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Learn Salesforce Developer Skills: Your Journey to a Fulfilling Career


The demand for skilled Salesforce professionals is skyrocketing, presenting an opportune moment for you to take action! Whether you're a developer, administrator, project manager, or recent graduate, the allure of entering the IT industry through Salesforce is undeniable. Embarking on a professional Salesforce Developer Certification Course marks the pivotal first step towards a successful career in the Salesforce domain.

According to IDC, the Salesforce job market is poised to offer millions of opportunities in the coming years, but these will predominantly favor individuals equipped with the most sought-after Salesforce skills. It's imperative to enhance your resume with Salesforce developer skills to leave a lasting impression on recruiters. In this blog, we delve into the essential skills for Salesforce developers and elucidate why these skills are indispensable on resumes.

Salesforce skills

Here's why Salesforce skills are valuable in 2024:

  • Market Growth: The Salesforce job market is projected to keep expanding, offering promising opportunities for qualified developers.
  • Technical Relevance: Salesforce expertise aligns with the growing adoption of cloud technologies and big data solutions, sought after by many businesses.
  • Skill Specificity: While the overall Salesforce ecosystem offers diverse roles, focusing on in-demand developer skills will maximize your competitive edge.

Salesforce Developer skills

Here are some in-demand Salesforce developer skills in 2024:

  • Apex Programming:This is the core language for building custom applications on the Salesforce platform. With Apex, developers can extend Salesforce functionality, create custom objects and fields, and automate business processes.
  • Lightning Web Components (LWC):This modern framework is essential for creating dynamic and performant user interfaces. LWC is a declarative framework that uses web standards and offers a faster development experience compared to older frameworks like Visualforce.
  • Tableau Integration: Salesforce integrates seamlessly with Tableau, a business intelligence platform. Expertise in unlocking data-driven insights by integrating Salesforce with Tableau is a valuable skill for Salesforce developers.
  • Marketing Cloud Expertise:Skills in marketing automation using Salesforce Marketing Cloud are becoming increasingly sought after. Marketing Cloud allows businesses to automate marketing tasks, create personalized campaigns, and track results.
  • Salesforce Experience Cloud:The ability to craft personalized interactions through Experience Cloud is a valuable asset. Experience Cloud allows businesses to create branded portals, websites, and mobile apps for customers, partners, and employees.

By incorporating these skills into your repertoire, you'll be well-positioned to capitalize on the flourishing Salesforce job market in 2024 and beyond.

Now, let's explore the essential Salesforce skills that can be applied across various roles. These skills can be broadly categorized into four main areas:

General Salesforce Developer skills

  • Communication: Ensure that users and stakeholders know when to make changes. Encourage users to adopt the tool. Let users know what type of support they can avail from the team.
  • Listening: It is one of the most important skills related to users’ problems. You cannot solve a complex problem until you understand it thoroughly.
  • Flexibility: In today’s workspace, everything needs to be flexible. Requirements may indeed change frequently, and the business environment should be flexible enough to accommodate those requirements.
  • Problem-solving: Users may come to you with different types of problems, and there are plenty of options available to solve them. It is your job to identify the right issue and suggest the appropriate solution to each of them.

Salesforce Skills in Demand

What is the best part about skilling up with the Salesforce? You will have fun while learning the Salesforce. Work on real-life projects to learn something good and relevantDisplay your trailhead badges proudly on your profile. Trailhead not only guides you to become a Salesforce expert but reinvents your resume too. By earning multiple trailhead badges and sitting for a Salesforce certification, you can prove yourself that you really know the stuff.

Salesforce Skills in Demand

Of course, you are not alone on your journey, but you may join the Salesforce community where you may communicate, share ideas, and support each other. While you personalize your career path with Trailhead, you have the whole Salesforce Ohana with you to support your learning.

Here are the top qualities that will take you to a different level other than training and the certification.

  • Insider information: The person is a good team player with the ability to understand people and build relationships. Effective communication with expert analytical skills always makes you a preferable resource when compared to others.
  • Passion for Learning: An ideal Salesforce Developer or Admin just doesn’t get the technology but thirst for more of it. The more you are skilled, the more salary packages you can earn with the right learning approach.
  • Deep Thinker: An ideal Salesforce professional is not a dreamer but understands things deeply and taking decisions accordingly. It always takes patience to be a great teacher or a coach, along with the sense of saying NO if something not required.
  • Not afraid of taking follow-ups: He always follows the best practices that are critical for an admin or developer. He wants to keep learning and takes follow-ups when needed.

Take your Salesforce career preparation next level with this free Salesforce Quiz to check your Salesforce knowledge and stay updated with the latest updates and innovations in Salesforce.

No matter what your background is, technical, marketing, sales, or administrative. The best idea is to get trained and earn badges to prove your competencies in different areas like security, data integration, business analytics, and more. Users can also join a trailhead training platform to keep them informed about the latest trends and updates. Salesforce skills will always pay you well with a perfect future outlook and we don’t think demand will go down for many years to come

Salesforce Salary Figures

Recently, Salesforce administrator and developer jobs were added in the top 10 on Indeed. Salesforce Developer skills you must be sure of and how to get them for bagging a dream job in first or second attempt. Here is a quick reference for you.

Some Pretty Amazing Figures

The average salary for a Salesforce Developer is reported to be around $125,000 annually. This represents a significant increase compared to Salesforce professional salaries in previous years (data from 2017 is likely outdated).

Boosting Your Income:

To reach this earning potential and stand out in the job market, consider adding advanced Salesforce skills to your resume. These include:

  • Visualforce
  • Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Lightning
  • Workflows
  • Salesforce1 App Development

According to a Glassdoor report (consider mentioning the year of the report for better accuracy), possessing these relevant skills can open doors to thousands more job postings (23,000 is a specific number, so rephrase for a more general impact).

Learn Salesforce in the Easiest Way

  • Learn from the videos
  • Learn anytime anywhere
  • Pocket-friendly mode of learning
  • Complimentary eBook available

Educational Requirements for Salesforce Developer

When you want to succeed in a particular domain, you should take classes and focus more on achieving Salesforce Cloud certifications. There are books, classes, and other study materials to help developers in passing the exam. Certifications are not mandatory, but they are preferred by plenty of employers these days worldwide. Have a quick go-through of this comprehensive Salesforce Certification Guide.

When you want to succeed in a particular domain, you should take classes and focus more on achieving Salesforce certifications. There are books, classes, and other study materials to help developers in passing the exam. Certifications are not mandatory, but they are preferred by plenty of employers these days worldwide.

Are you just getting started?

Get a better understanding of Salesforce basic with this Salesforce Batch Apex Class.

1). Get some experience

You must be thinking; it is just impossible getting some hands-on experience as a fresher. But this is not true because you may start work voluntarily. You may work with non-profit Companies to get some real-life experiences and learn how to work with Salesforce projects actually.

2). Learn to market yourself

You need to figure out your transferable skills and learn how to communicate them. Also, check out which skills are most valued by employers. It is especially important for a beginner knowing how to market yourself.

3). Keep Learning

Be curious and learn new things as soon as they are introduced. Also, check out Salesforce tutorials to keep yourself updated.

4). Apply for multiple roles

Don’t keep yourself restricted to a single role, but you may apply for different roles together at the beginning like Salesforce developer, Salesforce admin, solution architect, etc. Once you enter a specific job role then start making yourself proficient in the same domain.

Deciding on a particular Salesforce developer role is not easy, but once you have decided, this is easy moving ahead with the right skills and knowledge. Check out the ideal career options in the cloud and get the perfect sense of what kind of job options are a good fit for you. Don’t forget to take the exact salary idea, roles, and responsibilities for each role. Now make yourself skilled for that particular role and start earning right away.

5). Take the Training Online

There is not a specific career path for each role, but you have to decide what suits you the best. Most of the time, it is tough learning yourself, but you need a proper learning environment. The best idea is to join some training programs and get certified in a particular job role that you have chosen for yourself.

Why should you learn Salesforce skills?

As discussed earlier, Salesforce skills are essential to practice to land a better job in 2019. Here is more specific information on how it boosts career prospects and ensures higher salary packages.

A). Salesforce is Higher in Demand

There are plenty of job options for professionals who know Salesforce skills. Based on a recent report, more than 100 million jobs are posted across 40K sites during the last few years for skilled Salesforce professionals. It is true that for different Salesforce roles, there is a need for a basic understanding of Salesforce products to more complex tools. Salesforce is one of the most in-demand skills today and ranked ahead of Python, .Net, C++, etc.

There is a growing category of Salesforce jobs that specifically move around Salesforce skills. Most of the Companies are looking to hire Salesforce developers and Salesforce admins to build their apps. Salesforce knowledge is complimentary, in addition to your technical skills that make you the right fit for leading organizations.

B). Right Salesforce Skills Can Pay Higher

The demand for Salesforce skills is getting faster when compared to other skills. Also, job postings for Salesforce have grown up to 1.3 times faster then the overall job postings and demand for Salesforce-specific jobs are quadrupled.

Salesforce skills pay you well regardless your job requires technical skills or not. On average, Salesforce developer salary with the right skills earn more than $70,000 per year and for Salesforce developers that balloons to $100,000. Sales roles that need Salesforce skills can earn 10 percent higher than other roles. Salaries will vary based on your experience, skills, and accomplishments. Even contract positions pay higher rates from $130 to $160 per hour.

Here is a complete list of topics or skills you should add to your resume.

How to build a career in Salesforce?

In the first place, training is essential to get in the top Salesforce skills. The good thing is that there is no need for an IT degree to build a career with Salesforce. Many IT professionals who have experience with legacy tools can enhance their salaries by working with modern Salesforce systems. Some companies are upskilling their employees with Salesforce skills as a way of getting the right skills into their business.

There are different Salesforce certifications too like Salesforce advanced administrator, platform app developer, Salesforce technical architect, Salesforce cloud consultant that add more value to your CV. Also, you are immediately hired by employers when they see the certification on your CV. According to a report, certified Salesforce developers and admin always get high salary packages when compared to other Salesforce professionals who are not certified.

My Journey as a Salesforce Developer

When I completed my graduation, I was not sure of my career path. Today I am working as a Salesforce Developer. Sometime back, I wished that I had learned how to code during my college studies. Eventually, I researched online and traced a path for me. I find out the way how to learn to code in six months with all the necessary skills.

It was a Salesforce Developer Training program online where I got the opportunity to work on different projects, acquired all necessary skills, and learned tips on passing my first interview. It helped me to bag my first job as a Salesforce Developer. Fast-forward to two years from my first job; I was selected as an developer.

Here are a few questions Salesforce developer interview questions that I usually encounter and want to discuss with everyone who wants to start a career in Salesforce.Request for a demo class now and get perfect career guidance from our mentors.

Salesforce Training For Administrators & Developers

  • No cost for a Demo Class
  • Industry Expert as your Trainer
  • Available as per your schedule
  • Customer Support Available

When did you learn to code? What is the most amazing thing about this profession?

I started learning how to code in 2016, and I got my first job as a Salesforce Developer in the same year with a small training of six months. There are so many things I loved about the training and want to share with everyone who wants to grow his career. The biggest thing is that I got the right confidence that I can do anything.  Initially, I was jealous of engineers because I was not such a skilled and knowledgeable resource like them. Today, I have the skills and flexibility to build anything

There are a lot of admins who want to learn to code. What would I like to suggest to them?

Well, it is easy to grow, but it is pretty hard getting started. In the initial time, you are not sure of what are you doing exactly. After some time, you are in the matrix. At this stage, it does not matter about the background; if you can do it, then you are the right fit for the profile. That’s it!

Did you experiment or learned using

Earlier, I was a professional email marketer and performed various marketing automation tasks as well. Mostly, market automation industries are connected to the Salesforce platform. We have to play with workflow rules. I was not sure of how to do it and hiring a Salesforce Consultant was not an option for the Company. So, I move forward to take and work on this project. It was the toughest phase of my life and shocking one too.

I realized that it is the right time to learn how to code and explore my experience over the Salesforce platform. I built an application for the Company, which is used by them until today. It was not easy for me getting into the Salesforce platform, but I have to work on plenty of barriers.

The Salesforce Platform is so different, and you need specific skills to work on it. So, my advice is to take the training online and start your splendid journey right away!

How were your learning curve for top Salesforce Skills, APEX, and Visual force?

The first few months were tough, and It was the first time that I was writing something into APEX. I spend the whole day writing a few lines, but it was working for me. I thought that I had taken the wrong route and Salesforce is not the right career choice for me. But believe me guys, it happens with everyone. You have to be a little stronger here and move on.

The final output that comes is far away from your expectations. It is something that you have dreamed of and achieved just because of your hard efforts and dedication.

Here is a quick guide at How to Create Visualforce Page in Salesforce

What was the hardest time for you when you started your journey to Salesforce?

It was tough for me to decide on the right training platform when there are so many options available. I finally put a bet on the JanBask Training and see yourself where I am today. Yes, guys, it is Google, and I think everybody would love to be here. Isn’t it?

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Salesforce Training For Administrators & Developers

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To Conclude

You cannot be a good developer if you are not a good admin. There are so many things you can experiment on the platform even without coding background. Sometimes, engineers overdo things, and they try to solve every small problem with code. The platform is so much flexible that you can try it in multiple ways.

So, to be a great coder, never give up and keep polishing your skills by joining the right Salesforce Developer Training program, and webinars.

Your time starts now!

What are you still waiting for? Salesforce continues to drive healthy job options nationwide, and potential growth is witnessed by most successful developers in the field. The demand for skilled professionals is so high that you can quickly bag a job that you are eyeing. You just have to add the required Salesforce skills on a resume and get the attention of top recruiters worldwide. Also, don't forget to consider Salesforce skills-based routing and which Salesforce skills are most important for your profile. For example, if you want to become a Developer then check for the Salesforce Developer skills, and similarly, you may check for the admin profile too.

Don’t forget to join the JanBask Salesforce community to keep yourself updated with the new trends and advancements in Salesforce. Join JanBask Training and blaze your trails toward a bright future!

Want to learn more? Contact our mentors now! Get an amazing 20 percent discount if you enroll today!


Q1. What does a Salesforce Developer do?

Ans- A Salesforce Developer analyzes the processes in a company, designs the CRM workflows and is responsible for providing custom solutions for a company. Salesforce Developers form the backbone of a company in managing old and new records for the company.

Q2. Who should attend this course?

Ans- The Salesforce developer training online course is perfect for any individual interested in mastering cloud skills and Salesforce development, particularly:

  • Students pursuing any IT course
  • Individuals looking to build a career in Salesforce
  • System administrators
  • IT managers
  • Product managers
  • App Builders
  • Developers

Q3. How will I know that I need a Salesforce Developer training?

Ans- Go through the job profile of a Salesforce Developer. See what are the skills required to fit into that profile. If you think you can already fit into it then ok but if you feel you lack the skills that it is a sign that you will need a formal Salesforce developer training online session.

Q4. What is the objective of this course?

Ans- The objective of Salesforce developer course is to:

  • To make you the most demanded Salesforce Developer
  • To help you understand the basic and complex functioning of Salesforce Platform
  • Tlo give you advanced training in overall Salesforce terms, methods, tools etc.
  • To enable you to learn Salesforce developer concepts in a collaborative environment.

Q5. What is covered in the beginner’s level of this course?

Ans- For the beginners, the online Salesforce Developer training starts with the detailed introduction of CRM, Salesforce, and cloud computing to deliver you all the necessary skills required to start with this technology.

  • No technical background is needed, but you should have a zeal to learn something new and trendy.
  • The course will teach you about cloud technology from scratch so that you can get a broader understanding of the platform.
  • As soon as you are done with the beginning level, this is the right time for you to switch to the advanced salesforce stage.

Q6. How do you help with the certification exam?

Ans- Training curriculum of our online Salesforce Developer training course is prepared in a way that it has all the concepts of Salesforce Developer’s certification already inserted in it. A team of industry experts diligently sit and then develop our Salesforce developers training course syllabus after an aggressive market research on all the recent technology, exam patterns, Industry Requirements, etc.

Q7. Can an individual with no coding learn this course?

Ans- The Salesforce developer training course may appear to be a little difficult, but as we start everything from the very basics it will not be an issue for you. All you have to do is to be willing to go the extra mile to learn what we have to teach you.

Q8. How to prepare for the certification exam?

Ans- We at JanBask Training offers you the following features inside our Salesforce developer training online that help your certification journey substantially.

  • Every one of the sessions are directed in a real-time environment
  • The students are placed in a cooperative environment of learning
  • Surprise tests, live discussions are a regular part of student's every day schedules
  • It is an extensive Salesforcee developer training online that covers theory and practical training
  • It accompanies a variety of intriguing learning assets
  • Students get real life ventures-based learning so they can get exceptional and industry-oriented training to learn Salesforce developer concepts in terms of industry application.

Q9. What are the most in-demand Salesforce Developer certifications?

Ans- There are three parts that you need to cover the Salesforce Certified Developer certification:

  • Salesforce Certified Commerce Cloud Digital Developer,
  • Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I, and
  • Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II.

These qualifications are necessary for experts with knowledge, abilities, and experience in utilizing the Commerce Cloud Digital to build up online business arrangements.

Q10. How to maintain a growing career in Salesforce?

Ans- To have a good and steady career growth in the Salesforce Developer’s role, you need to do the following-

  • Upgrade your skills regularly
  • Be aware of all the new updates and releases.
  • Keep on taking the certification exams and badges to your credit.

Certification plays an important role in Salesforce Developer’s Career path and we help you achieve those certifications with our Salesforce developer training online.

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