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Splunk Training & Certification

Splunk Certification Training will teach you how to work with configurations and user management in Splunk. The training will grow your knowledge in setting up a cluster, data ingestion, knowledge objects, creation or manage alerts, Splunk reports, visualizations, dashboards, etc while working on real-time projects. so, register for Splunk Training and get certified with us!

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Why Online Splunk Certification?

Our Splunk certification training helps you in designing a roadmap to establish yourself as a Splunk pro and makes yourself as one of the most demanding IT resources in the global marketplace. Moving ahead, let us have a quick look at facts that makes our Splunk certification so popular among learners.


Data analysis tool for huge data storage and data processing


The average salary taken by expert Splunk professionals worldwide

DevOps Growth


More than 11K customers are using Splunk to reduce operational costs.

110 Countries

More than 110 countries have adopted Splunk to gain operation intelligence

40 trillion GB

By 2020, IDC predicts that more than 40 trillion GB data needs to be processed.

Glorious Guide on DevOps Career

Learn about Career benefits, in-demand skills, average salaries and tips to Crack Job Interview.

Business Analyst jobs


The average salary taken by certified Splunk professionals worldwide

Instructor-led Live Online Splunk Classes

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Earn your Splunk Certificate

Best-in-class content by leading faculty & industry leaders in the form of videos and projects, assignments & live sessions.

Career Counselling

Career Counselling

Resume Feedback

Resume Feedback

Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation

Splunk Training Course Roadmap

Here are the milestones that you will achieve with our Splunk Course Training

Introduction to Splunk & User Management

    • What is Splunk?
    • What is machine data?
    • Why Splunk?
    • Need for SPLUNK and its features
    • Scope of Splunk
    • Overview of Splunk
    • Prerequisites for installing Splunk
    • Installing Splunk on Windows
    • Installing Splunk on Linux
    • How to create a new user in Splunk?
    • Splunk Users and Roles
    • Distributed Management Console
    • Introduction to Splunk App
    • Splunk indexes and users
    • Splunk configuration files
    • Splunk Deployment Management
    • Splunk products and latest version of Splunk Enterprise

Splunk Search and Search Fields

    • Understanding Search in Splunk
    • Writing Splunk Query for Search
    • Autocomplete Building a Search
    • Setting Time Range
    • Refining Search Criteria
    • Identifying the Contents of Search
    • Controlling a Search Job
    • Fields in Searches
    • Regex Field Extraction using Field Extractor (FX)
    • Delimiter Field Extraction using FX
    • Saving Searches & Scheduling Searches
    • Exporting Search Results
    • How to Create Alerts?
    • Viewing Fired Alerts
    • Scheduled Reports
    • Describing and Configuring Scheduled Reports

Knowledge Objects

    • What is Splunk knowledge
    • Explanation of Knowledge objects in Splunk
    • How to extract fields in Splunk?
    • How to create macros in Splunk?
    • How to create event types in Splunk?
    • Create and define Lookups
    • Work with Lookup editor
    • What is lookup?
    • How to define a lookup table?
    • How to define an automatic lookup table?
    • How to search the lookup table in Splunk?

Splunk Reports and Visualization

    • Importance of Reporting & Visualization in Splunk
    • Creating Charts and Time Charts
    • Omitting Null Values and Format Results
    • Analyzing, Calculating and Formatting Results
    • Roundoff and Format Values
    • How to use eval command?
    • Conditional Statements
    • Correlating Events
    • Search with Transactions
    • Reporting on Transactions
    • Deploying Lookup in Reports and Searches
    • Creating Reports and Dashboards
    • Creating Search Charts
    • Schedule alerts
    • How to Add Reports to Dashboard?

Workflows and Commands in Splunk

    • Understanding Workflows in Splunk
    • GET, POST, and Search Workflow Actions
    • Splunk Search Commands
    • Splunk Search Commands – An Overview
    • Best Search Practices
    • Understanding Search Pipeline
    • Specifying Indexes in Search
    • Syntax Highlighting
    • Autocomplete in Splunk
    • Search Commands: Tables, Fields, Sort, Multikv, Rename, Rex & Erex
    • Transforming Commands
    • Using Top, Rare, Stats Commands
    • Reporting Commands
    • Exploring Commands and their Functions
    • addcoltotals, addtotals,top, rare,stats

User, Management & Management Console

    • Splunk User & Index Management
    • Splunk User Authentication
    • Monitoring and Optimizing Splunk Indexes
    • Splunk Distributed Management Console
    • Index Clustering in Splunk
    • Forwarder Management and Distributed Search in Splunk
    • Splunk App – An Overview
    • Delete and Install Apps from Splunk Base
    • App Permissions and Deployment
    • Splunk Deployment Management
    • Deploying the Splunk Tool
    • Splunk Deployment Server and Environment
    • Deploying Clients Grouping in Splunk
    • Index storage and Creating New Index
    • Native and LDAP Authentications

Splunk Training Course Roadmap

  • Here are the milestones that you will achieve with our Splunk Course Training

    We have designed our course content keeping the certification exam in mind so it helps you in passing the Splunk certification exam in the first attempt. Also, you will get a chance to gain expertise in Splunk through real-world examples and learn about practical aspects of the tool in depth. Most importantly, an excellent future scope and job opportunities in the DevOps space make this training more desirable and admirable.

    Here is what we cover in our online Splunk Course to make you a Splunk Expert. Each topic has been detailed with the sub-topic that we cover.

Course Curriculum

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Splunk Corporate Training

Splunk Online Corporate Training & Certification

We are one of the most premier training institutes that offer Splunk corporate training to help your workforce build a strong foundation and gain practical exposure in using Splunk.

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