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Tableau Developer Training & Certification

Our Tableau Developer Training program prepares you for the Tableau developer certification and helps you to master Data visualization, BI, reporting techniques, Tableau development, and integration, etc. You will get strong exposure to data mining, statistical techniques, and how to make data joins, data connections, etc. You will learn to build dashboards, interactive visuals, or data management to make good business decisions. So, register now and get Tableau certified with us!

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Why Online Tableau Developer Certifications?

Complete the Tableau Developer Certification to grow your career in the IT marketplace and learn all concepts of Tableau tool from scratch. Let us have a quick look at the facts why Tableau Developer training is just a suitable choice for learners./p>


Data visualization, BI, analytics, and reporting tool in the IT marketplace.

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Immense job opportunities for skilled Tableau developers.


Hike in demand of expert Tableau Developers in the last few years

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Tableau developer salaries are noted 77 percent higher than other IT domains.

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Tableau Developer Training Course Roadmap

Milestones that you will achieve with our Online Tableau Developer Training

Introduction of Data Visualization & Tableau Overview

    • What is Data Visualization?
    • Career opportunity in Data Visualization and Reporting
    • Different Data Visualization Tools and comparison
    • Skills needed to become Data Visualization Developer
    • Different Products of Tableau and their use
    • Different Versions of Tableau
    • Tableau Desktop: Download and Installation
    • Licenses and Free Software
    • Overview to Tableau Server
    • Locating the files and uses on your system
    • Tableau Interface and terminology
    • Data Connection and Preparation

Tableau Advanced Charts, Calculations & Reporting Lifecycle

    • What is a bar chart & When to use a bar chart
    • How to create a bar chart?
    • Different type of bar chart- Vertical & Horizontal
    • Scattered Bar Chart
    • Formatting the bar chart
    • Reference Lines
    • What is a line chart?
    • Different type of line chart
    • Scattered line Chart
    • Formatting the line chart
    • Reference Lines
    • Filtering the line chart
    • The need for dual-axis chart & What is Pie chart
    • What are the calculated fields?
    • How to create calculated fields?
    • Understanding of reporting lifecycle

Tableau Worksheet

    • How to create a worksheet?
    • Worksheet Formatting
    • Renaming a Worksheet
    • Different Features and Functionalities in Worksheet
    • Overview of Different Charts
    • Working with Labels
    • Tooltip
    • Dimension & Measure and their differences
    • Converting Dimension to Measures and Vice Versa
    • How to convert one data type to others?
    • Introduction to Mapping in Tableau

Tableau Dashboard & Dashboard Action

    • What is Tableau Dashboard?
    • How to create a Tableau Dashboard?
    • Adding worksheets in a dashboard
    • Fixed and Floating dashboard
    • Adding different attributes in Dashboards
    • Filters in dashboard
    • Parameters in dashboard
    • Formatting dashboards
    • Standards in Dashboards
    • Dashboard Branding
    • Making screen size & resolution compatible
    • What are dashboard actions?
    • Different kind of actions- URL, click, hover
    • Filters dashboards on clicking
    • Opening external URL from dashboard

Tableau Server, Configuration, Security, and Permissions

    • Sign up for Tableau Server
    • Create Projects and Accounts
    • Add user in Tableau server
    • Invite other users
    • How to publish reports on the Tableau server?
    • Different features and settings
    • Managing report on server
    • How to send report emails through the server?
    • Sharing report links to others
    • Provide access to others
    • Embed the Tableau dashboard on other platforms
    • Using Tableau Server for monitoring functions

Integration with R Programming, SQL, And Google Analytics

    • How to connect Tableau with R?
    • Run commands from Tableau with backend in R
    • Linear regression machine learning using Tableau and R
    • How to connect Tableau with SQL?
    • Make reports on SQL data in Tableau
    • How to connect Tableau with GA?
    • Creating reports in Tableau with GA data
    • Introduction to Business Intelligence tools
    • Real-time Projects & Case Study

Tableau Developer Training Course Roadmap

  • Milestones that you will achieve with our Online Tableau Developer Training

    Our Tableau Developer program content is designed so effectively that several learners have already cleared the exam and hired by top companies worldwide. Our Tableau developer training will make you an expert in data visualization and reporting where data can be processed in different ways to make sound business decisions.

    Here is what we cover in our online Tableau Developer Course to make you a Tableau Expert. Each topic has been detailed with the sub-topic that we cover.

    • What is Data Visualization?
    • Career opportunity in Data Visualization and Reporting
    • Different Data Visualization Tools and comparison
    • Skills needed to become Data Visualization Developer
    • How to connect with Tableau Server?
    • About Join and its types
    • The right time for using Joins
    • How to enable right Outer Join?
    • About Data blending and when to use it?
    • Difference between Joining & Blending
    • How to write custom SQL Queries?
    • Data preparation for analysis
    • Introduction
    • Custom Geocoding
    • Adding Caption/Title/Tool Tips to Views
    • Formatting Axes, Windows, Mark Labels, Manipulations
    • Formatting Views with Labels and Annotations
    • Annotations
    • Working with Combined Axis, combined charts, page shelf
    • Understanding geocoding and geographic mapping in tableau
    • Describe text and highlight tables
    • Create Motion Charts
    • Using Bins and Histograms & Pie Charts
    • Compare Measures Using Bullet Charts
    • Advanced Chart Types
    • Creating and Using Pareto, Waterfall, Bars & Gantt Charts
    • Using box plots
    • About Filters
    • Filters on Dimensions & Measures
    • About Wild Card
    • Context Filters
    • Global Filters
    • Quick Filters
    • Defining Filters at Source & Custom SQL
    • About Parameters
    • How to create Parameters?
    • Exploring Parameter Controls
    • Using parameters
    • Show and Hide Sheets with Parameters Dynamically
    • About Groups
    • Using Group
    • Editing Group
    • Limitations of groups
    • About Set and its Types
    • Using Sets
    • Special Field Types
    • Date Hierarchies
    • Drilling in the Time Hierarchy
    • Pivoting Date Parts on Shelves
    • Differentiate Between Discrete and Continuous Dates
    • Using Continuous and Discrete Dates
    • Custom Dates
    • How to create and use Custom Dates?
    • Define a Date Field on a Fiscal Year
    • Relative Date Filters
    • Importing Date Dimensions in Tableau from a Cube
    • Dates in Cube (Multidimensional) Data Sources
    • Dates in Cubes Vs. Relational Data Sources
    • Strings Date Logical and Arithmetic Calculation
    • Aggregation Options
    • Grand Totals and Subtotals
    • Quick Table Calculations
    • Automatic and Custom Split
    • Dashboards
    • Building Dashboards & Best Practices
    • Interaction Exploring Dashboard Actions
    • Use of Running Actions
    • Using Dashboard Actions
    • Sharing your Work
    • How to Share Your Reports?
    • Exporting Work
    • Install & configure a server
    • Setup server
    • Publishing,
    • Scheduling and Sharing Security
    • Authentication and Access
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Performance Monitoring and Tracking
    • R output as Input to Tableau
    • File-based Integration of R with Tableau
    • How to connect Tableau with SQL?
    • Creating reports on SQL data in Tableau

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