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Salesforce Certifications are in Demand --- Make Sure You Have One!

1. Introduction

Salesforce today is not just about being the tallest building in San Francisco or the number one cloud CRM in the world, it is much more than. It is more of an ecosystem. An ecosystem, where businesses find astute solutions for customer acquisition and the full stack developers or beginners find their base for concreting their career ladder.

In the talent market, Salesforce jobs and certifications are protruding as buzzwords. Many are suspicious about “Salesforce developer demand”, while some are past this suspicion and are pondering about the “most in-demand Salesforce certifications”.

If we talk about Salesforce jobs, it is predicted there will be 3.3 million jobs in Salesforce & its ecosystem by 2022. And if you apply for Salesforce jobs with Salesforce Certifications, you can definitely get a great push during the interview & hiring process.

In the following guide, we will discuss “how is Salesforce in demand”, “what’s Salesforce skills demand like” and “how going for the most in-demand Salesforce certifications is the next big thing”. 

But before that, let’s talk about basics…

2. What’s the Whole Story Behind Salesforce?

Salesforce, just like others, also entails some classic start-up tale. The two genius minds Parker Harris and Marc Benioff started this legacy firm from their apartment. They created this CRM, which was very simplified just like Amazon. Later they expanded that CRM product from one apartment size into that tallest building in San Francisco (with manifold offices around 62 locations, 28 states globally, and more than 1,50,000 customers worldwide).

This huge company now has become a cornerstone for small budding companies to the big chain companies’ success. The company with its CRM gives a multitude of solutions for sales, automated marketing, analytics, customer engagement & much more than that. And with its Lightening framework, it liberates the companies to create their customized GUI for their end-customers.

With the highlighted progression of Salesforce, the specializations like Salesforce Developer, Salesforce Admin, or Salesforce consultant are becoming more apparent. And McCarthy (founder of Salesforce blog, SalesforceBen) says, “You really need to stand out to have that specialization” (either one of them). 

Looks like he means to say that you need to have great skill in any of the specializations, be it of the developer, admin, or consultant. Along with the Salesforce certification for each specialization --- to be called out as a skilled & certified Salesforce professional.

3. What Salesforce has Done to be This Famous & Everyone’s Favorite?

  • The company always innovates its product. Sole proprietors to corporates get regular updates in their CRM features 3 times in a year --- during summer, spring, and winter.
  • It promotes amazing brainstorming & collaborating work culture for its workforce.
  • They place a lot of effort into making their products & its features use more simplified, customizable, integrative for the corporates.
  • Gives a predefined roadmap to help businesses get all its measurable features of sales, marketing, analytics, and more.
  • Has a free Salesforce trailhead platform to guide career beginners or existing professionals into their CRM, its features, customization for business’s disposal, and for their exclusive career run.

Salesforce is a win-win for both the career aspirants (who are looking for a thriving career) and product companies (who are striving for next-level sales with custom CRM solutions).

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4. Let’s Understand Why the demand for Salesforce Skills is Soaring High!

Here are the few reasons why Salesforce skills demand is getting incessantly high.

Companies are Relying Heavily on this CRM 

  • Small scale to big chain companies are using Salesforce CRM & its features for real-time reporting, cross-department communication, automated marketing, custom software development tools, IoT device integrations, and more. 

  • This is why they are looking for overall Salesforce developers cum Admins, who could help them with in-house rapid CRM development, customization, and maintenance tasks on top of Salesforce features & their business’s expectations.

5. The Demand for Salesforce Developers & Admins > Trained Salesforce Professionals’

Here are the few reasons why Salesforce Admin & Salesforce Developer demand is not so common yet...

  • Salesforce isn’t a next-door name yet. Though companies are heavily using it but are lacking skilled & certified professionals, whom they can absorb. 
  • Big companies like Coca-Cola, Unilever, 21st Century, and big pharmaceutical companies are found using this CRM, despite that, the footfall of Salesforce professionals is still slim to none. This is one of the reasons why talent hunt is quite extensive for Salesforce skills.
  • The Salesforce ecosystem is growing largely year on year by 25-30%, and companies heavily need professionals to soak into that widening demand every year.

Almost Every Industry is Using Salesforce 

  • McCarthy Says, “Soaking in the Salesforce market is quite safe, as these skills are highly transferable, meaning you can use them in other industries equally too”.
  • Salesforce is leveraged by now every industry. Businesses of industries like software, IT, finance, hospitals, NPO, automobile, manufacturing, Marketing & advertising are stringently leveraging Salesforce power to fuel their venture and are perpetually looking for skilled & certified Salesforce developers cum admins.

Now you know why is Salesforce in demand for smaller to top-tier companies, let’s understand

6. Why You Should Learn Salesforce & Make a Career With it?

  • It will boost your career and land you up from lucrative salaries & profiles even at entry-level.
  • Is quite easy to learn. You can learn it in max like 6 - 8 weeks via a Salesforce training platform online.
  • Top-level companies like Facebook, Generic Electric, Twitter, HCL, Google, and more have a high demand for certified Salesforce developers & admins.
  • Even if you are a beginner or an already experienced sales or any techie, you can easily learn & ace this technology, and start a career from wherever you are now.
  • And with Salesforce certifications in hand, you can cement your pave to job-seeking with a handsome salary (between $102, 893 to $120,000 or beyond as annual average) at priority (way before non-certified one’s, who doubted the existence of certifications).

7. Salesforce Certifications? Why Get Salesforce Certified?

You might now wonder why Salesforce certs or certifications are that important? Why are they crucial for establishing a Salesforce career? Or which are the most in demand salesforce certifications? Whether you are a fresher or a working professional, certifications in every way give you an edge. They strike you as the real asset for the company (because some companies really prefer hiring certified professionals, irrelevant to whether they are experienced or not). Salesforce certifications help you with:

  • Tracing good preferences during the interview calls & whole hiring process.
  • They validate your skills and prove your worth as a complete professional for any firm.
  • Gives a great room to discuss and ask for the desired salary (if you have great skills to add).
  • Boosts your sense of fulfillment and confidence to take over any job, project, or internship.

Here are the few Salesforce Certifications or certs that you can think of going for after completing the Salesforce Certification Training.

1. Salesforce Admin Certs

2. Salesforce Developer Certs 

  • Platform developer 1 & 2
  • Platform app builder
  • B2B eCommerce developer

3. Salesforce Architect Certifications

  • Salesforce Technical Architect
  • Salesforce Application Architect
  • Salesforce System Architect

4. Salesforce Consultant Certifications

  • Field Service Lightning Consultant
  • Community Cloud Consultant
  • Nonprofit Cloud Consultant
  • Marketing Nonprofit Cloud Consultant
  • Service Cloud Consultant
  • Service Cloud Consultant

Note: Out of them, the most in demand salesforce certifications are of Salesforce Developer and Salesforce Admin. You can plan to pursue either of them or both of them to become an end-to-end Salesforce professional (which is indeed the most looked out for in the talent market).

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8. What is Salesforce Developer Demand Across Global Countries?

If you have decided to become a Salesforce Developer or a complete Salesforce Developer with a combined knowledge of Salesforce Administration tasks, you will find their great demand within your domestic to the international market. 

  • The demand for Salesforce developers is heavy in top cities like the US, Australia, India, UK, Canada, and Singapore.
  • During the previous year in the USA, Salesforce was marked as the “best 25 jobs across the globe” list. The Salesforce developer title made on to the number 10 of that list.
  • Another country after America, India is also set to generate tremendous job opportunities for Salesforce professionals. The company is planning to hire at least 1000 professionals from Hyderabad by the next year.
  • If we talk about Canada, the city has already moved to the cloud. Salesforce has announced the availability of around 28,000 jobs by the year 2022.

The Salesforce Talent Ecosystem Report states that the demand for Salesforce professionals is outstripped by their supply by the ratio of 10:1. This means it is high time to enter the field and make a solid career before the competition gets more fierce.

9. Salary of Salesforce Developers in Top Countries Globally

The skilled & certified Salesforce professionals not just get hired by the top cities, they are hired at the lucrative packages (from entry-level to years of experience). Let’s look at the average annual packages of Salesforce Developers around the global countries.


Salesforce Developers Annual Average Salary

Salesforce Developer Salary in the USA

  • Entry-level - $111,103
  • Middle level - $141,201
  • Senior level - 159,299
  • And the freelancing Salesforce Developers in the USA get a Salary between $79k - $138K.

Salesforce Developer Salary in the United Kingdom 

  • Entry Level -  50,659£
  • Middle Level - 65,846£
  • Senior Level - 80,999£
  • The fee of freelance Salesforce developers in the UK is between 500-700£.

Salesforce Developer Salary in Canada

  • Entry Level -  $98,744
  • Middle Level - $119,786
  • Senior Level - $133,106
  • The freelancing Salesforce developers earn between $87k – 136K.

Salesforce Developer Salary in Germany

  • Entry Level - 55, 440€
  • Mid-Level - 68,544€
  • Senior Level - 80,640€

Salesforce Developer Salary in India

  • The annual average salary of Salesforce developers in India based on tenure & experience is somewhere between INR 1,36,000 to 19,13,000.

Salesforce Developer Salary in Australia

  • Entry Level -  $121,737
  • Middle Level - $138,257
  • Senior Level -  $155,261
  • The freelance Salesforce developers of Australia earn somewhere between $1,000-1,350. 

10. Most Asked Questions About Salesforce for Real Life Career

Here are a few questions that will help you narrow down your gap between “starting learning Salesforce” to “working as a certified Salesforce professional”.

1. What roles are good to start with, especially for those who are newly introduced to Salesforce?

McCarthy says “it is best to start with the top three roles like Salesforce Developer, Admin, or Consultant”. But there are other roles for those who are more inclined towards the business process side, like Sales operations or sales administration.

2. How to choose between the Salesforce Developer, Admin, App builder certs? 

These all three are entry-level certs, they overlap but are differentiated from each other. 

  • The Admins are more geared to function on sales & service cloud and are required to extend them for the company's customized needs. 
  • Salesforce developer cert is more about implementing programmatic customization of Salesforce in terms of its programming language Apex, and Visualforce (Salesforce custom UI language). 
  • The platform app builder is required to extend the Salesforce platform with declarative functionality to help businesses automate their processes. 

3. What companies hire Salesforce professionals at entry-level?

McCarthy suggests working with NPO because they easily hire entry-level professionals. There are many popular NPOs too that are leveraging the power of Salesforce. Or consultancies are also a great option to absorb in. Because they hire entry-level professionals and don’t mind training them for their required tasks. From there you can actually learn a lot from the consultants and have a head start for an amazing career run.

4. What are the best platforms to search for Salesforce jobs?

Once your training is complete and you have acquired the certification, it’s best to build your network over professional networking sites like LinkedIn. There you can find someone who is interested to collaborate with you for a project or full-time job. Other than that, you can even make your profiles at job sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, or more. Salesforce jobs are posted in regularity and in bulk, you will find them easily over any talent hunt portal.

5. What is the Typical Salary for Salesforce professionals?

The average salary for Salesforce developers & admin in the USA as per Indeed is listed as $1,09,000 and $90,000 per year. And the average salary for Salesforce developers & admins in India is listed as INR 500k to INR 410K.

6. What soft skills to add to your resume or cover letter to stand out?

McCarthy says, “To make your application or resume stand out, you must focus on acquiring skills around the Sales process  & funnel”. Write down qualities that are customer-facing and define your intellect towards customer support.

7. What background would do for the Salesforce’s specializations --- Developer & Admin?

If you are already a programmer, you might be knowing Java too. Salesforce’s Apex is similar to Java. So switching from Java to Apex would be a quick and easy deal for you. And anyone with good knowledge around Sales & customer-support would do pretty great as a Salesforce app builder or admin. McCarthy says “Anyone with a good computer science background can easily grasp this field”. 

11. Why Take a Salesforce Training for Qualifying Certification?

With demand for Salesforce Developers & Admins accelerating, it is high time to think of learning this skill to the core. Learning Salesforce Development and Admin skills via a professional Salesforce training will only add to your career than to subtract. The training will help you imbibe the exact skill set you need to clear down the Salesforce certs and be a part of the real-time working industries. In training:

  • You will be taught by real Salesforce experts, who will virtually teach you via prescribed syllabus and based on their personal experiences.
  • You will have a syllabus made after researching the certs examination pattern and industry’s work routine, and the diverse study materials such as PPTs, MCQs, questions banks, eBooks, previous exam dumps and so much more.
  • You will have pop quizzes and surprise orals to test and revise the concepts you learned in the past.
  • You will have provision to write doubts via emails, outside the classroom session (helpful when you are self-studying and can’t figure out a certain topic).
  • You will have other aspirants around to cheer your spirit and share their visions with you.
  • You will get real-case studies, assignments, projects to work on by top-tier companies to understand their workflows for real.
  • You will have interview preparation as resume feedback, mock-tests, and tips on how to conduct yourself and deliver answers during the interview process.

Other than these, you will have a whole team who is ready to extend every possible help to support your ambitions --- from a personal & financial viewpoint! If we have managed to ignite a spark within you, care to explore our Salesforce’s free demo class or our Experts Career Counseling for free (umm.. Looks like you might be in doubt, still!).

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