huge salary lump with a normal yearly pay of $102,160 across the USA. It would be just an excellent idea of starting a career in QA domain with the right skills and knowledge. The salary trends that the field has to offer are just amazing. To widen your knowledge base, we have written a QA e-book to help you in providing with extensive information about different career opportunities in the QA domain. It is ideal for everyone who wants to pursue a career in QA space with exceptional programming knowledge. It also tells you about detailing QA career pathways and key takeaways for the same.

In this e-book, you will walk through the following concepts:

  • A Detailed Introduction to Software Testing Concepts
  • Career Opportunities & learning pathways in QA
  • In-Demand Skills and Average Salaries that the field has to offer
  • Roles & Responsibilities of QA Testers with Job Description
  • QA Certifications to boost your career growth
  • Tips to Crack a QA Job Interview
  • An impressive Resume template that is difficult to reject
  • Entry-level Jobs for beginners
  • Future Growth or career progression in QA space

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