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Salesforce Developer Resume: Sample & Step-By-Step Writing Guide


Are you aware that 75% of resumes go through rejection before they even get to the hiring manager?

Most resumes do not pass the applicant tracking system (ATS), which means a human never sees them. The applicant tracking system collects, sorts, scans, and scores applications for vacant positions, rejecting the least-qualified individuals based on the structure and content of the salesforce developer resume. It also filters out resumes that do not match the job description because they lack the required keywords. 

It is essential that before submitting the resume, we pay complete attention to every single detail because the resume is a tool for presenting yourself to a potential employer as the best applicant for the job. A well-written salesforce developer resume informs potential employers everything they need to know and furnishes reasons why the applicant is a right fit including your qualification, skills, knowledge, and Salesforce Developer Certification Course. The employer will subsequently begin to assess your abilities and value proposition.

So you are probably wondering how to write a salesforce developer resume that gets you an interview call. We will guide you over everything to construct an excellent resume; here are the topics we will cover:

  • Resume Template for experienced & freshers
  • A step-by-step guide to writing an effective resume
  • Essential resume writing tips
  • Technical & soft skills to add to your salesforce developer resume
  • Conclusion
  • FAQ's

Resume Template For Experienced Salesforce Developer & Freshers

Here is the sample resume template for a salesforce developer with 5+ years of experience.

James Will                                               


M: (123) 9876-3421

A: New York City, NY 00926

PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY                                  

Highly seasoned and accomplished salesforce developer with a strong record of client satisfaction. Adept at explaining highly complex data systems to a wide variety of audiences. Proven multi-tasker, independent worker, and team player.


ABC Limited - Salesforce Developer

San Francisco, TX

9/2019 - Present

  • Responsible for designing functional documents for the development team.
  • Designed and deployed Custom tabs, Custom Objects, Components, VisualForce Pages, validation rules, Approval Processes, and Auto-Response Rules for automating business logic.
  • Experience working with standard Salesforce objects like Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Cases, and Opportunities.
  • Expertise working on workflow rules and defined related tasks, email alerts, and field updates.
  • Have implemented pick lists, dependent picklists, lookups, master-detail relationships, and Record Types to enforce data quality: Setup Marketing Campaigns, Assignment rules, Web-to-Lead, and Auto-Response rules.
  • Worked with Dynamic Apex to access sObjects and Field describe information, execute dynamic SOQL, SOSL, and DML queries.
  • Add methods for Visualforce pages to Controller Extensions.  

XYZ Co. In

San Francisco, TX

10/2016 - 8/2019

  • SFDC-SAP Integration, SAP Implementation
  • Steering the gamut of tasks including Module Design & Implementation, Requirement Mapping, assessing and mapping Business Processes with SAP functionality and Documentation, Customising SAP Modules, Testing/ Integration Testing with other modules & platforms.
  • Additionally, assisting in project proposal development and Super User & End User Training, supervising the integration of Front end Applications.
  • Email- to-Case Set Up
  • Developed and implemented dashboards to show pipeline and vertical penetrations.
  • Managed and administered email marketing reporting and metrics analysis
  • Auto-Response Rules, Assignment Rules, and Escalation Rules
  • Administered and maintained Salesforce implementation for 1000+ licenses.
  • Gathered requirements and checked the feasibility for key Salesforce projects.
  • Salesforce configuration and validation of rules, custom label, setting permissions
  • Leveraged existing IT framework for maximum data visibility and system integration.
  • Interacted with clients to discuss functional requirements and business needs.
  • Created web services and SOA design using C# and other programming languages.

Texas YM University-Central Texas

3/2012 - 4/2016

Bachelors In Technology, Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering

  • Certified Salesforce Developer From Janbask Training
  • Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified Administrators & Platform App Builder
  • Leveraged clients existing IT framework/CRM system for better data visibility and system integration
  • Assisted in developing Project Scope, Business Requirements and Functional Requirements with internal team and clients

Here is a sample resume template for a fresher willing to apply for the position of a salesforce developer:

Samantha Jones                                            


M: (123) 9876-3421

A: New York City, NY 00926

Career Objective                               

I am a certified professional looking for the position of Salesforce Developer with ABC Pvt. Ltd. and keen to implement my creativity and extensive knowledge of computer code and applications.


ABC Limited - Internship

San Francisco, TX

12/2018 - 1/2020

  • Involved in gathering and analyzing requirements, SDD (Software design documents) preparation, designing solutions, reviews, development, and implementation by leveraging the platform features.
  • Participated in end-to-end implementation cycle of various releases
  • Technologies used: platform APIs including page layouts, visual force page, apex classes, triggers, test classes, packaging, translation workbench, and Email services.


Salesforce Configuration, Salesforce Customization, platform (APEX, Visualforce, Triggers, Workflows, Approvals, OWD, Core Java, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, JQuery, Ajax.


Texas YM University-Central Texas

3/2016 - 4/2020

Bachelors In Technology, Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering


Salesforce Certified Developer

Step-by-step Guide To Writing An Effective Salesforce Developer Resume

Resume writing needs much attention to detail. Here is a detailed guide over making an effective salesforce developer resume that covers every Salesforce developer skills required for the job:

1. Choose The Best Salesforce Developer Resume Format

Concerning resume format, there are multiple options like reverse chronological, functional, or skills-based, and a combination of the two resume formats. The choice depends on the sort of job you are applying for and your experience level. The three resume formats are:

Reverse chronological resume style: This is the most common resume format, and it is best for people who have a lot of relevant work experience for the position they want and hold Salesforce cloud certification. This resume format lists your work experience in reverse chronological order, i.e., beginning with the recent position and moving backward.

Functional/skills-based resume style — If you are a student or recent graduate with no relevant work experience or want to change careers, the skills-based format is preferable. The resume should focus on specific skills you have expertise in.

Combination resume format: Job seekers with a wide range of skills may opt for a combination resume format. It is handy if you are searching for a job that demands considerable domain knowledge and demonstrating it all on your salesforce developer resume; go for combination resume format. For example, let us say you're applying for a senior management position that requires team handling, project management, client management, and software development experience; a combination resume format works well.

2. Contact Information

The "contact information" area of your resume is the most important. Even if everything else on your resume is perfect, you will not get very far if the HR manager cannot contact you because you misspelled your credentials. So make sure to double-check the contact information area to ensure everything is correct.

In a salesforce developer resume, add your contact details as:

  • First Name / Last Name. 
  • Phone Number. 
  • Email Address. 
  • Location

Optional Information

  • Your professional title can be your current or desired employment like Salesforce Developer, Salesforce Platform Manager, Salesforce Administrator.
  • You may furnish your LinkedIn URL if you have an up-to-date profile that can add value to your application.
  • GitHub for engineers
  • You may mention your website, blog, or post published on platforms like Medium, publish them in your salesforce developer resume as it adds authority to the resume.

‎What Should You Avoid In Your Salesforce Developer Resume

  • Date of Birth is required only if specifically asked by the recruiter
  • Avoid unprofessional Email Addresses like

The first impression is critical; on average, a recruiter spends about 6 seconds on a resume. Unless you succeed in making a fantastic first impression, the recruiter will overlook your resume.

3. Resume Summary

A resume summary is a precise description (around 2-3 lines) of your professional experience. However, if you are a fresher, you should use a resume objective. Otherwise, you should utilize a resume summary in almost all situations. For example, in your professional summary, you may mention some of your outstanding accomplishments, years of experience, your profession, and your core Salesforce developer responsibilities..

Here is an Example of a Salesforce Developer Resume - A Professional Summary With Six Years of Experience.

4. Work Experience

Your work experience is the most crucial aspect of your resume. It is where you make a difference by highlighting your previous achievements and responsibilities.

When it comes to writing your job experience, there are a lot of best practices to follow. 

How to List Work Experience in a Resume?

The Standard Format for Your Work Experience Is as Follows:

  • Job Title/Position - Your job title appears at the top of the section mentioning the work experience. You want the HR manager to tell right away if you have relevant work experience for the job when they scan your resume.
  • Company name - You provide the relevant employer's name and the location you have worked upon; however, mentioning location is not mandatory.
  • Achievements and Responsibilities - This is the essential part of any work experience application. It would help if you listed your accomplishments or duties, clearly depending on your area of expertise.
  • Dates Employed - The length of time you worked at each company. You may mention it in mm/yyyy format.
  • Candidates who are just starting should make a list of all they've achieved so far.

5. Education

For a lot of recruiters, your educational qualification, Salesforce certifications make a lot of difference. Mention it clearly along with the subjects you have specialized in as it adds a lot of weightage to your resume, especially if you're a fresher. These are the key pointers to consider:

  • Mention Program Name, like Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering 
  • University Name
  • Years Attended in MM/YYYY format
  • For freshers, they may mention GPA
  • Academic achievements

6. Certifications & Awards

Mention any accolades that distinguish you from the rest. For example, industry-recognized Salesforce certification course make a lot of impact on your resume. For instance, You are a Certified Salesforce Developer from Janbask Training; mentioning the certificate reflects your attitude to keep learning and updating yourself.

7. Projects

Working on side projects might demonstrate your dedication to your field. It is essential to mention, especially for freshers, when creating a salesforce developer resume. Freshers may mention internship details and the results derived from the project. For freshers check this detailed guide on how to get salesforce job without experience.

8. Technical & Soft Skill

Emphasize your expertise in the skills section. Try listing all the relevant qualifications that make you the best applicant for the job. For example, when preparing your salesforce developer resume, you can mention two sorts of skills: Skills that are difficult to acquire (Measurable abilities). Skills that aren't hard to come by (Personal skills). These include social skills, communication abilities, personal characteristics, leadership, critical thinking, management, etc.

How To Write Resume For An Internship?

You can rest assured that the recruiter or company does not expect you to have a tremendous professional qualification. Instead, your current qualifications are only likely to boost your chances of getting the interview call, so you can include all of the skills you acquired through a course and demonstrate them while writing your resume for an internship. Also check this Salesforce developer interview guide to get going!

Here Are Some Key Elements When Writing a Salesforce Developer Resume With No Experience:

  • It should be well-structured and perfectly highlight your strengths.
  • Make your resume error-free and easy to read.
  • Above all, make sure your resume is only one page long.
  • Skills such as a high level of inventiveness, outstanding communication skills, the capacity to work under pressure and fulfill deadlines, the ability to take the initiative, and remarkable leadership talents are just a few examples that to mention in your resume.
  • List all your significant achievements.

Tips To Develop A Salesforce Developer Resume That Gets You An Interview Call:

Here Are Some Essential Tips That Will Make the Hiring Manager Notice Your Resume:

Resume Layout

Remember, when making the resume layout, the structure of any resume is the first thing a job recruiter notices. It should be well-organized, presentable, and neither too short nor lengthy. When it comes to resume layout, here are a few best practices:

  • The length of the salesforce developer resume is one page; only if you have some valuable information to present, go for a two-page summary.
  • Clear section headings
  • The alignment should be clean.
  • The font that is simple to read considers using Roboto, Overpass, and other similar fonts. First, choose the appropriate font size; the standard text should be 11 to 12 points as a general rule.
  • Maintain a constant state of tenseness throughout. 
  • Give the person examining your salesforce developer resume no cause to place your resume in the bin due to silly grammatical errors; use good tools like Grammarly to manage such mistakes.

PDF Format

Save your resume as a PDF. At times saving the document in a word format may lead to formatting errors. 

State Facts

Your salesforce developer resume for experienced or freshers must be factually correct, including education details, dates of work/internship/project, job titles, and abilities possessed in each capacity. 

Customize Your Resumes as per the Job Role

All thanks to the  Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that prevent resumes lacking keywords/ details matching the job role from reaching human eyes. Draft your salesforce developer resume following the job description and keywords. The idea is to customize your resume for each job you are applying for.

Keep it Simple

Focus on the most critical aspect of the resume, formatting, and design. Please keep it simple, use basic fonts, and leave an adequate amount of white space on the page. Check your grammar and spelling several times before having someone else review it. Keep it brief and to the point. Bullets should be helpful, but not so long that they consume entire paragraphs. Keep your bullet points to a bare minimum. The goal should be to make the salesforce developer resume as readable as possible for the hiring manager.

Get Help From A Professional

Consider taking the help of a professional resume designer. Your salesforce developer resume is arguably the most crucial document, and you can’t afford to give it any miss-out.

Use Numbers

Use as many facts, figures, percentages in your salesforce developer resume. For instance, how your efforts impacted the organization’s efficiency in terms of percentage increase inefficiency. It is easy to understand for the hiring manager.

Ready To Write Your Salesforce Developer Resume? Here’s A Free Checklist:

  1. Are your contact details adequately filled?
  2. Have you mentioned a professional email id like
  3. Have you used proper font size and black color?
  4. Is the resume format apt?
  5. Have you mentioned all job responsibilities in your experience section and matched keywords with the job description provided?
  6. Have you mentioned important achievements? Projects worked upon
  7. Have you furnished the correct education details? 
  8. Are your skill-sets matching the job role?
  9. Is your resume a one-pager?
  10. Don’t forget to proofread your resume.

Don’t forget to join the JanBask Training Salesforce Community for professional guidance and the right career advice.

End Note

We hope that now you are on the right track to developing a salesforce developer resume that represents you as a brand and talks about your journey in the most informative way. While writing your resume, pay close attention to details that make a difference and sets you apart, like your the right Salesforce developer certification, significant accomplishments, projects, professional certifications, relevant skill-sets, and work experience. 

Have any doubts; please share in the comment box below.

FAQs For Salesforce Developer Resume

In this section, we have answered some of the frequently asked questions related to the salesforce developer resume:

What Should Never Be Part of My Resume?

Here Are the Elements That You May Avoid on Your Resume:

  • Salary information
  • Picture of yourself
  • Name of supervisor
  • The title “Resume
  • Date of birth/ social security number/ religion
  • Specific names of the references

What Should Be the Focus of My Resume?

Your Resume Should Focus On the Following Areas:

  • Resume headline
  • Keywords related to the job role
  • Accomplishments and transferable skills
  • Experience 
  • For freshers, details of projects/initiatives/certifications.

Can a Resume Be of Two Pages?

Yes, a resume can be a two-pager if you have 10+ years of experience in the industry or multiple projects and accomplishments to talk about. However, entry-level and mid-level one-pager resumes are the best choice.

What details should I furnish in my resume when applying for a Salesforce role with no experience?

You May Talk About the Following Details:

Career Objective

Educational background/ certification course attended

Details of any internship/project done

Skills-Sets like:

  • Fundamentals of Salesforce or SFDC
  • Coursework in SQL and related Database concepts
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Exceptional coding skills
  • Projects handled 
  • Strong competency in Javascript and associated frameworks

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