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Salesforce Developer Resume Sample – What all you need to Know?


You must have read Salesforce books, watched videos, and acquired a lot of necessary skills in the domain. But are you sure of starting a career in Salesforce as a Developer?

Getting into Salesforce is easy but making a successful career in the Salesforce domain is challenging. It is a different ballgame with its own set of rules. So, you need to get savvy with those rules and see the difference.

The growth of Salesforce developers is appealing, but it can be challenging for beginners. In this blog, we will discuss a few tips on how to get an edge on your competition. Here is my rulebook for a Salesforce developer resume, which would describe how to build an impressive resume to leave the competition behind.

Expert View: Why a well-designed resume is Vital for you?

Hiring Salesforce developers is a process of spending a good amount of time looking through resume templates. A resume that is lacking in explaining all the details briefly may be a heartbreaking experience for your recruiter. In most of the cases, you will not get the interview call if the initial phase is so embarrassing.

You will be surprised to know that a well-designed resume will get the interview calls up to 90 percent, and the chances of their success are also very high.

My Rulebook for designing an impressive Salesforce Developer Resume

Salesforce developer is one of the most aspiring career choices who is responsible for managing Company processes, the CRM workflows, and the varied needs of a business. He may also be responsible for preparing technical documentation and giving proper assistance to other members of the team.

For this purpose, he must have strong technical skills and communication to encourage collaboration, teamwork, and the overall productivity of an organization. All these skills are necessary to mentioned in the Salesforce developer resume template nicely.

My Rulebook for designing an impressive Salesforce Developer Resume

Most of the professionals are confused about how to showcase their qualifications, skills, work experience on their resume that can impress the interviewer. So, we have written this blog to help you out in breaking down the ground.

  • Highlight your skills in terms of stats more (An industry Favorite!)
  • Showcase your expertise on the top
  • Make it short & simple
  • Be genuine and honest
  • Build a stronger presence Online

1). Show everything in terms of stats

A resume with just bullets is simply not enough. So, it is always better to give the information in the form of numbers to make your resume self-explanatory. For example –

What do most people write?

Most of the people write – I have worked on apex classes, designed visual pages, developed apps, etc.

What should you write?

 The right technique to write is,  I have worked on 15 apex classes, designed 20 VisualForce pages, developed 4 apps, and 12 triggers, etc.

The difference between the two statements is clear, and it speaks itself about your experiences and strengths. A developer who has worked on one or two apex classes only will choose the first style. At the same time, someone who has worked on 15 – 20 apex classes will proudly mention the number.

2). Showcase your expertise on the top

Most people, when reading through news articles, for example, will skim the page and read only the first sentence of each paragraph. It’s the same story when people look at resumes.

The first section of your resume should be well written, and all necessary details should be given at the top only. No one has the time that he will read the word to word content on your resume. So, the first sentence of each section is very important, and it is better to make it count.

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If the first sentence is powerful, then the reader will check other details too. Otherwise he will simply skip that particular section. Take an example of an email spammer here whose only objective is to keep title interesting so that users should check the rest details too.

3). Make it short & simple

Most of the people are tempted to make your resume larger, but it is not the right technique. Always keep your resume short and crisp where only relevant details are given. Focus on the key bullets for your resume and skip the irrelevant content. With a larger resume, it is hard to find the key bullets and the major content.

For example – If you are looking for jobs in the USA, then they need a short resume, but in the case of other countries, lengthy resumes are also pretty common. Here, the best idea is designing two resumes, one for the US culture and one for others.

4). Be genuine and honest

To make everyone proud associated with you, you have to be genuine to yourself. Put those skills only that you actually promise and able to explain it.

5). Make your online presence stronger

The internet is your greatest friend and most of the Google your details even if you are added on some placement site. So, research well before you design your resume and make it suitable for hiring by leading MNCs.

My Rulebook to Shine in your Interview

The way you learned the Salesforce is important to know for recruiters as well. Have you gone through books? Have you checked out videos? Have you enrolled in some training programs to acquire related skills? If you have acquired a certification, then it can help you in gaining a competitive edge among others. Here are a few tips and a quick rulebook how can you outshine in your interview, once an impressive resume is ready to sell out. Before you dive deep into tips or strategies, evaluate your basic skills first with our simple Salesforce quiz questions.

My Rulebook to Shine in your Interview

A). Improve your Communication

You should know how to communicate your skills with the recruiter. The easy solution is going back to basics and dominate them. It does not matter which new technologies roll out tomorrow, your basic communication and technical skills are always in demand. The only thing you have to do is look out for basic skills that are common and must know for every Salesforce Developer at the entry-level.

Improve your Communication

Most enterprises focus on communication skills utmost either it is written or verbal. As a fresh graduate, you should know how to write complex business problems and solutions for the same. These stats are suitable for beginners. As soon as you progress in your career, Companies need technical skills more as you become good in communication with the passage of years automatically. These skills will definitely make you a better fit for the position and make you more marketable for any industry.

So, it is a win-win situation, right?

But the question is how to work on your fundamental communication skills? The answer is a bit cheesy but true for everyone facing this problem. To become a better communicator, communicate more, and write more. When you practice writing skills, don’t forget to refer a few best resources to hone your writing skills.

B). Specialize and Specialize

For significant growth, you have to look for the right opportunity in the Salesforce domain. If you want to highlight yourself against the pack, then you have to specialize in specific Salesforce skills that are high in demand by industries. You can get started free at Trailhead. You can register for a paid LIVE Salesforce training.

The choice is completely yours. Keep in mind you don’t have to master the basic Salesforce skills, but you should dominate them to stand ahead of the crowd. The option may vary as per your learning capability, but the final objective is always the same. Enroll for the Salesforce certification course to dominate the basic skills right away. Request for the demo class first and get the real-time experience of the online learning environment with JanBask Training.

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Salesforce Developer Resume Template for Freshers and Experienced

Guide the recruiter to conclude that you are just the right candidate for the Salesforce Developer profile. It is actually very simple. Tailor your resume by picking main responsibilities, then add your accomplishments. You can take the reference from the example given below. It is good for both freshers and experienced. It is also the best way to get hired by top companies globally.

Salesforce Developer Resume Sample

Marco Donald

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333 Main Street, San Francisco, CA 94122

Home: 000-000-0000 | Mobile: 000-000-0000

[email protected]

Profile Summary

For Experienced - An accomplished Salesforce Developer with a powerful record of maintaining client satisfaction and a proven independent worker, multitasker, and a team player.

For Fresher – A skilled and certified Salesforce developer looking for an aspiring career within a leading organization where I can grow inherently with the growth of the organization.

Academic Qualifications

  • Degree in B.E from XYZ college, CA University.
  • Earned certification in Salesforce developer profile.
  • Worked on projects during college and past work experiences

Technical Skills

  • Hands-on experience in Salesforce development and designing.
  • Exceptional proficiency in designing apex classes, developing apps, visual force pages, and other similar programs in the Salesforce development toolkit.
  • Good knowledge of RDBMS techniques and SOA design.
  • Good understanding of eclipse and various integrated development environments.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Sound knowledge of different business processes and system integration.

Work Experiences

1). Salesforce Developer – DIC Marketing (20011 - 2014)

Roles and responsibilities

  • Responsible for data integration into Salesforce apps.
  • Created objects, benchmarks, forms, and projects.
  • Participated in group objects successfully.
  • Monitored salaries, bills, and invoices too.
  • Coordinated will clients to make sure that bills are received and paid on time.

2). Salesforce Developer – Bombay House (2015 - 2017)

Roles and responsibilities

  • Hands-on expertise on Force.com platform and developed in-house custom applications too based on Company needs.
  • Facilitated security and reporting by custom code development.
  • Designing and implementation of dashboards for different departments across the Company.
  • I was responsible for data maintenance activity too.

3). Salesforce Developer/business Analyst – ABC Company (2018 – Till present)

Roles and responsibilities

  • Designed interactive UIs and various business apps with Salesforce.com platform
  • Leveraged existing IT framework for maximum data visibility and system integration.
  • Defined the scope of the projects, business needs, and the other fundamental requirement to team members and clients.
  • Created a variety of test scripts and test scenarios.

These work details are suitable to mention for experienced candidate profile but for fresher, this is always better to mention the project details he/she has completed during college study or any special training after graduation.

Personal Details:

Name – ABC

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Father Name - RRR

Marital status – Single

Passport No - *****

How to Showcase your Skills and expertise? – A Few Examples

If you are working as a senior Salesforce Developer and looking for a change. Here is the best way to showcase your skills. However, the list of skills may vary as per your area of expertise. Here is a quick idea of what should you learn as part of your Salesforce certification training and add the same skills to your resume as well.

  • Administered and maintained Salesforce implementation for 4000+ licenses.
  • Gathered requirements and check the feasibility for key Salesforce projects.
  • Salesforce configuration and validation of rules, custom label, setting permissions, etc.
  • Leveraged existing IT framework for maximum data visibility and system integration.
  • Interacted with clients to discuss functional requirements and business needs.
  • Created web services and SOA design using C# and other programming languages.

If you are working as a Salesforce Developer in SAP platform, here is one more example to showcase your skills in the best way.

  • Responsible for module designing, mapping, implementation, business processes management, SAP documentation, designing SAP modules, testing, and integrating SAP modules.
  • Assisted in project development and end-user training. Supervised integration of front-end apps too. Developed dashboards to show vertical penetration and the pipeline.
  • Managed rules and administered email marketing reports and matrices analysis too.
  • Created a variety of test scripts and test scenarios.

If you are a Salesforce app builder then you can highlight your skills in resume as given below. We have taken reference from most successful profiles already doing fantabulous in their job profile.

  • Designed interactive UIs and various business apps with Salesforce.com platform
  • Performed data migration, data integration, data loading facilities.
  • Defined the scope of the projects, business needs, and the other fundamental requirement to team members and clients.
  • Hands-on expertise on Force.com platform and developed in-house custom applications too based on Company needs
  • Designed 15 apex classes, designed 20 VisualForce pages, developed 4 apps, and 12 triggers etc.

If you are new to the domain with one or two years of experience then don’t forget to add project work completed in your previous Company. Here is a quick sample of how can you showcase your skills as the beginner level.

  • Worked as a technical architect and business analyst for various Salesforce projects and played a major role in different business groups like sales, marketing, finance etc.
  • Attended technical review sessions and co-ordinated with clients for the same.
  • Integration of SFDC workflows with third-party apps, business objects, custom objects,

What to do Next?

You cannot grow your profile without opportunities to sharpen them. And sometimes, you are not able to secure the right opportunities that deteriorate your skills and don’t let you develop. Today, most employers prefer hiring candidates with relevant work experience. Gone have the time when you were hired with the experience, whether it is related or not.

Salesforce Developer Resume

So, either you get into Salesforce after training or college studies, you belong to a technical background or not, you just need the related skills and experience to grow your profile. There is one more solution to break the self-defeating cycle and look more impressive too.

Start working for non-profits and expand your network. Show your workpieces proudly. It will definitely help you to showcase your value to future employers and constantly enhance your innovation skills as a volunteer.

Learn Salesforce in the Easiest Way

  • Learn from the videos
  • Learn anytime anywhere
  • Pocket-friendly mode of learning
  • Complimentary eBook available

The decision is yours:

How would you want to grow your profile and give a boost to your career in the long run? Will you work on your resume or you want to follow the interview tips? You can also start with a non-profit and work as a volunteer.

So, the choice is yours, which option suits your skills the most and help you to grow in this dynamic space of the Salesforce. Don’t forget to share your experience which option helped you out the most. We are happy to hear from you. All the Best!

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