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Best Salesforce Certifications to Consider in 2024 : Level Up Your Salesforce Expertise


Salesforce tops the charts across the world in Customer Relationship management. It is not one of the best, but the best in the game. It is not that others do not know how to play, but just the fact that they haven’t got the rules well. Salesforce seems to have got the basics right, and they know not only how to play the masterstroke but also when to play it. No wonder, in such a short span of time, the company rose to prominence. It found wide-scale acceptance and adoption over a large spectrum of industries ranging from healthcare, tourism, media, etc. The company now knows no end in sight as far as its scale and reach are concerned. This is why getting a Salesforce Certification at this point in time can be utterly beneficial for your professional career. Let’s see how.

Salesforce helps businesses to keep track of sales data and even customer interactions. It can manage leads, contacts, opportunities, and cases. It can offer various useful cases to businesses to automate their sales and marketing processes, such as email marketing, lead capture, and lead scoring.

So, one thing is sure that a career in Salesforce is highly promising. But, the larger question is what is it that is needed to get into it, and what is it that takes you higher in the hierarchy?

Let us see how to be successful at Salesforce. Here, it does make a good fit to go through the facts about what Salesforce actually is. Let us quickly glean through it!

What is Salesforce?

In simple terms, Salesforce is the most successful Customer Relationship Management software in the world today. The software has changed fortunes for many small and large organizations alike. It has brought a paradigm change to the once mundane area where only archaic marketing rules were at play. What made such a huge tectonic shift possible. Was It the introduction of the cloud to the game!? Yes, it was the shifting of the marketing to the cloud that made such shifts possible.

Salesforce is a cloud-based software provider that gives companies the tools to identify prospects, close deals, and give their clients better service. CRM services are offered by well-known US cloud-based software provider Salesforce, Inc.

Salesforce's industry-specific products and smooth software integration help to streamline marketing, sales, and service operations. It provides solutions for a range of requirements, including CPQ, billing, field services, community clouds, sales clouds, service clouds, and marketing clouds.

With that information in mind, you have to chart out your way to make in-roads to the Salesforce. What most individuals get wrong is the fact that they have to be from a particular background to get to learn it. The apprehension is justified to a certain extent but you have to get it right that Salesforce has something for everyone. This means that it offers a line of certifications that fit the needs of many different professionals.

Hence, if you are looking at growth in 2024, Salesforce certification online is one thing that you can consider to be a highly strategic and forward-looking move. It has relevance today and will hold the same in the future for the cloud has become the new normal and is here to stay. It will help you not only get a new job but also earn a raise and definitely bag a promotion. Really, a Salesforce certification comes loaded with many benefits. Here are a few to fit your kitty.

What are the Different Types of Certifications available?

There are a whole bunch of options that are available for the professionals. These are administrators, developers, architects, marketers, app builders, consultants, etc. Let us explore some of the Salesforce Certification Training Online more deeply.

Best Salesforce Certifications

1). Certifications for Administrators:

Needless to say, administrators form the backbone of any online organization, so your success as an administrator will be authenticated by the fact that you are certified. Of course, as an administrator, you will be in charge of many important tasks like management of users, data, customization of sales cloud and even building of reports, dashboards, etc. There are basically two types of certifications that fall under this category and these are:

  • Salesforce Certified Administrator: This is primarily focused on authenticating the knowledge and skill-set of the person in customization of Salesforce, management of users, and even configuration of the software.
  • Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator: This looks forward to the part that it is basically designed for highly experienced professionals with the most valuable salesforce certifications who are proficient in using the Advanced administration features of Salesforce in addition to expertise in other areas.

Salesforce Training For Administrators & Developers

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2). Certifications for Developers:

Any certification to validate the skills of a developer should ensure that the person is able to undertake an extreme level of customization of CRM applications and come up with the right choice of coding skills that lead to fully changed and dynamic platforms for the clients. Best Salesforce certifications for developers come in three different levels. It is said that these are enough to test the technical proficiency and also the practical experience of the same. The certifications that fall under this category are as follows:

  • Salesforce Certified Commerce Cloud Digital Developer: This salesforce certification is directed at measuring the ability of the candidate on the Commerce Cloud Digital platform. The person is able to handle various synchronization issues between UX Studio and also the sandbox environment. In addition to this, also the person should be able to configure OCAPI permissions for both the Data and the Shop APIs.
  • Salesforce Certified Platform Developer: A highly useful salesforce certification for employers as it clearly marks the ability of the candidate to build better and customized applications. This one becomes possible only when the candidate has a proven track record of designing data models, logic, and even user interfaces. Also, knowledge about how to use Apex and Visualforce for the development of customized applications is also important. Basically, the person who is serious about this certification has to have a clear idea of the full development lifecycle of the product.
  • Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II: This salesforce certification program is aimed at testing the extent of knowledge about data modeling and also coding. It also helps in the verification of the skills of the developer for the creation of highly intricate business logic and other interfaces. The certification exam will evaluate if the person is able to produce topmost design patterns and development and is also involved in various reusable programs. This certification typically tests the candidate on the extent of knowledge about the Apex design patterns and object-oriented best practices.

3). Certifications for Architects:

The best salesforce certifications in this realm come in three tiers namely:

  • Salesforce Certified Architecture Designers: They exhibit their expertise in a particular domain.
  • Salesforce System Architect: They are the ones who show their expertise in architecture over many domains. This is meant for professionals who are highly experienced and have already got the certifications like the Certification for Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer, Identity and Access Management Designer, Integration Architecture Designer, and finally Level I of the Certified Platform Developer. All these are essential to get the Salesforce Certified System Architect.
  • Salesforce Certified Technical Architect: They are the ones who are known for their skills and other abilities for both designing and high-performance technology solutions. This is the highest tier of the certification in the Architects path of Salesforce. So, if you have reached this level, you need to brace up for a broad-based evaluation that is spread across many development platforms. The certification tests their experience and other skills for a complete assessment of the architecture and other kinds of customer requirements. They are also tested for giving shape to some of the high-performance technical solutions that are both secure and can maximally bring up the potential of the Salesforce platform. Being the top-tier the basic requirements also include the candidate not only will have the desired experience but also would have earned the Salesforce Certified Application Architect and Salesforce Certified System Architect.

4). Certifications for App Builders:

These are typically those certifications that are built to accommodate special skills of app building and other kinds of implementation experts.

  • Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder: This salesforce certification serves a special niche of those professionals who possess and have also shown special skills in the realm of application design and development. The certification will test your skills in designing reports and other kinds of custom applications.

5). Certifications for Consultants:

These are those professionals who have developed expertise in various Service and Sales Cloud products.

  • Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant: These are professionals who have a proven record for executing various service cloud solutions as per the requirements of the client. The candidate has to exhibit skills related to the design of contact centers, interaction channels and also the management of data and analytics.
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant: Here the candidates have to demonstrate their skills in sales and marketing solutions to completely fulfill the demands of the business.
  • Salesforce Pardot Consultant: The candidates have to showcase their skills for both designing and implementing the marketing automation of Pardot as per the requirements of the customers. The candidate has to also demonstrate an ability to build various tools for automation, forms, and even emails.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant: This certification is for those professionals who offer solutions for the execution of both strategic email campaigns and are able to make data-driven decisions for optimization of the customer solutions. Enroll in an industry-focused Salesforce Consultant course or Salesforce Consultant Training Program and emerge as a highly sought-after Salesforce Consultant.

salesforce certification lists

Prerequisite to get a Salesforce Certification

Although job experience is not necessary for Salesforce certification, being familiar with CRM platforms can help you study for the test. You could be able to use more entry-level CRM platforms in these positions, which will help you develop the fundamental abilities. A degree in MBA, MCA, BBA, or BCA is the minimal requirement to obtain a Salesforce certification. Additionally, a solid grasp of the fundamental ideas and features of the Salesforce platforms will be necessary.

Additionally, you must be familiar with Java, NET programming, the Model-View-Controller design pattern, and object-oriented programming principles. Interestingly, having completed an internship with a software company is helpful if your goal is to enter the Salesforce development field straight out of college. A great Salesforce developer is technically proficient in Apex, Visualforce, and Lightning components, among other things. They comprehend data integration and modeling as well. Soft skills like problem-solving, communication, and flexibility are also crucial.

Why will you Get yourself a Salesforce Certification?

That seems to be a reasonable question. Why will you take all the hustle and delve into a certification that is so new to what you have been doing so far? What will you get in the end?

Major benefits of salesforce certification

The first thing that the salesforce certification will win you is your marketability in the job market and will help scale that career ladder much faster. We really mean it! Some of the major benefits linked with the certification include:

A). Boosts your Knowledge:

At least when it comes to Salesforce, certification is not simple. We're not attempting to suggest that crossing is hard; rather, we're trying to convey that you will need to work for it. This salesforce certification requires dedication, in contrast to many others that you can just pass. Not only that, but you really don't want to fail at this because every Salesforce exam costs money. As a result, the preparation process itself will leave you with a wealth of knowledge that is not only pertinent but also timeless. One thing is certain: regardless of the type of certification you pursue, you will undoubtedly gain a lot more knowledge.

B). Training in Real Situations:

One of the main draws of the Salesforce certifications is this. They genuinely take you through a few real-life circumstances and mimic them on the app, providing you with invaluable real-world experience. Since the certification is so close-knit, you gain a great deal of real-world experience. For example, a standard 12-hour training session centered around real-world projects or an additional 20 hours of in-class practice could be part of the certification process. Reading or browsing won't be able to replace such interruptions. Students remember such events for the rest of their lives. The lessons learned in these sessions frequently exceed the scope of any standard curriculum.

C). Importance in Organization:

Cloud-based technologies have an inherent capability that allows them to update themselves. This implies that the application itself adopts any new iteration or edition of that technology. A year's worth of upgrades are also released by Salesforce at various periods. It's important to realize that you don't need to wait months to update your software if your company already uses Salesforce. It is therefore possible for you to take on the responsibility of maintaining the most recent version of the software on your own once you have obtained certification. 

D). Better Planning:

Best Salesforce Certifications, you need to be aware that it serves individuals with a variety of backgrounds, as well as those who are considering changing careers. Additionally, the program will assist you in maintaining a healthy balance between your personal and professional lives. How? What would you do now if you had the ability to predict the future and organize your tasks appropriately? When faced with such a situation, the human brain prioritizes work in order to free up time for personal activities. In this manner, you can be equally content on the personal front and productive at business. You may continue to preserve your work-life balance by doing this.

E). Optimized Implementation of Software:

There have been cases where businesses have access to Salesforce software but are unable to fully take advantage of its features. Even after taking the time to do the same, businesses have frequently found themselves caught in this conundrum. In other words, why was it that the platform's potential could not be fully utilized? simply because no one was available to manage it easily. Imagine, then, that you are a member of the same group and that you are also certified, meaning that you genuinely understand what you are looking at. This will present you with an unforeseen chance to demonstrate your abilities to your supervisor and coworkers.

F). Compulsory for Salesforce Jobs:

It's no secret that certification is a need if you're searching for work with Salesforce. This should now happen once you've made the wise decision to work for a company that uses Salesforce. That being said, you should be aware that practically every position that is connected to Salesforce has preserved it as a requirement. On the other hand, you may feel that you have a lot of experience, but when you hunt for a job, you either don't find any or don't get any calls, etc. Therefore, best salesforce certifications is the only appropriate response in all of these situations.

G). Opportunities Galore:

The certification will benefit you most when it confirms and validates the material you have already studied. We are trying to convey that even though you have studied a great deal about Salesforce, you constantly find it difficult to articulate the same to your employers. This section is entirely disregarded if certification suffices. In this sense, your salesforce certification serves as a passport to get employment. It is stated that these people have exceptional processing abilities.

H). Better Salaries:

One of the main advantages of salesforce certification is thought to be this. This is without a doubt the most convincing one as well. It would be foolish to overlook the improvement. In the event that two candidates are vying for the same job and one has significantly more experience than the other—despite the fact that the latter may not possess the requisite experience—the candidate with the certification will unquestionably have an advantage over the other candidates. Furthermore, it has been discovered that qualified individuals might earn significantly higher pay than their non-certified colleagues. 

Top 5 Companies that Hire Salesforce professional and the Remuneration They Offer

  1. Salesforce: Based in San Francisco The best platform for customer success is Salesforce. However, it goes much beyond that. While some businesses strive to create a positive work environment among their staff members, Salesforce is somewhat of a cultural phenomenon in and of itself, changing the way businesses interact with their communities, consumers, and staff members. Salesforce's fantastic work environment has earned them numerous accolades. They have been listed as one of the nation's Fortune Top 100 Companies to Work For for a record 12 years running. The average salary for a salesforce developer is $116961.

  2. Accenture: Accenture is a multinational provider of technology services, outsourcing, and management consulting. With around 204,000 employees, the firm serves clients in over 120 countries. Accenture works with customers to help them become high-performance businesses and governments by combining unmatched experience, comprehensive skills across all industries and business functions, and in-depth research on the most successful firms in the world. The average salary for a Salesforce developer is $73197.

  3. AT&T: AT&T is a telecommunications firm that specializes in long-distance, local exchange, and wireless communications. AT&T operates in two primary segments: wireless and wireline, serving both consumers and businesses in the US and abroad. Along with a variety of goods like wireless data cards, accessories, and phones, the wireless market offers voice, data, and text services. The average salary for a software developer is $111662.

  4. Wells Fargo: Wells Fargo is a global leader in the financial services industry. Large corporations, the government, and financial institutions are among the clients of the organization that offers banking services. Wells Fargo guarantees that its clients have the resources to increase their revenues, manage their risks, and create opportunities in the global marketplace with their extensive global knowledge and services. With offices spread over 37 nations and territories, the corporation is based in San Francisco. The Average Salary for a Salesforce developer is $111517.

  5. ETEK International: Leading provider of information security solutions in Latin America, Etek International Corporation has its headquarters in Miami, USA, branch offices in Peru and Colombia, and a joint venture (EtekNovared Brasil) in Brazil. The average salary for a salesforce developer is $92,569.


Best Salesforce certifications are sought by professionals from varied backgrounds. The fact that Salesforce will continue to drive business around the world cannot be challenged. So, any investment that you make in this will definitely prove highly beneficial as you move forward. Certifications not only aid your knowledge-base but make you ready for the industry for these are specially designed with a lot of practical sessions. Also, you will enjoy an edge in salary when compared to others. The benefits are huge and if you are really serious about it, you should definitely pick the one that is closest to your area of expertise. We would love to hear your experiences in the same way. Have a great future ahead!


1. Is salesforce a good career option in 2024?

In 2024, there is a greater need than ever for Salesforce developers. Indeed, according to LinkedIn, one of the top 25 globally sought-after positions is for a Salesforce developer. In the United States, the average yearly compensation for a remote Salesforce developer is currently above $92,000. It is high time to go in for best salesforce certifications.

2. What is the forecast of Salesforce in 2024?

According to analytical forecasts, the price of CRM stocks may reach $339.84 by the end of 2024, and it is expected to be - $644.05 by the end of 2029.

3. What is the future of salesforce in India?

By 2026, the Salesforce economy in India is expected to generate USD 66.4 billion in additional company revenues and 1.3 million employment, according to IDC. By 2026, Salesforce will generate USD 6.55 for every USD 1 made locally by its partner ecosystem in India, which is likewise experiencing tremendous growth at the hands of Salesforce. 

4. What is the future of Salesforce in 2025?

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management technology that offers benefits to companies. By 2025, Salesforce's global market share is projected to reach $236 billion, and in 2032, it is likely to capture a sizable portion of the 16.4% growth in the CRM market.

5. Is salesforce using AI?

Within the Lightning Platform, Salesforce Einstein is an intelligence layer that makes potent AI technologies available to all users at their place of employment.

6. Which Salesforce certification is best to start with?

For every Salesforce professional, the Salesforce Certified Administrator credential is usually the first step. It verifies your proficiency with using, managing, and configuring Salesforce. You'll discover the vast range of capabilities at the user's disposal and how to efficiently customize the platform.

7. How Valuable is salesforce certification?

Advantages: Validation of Skills: The Salesforce Admin certification attests to your proficiency with the popular CRM platform Salesforce. Career Opportunities: For administrative roles, a lot of organizations prefer or demand Salesforce certification. It can improve your chances of landing a job and create new opportunities.


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