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Jenkins Certification Training

  • Join JanBask Training’s Jenkins Training to learn how to integrate automated tests to set up code quality reporting and verify build pipelines.
  • Get practical learnings around server automation, CI, build pipelines and configuration tools, automated testing to succeed in the Jenkins Certifications & job roles.

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Best-in-class content by leading faculty & industry leaders in the form of videos and projects, assignments & live sessions.

Career Counselling

Career Counselling

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Resume Feedback

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Interview Preparation

Jenkins Certification Training Course Roadmap

Take a stroll around the milestones you will cover at JanBask training’s Jenkins Training online!

Overview to Jenkins & Setup and Running Jenkins

    • What is continuous integration
    • Advantages of Continuous integration
    • Jenkins and the History of Jenkins
    • Continuous Integration(CI) with Jenkins
    • Shift from Hudson to Jenkins
    • Which to use? Hudson or Jenkins
    • Running Jenkins from the jar file
    • Installing Jenkins in a servlet container
    • Setup the Jenkins environment
    • Terminologies in Jenkins
    • Creating a Jenkins job
    • Understanding the Jenkins architecture
    • Overview of the Jenkins user interface
    • How to create and configure a Jenkins job.
    • Setup Security
    • Email and Version Control
    • Master/slave configurations

Configuring Jenkins server & Jenkins Build Job

    • Configure Dashboard
    • Configure System Environment
    • Global Properties
    • Configure Build Tools
    • Configure Proxy
    • Create and Configure a job
    • Creating first FreeStyle build job
    • Configuring Source Code Management
    • Work with Maven to schedule build jobs
    • Creating a Job
    • Build Steps
    • First Build Step
    • Testing the Trigger
    • Triggering a Build
    • Scheduled Build job
    • Manual Build job
    • Polling SCM
    • Maven and ANT Build Step
    • Execute a Shell
    • Post-Build Actions
    • Archiving Build Results

Plugins and its uses

    • What is Plugins
    • Different types of plugins
    • Plugin Architecture
    • Installing Jenkins Plugins
    • Jenkins Plugins for SCM
    • Jenkins Plugins for Build and Test
    • Integrating Plugins with Jenkins
    • Managing and Upgrading Plugins
    • Working of Plugins
    • Commonly used Plugins
    • Configuring Jenkins to work with other tools
    • Configuring Jenkins to work with java, Git and Maven
    • Creating a Jenkins Build and Jenkins workspace
    • Configure Jenkins to check for source code changes periodically.
    • Working with Maven Build Jobs

Automated Testing

    • Automated Testing
    • Unit Automation and Tests Integration
    • Tests Reports Configuration
    • Publishing Tests results
    • Code Coverage and Other Metrics
    • Automated Acceptance Tests with JMeter
    • Automated Performance Tests with JMeter
    • Automate unit test
    • Unit Testing with JUnit and Ant
    • Deploying to Apache
    • Functional Testing
    • Configure Test Reports
    • Automate Performance Test
    • Setting Email notification
    • Enabling Security in Jenkins
    • Different Levels of Authentication
    • Types of Access and Administration of the Access

Building CD Pipelines & Automated Deployment

    • Overview to CD pipeline
    • What is pipeline as code?
    • Upstream, Downstream and Triggers
    • Pipeline Multibranch and Repository Scanning
    • Pipeline Global Libraries
    • Test and deployment pipeline
    • Creating full automated Jenkins pipeline
    • Distributed Builds Architecture
    • Master Agent Connectors and Protocol
    • Tool Installation on Agents
    • Replaceable Agents
    • High Availability

Maintain, Backup, Deployment

    • Maintaining Jenkins
    • Jenkins setup
    • Moving Jenkins from one server to another
    • Do’s and don’t s in jenkins setup
    • Distributed Jenkins Build
    • Nodes
    • Continuous deployment
    • Automated implementation
    • Deploy application to application server
    • Configuring and Managing Nodes
    • Distributing and Binding jobs to the Nodes
    • How to setup Master-Slave configuration
    • Configuring Master Jenkins node
    • Configuring the Jenkins slave
    • Managing nodes and distributing jobs over nodes
    • Binding Jobs on the master and slave setup
    • Labelling the nodes to run a specific job

FAQs on Jenkins Certification Course and Training

  • With our online DevOps Training and Certification course:

    "You can apply for different DevOps roles and get hired by most eminent MNCs worldwide. "

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Jenkins Corporate Training

Jenkins Corporate Training

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FAQs on Jenkins Certification Course and Training

Jenkins FAQs

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With our online DevOps Training and Certification course:

"You can apply for different DevOps roles and get hired by most eminent MNCs worldwide. "

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