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  •  Interactive SQL Server Skills Training
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  •  An Up-to-date Course Curriculum
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Why a career in SQL is a good option in Hyderabad?

Job growth expected


Job growth expected in 2019.

Rs 5,15,886

Average entry-level salary in Bangalore


More than the national average salary of a DBA


Increase in demand of a SQL professional in India within the last quarter of 2018

Salary Trends

Salary Trends

Fascinating Facts that will motivate you to build a Career in SQL

A Few Compelling Facts  A Few Compelling Facts

SQL might be the oldest programming language yet it is the most prevalent. Especially with the growth of the companies who are migrating to database management systems, its demand has only increased with time and will continue to increase like this for a while.

Future of SQL Server Future of SQL Server

Training in the main SQL concepts and an understanding of its basics has become the need of the hour because more and more companies are looking forward to hiring SQL server professionals to handle their databases. Joint the training program now.

Job Market Job Market

Taking a SQL certification in Hyderabad is an excellent career choice as per the latest trends. Do not wait for a great career opportunity to pass by, grab it with both your hands and get that dream job of yours.

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Microsoft SQL Server Training & Certification

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"A six weeks industry-oriented SQL Training in Hyderabad "

Our Reviews

Self-Paced Learning Modules

“Customized courses for you to feel valued and understood”

SQL Training Mentor tailors your SQL sessions and curriculum as per your level of understanding and taking into consideration your expertise and previous knowledge.

Quick Replies to Queries

“An expert support team to guide you”

SQL Trainer would start the next session only when doubts for the current section are clear and students are satisfied. He makes sure that all the students are on the same page.

Learn from your Comfort Zone

“learn SQL skills right from your own comfort zone”

This training gives you the flexibility to learn and study online in a comfortable environment where you don’t have to face any distractions.

Very Affordable Prices

“Get a good return of money and your time too”

You can avail our online SQL training in Hyderabad for developers and administrators at the best prices that are almost half as compared to other training institutes.

Help with SQL Certification Exams

“Special sessions for certification exams to train you”

We prepare you for your SQL certification in Hyderabad as we have specific sessions dedicated to the certification exam only.

Real-life Projects based Training

"Practical is as important as a theory to become a master”

The training has got plenty of hands-on assignments to gain practical knowledge of each concept.

Course Objective

Our SQL classes will cover: select queries, composing inward and external joins, making views, subqueries, client works, and stored procedures. You'll get customized consideration in small class sizes with not only Texas’s best but the world’s best professionals. Our aim is to make your placement and certification easy. With our SQL training course, you will learn to manage, retrieve, store, collect, filter, or analyze voluminous data precisely in a more comprehensive way. The course aims to provide you with the knowledge that helps you deploy SQL concepts and tools on your job.

Skills you will learn?

This online SQL training course offers you hands-on training in SQL basics, SQL versions, installing or configuring SQL, SQL server development, DBA components, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Microsoft Business intelligence, reporting, ETL tools, SQL architecture, SQL certifications etc. You will learn to correctly structure your database, get the ability to author efficient SQL statements and queries, and the knowledge on how to manage, store, retrieve, analyze or filter data more accurately without any errors.


  • The SQL training online begins with the introduction and basic concepts that are necessary to learn to start a career in SQL.
  • SQL training not only focuses on theoretical concepts online but practical knowledge is also given for a deep understanding of the concepts.
  • For the beginners, the course starts with a brief introduction of different components of erasing, creating, altering database objects.
  • You will learn how to retrieve, sort, filter, group, aggregate and calculate data stored in a SQL Server database.
  • As soon as you are done with the beginner’s level, this is the right time for you to switch to the advanced stage.


  • Quickly go through all basic concepts of the SQL.
  • Hands-on experience with various SQL technologies that are necessary to learn to become a successful BI expert, DBA, and Developer.
  • Apart from Live classes, access to recorded classes, PPTs, and other important study material is also given for learning retention.
  • This is time to read in detail about SQL tools, installation, configuration, SQL server development, DBA components, SSIA, SSRS, and SSAS etc.
  • Moving ahead, our instructors will make you a pro in various concepts and industry best-practices of effectively using a server-side scripting language, like PHP or ASP.

Who Should Attend?

Since our SQL Training for the students of Canada starts with the very basics of all the concepts, anyone can join, however, the most regular attendees of this course are-

  • IT Enthusiasts
  • Software Developers
  • Database Administrators
  • SQL and Analytics Professionals
  • BI and Data Warehousing Professionals
  • Those aspiring for a career in Oracle PL/SQL

SQL Server Certification

There are no fundamentals that you require as such for the exam or the certification, but having a good practical experience in SQL basics and tools would be an added advantage certainly.

  • Once you have completed your training course and have submitted the final project, it will be reviewed by our panel of experts. You will be given a SQL Certification as per the recommendation of our experts.
  • You will also get distinct guidance on taking the trending certification exams, how to apply for the job interviews, what are the most frequently asked questions of those job interviews etc.

Upcoming Batches

Starting Duration Price  
Mon - Fri
6 weeks
USD 999
Mon - Fri
6 weeks
USD 999
Mon - Fri
6 weeks
USD 999

FAQs- SQL Training Program in Hyderabad

Is the course available in Hyderabad?

Yes, the mode of course is online. Hence it can be done from anywhere, that is from home, office, class or anywhere else. All you need to have is access to a good internet connection. We have students from all over the world connected with us from the cities like -New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C, Los Angeles, Canada, Texas, California,

What is the concept of a Demo Class, and am I required to pay for it?

All our demo sessions are available free of cost to all hopeful learners. After your enrolment, you may choose to opt for a free demo class. After Demo class, if you feel our program is not matching up to your expectation then, in that case, you may choose to cancel and ask for a refund.

How will the training help me to learn, is it interactive?

All our sessions are LIVE, we do not instruct with recorded sessions. You get to ask questions and doubts right there during the session. You also get chances to interact with other learners in the class. LIVE sessions are any day better for a deeper understanding of all the things are clear right from the inception itself.
We also have a couple of group sessions committed to special kind of trainer-learner interactions solely. All this becomes very helpful when you are trying to get your SQL Server Certification.

Who will take my sessions?

We have strict selection criteria while selecting our trainers including the following guidelines-

  • They must have industry relevant experience of 3 to 5 years,
  • Academic qualifications should be stronger,
  • They need to hold at least one data analytics certification,
  • Prior teaching background, and Good big data skills

Based on the above parameters, a cumulative scorecard will be prepared and only the best data analytics trainers will be hired to teach you. After the selection, they need to go through our 20 hours induction program to make sure about learning methodologies that we follow at JanBask Training.

What is the future of SQL in Hyderabad?

SQL has already established its roots in the IT sector at different locations. There are already 1500 to 1800 openings for SQL Professionals at present in Hyderabad-Secunderabad-Telangana in small as well as large organizations. So, approximately 2000 to 3000 jobs can be expected in the near future. After getting SQL Server certification, you’ll be recognized in the market with the title of SQL developer, Database administrator, SQL consultant, Data Analyst, etc.

What are the job profiles for SQL available in Hyderabad?

Various job roles for the SQL profile available in Hyderabad are: SQL developer, Database administrator, SQL consultant, Data Analyst, AWS Expert, SQL Server Writer, Big Data Specialist, etc.

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