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Kubernetes Certification Training

  • Sign up for JanBask Training’s Kubernetes certification training program to qualify the Kubernetes certifications and pin yourself in the ever-growing DevOps roles.
  • Get practical knowledge around how to set up a cluster in Kubernetes, configure network among pods, secure clusters against unwanted access, managing service networking, and a lot more.

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Why Online Kubernetes Certification?

Our Kubernetes certification training can help you to make a roadmap in the DevOps space and establish yourself as one of the most demanding DevOps resources worldwide. Further, let us have a quick look at the most interesting facts that make DevOps Kubernetes Training and certification so popular these days.


DevOps tool for containerizing apps and increasing software delivery.


The hike is estimated in DevOps jobs for skilled Kubernetes professionals.

DevOps Growth


The average salary for Kubernetes professionals in the USA


More than 80 percent of organizations are expected to adopt DevOps Kubernetes by 2020.


The average salary for certified Kubernetes Professionals in the USA.

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Learn about Career benefits, in-demand skills, average salaries and tips to Crack Job Interview.

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Organizations have already adopted DevOps as the mainstream strategy.

Instructor-led Live Online Kubernetes Classes

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Earn your Kubernetes Certificate

Best-in-class content by leading faculty & industry leaders in the form of videos and projects, assignments & live sessions.

Career Counselling

Career Counselling

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Resume Feedback

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Interview Preparation

Kubernetes Training & Certification Course Roadmap

Here are the milestones that you will achieve with our Kubernetes Certification Course Training.

Overview to Kubernetes

    • What is Kubernetes? Why Kubernetes?
    • Virtualization vs Containerization
    • Evolution of Kubernetes
    • Features and Benefit of Kubernetes
    • Docker Swarm and Kubernetes
    • Architecture of Kubernetes
    • Container orchestration
    • Concept of Kubernetes - Cluster, Node, Master, Service
    • Core Objects and Primitives
    • Declarative model and desired state
    • Installing Kubernetes
    • Pod Networking Concepts
    • Understanding Pods
    • Pods and their lifecycle
    • Kubectl common commands
    • Installing Kubernetes on Ubuntu VM
    • Kube-controller-manager
    • Kubernetes dashboard
    • Setting Up a Single Node Kubernetes Cluster Using Minikube

Kubernetes Architecture

    • Understand Kubernetes Architecture
    • Kubernetes Master
    • Cluster Architecture
    • Components of Kubernetes Master
    • Node Components
    • Configure network on cluster nodes
    • Kubernetes Node Configuration
    • kubectl: Exploring our Environment
    • Installing Kubernetes - Master Server
    • Installing Kubernetes - Minions / Nodes

Docker Engine

    • Docker Overview
    • Docker Architecture
    • Images and layers
    • Underlying technology of Docker like namespaces, cgroups etc.,
    • Docker CE Vs Docker EE and supported platforms
    • Pulling images from Docker registry
    • The Docker Hub
    • Docker commands
    • Docker network
    • Container volume management
    • Creating custom network (bridge)
    • Building custom images using Dockerfile
    • Creating containers with limited resources (CPU, memory etc.,)
    • Assigning/removing multiple networks to the running container.
    • Selecting storage driver for the Docker Engine
    • Setting limit on the resource like CPU, memory for running container
    • Setup and configure universal control plane(UCP) and docker trusted repository (DTR)

Deployment on Kubernetes

    • Deploy an app on local Kubernetes cluster using Kubectl
    • Deploying on Kubernetes using Spinnaker
    • Working with StatefulSet
    • Pod Management policies
    • OnDelete & Rolling Update Strategies
    • Persistent Volumes
    • managing containers with Pod
    • Basic commands of Kubectl
    • Kubernetes Node and Pod Preset.
    • Management of Deployment
    • Create, Fetch and Update Deployment

Kubernetes monitoring & logging

    • The USE and RED method to monitoring
    • Prometheus deep-dive
    • Alerting best practices
    • Container logging
    • Kubernetes component logging
    • Monitoring the cluster using Prometheus
    • The EFK stack
    • Deploy jobs to run tasks to completion
    • Logging using ElasticSearch, Kibana, Fluentd, and LogTrail
    • Authentication using Auth0
    • Authorization using RBAC

Kubernetes networking, Storage & Volume management

    • Container networking Interface (CNI)
    • IP address assignment to each Pod
    • Container to container communication in a Pod
    • Pod to Pod communication
    • Running Multiple Containers in a Pod
    • Kubernetes Logging and Monitoring using ELK stack & Demo
    • Authentication using proxy oAuth, Open ID connect
    • Authorization using complex roles
    • Kubernetes package management using Helm & Demo
    • Continuous Integration and Deployment using containers
    • Horizontal Pod Autoscaling in Kubernetes
    • Linkerd service mesh Deployment


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Course Curriculum

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