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Salesforce Developer Role in 2020 – Job Responsibilities & Description


The Salesforce Developer is the hero that saves the day for a company the has its own  Salesforce setup. He is a ninja battling all the challenges that a company may face with Salesforce Development.

It is needless to say that if an organization wants to reap benefits from their Salesforce setup, they need an expert Salesforce Developer by their side.

This is the reason why organizations all over the world are on a constant hunt to find the appropriate Salesforce talent.

The demand for Salesforce Developers has risen from 23% to 29% in the last two years.

Salesforce Developer is one of the most highly paid job profiles all around the world. The job role offers as good as $84,000 per year. As your experience as a Salesforce Developer grows, your salary, perks, and benefits also grow. The industry is booming with Salesforce Developer jobs. It is one of the top 6 most wanted job profiles all across the world.

Do you want to know what the work of a Salesforce Developer looks like? We have here live accounts of three Salesforce Developers- Daniel Goldstein a newbie in Salesforce Development, Nathan Grabs a Salesforce Developer with four years of experience and Borka Borislaw a Senior Salesforce Developer.

Who is a Salesforce Developer?

A Salesforce developer is the person who has an in-depth understanding of Salesforce and its opportunities. He not necessarily has to work with the company directly, but can be those professionals who build Salesforce applications across the various PaaS platforms. This field is for minds good at coding. The developer can create the cloud-based application with the help of platform.

Daniel’s Roles & Responsibilities- Salesforce Developer (Fresher)

Hi! I am Daniel Goldstein; I joined the amazing world of Salesforce in the year 2017 when I had enrolled for online training for Salesforce.

Initially, things were very cloudy. To be honest with you, for the first few days I was wondering what did I do? Why did I put my money in something I was finding too difficult to learn? But to my surprise, everything started to settle down. After the first two-three days of self-doubts and cursing my friend who had suggested me to join Salesforce training I started to settle down.

salesforce Curriculum

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I had started to look forward to my training sessions. With every day, my interest in this amazing technology only grew stronger. I used to look forward to my sessions. Once I was done with my training, I had enrolled to appear for a Salesforce Developer Certification exam. Thanks to my training center, they had prepared me so well that I cleared the exam in the very first attempt itself.

While waiting for the results of my certification exam, I had applied for a Salesforce Development internship at one of my friend’s offices. Over there, I learned about various nuances of Salesforce Development.

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After getting my results and finishing my internship, I had started applying for my job. I got selected for most of the interviews that I had applied for. That is when I realized the power of Salesforce Development Certification.

I am now a Salesforce Developer. Though I have just started my journey, I would love to give you an insight into the roles and responsibilities that I am required to undertake and fulfill.

  • My primary responsibility is to create and principally configure customized structure for the Salesforce tools to help my clients with the usage and viability of your business group. Being that creator, however, can feel like a pointless activity or blind karma, yet it doesn't need to.
  • I have to create arrangements inside the Salesforce stage to help basic business capacities and satisfy adventure destinations, customer determinations, and friends’ objectives to have the option to initially keep up the CRM model.
  • I am required to oversee day to day help and support of inward Salesforce example, and direct long-haul improvement capacities to make a definite interface with developing target prerequisites is satisfied and furthermore to have the option to satisfy total requests of the organization with the instrument.
  • I speak with project managers, clients, and different engineers to plan regular endeavor techniques and ensure viable participation all through all phases of development, testing, and sending.
  • I am needed to keep up an adaptable and proactive working environment to encourage a brisk reaction to changing endeavor details and customer targets and develop approaches to satisfy target goals effectively.
  • One of the most challenging parts of my responsibilities is to interface straightforwardly with clients, directors and end clients as important to assess adventure targets and capacity details, for example, particulars for client associations, customized projects, and correspondences with inward Salesforce occasions. This essentially goes under the 'review' part.
  • I am required to coordinate and work together with different inward offices, for example, advertising, administration, and procedures, to ensure Salesforce climate bolsters internal needs identifying with usefulness and execution so that everything is comprehended and examined.

It all looks very overwhelming, doesn't it? But trust me once you start, you just cannot stop. Working in Salesforce is like an addiction. It is something that you will look forward to waking up for. I am enjoying my days as a Salesforce Developer.

Why don’t you take this small Salesforce Quiz to test your basic Salesforce Knowledge?

Nathan Grabs- Salesforce Developer (Intermediate)

Hey! A big hello to everyone. I am Nathan, and I am a very happy and proud Salesforce Developer. I started my Salesforce Journey as a Developer with my company four years ago. Man! Time flies. It just seems like yesterday when I had first logged into my Salesforce Developer account.

Things changed very soon for me. From having the first free account to using the paid subscription of Salesforce for my company, I have come a long way. I still remember logging in for the very first time and wondering- what is this thing? Gradually I had started to be more and more comfortable in Salesforce Development routine.

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To be honest, I love my job. Scheduling meetings, being the contact point for all the stakeholders, controlling and integrating this wonderful silo, I just love it all.

I am going to give you some insight into my day to day activities. They are as follows-

  • I usually lead the testing and execution of programming advancement endeavors, including coding, design, upkeep, establishment, testing, and investigating, just as overseeing courses of events and delivering specialized documentation.
  • I work intimately with the business groups, as Salesforce Developer I perform surveys of the information, creating complex CRM answers for a guarantee that prescribed procedures are pursued and the best information arrangements are given. This may include talking about exchange offs with different groups, for example, the particulars of the design versus the code set up, or mapping the utilitarian necessities to Salesforce usefulness.
  • The most important part of my job is to keep up client jobs, guaranteeing there are no security breaks that could put a hazard on the organization's information.
  • I am responsible to make specialized plans and procedures for different offices and the IT group, creating answers for location any far-reaching issues and making their procedures progressively effective.
  • It is my prerogative to make arrangements that work as intently as conceivable with the more extensive business objectives, Salesforce designers direct workshops for different groups in the organization to increase a point by point comprehension of the necessities of and recognize any holes in the present framework.
  • I develop altered arrangements inside the Salesforce stage to help basic business capacities and meet task targets, customer prerequisites, and friends’ objectives
  • I am required to manage day by day backing and support of inward Salesforce case, and direct long-haul improvement activities to guarantee similarity with advancing mission prerequisites
  • I communicate with task directors, customers, and different engineers to plan durable venture procedures and guarantee successful cooperation all through all periods of advancement, testing, and arrangement
  • I am responsible to maintain an adaptable and proactive workplace to encourage a snappy reaction to changing venture prerequisites and client targets, and advanced approaches to meet mission objectives effectively
  • One another major part of my job responsibility is to interact straightforwardly with customers, administrators and end clients as important to investigate venture goals and ability necessities, including details for UIs, redid applications and connections with inner Salesforce occasions
  • I provide framework organization backing of inner and client confronting Salesforce condition, particularly identified with tweaked applications, client consents, security settings, custom articles, and work process
  • I collaborate with different inward offices, including promoting, item improvement and tasks, to guarantee Salesforce condition underpins inner needs identifying with usefulness and execution

All this is just a part of what I do. My scope as a Salesforce Developer neither ends nor begins with these points. It is just some of the things that I do. When I had joined Salesforce, it was very difficult for me as the technology was quite new.

These days you can already learn a lot from training sessions. We did not have that option when I was wanting to go for training. For me, a lot of learning was hit and try.

There are training institutes like JanBask Training who are providing Salesforce training in a remote environment. It is just like attending a real classroom training. You can take a demo class with them for free by clicking on the link given here-

Borka Borislaw- Senior Salesforce Developer

I still remember the very first public speech by Mark Benioff. I was in my sophomore year of college, and I remember how convincingly he had said that Salesforce is going to be the next big thing around the world.

Guess what after 11 years, it is Crowned King of the CRM space. I have so many memories of my Salesforce Career to share with you guys. I’ll try not to bore you and keep it short.

I first started as Salesforce Admin. I ventured towards the development side of it only after a couple of years. To migrate from being an Admin to a Developer I had to learn to code. The migration was not very difficult as I was already aware of a lot of procedures.

Do you know Salesforce releases updates three times a year- Summer, Winter & Spring. Initially, when that used to happen all of us used to spend days in the office to acclimatize to the new functions. It used to be so much fun. The years so far have been really good.

I’ll now give you an insight into the world of a senior Salesforce Developer by listing out a few roles and responsibilities that form a primary part of it.

  • Execution of client Salesforce arrangement extends that include the Sales Cloud (CRM), Service Cloud (Call Centers), Collaboration Cloud (Chatter), Marketing Cloud, Custom Cloud, and additionally combinations to guarantee degree and client desires are met
  • Work with the client executives, client topic specialists (SMEs) as well as data innovation staff to finish Salesforce usage errands, as required
  • Serve as a contact to the company Sales and Customer Service
  • Provide venture and specialized administration for key Salesforce usage ventures
  • Possess a solid comprehension of business tasks
  • Establish and keep up Salesforce usage benchmarks
  • Advise on an assortment of wide questions and worries from the client the executives in regards to extend prerequisites, records needs, specialized principles, and conditions; impart the status of solicitations and decides the possibility of projects; reports discoveries and activities
  • Deliver results working with outsider conveyance accomplices, client groups, and AppExchange sellers
  • Represents the venture as a Sr. Salesforce Developer master who impacts client senior administration on critical Salesforce matters
  • Work under general bearing and freely decides and creates a way to deal with arrangements
  • Demonstrated Salesforce dominance and will utilize the Salesforce chief achievement preparing bundle to earn extra Salesforce affirmations as required by the company from time to time.
  • Provide backing to current company clients inside settled upon administration levels
  • Ability to exhort customers and prescribe when to utilize definitive code versus custom code utilizing Visualforce and Apex
  • Translate business necessities into well-architected arrangements that best influence the Salesforce stage and items
  • Provide assessments of the degree of exertion to execute an answer dependent on business prerequisites
  • Lead specialized structure sessions, planning and recording specialized arrangements that are lined up with the customer's business destinations
  • Provide direction during the assessment of a business prerequisite and how it tends to be met with either point-and-snap arrangement or code and custom.

Salesforce is a pool of opportunity. The longer you stay in it, the more you grow. I would suggest all the young minds who can code or are willing to learn to code to join the Salesforce world real soon.

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Working as a Salesforce developer is an overwhelming experience as you are working with one of the best companies who work on a cloud. As everything is moving on to the cloud, it becomes an on-demand platform. Salesforce is at the forefront of the shift from being working on-premise technology to on-demand technology.

There is a steady increase in the demand for Salesforce developers.

Though it starts with only development processes initially, there is a lot of scopes to get equipped with CRM business functionalities.

Salesforce is a vast subject and there is a lot to learn as a Salesforce developer. Starting with programming in Apex and Visualforce, developers will also get exposure in Javascript specifically on jQuery, CSS, etc.

What should you do next?

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You have just read about the roles and responsibilities of Salesforce Developers working with a different set of experiences under their belts. You have a sense of the work that you would be required to do.

You can now take steps towards learning to do these things smoothly. For that, the best option is to go for online training.

We would love to talk to you regarding your career. You can simply get an assessment done for your profile with our counselors. Leave your profile details here and see whether Salesforce suits you or not.

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