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Join JanBask Training Jenkins Certification and Training Course to learn how to integrate automated tests to set up code quality reporting and verify build pipelines. Get practical learnings around server automation, CI, build pipelines and configuration tools, and automated testing to succeed in the Jenkins Certifications.

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JanBask Training’s industry-standard Jenkins certification, helps you take a step toward world-class tech opportunities.


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Job Assistance Program

Exclusive Career Support, Just For You!

Our Jenkins online training program is a one-of-a-kind training course with its highly dedicated Job Assistance Program, which helps to establish a solid foundation in the professional world.

Jenkins Training and Certificate Curriculum

Take a stroll around the milestones you will cover at JanBask training’s Jenkins Training online!

  • What is continuous integration
  • Advantages of Continuous integration
  • Jenkins and the History of Jenkins
  • Continuous Integration(CI) with Jenkins
  • Shift from Hudson to Jenkins
  • Which to use? Hudson or Jenkins
  • Running Jenkins from the jar file
  • Installing Jenkins in a servlet container
  • Setup the Jenkins environment
  • Terminologies in Jenkins
  • Creating a Jenkins job
  • Understanding the Jenkins architecture
  • Overview of the Jenkins user interface
  • How to create and configure a Jenkins job.
  • Setup Security
  • Email and Version Control
  • Master/slave configurations

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  • Configure Dashboard
  • Configure System Environment
  • Global Properties
  • Configure Build Tools
  • Configure Proxy
  • Create and Configure a job
  • Creating first FreeStyle build job
  • Configuring Source Code Management
  • Work with Maven to schedule build jobs
  • Creating a Job
  • Build Steps
  • First Build Step
  • Testing the Trigger
  • Triggering a Build
  • Scheduled Build job
  • Manual Build job
  • Polling SCM
  • Maven and ANT Build Step
  • Execute a Shell
  • Post-Build Actions
  • Archiving Build Results

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  • What is Plugins
  • Different types of plugins
  • Plugin Architecture
  • Installing Jenkins Plugins
  • Jenkins Plugins for SCM
  • Jenkins Plugins for Build and Test
  • Integrating Plugins with Jenkins
  • Managing and Upgrading Plugins
  • Working of Plugins
  • Commonly used Plugins
  • Configuring Jenkins to work with other tools
  • Configuring Jenkins to work with java, Git and Maven
  • Creating a Jenkins Build and Jenkins workspace
  • Configure Jenkins to check for source code changes periodically.
  • Working with Maven Build Jobs

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  • Automated Testing
  • Unit Automation and Tests Integration
  • Tests Reports Configuration
  • Publishing Tests results
  • Code Coverage and Other Metrics
  • Automated Acceptance Tests with JMeter
  • Automated Performance Tests with JMeter
  • Automate unit test
  • Unit Testing with JUnit and Ant
  • Deploying to Apache
  • Functional Testing
  • Configure Test Reports
  • Automate Performance Test
  • Setting Email notification
  • Enabling Security in Jenkins
  • Different Levels of Authentication
  • Types of Access and Administration of the Access

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  • Overview to CD pipeline
  • What is pipeline as code?
  • Upstream, Downstream and Triggers
  • Pipeline Multibranch and Repository Scanning
  • Pipeline Global Libraries
  • Test and deployment pipeline
  • Creating full automated Jenkins pipeline
  • Distributed Builds Architecture
  • Master Agent Connectors and Protocol
  • Tool Installation on Agents
  • Replaceable Agents
  • High Availability

  • Maintaining Jenkins
  • Jenkins setup
  • Moving Jenkins from one server to another
  • Do’s and don’t s in jenkins setup
  • Distributed Jenkins Build
  • Nodes
  • Continuous deployment
  • Automated implementation
  • Deploy application to application server
  • Configuring and Managing Nodes
  • Distributing and Binding jobs to the Nodes
  • How to setup Master-Slave configuration
  • Configuring Master Jenkins node
  • Configuring the Jenkins slave
  • Managing nodes and distributing jobs over nodes
  • Binding Jobs on the master and slave setup
  • Labelling the nodes to run a specific job

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Jenkins Course Major Highlights

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Jenkins Training Course Batch Details


Live Class

45+ Hours of remote classes

USD 101915% Off

USD 1199

Course Duration : 6 Weeks

Batch Type


Start Date

12 Jul


09.00 - 10.30 EST


23 Aug

09.00 - 10.30 EST

  • Lifetime access to study material, PPT, and videos
  • Learn from industry-best instructors with decades of big-tech experience
  • Real-time live chats, discussions, and Q&A sessions
  • Earn Jenkins Certification post-completion of the course
  • Watch recorded sessions anytime
  • 24*7 support from the experts
  • 4-week job assistance program
  • Help to market your profile
  • Hands-on experience with real-time projects
  • Customized LMS with top-notch content

100% Job Assistance

One on One Module

45+ Hours of e-learning content

USD 169915% Off

USD 1999

Course Duration : 6 Weeks

Batch Type


Start Date

12 Jul


09.00 - 10.30 EST

  • 100% Job Assistance
  • One-on-One Student Interaction
  • Flexible schedule
  • Live Project Discussion
  • Lifetime access to study material/PPT
  • Learn from industry-best instructors with decades of big-tech experience
  • Connect with the instructor on a video call to resolve queries
  • Real-time live chats, discussions, and Q&A sessions
  • Earn DevOps Certification post-completion of the course
  • 24*7 support from the instructor
  • 4-week job assistance program
  • Help to market your profile
  • Hands-on experience with real-time projects
  • Customized LMS with top-notch content

Self Learning

45+ Hours of e-learning content

USD 49950% Off

USD 998

Flexible Learning

  • Lifetime access to study material/PPT
  • Watch recorded sessions anytime
  • Assignment/recordings by experts
  • Earn Jenkins Certification post-completion of the course
  • Customized LMS with top-notch content

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Aim High, Succeed, Excel: Jenkins Certification Course Online

Know the importance and significance of Jenkins certification in today's ever-changing tech industry through the following facts and figures:

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Jenkins has more than 1 million active users and over 200,000 active installations worldwide.

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1 Million

Over 1 million jobs on any given day are processed through the Jenkins platform.

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In terms of market share, Jenkins captured 44% of the global CI/CD industry in 2023 alone, proving how dominant it is.

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Jenkins saw its total monthly jobs increase 45% over those two years, from approximately 50.8 million to 73.7 million per month.

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Comparing the first six months of 2021 with those from June of this year, Jenkins's number of adherents continues to grow at a rate of 79%. This suggests that more and more people are using it for CI/CD process automation.

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The average base salary for Jenkins Skills Software Engineers in the US is approximately $97,572 per year.

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Skilled Jenkins DevOps engineers earn on average around US $101,279 annually.

Jenkins Training and Certification

Earn Resume-Worthy Jenkins Certification. It's time to get certified!

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Hear What Our Jenkins Learners Have to Say

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Nargis Sheikh icon

Nargis Sheikh

Nargis Sheikh review 5 icon0 Nargis Sheikh review 5 icon1 Nargis Sheikh review 5 icon2 Nargis Sheikh review 5 icon3 Nargis Sheikh review 5 icon4


I enjoyed my online Jenkins Certification training course. I never knew that learning online could be so easy and interesting. It was too much fun The technology is interesting that these guys made it more interesting wi...
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Diana Williams icon

Diana Williams

Diana Williams review 5 icon0 Diana Williams review 5 icon1 Diana Williams review 5 icon2 Diana Williams review 5 icon3 Diana Williams review 5 icon4


The course started slow but picked up a great pace. Once we were familiar with basics, the course picked up speed. The instructor was a very patient fellow. He never said no for any queries. The entire team was very prof...
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Jhanvi Bisht  icon

Jhanvi Bisht

Jhanvi Bisht  review 5 icon0 Jhanvi Bisht  review 5 icon1 Jhanvi Bisht  review 5 icon2 Jhanvi Bisht  review 5 icon3 Jhanvi Bisht  review 5 icon4


It was a great course on Jenkins Training. A lot of concepts were covered in one single course. Most of the concepts were discussed quite elaborately and also right from the start. This was a very pleasant experience for...
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Quinn Mary Jane icon

Quinn Mary Jane

Quinn Mary Jane review 5 icon0 Quinn Mary Jane review 5 icon1 Quinn Mary Jane review 5 icon2 Quinn Mary Jane review 5 icon3 Quinn Mary Jane review 5 icon4


The Jenkins Training and Certification course is given by JanBask Training was pretty amazing. It was very affordable. This training changed my career path for good. I cleared my certification in the very first go. Not o...
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Johnathon Kent icon

Johnathon Kent

Johnathon Kent review 5 icon0 Johnathon Kent review 5 icon1 Johnathon Kent review 5 icon2 Johnathon Kent review 5 icon3 Johnathon Kent review 5 icon4


I was very content with my Jenkins Training course. I had taken to learning Jenkins Training and Certification. It was very affordable and short. The course comes with a very good and intricate syllabus along with varied...
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Marshal Jennings icon

Marshal Jennings

Marshal Jennings review 5 icon0 Marshal Jennings review 5 icon1 Marshal Jennings review 5 icon2 Marshal Jennings review 5 icon3 Marshal Jennings review 5 icon4


I would say overall a good course. I would give full marks for quality and affordability. Everything was quite perfect. They have a very prompt query resolution. Special doubt sessions are what I like the most. The tutor...
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Jenkins Training Course - Comprehensive Career Services by JanBask Training

Jenkins Training Career Path


Course Completion

After mastering the skills through comprehensive Jenkins Training, you will receive a Jenkins training Certificate validating your skills and knowledge.


Build a Portfolio

We assist in building a portfolio of your Jenkins training Models, Projects, and assignments. A strong portfolio showcases your practical skills to potential employers.


Interview Preparation

We assist you in preparing a job-worthy resume highlighting your Jenkins training Expert Certification and polishing interview skills for the Jenkins role.


Job Search

Start your job search by applying for Jenkins job positions. Utilize job search websites, industry-specific job boards, and professional networking platforms.


Job Applications

Get support in navigating the job application process and maximize your chances. Submit tailored job applications and cover letters for Jenkins jobs.

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