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Salesforce Career Path: Guide to Building a Successful Career in Salesforce

Are you looking to build your career in Salesforce cloud technology?

You might be wondering how Salesforce careers can add to your ambitions or…

  • How Salesforce Careers provides a stable platform, and how is the Job Demand for it?
  • Which IT companies are hiring Salesforce professionals?
  • Is Salesforce easy to learn? What should be my educational or technical background to make a career with Salesforce?
  • Which Salesforce Roles I should go for - Admin, Developer, or Business Analyst?
  • Can I earn a very good salary in Salesforce technology?
  • How easy is it to get jobs in Salesforce technology?
  • Is it compulsory to write Certifications in Salesforce, if yes; which ones?
  • Can an experienced professional from another field, switch to the Salesforce domain, without difficulty?

We are sure, you are stuck with these questions often & even gazillions more. And why wouldn’t you, especially when you know how popular competent skill or technology Salesforce has turned into (Hello to number 1 CRM from the past many years!)

Salesforce careers are the best choice for ambitious folks like you, who are seeking a career run that’s a great host to --- work-life balance, opportunity to learn and earn a fat paycheck (right from the entry-level). Whether you are a college graduate or some advanced professional stuck in some tedious job, Salesforce careers, in every way, belong to you all college pass-outs & corporate buddies!

Salesforce Promises you a desirable career run!

4.2 million jobs

By 2024, You will see 4.2 million jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem. Says Who?!

150K More than 1,50,000 customers

Salesforce Currently has More than 1,50,000 customers across the globe (From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies). Says who?!

20% share in the CRM market

Salesforce has over 20% share in the CRM market. Says Who? Gartner CRM Market Share Report

100 Best Companies

Proud Moment! Salesforce ranked #1 in the Fortune 100 Best Companies to work for! Says Who? announced!

#1World’s innovative company

Salesforce was called the world’s innovative company four times in a row by Forbes!

88% More than 88% Companies

More than 88% of Fortune Companies use one Salesforce App, at least. is More than Just That Tallest Building in San Francisco History, Present & Beyond!

Who Coined

Did you know?

  • Parker Harris (the former Oracle executive) together with Dave Moellenhoff, Parker Harris, & Frank Dominguez coined a SaaS company in November 1999 from an apartment.
  • In June 2004, the company made its initial public offering on the NY Stock Exchange & managed to raise US$110 million under stock symbol CRM.
  • And in November 2014, Salesforce announced the launch of a customer success platform or a CRM with Salesforce services for marketing, sales, analytics, customer support, web & mobile apps & a lot more.’s All-Time Acquisitions

Did you know?

$15.7 Billion

Salesforce has managed to take over 60 companies, ever since its inception. In which, Tableau has been its biggest bid worth $15.7 billion.

$6.5 Billion

Mulesoft was Salesforce's second-largest acquisition at a valuation of $6.5 billion.


2016 was the year of acquisition for Salesforce, as the company took over around 12 companies, to expand their CRM’s AI capabilities, now known as “Einstein”.’s customers

Did you know?

Here are the top customers of Salesforce CRM.

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Walmart Inc.

(A US Based Retail Organization with 22,00,000 staff).

Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

(A US-based Banking & Financial Org with 38,90,000 staff).

UnitedHealth Group Incorporated

(US-based healthcare organization with 3,25,000 staff).

CIGNA Corporation

(US healthcare organization with 73,800 staff).

Mckesson Corporation

(a US-based Life Science Organization with 80,000 staff).

Other than these, Salesforce has vast customers in domains such as Education, Automation, Leisure & Hospitality, Professional Services, Consumer Goods, Hardware, Software & more.

Locations Where Salesforce Offices Are Situated Globally

Did you know?

  • Salesforce is headquartered in the tallest building in San Francisco.
  • Has regional headquarters in Morges, India, Tokyo, and Switzerland.
  • Ther Salesforce offices are located in 160 locations, within 28 states globally. work culture - What it’s like to work in Salesforce?

Did you know?

  • Salesforce boasts a very strong corporate work culture & has very streamlined HR practices that drive the company’s sheer success.
  • Salesforce work culture promotes undoubtedly the best, most admired & perpetually innovating workplace in the world.
  • The leaders at Salesforce address that their culture is all composed of collaboration, a sense of recognition, family, that parallelly helps employees meet their individual goals as well as drive the company’s visions.

Salesforce is on a Road to Achievements

Some of the Salesforce’s great additions we have seen so far:

Salesforce Lightning

It is a component-based framework for app development by It was introduced to help businesses find ease at creating their custom GUI & experiences without any programming background.

It’s a social performance management platform employed by HR departments, that helps improve work performance & accountability between managers & subordinates via real-time training, counseling & recognition.

Community Cloud

Community cloud tightly integrates with Sales, Service & App cloud, it helps Salesforce users to curate customized online web properties for supporting external customer service, collaboration, custom portals & channel sales.


Launched in 2019, Trailhead is Salesforce’s open-source community that lets cloud enthusiasts study the Salesforce CRM from core & even allows them to create their own training & content module for further learners.


It is an online marketplace for Salesforce 3rd party applications that are leveraged by individuals & corporate campuses equally. Ever since its launch in 2005, the platform now has over 2,948 applications with more than 3 million installs. These apps help organizations introduce technology to their organization.

Blockchain platform

Based on Hyperledger Sawtooth, Salesforce launched a platform to architect Blockchain apps & network integrate with its CRM.

How Much Revenue Does Salesforce Make?

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Salesforce’s total fiscal revenue for 2020 is $17.1 billion (which is up, 29% YoY). Which is a high record for the company & it has become possible due to their customer success & sheer cater to the work environment.

Can you work with too?

Yes, you can work at the Salesforce campus, if you have great determination, ability & confidence to be a part of an innovative & ever-growing work culture.

  • If you are looking to work at this most praised work culture with the proper balance to work & life, you can follow their career section & approach the most suiting role.
  • Just get a great idea about their product with formal Salesforce career training, clear the certs, and you will be all prepared to apply.

Not just in the Salesforce office, You Can Work Anywhere in These Top Companies of these Countries!

All these facts show that job markets have a lot of scopes to say yes to Salesforce job creation. Taking about job creation, here are the Top 4 countries with estimated Salesforce jobs & New Business revenue added by them.

Job Trends for 4 Popular Salesforce Profiles ---- All Across the USA

Salesforce Developer

With a 21% annual growth rate, around 10,890 Salesforce Developer jobs were created in the US market (in one year). Out of them, 18% are entry-level.

Salesforce Administrator

With a 37.4% annual growth rate, more than 4,670 Salesforce Admin jobs were created in the US market (in one year). Out of them, 39% are viewed as entry-level jobs.

Salesforce Consultant

With a 9% annual growth rate, around 11,579 Salesforce consultant jobs were created in the past year, within the US market. Out of them, 20% are entry-level roles.

Salesforce Business Analyst

With a 24.2% annual growth rate, around 6,522 Salesforce Business Analyst jobs were created in the past year within the US market. Out of them, 23% were entry-level roles.

Top Brands Hiring for Salesforce Talent!

Salesforce Career Path

Top Salesforce Careers/Roles - Which Salesforce Career is Right for Me?

Whether you like coding, configuring, customizing, clicking, or solving problems, there is a smooth Salesforce career path for every role of your interest!

Salesforce Developer

Do you have a knack for coding, drinking caffeine & writing the most accurate source code?

Is Salesforce Developer a good career option for you?

  • If you are cozy with programming, take the lead at implementing the Salesforce Application development solutions, and even love Integrating third party systems with Salesforce. - You can become that Salesforce Developer!

Salesforce Administrator

Are you good at Configuration, User Management, and the latest tech additions?

Is Salesforce Admin a good career option for you?

  • If you love playing with Out of Box features of Salesforce, Configuration & Salesforce Automation, User Management, Data Management, creating custom reports & dashboards --- You can be that Salesforce Administrator!

Salesforce Business Analyst

Do you love working between end-users & clients to make sure the right solutions are implemented & maintained?

Is Salesforce Business Analyst a good career option for you?

  • If you love bridging gaps between Business & Technical Teams, identify the project requirements & scope with your critical thinking, and create & implement Salesforce solution designs --- You can be that Salesforce Business Analyst!

Salesforce Consultant

Do you love end to end Salesforce implementations & Salesforce products?

Is Salesforce Consultant a good career option for you?

  • If you carry an in-depth knowledge of both the Salesforce Admin & Development activities, Implement AppExchange Products, Integrate External Systems --- You can be a Salesforce Consultant!
Salesforce Career Path

Salesforce Careers Belong to Everyone (Even You Reading This)!

  • The Salesforce ecosystem is huge. Once you step in, you easily get awesome opportunities to work in conjunction with a product, sales, marketing, customer support, analytics, legal professionals, etc.
  • No matter where your educational background (technical/non-technical) or experience level (college pass out/professional in another field) lies, you have every right to think of a great Salesforce Career Scope, without a doubt.
  • If you are from some IT background it's great, it definitely gives you an extra edge to get started with your Salesforce career training journey. But, in case you are from a Non-IT background; that brings you an opportunity to accept this challenge of learning a new skill and master it by practicing well. You can definitely learn it well with a little hard work, training, and practice (Buddy! Salesforce is no Rocket Science 😊).
  • No matter, you are a Sales rep, product manager, violinist, school teacher, a cashier at a bank, archeologist, or even a recent college graduate, you can enter the Salesforce World without any hesitation & at any age.
  • And if you don’t believe it, we have endless success stories of inspirational leaders, who didn’t belong to any specific background, but eventually ended up taking professional Salesforce career guides & training with us. And they are now walking on a career journey that’s highly satisfying & growth-led.
Worried your educational background or existing qualities won't match up to these companies’ expectations? Let’s clear your thoughts, Salesforce careers are for everyone --- from Techies to Non-Techies.

So! Don’t worry, you can easily make up a solid career around Salesforce even if you don’t belong to the technical disciplinary background or are some graduate or advanced professional in any business field. All you need is little zeal, confidence, hands-on formal Salesforce career training, and you will be good to go.

To start, You just need to be


Great learner

Rest our army of Real-field Experienced Salesforce Instructors will take care! Don’t let your Non-IT background hold you back from the joy of experiencing Splendid Salesforce Career Growth Opportunities.
Salesforce Career Path

Salesforce Career Path - Are Salesforce Professionals Paid the Heavy-Paychecks?

Do you know lead software engineers at Inc. earn the average salary of $161,336 per year?

Check out the annual average salaries of Salesforce Professionals in the top 4 global countries; according to compiled research by multiple job portals like Indeed, Dice, Monster, and more.

USA flag USA flag
India flag India flag

Always Remember! These are the estimated salaries based on several job portals. Your real package depends on the location you are, the level of skills you possess, the certifications you hold, the knowledge you have gathered, and the great confidence you carry. If you have them all, you can start with a heavy package right from the entry-level.

Here are the Few Tips How you Can Achieve Juicy Paychecks From the Start Level

  • You need to possess great skills & confidence - A confident & skilled professional always finds the way ahead over others.
  • Relocate if you are willing to -You can move to high paying countries like the US, UK, Canada, India, and start your career from there.
  • Practice & keep on evolving - Well-learned professionals are always looked at as an asset in the job market. Keep on enhancing your knowledge & you will have a progressive pay very early.
  • Network, expand your reach -Keep on expanding your networking with professionals & companies, once you have finished your Salesforce career Training. This might unveil you to the companies who pay heavily for the talent from entry-level.
  • Have exceptional Communication & Personality skills - Carry exceptional communication & overall personality skills, companies like fluent professionals. If you have an impressive hold on communicating your talent, you can win the league.
  • Don’t lose hope - Salesforce is a promising career if you are ever encouraged & keep self-belief. Believe in yourself and you will definitely ace the career the way you want.

Salesforce Career Path

What Skills do Recruiters Look for in the Job Market?

The talent market is flooded with jobs for Salesforce Admin, Developer, Consultant & Business Analyst jobs.

Salesforce Career Path - Here’s How to Start Salesforce Career!

Claim the Salesforce Careers in 6 Simple Steps --- from Start till Finish

Step 1 - Do Your Research on Salesforce Technology

Get your foolproof research on Salesforce career to know:

Find answers to all these questions to have sheer clarity!

  • How is it the right fit for you?
  • What all components, job profiles it entails?
  • How easy it is for you to learn & grow with?
  • How practical it is to form a long-term career with?
  • What salary package & promotion opportunities you might get?

Step 2 - Get that Career Counseling

  • Talk to some mentor or elder to understand how this career is an ideal fit for you. Find someone who can personally help you point out the benefits of Salesforce careers.
  • And if you don’t have someone who can guide, you can always have words with JanBask Training’s expert counselors, who will give you 360 mentorship on what career to choose, & how specifically Salesforce is the right fit for you.

Step 3 - Make a Decision, don't wait up!

Quickly decide because good opportunities don’t last long. If you will start soon, you will experience career gains early on.

Don’t take 6 months or a year to decide, decide now to win back amazing career opportunities!

Step 4 - Get that Formal Salesforce Training

To enter the Salesforce world, skill-building is a must. There is no better way than joining a professional Salesforce Training platform.

A Formal Salesforce Training will:

  • Give you real-time knowledge of Salesforce job roles.
  • Help you prepare for the Salesforce Certifications.
  • And become fully prepared for job opportunities.
You are a quick Training away to start your amazing career with Salesforce.

Step 5 - Ace that battle of Salesforce Certification

Don’t forget the certifications. Train for them, ace them, and give your resume & portfolio an edge.

Salesforce certifications are the best option to validate your skills & knowledge by the highest authorities and give you great push during the hiring process. Even some companies find certifications to be a mandatory thing.

Step 6 - Network, Practice & Start Applying for jobs

  • Socialize, network with Salesforce professionals to expand your reach for knowledge-sharing & cracking some opportunities.
  • Always practice what you have learned & as well as new things added to the Salesforce ecosystem.
  • Start applying for the internships, projects & jobs to start your brilliant Salesforce best career.

Salesforce Career Path

Salesforce Certifications - Why You Must Conquer Them?

So your skills matched, education matched, what’s next, oh, don’t forget Salesforce certifications.

What are Salesforce Certifications?

  • Salesforce certs or certifications are the validation of your acquired skills, real-time knowledge around Salesforce & the implementation of its solutions for any corporate setting.
  • Always remember- certifications don’t guarantee you a job. Right skills along with certification with a pinch of confidence give you a good boost during the interview.

Why must you own Salesforce Certifications?

By owning Salesforce certifications, you can:

  • Get a great boost during interview calls & screening.
  • Recognition over professionals who aren’t certified.
  • Great preference during the negotiation round.
  • Utmost confidence to take any project & job.

Types of Salesforce Certifications You can Ace!

  • Salesforce Administrator Certification
  • Salesforce App Builder Certification
  • Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification
  • Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification
  • Salesforce Platform Developer 2 Certification
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud Certification
  • Salesforce Service Cloud Certification

Salesforce Careers Gives you Great Flexibility

To Move to Other Opportunities!

Salesforce careers don’t bound you to a particular role in life. At any point, if you feel like making a switch, you can easily do so.

You can easily switch to other IT or Non-IT profiles, without having to start your career from scratch. It’s because Salesforce is a wholesome career that exposes you to the core components of the IT world -- Development, Administration, Sales, Marketing, Analytics, Management, Customer Success & a lot more.

Most Trending Questions About Salesforce Careers on the Internet - Asked by You All!

#1. Why is Salesforce such popular technology?

Salesforce is the most cherished technology cum CRM today because:

  • It's loaded with custom features/tools for fulfilling business’s collaboration task, workflow creation, contact management, analytics, web & mobile development, workflow creation, intuitive task management, automated customer tracking, Sales & marketing needs.
  • It lets businesses customize, scale, unify its processes to track customers, and achieve ultimate sales with more automated, synchronized, and easy procedures.
  • Gives developers room to use & implement new features the platform innovates 3 times in a year (summer, spring, winter).
#2. Is Salesforce a good career option? Is Salesforce a good career move?

“Is Salesforce a good career option?” Frankly speaking, a Salesforce career is a superb choice for aspirants (newly graduates or working professionals) who are looking to work in a highly growing field with the proper balance to work & life and increasing earning opportunities -- right from the starting level.

#3 - Why Salesforce career?

Why Salesforce career? Because:

  • It can be pursued by individuals belonging to technical to non-technical backgrounds. You can have a Science background or even Arts, Salesforce rolls equal opportunity for all backgrounds.
  • It can be taken by new college pass outs to professionals working in Sales, mom-n-pop stores, or any employment setting.
  • The pay is great, you can easily earn between $71,361 to $174,954 a year easily (if you have great skills & certifications in hand).
  • Salesforce career growth opportunities are endless. With new innovative features introduced in every 3 phases, you won’t ever get stuck on a stable career.
  • The increment scope is huge, as the technology is each day expanding & leveraged by small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, all over the world.
#4. Is Salesforce Admin a good career option?

Yes, Salesforce admin is a great career option if you love performing the administrative tasks, helping developers prepare reports, run backups, add data fields, preserve quality, and maintain user-based roles. Salesforce Admin is a functional role, if you belong to sales, marketing, or any other functional field, you can easily ace the Salesforce Admin Certification & Career.

#5. Which Salesforce career is right for me?

You can choose:

  • Salesforce Developer - If you have hands-on programming experience, and are willing to code custom software applications with Salesforce cloud technology.
  • Salesforce Admin - If you love assisting users with reports & managing user-based tasks, and are willing to maintain data quality & integrate new applications within the Salesforce environment.
  • Salesforce Business Analyst - If you love working between departments, and are willing to design, implement & test the technical solutions over Salesforce cloud technology.
  • Consultant - If you are good at maintaining relationships with clients at any cost, and are willing to design, implement & maintain the databases that seamlessly links business to its customers.
#6. Is Salesforce easy to learn?

Yes, Salesforce is easy to learn if you are determined to learn. Salesforce may appear to be a very difficult technology to tame at first but once you will patiently explore it via formal Salesforce Training and self-practice, you will be a master in it. You can Salesforce in 6-8 weeks by enrolling in our experts-led Salesforce career training.

Closing Thoughts on Salesforce Career Path!

Salesforce is a desired career in terms of pay, job satisfaction, learning, growth & whatever else conditions you often look for. With this guide, we hope, we did justice to finding answers to all your clueless thoughts on:

  • Why Salesforce career path? Or Is Salesforce a good career option?
  • What Salesforce roles or profiles to choose & how? Or What are the Salesforce career levels?
  • Is Salesforce Admin a good career option?
  • Which Salesforce career is right for me?
  • What is the demand for Salesforce roles like?
  • What is the average pay of a Salesforce professional?
  • Why are Salesforce certifications so much in demand?
  • How to start Salesforce career path?

Don’t stay undecided about this brilliant career. If we have left some of your doubts still uncovered, we would love to hear from you in the comments down below. Or if you are interested in more detailed guidance, how does our free Salesforce career counseling sound to you, before a comprehensive Salesforce Career Training!

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