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A Popular training course on BA in Washington

4.3      |    500+ Subscribers  
  •  Instructor-led Live Business Analyst classes
  •  Learn the working of BA tools like SQL querying, MS Visio, eDraw etc.
  •  Imbibe business analysis concepts online
  •  Personalized Mentorship
  •  Flexible schedules

Why should you go for a BA training in Washington?

Job growth


Growth expected in the overall industry by 2020


Faster than average growth in any other profession in the USA


Entry-level Salary of a BA professional in Washington


Higher than the national average salary of BA professionals in the USA

Salary Trend

Salary Trends

Some Interesting Facts that will encourage you into a Career in Business Analysis

A Few Compelling Facts A Few Compelling Facts

In this current scenario of a market with cut-throat competition, it is only good decisions taken after due diligence that can help you sail your business boat. All the companies need a Business Analyst who can help them with the business-oriented decisions. It is only a proficient BA professional who can help you with the break down of your data sets and help you to derive better values from them.

Future of SQL Server Future of BA

All the prominent companies today, use business analytics to predict future outcomes and perform statistical analysis for business growth. The studies show that year by year the demand for Business Analysts is on a huge rise. As per the latest data collected as of January 02, 2018 USA alone had around 93,000 vacancies which were required to be filled up as soon as possible.

Job Market Job Market

A proficient training in the Basics of BA, its tools and methodologies, has become the need of the hour because more and more companies are looking forward to hiring expert BA professionals in Washington to take business intelligent decisions for their concerns. What are you waiting for? Kick start your career in Business Analytics with JanBask live training session and be job ready.

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Business Analyst Training

Read about a few Dreams that have become a reality

For a long-term career in BA, you need to have skills that have a good foundation and that is what we prepare you for

Our Reviews

Instructor-led BA classes

"The ultimate classroom-like experience developed with high-end technology."

You will not get pre-recorded classes but live sessions with the instructors and communicate them personally to enhance the overall learning experiences.

The interactive BA training course

"Interact and learn with the instructor and fellow students."

Ba Instructor answers all questions asked by students immediately instead of pushing it for future sessions, so as the learning becomes clearer and more interactive.

Collaborative Online BA Learning

"Collective learning environment promoting learn together and grow together concept."

Learning and working in a group becomes equally important so we have this structure to learn with other participants involved in the training to improve the overall business analysis skills.

Personalized Experiences

"Control the pace of the sessions as well as the topics of the session."

Instructor's primary goal is to make sure that every candidate gains the right amount of attention & is developing appropriate skills.

Tailored Learning program

"Intensive program that can be easily altered as per your suggestions."

Your Session Trainer alters the training as per the feedback is given by the students so any confusion over the topic or anything going too fast or too slow, instructor resolves it.

Wider Learning Exposure

"Comprehensive training that leaves no stone unturned to make you the best"

Experienced Industry Experts with Live BA Project, Certification & career guidance, this is something which is required by every student.

Course Objective

  • The Business analyst training in Washington makes you proficient in various data analytics tools and it involves in-depth learning of data analytics with R, statistics, SAS, Tableau, project management processes, documentation, requirement gathering, business analysis techniques, database fundamentals, application testing, or various business domains etc.
  • You will learn about the joint application development sessions to ensure there are no gaps in the application functionality with respect to business requirements gathered.

Skills you will learn?

This BA training course in Washington offers you a chance to gain skills where you will learn to perform various analysis such as Requirements Analysis, Process Analysis, Data Analysis, Gap Analysis, Risk Analysis etc, to add value to businesses by introducing innovative solutions.
You will learn the working of various tools like SQL querying, MS Visio, eDraw etc. The Illustrative sessions that enhance learning by depicting decision tables, entity relationship diagrams etc.

Business analyst training objectives for Beginners:

  • Business Analysis Instructor-led session begins with the outline of BA training leading towards the latest market trends.
  • Business Analysis training that hones your basic concepts and BA related terminologies such as sampling methods, R programming, documentation etc.
  • The beginner's level training will teach you about the basic working of BA tools such as SQL querying, MS Visio, eDraw etc.
  • BA sessions are embedded with extraordinary modules that give you a balanced learning of both the Theoretical and Practical components to dive you deeper into this technology.
  • This blended atmosphere will make you an expert starting from scratch of BA & giving you the path to rise high. Once basic BA level clears up, the next level is waiting for you.

Business analyst training objectives At Advanced Stage:

  • It starts with the revision of Basic BA concepts.
  • Hands-on training initializes with BA Introduction, it goes with various Development Life Cycle, learning Agile, Analysis Techniques, learning about tools, project documents etc.
  • During the BA Live Training Sessions, Recordings, Study Materials, ppt etc related to the course are provided to the learners.
  • Practical training in BA tools like SQL querying, MS Visio, eDraw etc, to their most advanced versions.
  • Individual and detailed sessions that cover every minute detail with respect to Data Manipulation, Data Visualization, Data Regression, R Studio, SAS Programming, etc.

Who should attend the BA training course?

The BA training program is suitable for all individuals either he belongs to computer science background or not. He just needs to have a strong desire to learn the business analyst master program online.

  • Any IT student can join
  • Anyone interested to become a data analyst
  • Project managers
  • System programmers
  • System Developers
  • App builders

BA Exam and Certification

There are no proper prerequisites defined to appear for BA certification exams but basic knowledge of BA functionals and project management processes would surely an added advantage for learners.

With the successful completion of a system analyst or business analyst program, you have to complete one project as well that will be carefully reviewed by our mentors and you will be awarded BA related certification accordingly.

You will get certification for various roles like system analyst, data analyst, business analyst, data science analyst or project manager based on the project you completed along with your team members.

Once certification is awarded to the student, he can apply for wider jobs and get recognition by industry leader quickly.

Upcoming Batches

Starting Duration Price  
Mon - Fri
6 Weeks
USD 999
Mon - Fri
6 Weeks
USD 999
Mon - Fri
6 Weeks
USD 999

FAQs- BA Training Program in Washington

Is the course available in Washington?

Yes, the mode of course is online. Hence it can be done from anywhere, that is from home, office, class or anywhere else. All you need to have is access to a good internet connection. We have students from all over the world connected with us from the cities likeNew York, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C, Los Angeles, Canada, Texas, California, Bangaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, etc.

Who are the trainers for business analyst course?

All our course instructors are senior professionals of the industry who have a good knowledge of the real-life scenarios of the industries. They are certified Lead Business Analysts or Sr. IT Project Managers. They go through JanBask Training's rigorous selection procedure before onboarding, unlike traditional trainers, these professionals are tested for their passion for imparting knowledge, besides their technical knack. Every trainer is then made to pursue a 20 hours mandatory induction program that helps them get familiar with JanBask Training's learning Edge methodologies.

Do I need to have any computer science or technical background to join a business analyst training program in Washington?

Anyone can become a BA, not necessarily they need to come from a Computer Science or any other IT background. You definitely need to have good communication skills, as BA needs to interact with both the business and technical teams. Our training is designed to help you learn business analysis from basics, and then getting you practiced most recent and advanced techniques.

How interactive is the BA training and is it beneficial?

As all the instruction sessions that we provide are delivered in a live environment. It is guaranteed that you are in for getting ample opportunities to interact with not only your course instructor but also with the other students who are participating in your class. We also provide for a couple of group sessions dedicated to this kind of trainer-learner interactions particularly.

During your online BA training, you will not only learn about several different concepts, but also work hands-on with your instructor to write live business needs, documentation, use cases, and perform a real-time study on various applications.

Do I need to pay for the demo class before I enroll for my BA certification training?

No, demo class is complimentary from our side.

What is the future of Business Analyst in Washington?

Today, many of the organizations are reckoned on data analytics to get important data insights. Hence, the future of the Business Analyst is very bright. Since every task in the industry is now automated, but the role of a business analyst cannot be automated. Because what a business analyst do cannot be replaced by robots. There are already 500 to 700 openings for Business Analysis Professionals at present in Washington in small as well as large organizations. So, approximately 1000 to 1500 jobs can be expected in the near future. After getting the Business Analysis certification, you’ll be recognized in the market with the title of Business Analyst, Business Development Manager, Senior Business Analyst, etc.

What are the job profiles for Business Analyst in Washington?

Various job roles for the Business Analysis profile available in Washington are: Business Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Business Architect, Domain Consultant, Financial Consultant, Business Development Manager, Business Development Executive, Senior Business Analyst, etc.

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