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Ansible Online Training & Certification

Our Ansible online training will help you master skills that are vital to automate the management, deployment of network devices across different operating systems with the help of Ansible. You will get in-depth knowledge of how to create and run Ansible playbooks through real-time examples. So, register now and get certified with us right away.

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Why Online Ansible Certification?

Our Ansible certification training can help you to make a roadmap in the DevOps space and establish yourself as one of the most demanding DevOps resources worldwide. Further, let us have a quick look at the most interesting facts that make DevOps Ansible so popular these days.


DevOps tool for automating workflows and deployments.


The hike is estimated in DevOps jobs for skilled Ansible professionals.

DevOps Growth


The average salary for Ansible professionals in the USA


More than 80 percent of organizations are expected to adopt DevOps Ansible by 2020.


The average salary for certified Ansible Professionals in the USA.

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Business Analyst jobs


Organizations have already adopted DevOps as the mainstream strategy.

Instructor-led Live Online Classes – Ansible Certification

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Best-in-class content by leading faculty & industry leaders in the form of videos and projects, assignments & live sessions.

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Career Counselling

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Resume Feedback

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Interview Preparation

Ansible Training Course Roadmap

Here are the milestones that you will achieve with our Ansible Course Training

Intro to Ansible

    • Introduction to Ansible
    • Why Ansible?
    • How to Install Ansible?
    • History of Ansible
    • Evolution of Infrastructure
    • Ansible and YML for describing your environments
    • Overview of Infrastructure as a Code
    • Ansible command syntax
    • Getting started with Ansible terminology
    • What is Configuration Management?
    • Ansible and YML for describing your environments
    • Configuring SSH and Sudo for Ansible

Getting Set Up

    • Some prerequisites
    • Getting set up on a Mac
    • Getting set up on Linux
    • Getting set up on Windows
    • Testing with Vagrant
    • Setting up our Test Environment
    • Target Machine Requirements
    • Using SSH keys to connect to your target nodes

Ad-Hoc Commands

    • Conducting an orchestra
    • Build infrastructure with Vagrant for testing
    • Inventory file for multiple servers
    • Your first ad-hoc commands
    • Discover Ansible’s parallel nature
    • Learning about your environment
    • Make changes using Ansible modules
    • Configure groups of servers, or individual servers
    • Configure the Application servers
    • Configure the Database servers
    • Make changes to just one server
    • Manage users and groups

Provisioners & Docker containers

    • Connecting Ansible
    • Creating a new server instance
    • Dynamic inventory
    • Dynamic inventory on Amazon AWS
    • Mixing static and dynamic inventory
    • A brief intro to Docker
    • The synergy of containerization and automation
    • Using Ansible to build Docker containers
    • MySQL containers
    • Web application containers
    • Data storage containers

Ansible Playbooks & Roles

    • Power plays
    • Running Playbooks with ansible-playbook
    • CentOS Node.js app server
    • Ubuntu LAMP server with Drupal
    • Include a variables file, and more pre-tasks and handlers
    • Install Java 8 & Apache Solr
    • Apache Solr server summary
    • Creating a New Role
    • Utilizing Roles in Playbook
    • Breaking a Playbook into a Role
    • Exception Handling in Playbooks
    • Loops
    • Blocks
    • Conditionals

Infrastructure, Deployment Continuous Integration

    • Spec up our inventory and host groups
    • Using roles
    • Configure our database backend
    • Configure our web server front-end
    • Configure a replicated filesystem
    • Configure centralized logging
    • Deploying our app from SCM to our local Vagrant environment
    • How we would deploy that code to production once tested by QA?
    • Updating our application
    • How does Ansible compare to alternatives such as Capistrano?
    • Unit, integration and functional testing
    • Automating your testing using GitHub and Travis CI


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Course Curriculum

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Ansible Corporate Training

Ansible Online Corporate Training & Certification

We are one of the most premier training institutes that offer Ansible corporate training to help your workforce building a strong foundation and gain practical exposure in using Ansible, one of the most prominent DevOps tools.

FAQs on Ansible Training

Ansible FAQs

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With our online DevOps Training and Certification course:

"You can apply for different DevOps roles and get hired by most eminent MNCs worldwide. "

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Customer Reviews

Glenn Rodgers

I am Suman and I tool the Ansible Training from JanBask. It was the easiest way to prepare myself for the DevOps space. The course content and training were so well that I was able to establish myself as an Ansible professional in the less possible time. It was such a great achievement for me.

Krishna Kumar

I am Kirti and I studied the DevOps course from JanBask. On the completion of the course, I became more interested in Ansible and decide to join Ansible Training too later. The course was highly recommended to everyone who wants to grow in the IT field as a DevOps professional. Excellent job, keep it up, guys. All the best!

Donna Lamb

I cannot explain my experience in words of getting trained with JanBask. They not only helped me in getting the necessary skills but I was able to get a good job as an Ansible developer. I would like to thank everyone who helped me throughout my career journey and gave me the best career opportunities in life.

Brad Vasquez

Trainers at JanBask are highly experienced and all are industry experts with related experience and skills. They were so supported that all my doubts were settled well and each and everything was explained in detail. The staff is so kind and I would like to thank the JanBask Training team from the core of my hear.

Roderick Chapman

I joined JanBask Training for Ansible Course and I must say thanks to everybody for the efficient training and wonderful support. Assignments are given during the training to help in achieving better results than usual. Also, it gave me an opportunity to pass the interview into my second attempt. I would like to wish JanBask training a grand success.

Estelle Glover

Getting Trained at JanBask Training was one of the best experiences I ever felt. Initially, I was not sure of the benefits of the online training but later I realize how did it save my time and efforts. I was highly satisfied with mentors and the overall learning environment that was delivered by the team. Thank you, guys.

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