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Salesforce Developer Salary in the USA| Updated Guide for 2021


Salesforce Developer is one of the most highly paid IT profiles prevalent in today's times. The demand for Salesforce Developers with a Salesforce Developer Certification has increased manifold times in recent years. The profile is not only fun to have in terms of work but is also a very lucrative career option. The average entry-level Salesforce Developer Salary in the USA is $110,000. At the same time, the average Salesforce admin salary in the USA is $89K. The Salesforce administrator salary can be as high as $142K or as low as $36K based on your skills and expertise.

This Salesforce Developer Salary figure varies concerning a lot of factors such as certification, location, educational background, etc. Do you want to know the Salesforce salary for a Developer and administrator in the USA - a place that is the hub spot of Salesforce Developers? Then read the following with much patience and concentration.

What does a Salesforce Developer essentially do?

As a Salesforce developer, your obligations are to fill in as a feature of an advancement group to code programming or application arrangements on the Salesforce stage or another bit of Salesforce cloud innovation. You regularly build up these activities in the interest of various organizations, fitting improvement to their requirements. However much depends on the certification you hold, consider going for an industry-recognized Salesforce Cloud certification.

All these arrangements may incorporate new capacity design, viable methodologies to disperse information over a business venture, or inventive techniques to make progressively productive CRM work processes. Your obligations additionally expect you to work intimately with QA laborers and end clients to test arrangements and guarantee that they meet determinations.

A Salesforce Developer can play out various assignments, all of which require understanding or concentrated preparation in Salesforce improvement. Salesforce Developer helps the organizations to create arrangements and perform basic capacities inside the Salesforce CRM model, expanding the potential for the stage inside that organization.

Key occupation obligations of a salesforce engineer are to give arrangements, upgrades, and help for Salesforce clients. These obligations may likewise incorporate helping organizations in building up a system and pathway for joining, just as speaking with partners, chiefs, and colleagues to structure the best arrangements.

Why are Salesforce Developers in huge demand?

A Salesforce Developer’s job comes into the picture when any business necessity can't be met with the assistance of an implicit component; it implies an administrator can't carry out the responsibility with point-and-snap. Guarantee customization is required, and in any mind-boggling business zones come, we have to modify the code. A designer is an individual who will compose that code utilizing APEX as a back-end programming language and Visualforce as a front-end. The engineer will actualize the business arrangement.

Becoming certified can instantly boost your earning potential as a Salesforce developer. To help you on this path here is How  to Become Certified Salesforce Developer.

Salesforce Admin Salary in the USA

The average salesforce admin salary in the US is around $85,500. Salesforce administrators, then again, acquire somewhere in the range of $111,232 and $161,418m relying upon understanding, as indicated by our most recent compensation overview.

Hourly rates for independent Salesforce admins and developers are noteworthy as well, with contractual workers telling somewhere in the range of $70 and $155 every hour by and large. Presenting a considerable authority in specific parts of Salesforce, similar to Sales Cloud or Visualforce, for instance, can help your winning potential further, and netting accreditations can positively affect the Salesforce administrator salary.

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Salesforce Developer Salaries in the USA

As of Sept 16, 2019, the normal yearly pay for a Salesforce Developer in the United States is $114,743 per year.

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While ZipRecruiter is considered yearly to be as high as $174,500 and as low as $48,000, most of the Salesforce Developer pay salaries presently run between $92,000 (25th percentile) to $135,000 (75th percentile) over the United States. The normal compensation go for a Salesforce Developer fluctuates pretty much nothing (about $43,000), which recommends that paying little mind to the area, there are relatively few open doors for expanded compensation or progression, even with quite a while of experience.

Because of late work postings on ZipRecruiter, the Salesforce Developer employment advertisement in both Chicago, IL, and the encompassing region isn't so dynamic, however at the state level for, organizations are procuring. Individuals filling in as a Salesforce Developer in your general vicinity are making by and large $114,743 every year or equivalent to the national normal yearly pay of $114,743 that positions number 1 out of 50 states across the country for Salesforce Developer compensations.

Average Annual Salary for Salesforce Developers in the United States

Salesforce Developers are in intense interest all over the world. Top nations offering work potential for Salesforce engineers incorporate the United States, India, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Singapore.

In the United States, Salesforce was the main organization to be recorded inside the 25 best occupations in the country in 2019. A vocation explicitly as a Salesforce engineer came in at number 10 on the rundown. Salesforce keeps on being an organization that is making a colossal measure of vocation that opens doors for what's to come.

The development of interest for Salesforce improvement gives off the impression of being an overall pattern. A Salesforce Talent Ecosystem Report of 2018 that shows the market interest of Salesforce experts is outpacing the stockpile of gifted laborers by a proportion of 10:1.

Salesforce Developer Salary Based on Experience :

The salesforce salary for a developer based on experience is given below.



Entry- Level




Expert-Level: 159,299


Freelance Salesforce developers


Salesforce Developer Salary Based on Region:

The salesforce salary for a developer based on the region is given below.



Salesforce Developer in New York, NY

$110,656 per year

Salesforce Developer in San Francisco, CA

$127,104 per year

Salesforce Developer in Atlanta, GA

$112,440 per year

Salesforce Developer in Chicago, IL

$120,755 per year

Salesforce Developer in Los Angeles, CA

$117,338 per year

Salesforce Developer in Nebraska

$165,750 per year

Salesforce Developer in Indiana

$151,125 per year

Salesforce Developer in Idaho

$148,688 per year

Salesforce Developer in New jersey

$146,250 per year

Salesforce Developer in Oregon


These two tables give you a perfect idea of Salesforce salary based on region and the experience. Similarly, you can look for a Salesforce administrator salary too if you want to start a career as a Salesforce administrator.

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Salesforce Training For Administrators & Developers

  • Personalized Free Consultation
  • Access to Our Learning Management System
  • Access to Our Course Curriculum
  • Be a Part of Our Free Demo Class

Freelance Salesforce Developer Salary in the USA

The Salesforce market is quite lucrative these days, and several people are working as a freelancer Salesforce Developer too. As per our research, more than 70 percent of the freelancers got full-time work, and 10 percent are ruling the Salesforce market through full-time freelance work. This is true that salaries are a little low when compared to full-time professionals.

Still, there are just the endless benefits like they can work from home as per their convenience hours, it could be an extra source of income for freelance Salesforce developers, they don't have to waste time and money in traveling, etc. So, if you are planning to work as a freelancer, then it would not be the right choice. Additionally, the Salesforce training and certification program from a leading institute like JanBask Training will always take your career higher.

The Salesforce contract market is likewise extremely worthwhile — look at the general independent Salesforce Developer rate in the accompanying nations:


Per Day









While one could live easily as a part-time Salesforce proficient, our examination has found that 78% of specialists would think about going lasting, while 10% would discount coming back to all-day work. Similarly, you may check the salesforce admin salary for the freelance profile either hourly or yearly based on his expertise.

For better understanding, check our comprehensive guide on Future Growth of a Salesforce Developer

Mason Frank’s pay overview was aggregated utilizing almost 28,000 information focuses, including data from 22,022 enlisted work opportunities on their site, 1,973 genuine occupation situations made by the company and 3,714 reactions to their worldwide compensation survey. This blend of target and emotional information empowers the company to deliver an exact impression of the Salesforce condition.

The Average Salary of Salesforce Developer by Countries










159, 558





















If you are a beginner. Check out our blog on entry-level Salesforce Admin jobs without experience that will really increase your knowledge and answer your queries related to Salesforce.

Factors that Influence Salesforce Developer Salary In the USA

You should know that one single salary figure can be misleading for freshers, without context. However, there are certain factors at play that can result in differences between one professional’s salary, to the next. The factors that influence salesforce developer salary are:

  • Experience (Seniority)
  • Certifications
  • Generalists vs. Specialists
  • Location

How to increase your Salesforce Developer Salary in the USA?

8 Ways to Increase your Salesforce Developer Salary in the USA

How to increase your salary as a Salesforce Developer in USA?

1). Certification is the X-Factor

There are many Salesforce confirmations out there; which ones are going to make you stand apart from the challenge?

As a selection representative, you get customers thumping on your entryway requesting applicants with very explicit confirmations — the Platform Developer 2 cert, for instance. What's more, as you'll find in our Salesforce pay overview, not many individuals have one.

In case you're somebody that has a Platform Developer 2 affirmation, you're going to stand apart from the group. There will be individuals searching for you.

Search for holes in your very own resume. If you don't have involvement with a specific item, step up to the plate, total the courses and, above all, let individuals realize that you're presently a specialist around there.

Need support in crafting a perfect Salesforce resume? Check out the Salesforce Developer Resume Guide and set yourself perfectly for a world full of opportunities.

2). Experiment with your case studies

We have people asking us constantly: “I just have a couple of long periods of experience, what would I be able to do to find that activity; what would I be able to do to get my compensation somewhat higher?'

There's a great deal you can do. Interestingly, Salesforce gives astonishing web-based preparation that you can get to yourself; you can self-educate. Alongside that, it is generally prescribed that you connect with your neighborhood not-for-profits. There are a ton of not-for-profit organizations that need additional hands and will truly value that free work. It's an extraordinary method to get some additional experience on your resume to enable you to stand apart as a lesser applicant going after a higher-level position.

3). Use your industry knowledge to build a new niche

Salesforce is a specialty in itself, however, you will genuinely stick out on the off chance that you have some custom-fitted involvement in a particular industry or item. So on the off chance that you work in the social insurance industry and you're driving a wellbeing cloud execution, that is wonderful. There will be social insurance organizations searching for you since they're going to do something very similar. Same with philanthropies. In case you're a specialist with philanthropies, make certain to make that your core interest. You comprehend which items coordinate well with that, what kind of apparatuses charities can utilize so they can completely use the stage, and which new advances apply to specific ventures — you can turn into a specialist in each of these.

4). Invest time in improving your coding skills

Not all of us are Developers, and that is alright, however, what we find on our pay studies is that those with coding background will in general win more. As do Technical Architects. So if that is truly what makes a difference to you, go out there and gain proficiency with some Apex! Building up your insight into backend coding can truly support your income — those are the compensations that we will, in general, observe as higher, and the abilities that organizations will in general hand out a couple of more bucks for.

Still not sure about your Salesforce Career? Know how learning Salesforce Developer Skills can lead you to your dream job.

5). Learn, Evolve and Be ready to Grow Always

This applies to any industry, if you began as a Salesforce Admin in an organization yet you in this manner turned into a Developer and afterward an Architect inside five years, for instance, you're going to stand apart far beyond somebody who was an Admin for a year at three distinct organizations.

The normal residence for a Salesforce expert is around more than two years, so in case you're somebody who outperforms that or misses the mark, individuals are going to take note. We generally see to what extent you've been someplace and how you've created your job.

6). Explore different locations

As a Salesforce Admin, you're not going to make as much in Ohio as you are in New York. As a matter of first importance, that is a result of the average cost for basic items, yet you will find that you can make significantly more in specific territories because those locales have a lot higher demand in terms of talent. New York, California, and Texas are the hotbeds of Salesforce; on the off chance that you go to one of those regions, the chances are individuals are eager to pay somewhat more for what you must offer.

Something else to consider is travel. There are some street warriors out there that movement 100% — they're regular advisors. These people will, in general, get more cash-flow by and large since they're placing in that additional time and going the additional mile for work.

7). Being up-to-date with Updates gets you brownie points

It's alright if the majority of your experience is with Sales Cloud, however, what's truly going to make you stand apart is on the off chance that you have involvement with more current items that not many individuals know about. On the off chance that you have involvement with Salesforce Einstein Analytics, for instance, you're going to stick out — it's extremely intense for us to discover somebody like that.

Take this 2-minute free Salesforce Quiz to check your Salesforce knowledge and stay updated with the latest updates and innovations in Salesforce.

8). Spend time on expanding your portfolio & brand

What you need to comprehend is that LinkedIn is the device that each business is going to use to discover you. Each selection representative in each organization has a LinkedIn account and they're filtering through attempting to discover people such as yourself. So ensure your LinkedIn looks stunning and speaks to you in the most ideal manner. Toss the majority of the accreditations and Trailhead identifications that you have on there.

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Salesforce Development Training a Dire Need of the Hour

Salesforce CRM programming has an extensive reach and will keep on developing. Accomplishing the abilities, preparing, and training expected to verify a profession in Salesforce improvement is an important advance on the Salesforce vocation way.

Most of the Salesforce Developers as of now have extensive experience with software engineering and programming improvement. A specific confirmation course can furnish you with the accurate range of abilities you have to transcend in the business. Top businesses search for Salesforce certifications.

Furthermore, an ensured advancement course like the Salesforce Administrator and Salesforce Training Certification is a key you have to get your foot in the entryway of probably the most looked organizations in the business. Take a look at the Best Salesforce Certifications for 2022.

As market masters foresee, Salesforce is one of the main CRM associations giving a wide range of offices to its clients and subsequently becoming immensely successful throughout the years. Besides, how each organization is concentrating on its clients, it is sure that this CRM instrument will stay sought after in a lot more years to come making an immense pool of openings for work for hopefuls.

Next from here?

Well, after reading all the Salesforce salary facts and Salesforce Developer Salary figures listed above, I am quite sure you are tantalized to build a career as a Salesforce Developer. Salesforce admin salary is also quite attractive, similar to a Salesforce developer salary.

So give a jumpstart to your Cloud professional career by enrolling yourself in a comprehensive Salesforce Developer Certification, today! It would help you with good exposure to the industry standards and challenges. You will get a lot of practical assignments to clear your hand at Salesforce Development-related concepts as well. Also, consider joining the JanBask Salesforce community to keep yourself updated with the new trends of Salesforce.


Q1. Is Salesforce popular in the USA?

There is a great need right now for expertise in Salesforce. This is the reason 3.3 million new jobs are expected to be created in the Salesforce economy by 2022. As was already said, there are many Salesforce-specific roles that are in high demand right now.

Q2. Which certification is best for a Salesforce developer? 

The top Salesforce certifications are listed below:

Q3. What is best to learn in Salesforce? 

The majority of Salesforce experts recommend Trailhead as the best resource for learning Salesforce and refreshing your expertise. This is a Salesforce instructional resource created by Salesforce for Salesforce users. It is factual and very thorough.

Q4. What skills will you acquire from these courses?

Ans- Salesforce CRM and its features, Salesforce objects, field types, and validation rules

  • Data modeling and management and Workflow automation
  • Sales and service cloud configuration, Lightning components installation, complete Salesforce interface, Application deployment and platform change management and so much more.

Q5. How long does it take to become a certified Salesforce Developer?

The candidate would need three to four months to study Salesforce admin skills, more than five months to get ready for Salesforce developer abilities, and roughly six months to learn consultant skills with dedication and diligence.

Q6. What are the requirements for Salesforce certifications?

Ans- Learners require a graduate degree and a passion for Salesforce skills & technology. Professionals with a basic understanding of Salesforce concepts and features, such as navigating Salesforce, data management, security, and using Sales Cloud would be an advantage in completing the online Salesforce courses.  

Q7. What learning benefits can I get from registering at JanBask Training?

Ans- Our organization is breaking every one of the generalizations of online training and has now concocted a training routine to enable you to take a shot at genuine industry case situations. In this exertion of our own, each student is appointed with a case that had occurred in the business and required an answer from a Salesforce proficient. With this training, we expect to familiarize our students about the difficulties that they are going to face in the savage business outside the solace of their virtual study hall. We as a whole realize that the outside world isn't all splendid and sparkling and strong. 

Q8. I'm a beginner. I want to know what I will learn at the beginner’s level of this course?

Ans- For beginners, the online Salesforce Developer training starts with the detailed introduction of CRM, Salesforce, and cloud computing to deliver you all the necessary skills required to start with this technology.

  • No technical background is needed, but you should have a zeal to learn something new and trendy.
  • The course will teach you about cloud technology from scratch so that you can get a broader understanding of the platform.
  • As soon as you are done with the beginning level, this is the right time for you to switch to the advanced salesforce stage.

Q9. How do I clear my doubts after this session?

Ans- If you have a doubt after the completion training session, do not worry. All you have to do is to drop an email regarding your query and our expert assistance team will come to your rescue and will help you in resolving it.

Q10. What is the pattern of a Salesforce certification exam

Ans- The Salesforce exam is a 90-minute long exam comprising 60 single or multiple-choice questions. The passing score for the exam is 65%.

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