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Digital Marketing Career Path

Digital marketing is positioned at the center of marketing policy for every company. So, if you are among those looking for a career in digital marketing, then surely you are choosing a safe, growing, and right career option. In this blog, we are going to discuss several digital marketing profiles, career paths associated with it, and the reasons for the ultimate growth of digital marketing in today’s era.

Traditional marketing methods involved press releases, TV advertisements, radio advertisements, posters, print media, etc. Companies in the past, advertised their products using commercial advertisements or the handy pamphlets. But now, traditional marketing had fallen from nearly 60% because of the increasing trend of digital media. Digital Marketing is a very open and reliable environment. Giant brands and companies constantly come together for the discovery to learn and collaborate new technique of marketing. While performing research on the search engines, you might have come across through banners, irritating ads, some amazingly written blogs, or the marketing campaigns promoting the products. These all are done by digital marketers. The field is progressing rapidly day by day, and the upcoming world after 2020 is surely going to become “Digital.”

As per the research, the economy of the digital world is growing ten times faster than the traditional economy and organizations that engage themselves in online trading are twice likely to be generating jobs as compare to the organizations that are not performing online trade.

According to Seth Godin-

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories, you tell.

Digital Marketing Career Path

1). The vigorous Search Engine Optimization

SEO helps in the optimization of the site and rank the website in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. so that users may get the desired results. The website optimization can be of several types such as on-site content optimization, web page optimization, or website backlink optimization.

SEO’s are the real-world heroes who don’t only optimize a website or rank the websites but also build visibility of the brand in the online world.

Qualifications and skills required: -

  • A better understanding of HTML and CSS
  • Good knowledge of how search engines work
  • Sound analytical and logical skills
  • Outstanding communication skills, such as email writing, blogging, blog comments, etc.
  • Fundamental knowledge of photo and video editing
  • Fundamental knowledge of presentations and reports
  • Fundamental knowledge of user experience and customer behavior in the online world
  • Sound knowledge of social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter

Job Responsibilities: -

A modern SEO is not limited to keyword research, link building, site accessibility, but is much more than the traditional/classic SEO. The job responsibilities may be linked directly or indirectly:

  • Technical SEO
  • Social Media
  • Voice Search
  • Local Search
  • Mobile Search
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Secured Websites (HTTPS)
  • Content Strategy and Marketing
  • Knowledge graph, answer box, and entity search
  • User experience testing

2). The stoic Content Marketing

It is a strategic marketing approach which motive is to attract customers by providing them the information which is useful, interesting, informative, engaging, and entertaining.

According to HubSpot:

Content Marketing is a strategic marketing and business process focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience, and ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Qualification and Skills required: -

  • Graduation or Bachelor degree in any discipline (preferably in Journalism/Mass Communication/English)
  • Must have excellent writing and grammar skills
  • Must have amazing research skills
  • A sound understanding of SEO
  • Good command over the technical skills
  • Basic knowledge of design tools
  • Must have a creative heart and mind
  • Content and Project management skills

Job Responsibilities: -

  • Creation of the content that entails the reader’s mind
  • A well-written and understandable content which should be reached to the audience through different channels like social media, YouTube, Q&A sites, etc.

3). The amicable Social Media Marketing

If you are among the ones who love to spend time on social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube, then this must be the best career option for you. Social Media Marketing is the hottest career choice among youngsters. The scope and career growth in this field are tremendous.

Qualification and Skills required: -

  • Graduation or Bachelor degree in any discipline (preferably in Marketing but not mandatory)
  • You can also do Post Graduation Diploma courses/certification if you do not want to pursue an MBA
  • Keen interest in operating various platforms of Social Media
  • Proficiency in Content Marketing
  • In-depth knowledge of content development and publishing
  • Work experience of blogging ecosystem in a particular field
  • Sound knowledge of SEO principles including Google Analytics and Keyword Research

Job Responsibilities: -

  • Content management
  • SEO and generation of inbound traffic
  • Creation of brand awareness and online reputation
  • Deliberate planning and goal setting

Cultivation of leads and sales

4). The calculative Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC is a kind of sponsored online advertising that is used on a large range of websites, with the search engines where an advertiser pays only if a user clicks on their ads. With PPC, companies get their website noticed by their target spectators. PPC is just like silent selling. While performing the research on the search engines, you may see PPC ads just above or right of the search results.

Qualification and Skills required: -

There is no such requirement of a PPC expert. Minimum qualification is Bachelor degree or Graduation. Anyone who wants to give their career a change in the field of Digital Marketing may choose PPC as their first step because there are no such technical pre-requisites for this career option. PPC may offer you a chance to increase your own value and develop your skills.

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Job Responsibilities: -

  • ad setup optimization
  • visitor tracking
  • geo-targeting
  • city targeting
  • website analysis
  • landing page optimization
  • budget monitoring

5). The knowledgeable Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a brilliant and inventive way to earn money. According to Pat Flynn-

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

Qualification and Skills required: -

  • In-depth knowledge of national and internal affiliate market
  • Effective sales and negotiation skills
  • Strong partnership and team management skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication
  • Result-oriented approach
  • Effective reporting and presentation skills
  • A good understanding of tracking technology

Job Responsibilities: -

  • Procure new partners to grow the affiliate scheme
  • To plan a strategy on how to work with affiliate executives to find the best solutions for affiliate partners
  • To run and analyze affiliate campaigns to achieve maximum ROI
  • Manage the budget of affiliate including budget spend and the commission rates
  • Deliver affiliate marketing reports to senior/top-level management
  • Initiate new campaign ideas, incentives, and bonuses for the affiliate scheme
  • Develop an affiliate marketing strategy with the recruitment of new affiliate partners and deliver sales volume
  • Monitoring campaign performance regularly
  • Handling the buying, re-negotiation of rates, renewing or canceling media placements and other advertising programs

6). The uncomplicated Email Marketing

Email marketing prevails when a company sends a business message to a batch of people via an email. These commonly include advertisements, desires for business, sales, donation appeals, or any formal business communication. It helps in the construction of customer reliability, trust, or brand recognition.

Qualification and Skills required: -

  • To create an interface design of an email
  • Attention to detail
  • Conceptual skills
  • Creative thinking
  • Hands-on experience with major email marketing service providers, like MailChimp, HubSpot, Klaviyo, etc.

Job Responsibilities: -

  • Create dynamic and compelling content
  • A/B or split-testing of particular templates
  • Coordinating and communicating effectively with the clients, marketing representatives and creative teams daily

7). The engaging Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that is designed to draw visitors and potential customers in, instead of pushing a brand or service outwardly which helps in the generation of leads. Inbound marketing is done with the collaboration of various digital marketing strategies like content marketing, SEO, and Social Media.

Qualification and Skills required: -

Collaborative skills of SEO, Content Marketing, and Social media

Job Responsibilities: -

  • Build and manage rich content that attracts an audience (incorporating blog posts, whitepapers, reports, ebooks, webinars, infographics, etc.)
  • Optimize marketing automation through email, content, and social channels
  • Incorporate closed-loop analytics with sales to understand how inbound marketing activity turns into a customer, and convert customers

Career Growth

There are several reasons why Digital marketing is the most wanted career in today’s world-

  • Digital marketing provides small and medium-sized companies the chance to compete and attract their share of targeted traffic
  • Digital marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing
  • Digital marketers get better cost-per-lead (CPL)
  • Digital marketing helps generate better revenues and ROI
  • Digital marketing attracts people to take favorable action and get desired results

If you want to know about the salary range of a digital marketer across metro cities in India and the other countries, the following table shows the average salary for the people in different sectors of digital marketing.

Profile Experience Salaries (Yearly)
    USA Canada Australia India (Metropolitan cities)
Digital Marketing/SEO/PPC/Social Media Beginner 0-1 Years









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USD 30,140 – 92,245











33,000 – 85,000




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AUD 44,494 – 106,800


INR 2,50,000 – 4,00,000
Digital Marketing/SEO/PPC/Social Media Specialist 1-4 Years INR 4,00,000 – 6,00,000
Digital Marketing/SEO/PPC/Social Media Team Lead 4-6 years INR 6,00,000 - 8,00,000
Digital Marketing/SEO/PPC/Social Manager 6-8 Years INR 8,00,000 - 10,00,000
Digital Marketing Manager 8-10 Years INR 10,00,000 - 12,00,000
Digital Marketing Manager with Marketing Background 10-12 Years INR 16,00,000 - 19,00,000
Digital Marketing Manager with Non-Marketing Background 10+ Years INR 12,00,000 - 15,00,000
Head of Marketing online/offline Marketing Background 10+ Years INR 35,00,000 - 50,00,000

Digital Marketing Experience, and Salary

Once you have got the information about the career options available in digital marketing, the next step is to get the opportunity under your belt. Now, it’s time to get some real-world, in-house experience, that is- get a real internship. Learn and explore what industry is doing and contributing to the digital markets. To get the internship, you first need to clear your mind and focus on the position you want to opt for. Then learn the fundamentals, attain certification, and accelerate your career. Get yourself involved in digital marketing events, webinars, conferences, etc. The main idea is to stay connected with the market to make yourself updated with what’s is going on.

You might have visited public banks, there you have seen a screen displaying shares market/ stock market numbers for a whole day, this is because to keep their bank employees updated with the market rates and whatever highs or lows market is experiencing. I’ll not say to keep your eyes stuck on the screen for 24 hours. Obviously not! You have other tasks too. But at least stay updated with the market trends and strategies. This will definitely help you to boost your career in Digital Marketing.

People who are familiar with market trends and strategies get job easily as compare to the people who just have gained theoretical knowledge. The field of digital marketing demands practical knowledge (quiz).

For your motivation, here is the bridge you will get through in the field of digital marketing-

Profile Experience Salary
Digital Marketing  Analyst/Coordinator 0-1 Years $44,000
Digital Marketing Specialist/Expert 1-3 Years $57,813
Digital Marketing Team Lead/Assistant Manager 3-5 Years $66,000
Digital Marketing Manager 5 Years $80,000
Digital Marketing Strategist/Marketing Director 8 Years $116,000
Chief Marketing Officer 10+ Years $161,000

Start Learning Today

You have now understood all the aspects of the Digital marketing field that are listed above, now think through your strengths and weaknesses and choose your profile based on what you can perform best. Google is your best friend. Start googling about digital marketing, and you will get numerous resources to take help from. Get your hands dirty with some practical experience and prepare yourself for the basic to advanced level certifications in Digital Marketing.

Find out Digital Marketing associates that provide online classroom training and help you get prepared for the certifications. If you are still in doubt for the career opportunities or want to know how to take your first step in this field, then talk to our counselors or join our Demo classes. Happy learning!

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