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What is SFDC? What does SFDC stand for?

In the present market, Salesforce is a cloud-based programming organization which gives its clients a stage to build up their very own applications without following the extreme advances utilized in the typical inheritance framework of application building. The product or application once made can be transferred onto the Cloud enabling the end clients to see them.

Salesforce is at present giving different programming arrangements and stages for designers to make an appropriate custom programming/application. Tech pioneers like Google, Twitter, Amazon, or Facebook are utilizing Salesforce either as SaaS or PaaS. By utilizing Salesforce, engineers can make one application on the Cloud and offer that application with different organizations over various domains and regions. We are talking about this because today we shall discuss SFDC which means Salesforce Dotcom. Our Goal is to analyse this acronym in as much detail as possible. The blog covers the following topics- 

A Few Common Questions around SFDC

To clear the air around SFDC, here are a few questions that will help you understand what it actually is.

What does SFDC stand for?

The full form of SFDC is Salesforce Dot Com, or you can say Salesforce.com. 

What is SFDC?

Salesforce.com is a distributed computing and social venture software-as-a-service (SaaS) supplier situated in San Francisco. It was established in March 1999, to a limited extent by previous Oracle executive Marc Benioff. 

What are the Services and products of SFDC?

Of its cloud stages and applications, the organization is best known for its Salesforce client relationship management (CRM) product, which is made up of various clouds and features such as- Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Commerce Cloud, App Cloud, IoT Cloud, Health Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, Visualforce, Apex Force.com, and Chatter. salesforce Curriculum

Why does SFDC mean Salesforce?

The organization picked SFDC over the less complex SF to abstain from mistaking for the normal abbreviation for the organization's hometown of San Francisco! SFDC stands for SalesForceDotCom. 

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Administrations Offered by SFDC

Salesforce works by managing with the standard objects and keeping up the connections among them, and the standard in-built functionalities. It is based on the accompanying distinctive kinds of clouds: SFDC Offer

Sales Cloud

Deals Cloud is the most famous and the most believed Cloud administration offered by Salesforce. It is exceptionally valuable for organizations which require a lot of subsequent meet-ups as for leads and clients. It makes crafted by a business agent extremely simple as Sales Cloud gives him an exceptionally combined perspective on all clients. Every one of the information can be put away in a solitary window with all the required subtleties. With only a solitary snap, the subtleties of a client can be seen, altered, or erased.

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud is utilized by practically all organizations for advertising purposes. You can send altered mass mailers to a great many potential clients at only a solitary snap. You can likewise focus on some substance via web-based networking media utilizing promotions. This can be utilized to support your business numbers.

Service Cloud

This particular cloud enables an organization to support its clients better in a more streamlined manner. You can likewise utilize Service Cloud to follow the execution of your administration operators.

Analytics Cloud

Analytics Cloud can be incorporated with numerous different Clouds. Examination Cloud can get the information from all Clouds and give an analysis of what the issue was with the result.

Community Cloud

This cloud lets you straightforwardly interface with clients, increment accomplice achievement, and drive worker profitability like there's no tomorrow. Utilizing this Cloud, the foundation can be shared among various associations from any network with various concerns overseeing inside or remotely. The cost is proportionately divided among the clients.

Commerce Cloud

Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based online business stage which can oversee items giving a wide scope of offices. It conveys a complete computerized involvement to its clients. It upgrades clients' shopping background. It associates the clients or customers with the correct item at the opportune time. It is utilized for associating merchandisers with the correct data they need so as to settle on the correct business choices with Artificial Intelligence.

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App Cloud

Envision, how it would if you had the ability to make applications! Salesforce App Cloud is another sort of PaaS. In straightforward terms, it tends to be said as Salesforce for fakers. You may envision this to be in accordance with the Play Store of Google however for CRM purposes. It is a sort of biological system for a structure, finding, and running all your applications. Designers utilizing structures in current dialects and business administrators utilizing simplified lightning apparatuses like application developer and procedure manufacturer would all be able to use App Cloud. Through this stage, inheritance information can be modernized into portable applications for every one of your representatives on the off chance that you have an association. You can structure applications to tune in to occasion information from cell phones, sensors, sites, and so forth and after that make judicious activities dependent on it. This really gives out a few Salesforce includes in the improvement of applications.

Salesforce IoT Cloud

When your association needs to store and process the Internet of Things (IoT) information, you can use the administration of Salesforce IoT cloud. The platform has been built to take in huge volumes of information created by gadgets, sensors, sites, applications, clients and accomplices. On accepting this information, the stage starts activities to give you ongoing responses.

Salesforce Health Cloud

If you are a Health IT association and require a CRM framework that consolidates specialist persistent relationship and record the board, at that point Health Cloud is the thing that you need. Through the patient profile, you can bolster the coordinated relationship by incorporating data from various information sources.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud conveys encounters that drive customer dedication through customized instruments, permits greater permeability into existing family unit openings and the capacity to follow referrals enables moment access to all customer information in one focal area and addresses regulatory compliances.

Various Other Features of SFDC

Features of SFDC


Apex is a programming language that empowers designers to execute stream and trade control enunciations on the Force.com organize. As a tech lingo, Apex is composed, easy to use, data connected with, careful, encouraged, multitenant careful, normally upgradeable, easy to test, and shaped.


Visualforce is a structure that enables the creation of dynamic, reusable interfaces that can be encouraged locally on the Force.com. It might be used to make entire custom pages inside a Salesforce affiliation, or planners can interface their own one of a kind method of reasoning with a controller class written in Apex. Creators can use Visualforce pages to override standard gets, revoke tab audit pages, describe custom tabs, embed parts in detail page designs, make dashboard portions, re-try sidebars in the Salesforce support, and incorporate menu things. salesforce quiz

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Lightning is a component-based structure that includes the collection of devices and developments behind the redesign for the Salesforce1 stage. It took into consideration third party applications by customers to be based over Salesforce applications.

Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is the essential and exhaustive man-made thinking (AI) development for CRM created for the Salesforce Customer Success Platform. The goal of Einstein is to give associations' arrangements and publicizing workplaces along with dynamically complete and uncommon points of view of customers and potential clients.


Pardot is business-to-business (B2B) advertising mechanization by Salesforce that quickens deals with better deals knowledge, creates amazing leads with ground-breaking showcasing devices, computerizes lead capability and supporting and tracks campaign execution to streamline income objectives.


Desk.com, recently known as Assistly, is a cloud-based helpdesk framework for interfacing with clients and solving client issues. Desk.com helps clients quicker, gives bits of knowledge to improve bolster groups, settle on better choices and construct better items. It likewise enables clients to locate their own answers and helps scale client administration with 360-degree client perspectives and joining. Different highlights in desk.com incorporate business bits of knowledge, CSAT Scores, implanted administration, Salesforce joining, App Hub and SalesforceIQ.


is an enterprise social network inside the Salesforce platform. It helps to drive profitability by associating representatives wherever they are. It quickens advancement by giving a gathering where anybody can share and check thoughts and associates item groups with direct input. Jabber helps share information by interfacing representatives with specialists from over every association and enables associations to follow extends in portable and follow up on basic updates from any area.

Salesforce1 Platform

The Salesforce1 Platform from Salesforce is a product as a software as a service (SaaS) mobile application development platform utilized for the making of both buyer and worker situated Android and Apple iOS applications. It is advertised as a total administration for application the executives, helping with various procedures from application creation through application appropriation. It can suit singular engineers or expansive scale development teams. free salesforce demo Conclusion In this blog, we have studied about SFDC. What does it stand for, why is it called SFDC, etc?. We also walked through the basic services and features of the SFDC network. SFDC if utilized properly can revolutionize the entire system of customer dealing and hence can improve the revenue figures to a great deal.

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