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Digital Marketer Roles and Responsibilities

The Digital Marketing field is dynamic and booming, with a vast number of digital marketing roles. Each digital marketing role helps you in developing the right digital skills and strategies. The most common digital marketing roles are listed as Digital marketing manager, digital marketing executive, campaign manager, content manager, SEO expert, Social media experts, etc. They are using different tools and techniques with a common objective of driving more traffic to your website and increase the overall business ROI.

Here are a few facts about why digital marketing is necessary these days and why it has become a suitable career option for learners.

  • Today, users spend most of their time on social media sites instead of emails.
  • Around 78% of users research the product online before the final purchase.
  • Users like to buy those products that are liked or referred by their friends.
  • 67% of B2C Companies and 40% of B2B Companies have acquired more customers through Facebook or other social media sites.
  • Companies that are blogging regularly get 55% more users to their websites.

Digital Marketing is for passionate people who are creative and innovative. They are result-driven experts with different roles and job responsibilities. Here is the list of common Digital marketing roles and their respective job description.

To know career opportunities and salaries for different roles, you may check our “Digital Marketing Salary” blog. If you are not sure where you stand in the digital marketing space, take a quiz quickly, and know your level of skills and knowledge base now.

Digital Marketing Manager Job Description & Salaries

“Do you have years of experience in the digital marketing domain? If yes, this is the right time to progress in a marketing management role.”

A digital marketing manager is responsible for increasing brand awareness in the digital space. For this purpose, he utilizes a set of tools and strategies to generate leads from an integrated marketing campaign. He generally works with the marketing team, programming team, and vendors to launch campaigns in the right budget.

What are the Job responsibilities?

  • He plans digital marketing campaigns that include SEO/SEM, emails, display advertisements, social networks, etc.
  • He maintains the social media presence of a brand across multiple channels.
  • He reports and measures the performance of different digital media campaigns currently launched and running.
  • He plans and prepares more creative digital media strategies for ultimate growth.
  • He plans, executes, and measures conversion rates and experiments.
  • He collaborates with internal team members to deliver optimized user experiences.
  • He utilizes strong analytical abilities to evaluate end customers across multiple channels and touchpoints.
  • He evaluates most emerging technologies and adopts the appropriate ones for immense business growth.

Job Titles and Salaries

  • Digital Marketing Manager - $64,450
  • Inbound Marketing Manager - $74,345
  • Senior Digital Media Manager - $99,724

Qualification/ Technical Skills required to become a digital marketing manager

  • A bachelor degree in digital marketing or related field.
  • Proven working experience in digital marketing.
  • Experience in landing page optimization and user funnels.
  • Experience in identifying target audiences and plan campaigns accordingly.
  • Working experience SEO/SEM, marketing databases, social media networks, display advertising, etc.
  • Working knowledge of website analytics tools.
  • A depth understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Google AdWords, Serving tools, etc.
  • Sting analytical capabilities and data-driven thinking
  • Best practices for implementing online marketing tactics and strategies.

High Demanded Skills to Become Digital Marketing Manager

A). Excellent Communication skills

He should have strong communication skills to manage day-day-day activities effectively through emails, phones, or face-to-face meetings, etc.

B). Strong media skills

He should have strong social media skills to enable communication with target audiences and plan strategies to grow relationships with potential customers.

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C). Organizing skills

As a marketing manager, he has to work in groups, and he should know how to organize and manage other team members to keep them motivated.

D). Writing Skills

He should have excellent writing capabilities to write briefs, proposals, and specifications for clients and audiences, etc.

Marketing managers are high in demand across different sectors and industries. With the right skills and experience, he can enjoy multiple career opportunities at his fingertips with attractive salary packages. He can work as a freelancer too on multiple projects.

Digital Marketing Manager - Further Career Opportunities

  • Digital Marketing Head
  • Senior Digital Marketing Manager
  • Digital Content Manager
  • PPC manager
  • Brand Manager

Inbound Marketing Manager Job Description & Salaries

An Inbound Marketing Manager is responsible for attracting traffic and qualified leads to a business and converts them to customers later. Here is the quick description of inbound marketing manager role and responsibilities.

What are the job responsibilities?

  • He builds and manages rich content like e-books, blog posts, whitepapers, infographics, reports, etc. that may attract potential customers to the website.
  • He optimizes the lead nurturing process and marketing automation process through powerful content, emails, and social media platforms.
  • He proposes new and improved ideas based on inbound marketing campaigns.
  • He creates, manages, executes multi-channel marketing campaigns leverages inbound marketing, emails, campaigns, SEO tactics, and events to drive more customer acquisition.

Inbound Marketing Manager Salary: $74,345

Digital Marketing Executives Job Description & Salaries

A digital marketing executive prepares reports on visitor data and identifies new ways to market products. He engages with the public through social media sites and ensures mass traffic to sites through the right set of tools and techniques. He is employed by different agencies based on the requirement.

What are the job responsibilities?

  • He develops and manages digital marketing campaigns.
  • He designs a social media strategy to attract potential customers.
  • He manages or maintains the organization’s website.
  • He works on social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, etc.
  • He reduces the bounce rate on the website and improves the overall conversion rate.
  • He works on the website to make it search-engine friendly and optimized.
  • He fixes bugs and errors for the online content.
  • He edits posts, videos, PPTs, or audio content on online sites.
  • He arranges webinars or webcasts as required.
  • He creates banner content and PPC campaigns
  • He writes email marketing copies.
  • He identifies new marketing trends and implements them that suits the most.
  • He gets engaged in product launches and promotional activities too.

Qualification Requirements

To get into the digital marketing field, a bachelor degree in digital marketing or a similar field is required. You may also join the digital marketing certification course to acquire the required skills and knowledge for a particular digital media role. If you are not sure what you should learn as a digital marketer, download the syllabus first before moving ahead.

Technical skills needed to become a Digital Marketing Executive

  • Creative Content Writing
  • Digital marketing concept and best practices
  • Working knowledge of Digital media tools
  • Proven experience in a digital executive role.
  • Analytical skills and critical thinking
  • Excellent communication or interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge in web analytics tools

General skills needed to become a Digital Marketing Executive

  • Editing or writing skills
  • Speaking skills
  • Video editing skills
  • Project management skills
  • Web development skills

Digital Marketing Executive Salary:

The average salary of a digital marketing executive in the USA is $60,714 per year.

Further Career Opportunities:

  • Digital Content Manager
  • Digital Marketing Head
  • Senior Digital Marketing Executive
  • PPC manager
  • Brand Manager

SEO Executive Job Description & Salaries

The primary role of an SEO executive is to rank website pages on the top among competitors. The SEO field is booming, and the demand for SEO executives will never go down for many years to come. They are hired for large Companies having marketing departments.

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This job role is open for all students either they have a degree or not. The only condition is that they should be familiar with SEO basics, tactics, and best practices. There are no requirements of any IT background or high-level technical competencies.

What are the job Responsibilities?

  • He conducts an online and offline analysis of clients for various industries.
  • He designs performance reports using Google Analytics program.
  • He works based on updated Google algorithms.
  • He contributes to the Company blogs for on-page and off-page optimization.
  • He conducts keyword research based on the latest keyword research strategies.

SEO Executive Salary:

The average salary of an SEO executive in the USA is $43,821 per year and it goes higher for SEO manager positions up to $70, 123 as you start progressing in your career.

Further Career Opportunities:

  • SEO Manager
  • Senior SEO Executive
  • Inbound SEO Manager
  • Outbound SEO Manager

Social Media Marketing Expert Job Description & Salaries

A social media marketing expert is responsible for social media management and combining marketing tactics for enhancing the overall brand awareness of a Company, interact with potential customers on social media platforms, promote the engaging content, and expand opportunities to increase the revenues.

A social media marketing expert should have the depth knowledge of social media platforms, marketing strategies, and content optimization techniques so that he may put the engaging contents on different social media channels.

What are the job Responsibilities?

  • He designs and implements social media strategies, marketing strategies, etc.
  • He creates powerful content ideas and engaged in budget planning and implementation schedules.
  • He promotes products and services on different social media platforms.
  • He builds social media marketing strategies and executes them through different competitive platforms.
  • He works on Company website pages and makes it social media friendly to enhance the overall visibility of the content.
  • He is responsible for achieving website traffic, audience engagement, revenues by exploiting different social media marketing roadmaps.

Career Opportunities and Salaries

  • Social Media Coordinator: $39,024
  • Social Media Specialist: $41,702
  • Social Media Manager: $49,146
  • Social Media Marketing Manager: $49,552
  • Social Media Strategist: $51,248
  • Inbound Social Media Manager: $54,514

Digital Marketing Copywriter Job Description & Salaries

There are different job roles performed by a digital marketing copywriter. He produces content for web page, refines or edits the existing content, writes a better copy of the available content, prepares content to post on social media platforms. He can work either as a freelancer or full-time copywriter. Let us discuss a few important job roles and responsibilities of a digital copywriter.

What are the job Responsibilities?

  • He tailors the content or writing assignments according to purpose like you want to sell a product or wanted to explain info about products.
  • He understands the target audiences in depth because the content is not written for the Company, but it is written for clients. So, the primary responsibility of a copywriter is to understand the target audience and compile content accordingly.
  • He works with other team members to deliver quality outputs and adds more visual elements to make the existing content appealing.
  • He identifies the more interesting and fresh angles when writing an article.
  • He writes blogs, web pages, e-book, social media content, video scripts, and more.
  • He should be familiar with business tone to win clients and projects.
  • He provides digital contents for infographics, images, and videos, etc.

Digital Copywriter Salaries

The average salary of a digital copywriter is $51,296 per year, or it can be written as $14.94 per hour. He has the freedom to work as a freelancer or full-time copywriter.

CRO Expert Job Description

He follows the best conversion rate optimization strategies for lead generation and conversions. It is one of the highly crucial digital marketing roles responsible for managing, implementing, and testing conversion points in the digital marketing funnel. Let us discuss a few important role and responsibilities of a conversion rate optimizer, what he does exactly.

What are the job Responsibilities?

  • He performs A/B testing and measures the conversion rate constantly.
  • He optimizes the best marketing conversion paths.
  • He optimizes the conversion rate through the best tools and tactics.
  • He manages CTAs, landing pages, lead generation forms, etc.
  • He collaborates with other members for blogging, social media posts, email contents, etc.
  • He increases the efficiencies of the marketing funnel.
  • He works on qualified leads by collaborating with the sales team.

Conversion Rate Optimizer Salary

The average salary of a conversion rate optimizer is $73K per year, and this job role is highly demanded by industries in the digital marketing space.

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Content Marketing Manager Job Description & Salaries

A content manager is responsible for content marketing that involves blog management, campaigns management, e-book publishing, copywriting, email communications, video marketing, guest blogging, etc. it is a popular digital marketing role today worldwide and getting high salary packages with the right skills and knowledge.

What are the job Responsibilities?

  • He creates, edits, and improves content for the target audience and helps in optimizing conversion rate too.
  • He delivers editorial content and designs an effective marketing strategy to meet the business requirements. It includes a basic understanding of SEO concepts, content designing & development, content categorizing, content distribution, and content management, etc.
  • He measures and optimizes content regularly for driving massive traffic, engagement, and leads, etc.
  • He integrates content with brand campaigns to increase the overall demand of a brand worldwide, especially for the target audience.
  • He develops an editorial calendar and analyzes the traffic matrices.
  • He generates more effective ideas based on customer feedback to enhance customer engagement.

Content Marketing Manager Salaries:

  • Content Manager: $56,709
  • Inbound Content Manager: $62,688

SEM Specialist Job Description & Salaries

For a small Company, a digital marketing manager performs multiple roles. However, when it comes to a large Company, there is a dedicated person for different digital marketing positions, and SEM is one of them. He targets the number of leads and clicks, manages bids, focuses on keyword research, keyword analysis, ad copywriting, test ad campaigns, etc. Let us discuss a few popular job responsibilities of an SEM specialist for a Company.

What are the job Responsibilities?

  • He achieves the maximum ROI by paid search campaigns, data analysis, data collection, identifying new marketing trends, and insights.
  • He tracks, reports, and analyzes PPC campaigns, and website data.
  • He analyzes and researches advertising links of competitors.
  • He manages campaign budget and estimates monthly costs too.
  • He performs in-depth website analysis when required.

SEM Specialist Salary:

The national average salary of an SEM specialist is $65,200 in the USA. This salary figure may vary from person to person based on location, experience, skillset, etc.

Analytics Manager Job Description & Salaries

An analytics manager is responsible for implementing tools and strategies for translating raw data into valuable business insights. Here a few common responsibilities of an Analytics Manager as given below.

What are the job Responsibilities?

  • He understands the business needs and objectives in detail.
  • He develops the right strategies through effective data analysis and reporting.
  • He defines metrics and relevant data sources of the Company.
  • He configures and implements suitable analytical solutions.
  • He develops and leads a complete team of data analysts.
  • He extracts reports from multiple sources like IT, operations, or customer feedback, etc.
  • He transforms the raw data into actionable business insights through statistical data models.
  • He presents analytical final to senior managers team.

Analytics Manager Salary: $131,374

Final Words:

The above-discussed content gives you a clear idea of Digital marketing roles along with the respective job descriptions. Undoubtedly, digital marketing space is growing through leaps and bounds worldwide, and there are immense job opportunities for job seekers.

So, firstly, you must master the digital marketing skills by joining an online training program. You may join our digital marketing course at JanBask Training and get hands-on experience to be job-ready for the future. We would also recommend joining the demo class and analyze the learning environment with us.

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