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Complete Advanced Administrator Salesforce Certification Guide [2023]


Regarded as the second credential in the Admin role After the Administrator, the Salesforce Advanced Administrator is intended for those who have a high level of proficiency in the application's specialized talents as well as sophisticated Salesforce admin expertise.

It tests your knowledge on advanced topics including Salesforce content, Data archiving tools, Complex charting, Dashboard Filters, Event monitoring, and much more.  Along with that, it also examines you on advanced Salesforce cloud features like Live Agent, Omnichannel, and Entitlement processes. 

The Salesforce admin 2021 practice exam includes multiple topics such as scenario-based questions, which will help you decide the appropriate process automation tool. Hence, you require to know the capabilities of all declarative Salesforce tools. Other than that, it also includes questions related to how you would be required to decide on the appropriate Process Automation tool. Also, if you are looking to skill up for the future take a look at these top online salesforce courses offered at JanBask Training. 

Hence, to appear in Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification tests you need to know the capabilities of all the declarative tools of Salesforce, plus an overview of Apex would be the icing on the cake. If you are just starting out, thinking of enrolling in a professional Salesforce Admin Online Course

The article will guide you in preparing yourself for the Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification, as it includes:

  • Important concepts that you should understand on Priority
  • A few facts about Salesforce advanced admin exam
  • Which Salesforce Admin Certification is right for you?
  • Salesforce Administrator Certification exam outline
  • Study Tips for Salesforce Advanced Admin Exam
  • Certified Salesforce advanced administrator quiz
  • Conclusion

Important Concepts that you Should Understand on Priority

Here are a few concepts you should understand on priority before you attempt the exam.

  • You should know how to leverage the advanced administration capabilities of the Salesforce.
  • You should know how to optimize extended capabilities for sales or service clouds in Salesforce.
  • Furthermore, you should know how to prepare advanced documentation, reports, and what process automation is in Salesforce.

Additionally, you should have Salesforce admin credentials before you appear for the advanced level. For this purpose, you are recommended to enroll for some training program online and get related skills or knowledge base. The Salesforce advanced administrator exam can be scheduled online and here are a few facts about the certification, you must know to increase your chances of passing the exam in the first attempt.

Do you need help cracking your upcoming Salesforce certification exam? Here is the guide on How To Pass All Salesforce Admin Certification Exams?

Important facts about Salesforce Advanced Admin Exam

It is very important to understand the structure of the exam, and it is considered as the key to passing the exam. The structure is given by Salesforce itself where you will get a sound idea of topics and where you need to focus more.

Structure of Exam

There are a total of 60 questions in the exam and 90 minutes are given to complete this exam. The minimum passing score is 65 and there are no learning materials recommended for the exam, but you should prepare it yourself. The best idea is taking Salesforce training online and get notes for each of the topics from mentors or experts.

Breakdown for Exam

Here is the clear breakdown for your reference with a number of questions and related weight. Don’t forget to take note before you start with your study plan.

For each topic, there are certain bullet points that you need to cover while studying for the certification exam. The understanding of the breakdown of the exam and its structure is taken as the wise step and best practice recommendations. Make sure that you understand the intention of each bullet point clearly. If you are not sure of a particular topic then study about it and spend more time on that particular category.

Which Salesforce Admin Certification Exam is right for you?

The very first thing you should do after deciding to appear in the Salesforce practice exam is to find out which Salesforce certification is right for you. You should know that Salesforce is constantly re-evaluating the type of certifications it offers. It is done to ensure that it is adaptive to the ever-evolving Salesforce ecosystem. Mainly, there are two types of Salesforce certifications such as:

  • Salesforce Certified Administrator - This Salesforce practice exam is designed for those who have some experience as an administrator but would not consider themselves as an expert. This certification exam usually consists of 60 multiple choice questions that you have to answer in a 90 -minute exam. The exam is not that easy as it may seem, as it is necessary to score a 65% pass mark and allow no reference to educational resources throughout the exam.
  • Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator - Like other standardized exams, the Salesforce Advanced Administrator certification exam carries a 60-question multiple-choice exam with a passing score of 65%. The distinction is that the Salesforce practice exam is far more difficult and can be given by people who carry a Salesforce Administrator certification.

If you are a self-learner, consider checking out this Salesforce Self-learning course to improve your credentials!

Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam Outline

The below-mentioned Salesforce Administrator certification exam outline will help you determine what your exam will cover, as well as the exam weighting of each topic in the context of the certification exam.

Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification is designed to measure practical knowledge and exposure of the above-mentioned areas, which is why it is highly recommended to have worked  in a Salesforce Administrative capacity. Along with that, you should have knowledge of all of the recommended resources to clear the certification exam.
Also, understand that the exam pattern of Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification is designed by seasoned Salesforce experts. Therefore, the exam weighting of each topic reflects the importance of practice.


Study Tips for Salesforce Advanced Admin Exam

Here is the complete study guide for your reference on how you should prepare for the Salesforce practice exam. This study guide is prepared after discussing the experience of the salesforce exam with the certified Salesforce advanced admins who have passed the exam successfully.

Study Tips for Salesforce Advanced Admin Exam

1). Go through the Topics and their Weightage:

You should always go through the topics and their weightage before starting your preparation for the Salesforce practice exam. It is important because it helps you understand and prepare high-weightage topics earlier than other topics.

Remember, even if you prepare and attempt all the high-weightage questions well, you can easily score 65% in the Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification exam.

For exam weightage, we have already given the chart above for your reference. Moreover, it is not necessary that every time you will get the same set of questions, but it may vary from year to year. Still, there are chances that you may get questions in the same way as discussed.

However, for each topic, there are certain bullet points that you need to cover while preparing for the certification exam. The understanding of the breakdown of the Salesforce practice exam and its structure is taken as the wise step and best practice recommendations. Make sure that you understand the intention of each bullet point clearly. If you are not sure of a particular topic then study it and spend more time on that particular category.

2). Practice Quiz for Better Results:

If you are thinking of appearing in the Salesforce practice exam then you should focus on “Self-assessment”. As it is mandatory to prepare well before you attend the final exam. There are a lot of quizzes available online that will help you enhance your skills and get an exact idea of questions and how to answer them efficiently.
You can study the previous year’s papers too. Sometimes, questions are repeated from previous year exams.

For your understanding, we have provided one quiz as well as where you will get an exact idea of questions that will be asked during the exam. There are about 23 sets of questions given in the below section. You just have to practice them and try to solve them one by one to enhance your speed and knowledge. If you can score 65 efficiently in the quiz round then there are chances that you will get the same score in your final exam too.

Also, you will get to know where you should improve and which topics need to focus more than others.

When you have decided to go for Salesforce, try focusing on learning more and more about the places. Check this guide What is the Standard Controller in Salesforce?

3). Hit the Trails Now

After giving the quiz, you would know about your weak areas on which you need to work over one by one. So, now the question is how to improve your base knowledge to hit the exam successfully in the first attempt. According to experts, you should prefer taking professional training online and learn everything step-by-step. 

Remember, the exam does not check your theoretical knowledge but acknowledge how much stronger you are as an experienced administrator. 

Read: What is the Standard Controller in Salesforce?

While joining the LIVE sessions, you can ask questions directly  to the professionals and ask them to share study tips too. Most mentors are certified who have cleared this exam and have been working in the same area for years. Also, you will get a chance to interact with similar professionals who want to clear this exam.

JanBask Training is the premier choice here for Salesforce advanced admin certification training where you will learn everything from beginner to advanced level and get a chance to improve your skills tremendously.

4). Learn through Trailhead

Trailhead is a knowledge hub where you will get each and everything about Salesforce for FREE. If you are a self-learner and ensure your skills then you can study through trailhead as well. It is a free source where expert Salesforce professionals share their knowledge and experience. It is also one of the best study guides for Salesforce available so far.

5). Google is your Friend

Next to Trailhead, you can depend on Google as well where you will answer all your queries and practice quizzes as well. Google has everything but you have to spend time to filter the right things and learning materials for the exam. It is again a good option for self-learners. However, the best part is that you will get the most recent content over the net as Salesforce keeps changing its platform features and capabilities.

Google is your friend

For example, if you search Collaborative Forecasting in Salesforce then it will give you the most recent articles, blogs, YouTube videos then can be highly beneficial for you. Similarly, you can search for other topics too or you can join the community online where you can connect with other Salesforce experts and grow your skills eventually.

6). Create a Personal Developer Account and Practice Things Online

Once you have gone through all the concepts thoroughly, the best way to retain information is to practice things roughly. To do so, you should create a developer account online where you can set up and configure Salesforce. Also, you can explore more about Salesforce applications and learn to play with complex Salesforce features

7). Go through Mock Exam Questions to Increase your Speed

The best idea to check your knowledge is by appearing in the mock exam questions. Also, you will get a better sense of questions and how you can potentially do on the exam. You will also get some flashcards on quiz sites and enhance your chances of being correct all the time. There are a few mock question papers that are available for free, moreover, some are paid.

8). Study Routinely

Make a routine and make a habit of studying daily until you don’t appear for the exam. If you consistently score 80 percent in the mock tests then your chances of getting 65 percent are higher. Also, it will help you build-up your confidence in taking the exam.

9). It is the Exam Day, a Moment of Truth!

Here are the tips for how I prepare for the Salesforce Advanced Administrator exam.

  • Read each question slowly and take your time. Look out for the keywords carefully.
  • Take notes on scrap paper and make calculations wisely. Focus on your exam completely and find solutions attentively.
  • Go through each of the answers at least twice. Sometimes, we do answer wrong accidentally.
  • If you think that you have to spend so much time on one question then mark it for Review and jump to the next question.
  • For each question that you are not sure of 100 percent, mark it for review later.
  • Make sure that you will complete all questions in time because you have only 90 minutes to work on 60 questions.

Certified Salesforce Advanced Administrator Quiz

The exam is basically designed to test your knowledge of the Salesforce platform and how proficient you are as an advanced Salesforce admin. Take this 20 questions quiz and get an idea of how much you have prepared for the Salesforce practice exam. If you can beat the score more than 65% then you can clear the final exam too. So, let us start with the Salesforce advanced administrator quiz now before it is too late.

Certified Salesforce Advanced Administrator Quiz

Question 1: When you are setting up a workflow rule with a field-level update then you realize that a few users are not able to access fields due to field-level security permissions. What action should you take if some users are able to work with the fields or workflow rules?

Question 2: Want cannot be done by delegated administrators?

Question 3: How can you roll up summary line fields with opportunity fields in Salesforce?

Question 4: A custom object called deliveries when created with a master-detail relationship, which type of report format is created?

Asynchronous Apex in Salesforce is a true Savior from the Salesforce governor limits. Get a basic understanding of Apex – What is Asynchronous Apex in Salesforce?

Question 5: What are the possible features that can be availed using the Territory management option? It could be anything, think carefully then explain.

Question 6: Manufacturing Industry needs two custom objects, one for the shipment and another for objects that should be shipped. Every time when you pack an object, it should update the master record that it has been dispatched or packed. So, what kind of relationship should be present to manage this type of workflow?

Question 7: What are the possible features for Content Delivery in Salesforce?

Question 8: What type of features can be skipped when data that needs to validate is verified through an API? be mindful when you answer this question and analyze all options carefully.

Question 9: How can you add accounts to territories?

Question 10: As a sales manager, you don’t have to permission edit or access accounts. However, a user working under you has edit access. So, how to control access? Is there something like Inherit access?

Question 11: What do you understand by the term Article Type as per your understanding?

Question 12: There are different people working across different departments and they need access at different levels. For example, one person needs access to export reports with specific permissions. How can you manage permission or access to different users?

Question 13: There are different publisher actions like Custom, Logging, Update, or Create, etc. Here, which action is local and which is global?

Question 14: Can you add Google Docs to Salesforce CRM Content? Say yes or no.

Question 15: How can you merge leads in Salesforce? You have to think of the right option and select from options.

Question 16: What type of objects can be accessed through a territory management option? There is one direct option in Salesforce and you have to share it.

Question 17: How should a Workflow issue be properly monitored and Debugged? 1.  Check the standard Debug Logs, 2.  Add a new monitored user and check the Debug Logs, 3.  Check the standard Workflow logs, 4.  Check the Time-Based Workflow Log.

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Question 18: What is NOT a feature of Custom Report Types? 1.  Add default filters, 2.  Select which fields appear as columns by default, 3.  Add fields to the report type via lookups, 4.  Remove, reorder and rename fields.

Question 19: What are the three types of visibility with Data Categories? 1.  Internal, 2.  External,3.  Custom, 4.  None, 5.  All Categories.

Question 20: Manufacturing Industry needs two custom objects, one for the shipment and another for objects that should be shipped. Every time when you pack an object, it should update the master record that it has been dispatched or packed. So, what kind of relationship should be present to manage this type of workflow?

Question 21: When you are setting up a workflow rule with field-level updates then you realize that a few users are not able to access fields due to field-level security permissions. What action should you take if some users are able to work with the fields or workflow rules?

Question 22: How do you create an Exception Report?

  1.  Create a cross filter on the custom report type,
  2. Use an Exception report type,
  3. Create a cross-filter on the report builder,
  4.  Create a custom report type with a "without" filter.

Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Take this 2-minute free Salesforce Quiz to check your Salesforce knowledge and stay updated with the latest updates and innovations in Salesforce.

Final Words:

 You must decide what you have accomplished and what you may skip at various points. Being professionals, we are aware that it is impossible to respond appropriately to each of the 65 questions. To pass the Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification exam, we can try to prepare at least 40 of the correct questions from the list. Before you submit the 90-minute exam, double-check your answers and take a moment to reflect. 

We wish you luck as you take the exam for the Advanced Administrator Certification! Please feel free to remark and provide any resources that assisted you in passing the Salesforce certification exam on your first try. So give your Cloud professional career a jumpstart by enrolling yourself in a comprehensive Online Salesforce Training today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Advanced Admin Salesforce?

Ans: The advanced admin Salesforce certificate is intended for experienced Salesforce professionals who are constantly seeking for upgrading strategies to assist businesses in maximizing the benefits of new features and capabilities. Study and get ready. Learn at your own pace along a path that was specially created for you. Do not forget to join the Salesforce Admin Online Course to prepare for your certification exam hassle-free

Q. How tough it is to qualify the advanced admin Salesforce exam?

Ans: The Advanced Admin Salesforce exam consists of 60 single- or multiple-select questions and lasts 90 minutes. 39 questions must be answered correctly for a passing score of 65%. Having an online Salesforce admin exam study guide can help you make the learning easier. 

Q. How long to study for Salesforce admin exam? 

Ans: It takes six weeks to prepare for the Advanced Admin Salesforce Certification exam if you are brand-new to Salesforce and must put in a minimum of 10 hours every week. Consider check out a few salesforce admin exam study guides created for beginners. If you have prior experience, you may do it at the same rate in two to three weeks.

Q. What is the easiest way to pass the Advanced Administrator Salesforce exam?

Ans: Practice plays a vital role in preparing for the Advanced Administrator Salesforce exam.  First go through a Salesforce advanced admin certification study guide, learn the fundamentals and then begin practicing. 

Q. How much is the cost of the Advanced Administrator Salesforce exam? 

Ans: The cost for Advanced Administrator Salesforce Certification is $200 plus applicable taxes. If you are looking to retake the test, you need to pay 50% of the total fee, which is $100 plus applicable taxes. 

Q. Why should I take an Advanced Administrator Salesforce certification course by JanBask Training?

Ans: The Advanced Administrator Salesforce course is specifically designed to help students to professionals in mastering Salesforce Development and Administration in a more comprehensive way. The course is career-oriented which ensures job success and helps you to pass the certification exam via intensive, skill-oriented & instructor-led virtual classrooms, well-researched & tailored study materials, and hands-on real-time assignments.

The Salesforce Advanced Administrator deeply understands native Salesforce features and functionality. Hence to inherit more knowledge on Salesforce, collaborate and study with fellow Salesforce professionals at JanBask Salesforce community to build your skills and network.

Q. What can I expect after the Advanced Administrator Salesforce certification training?

Ans: Once you complete the Advanced Administrator Salesforce course, you are ready to sit for the Salesforce certification examinations. The course equips you with the necessary skills, strategies, and self-assurance to move forward in the appropriate Salesforce employment market. It significantly speeds up the hiring process.

Q. In the Advanced Administrator Salesforce Certification Program, what skills will I acquire?

Ans: The advanced admin Salesforce course provides you complete knowledge of SFC data models, different building blocks of Salesforce, a better understanding of the salesforce security model, Salesforce apex triggers, Salesforce test classes, and Salesforce automation options. You will be able to master the Salesforce clouds like sales cloud, service cloud, community cloud, analytics cloud, marketing cloud, etc., report generation, dashboards, and the basics of integration.

Q. What are the key features of the Advanced Administrator Salesforce Certification Course?

Ans: Below is the list of key features of the course-

10 times more interaction in live online classes conducted by industry experts.

Ans: 24 hour support system through robust mentorship.

Curriculum that brings the current course module, the best case studies, and projects for an inclusive learning experience.

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