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Must Learn Salesforce Apex Interview Questions and Answers in 2020


Apex in Salesforce Org is a development platform used for designing essential Software as a Service (SaaS) apps readily on top of Salesforce.com's customer relationship management (CRM) silo. Apex is the feature that allows Salesforce Developers to access Salesforce.com's much important back-end database as well as the client-server assemblage to create important third-party SaaS applications.

Good knowledge in Apex has become a big necessity for a lot of job profiles in Salesforce. Most of the companies look for your capability in handling this ultimate Feature of Salesforce. Since it is in so much demand there are many job openings for the role of an Apex Salesforce Developer. If you are someone who has applied for the post of Apex Developer somewhere and you are expecting an interview to be scheduled soon then you should take a brief look at this blog. In this blog, the team of JanBask Training has collated a few most frequently and likely to be asked questions to a person appearing for an interview related to Salesforce Apex. 

Apex Interview Questions

We have prepared a very exhaustive list of questions for the individual who are looking forward to attending Apex interview any time soon. The most popular interview questions and answers are given here in this blog would definitely help you in the right way. Here, we have included the top frequently asked questions along with their appropriate answers to help the fresh talent in the field as well as the experienced ones.

Apex Interview Questions & Answers for Freshers 

Q1). What is Apex?

Apex is an object-oriented and strongly typed computer programming language which enables the developers to implement flow and transaction control statements on all the Salesforce servers in collation with calls to the APIs. It uses syntax that looks quite like that of Java and works like the database stored processes. Apex helps the developers to implement business logic with most of the system events, together with tab clicks, related record updates, as well as the Visualforce pages. 

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Q2). What is Apex Scheduler?

Apex Scheduler is the feature which is used to invoke the Apex classes to help them run at explicit times, first, execute the Schedulable assemblage for the class, then state the schedule by utilizing either the Schedule Apex page or the System.

Q3). Give an example of Implicit and Explicit Invocation of apex?

  • Implicit -> Triggers
  • Explicit -> JavaScript Remoting

Q4). What is abstract Class?

Abstract classes in Salesforce Apex are the classes that comprise of one dynamic strategy at least. A conjectural technique is an approach that is marked though it contains no use whatsoever.

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Q5). What is a Scheduler class in Apex?

The Apex class is the class which is planned to run at some predefined intermission of programming classes. A Scheduler Class must necessarily execute a schedulable crossing point and it should also contain the method ‘named execute ()’.

Q6). Name a few aggregate functions that are supported by Salesforce SOQL Apex?

Following aggregate functions are supported by Salesforce SOQL-

  • Sum ()
  • Min()
  • Max()
  • Count()
  • Avg()
  • Count_Distinct() 

Q7). What do you think is the difference between a standard and a custom controller?

The standard controller in Salesforce Apex programming is auto-generated by the Salesforce silo for all its objects. Whereas the Custom controllers are the control commands that are written by the developer and they do what the code was written by the developer tells them to do.

Q8). Elucidate the difference between Ajax and ActionPoller?

ActionPoller is the clock in Apex that enables an AJAX refresh demand to be sent to the server as is instructed by a period interim that the developer determines.

Q9). How can you refer to a current page id in Apex?

In case you wish to retrieve or refer to required ID in a Visualforce page then, in that case, you can easily refer to it utilizing a standard controller.

Q10). What do you mean by page reference?

A Page Reference in Apex environment is a reference which is made to an instantiation of a specific page. Among the several different characteristics that it possesses the most noteworthy ones are- Page References that comprise a URL and a plan of inquisition parameters of several names and qualities.

Apex Interview Questions & Answers for experienced 

Q11). What is a virtual class in Apex programming?

In an environment where you are conducting protest situated type of programming, a virtual class is a term referred to a settled kind of inward class whose capacity along with the part factors can be easily abrogated and also reclassified by the other subclasses of any other external class. Virtual classes are something that closely resembles the virtual capacities of the program.

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Q12). Explain the difference between trigger.new and trigger.newmap?

Trigger. new can be used as a part and parcel of when the type of activities. Whereas the Trigger.newmap can only be used as a part and parcel of an after embed and after and before a refresh.

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Q13). What is Overloading in Apex?

Overloading in Apex programming alludes to the capability to make use of alone identifier to distinguish various techniques for a class that contrasts in their in sequence virtues and gives way to the function parameters. Overload techniques are generally, for the most part, used especially when they convincingly carry out a comparable enterprise yet to some extent only one of its kind of arrangement of function parameters. salesforce quiz It is an idea which is used to steer totally away from the overindulgence of programming code where a comparable line of attack can be easily utilized in a number of circumstances when coupled with a few alternate arrangements of function parameters.

The real strategy that you had originally developed gets called in during the runtime to settle the assemble time, along these very lines balancing a very strategic distance from all the runtime mistakes that can occur. Overloading is the method that gives code the lucidity it requires, takes out its multilateral quality, and upgrades the runtime implementation.

Q14). What is your opinion as a developer is a need for a Batch Apex?

To begin with, it is first important for you to know that the Salesforce governor puts strict limits on its data. In case you want to get hold of the huge amount of records or fire DML on an n number of rows on class objects, it is very multifarious in Salesforce and it definitely does not let you manoeuvre on other than the certain specific number of data models or records that perfectly satisfies the Governor limits which are set.

Nevertheless, for medium to large businesses, it is very important to administer a large number of records every day. Adding/editing/deleting them whenever it is required. To handle this scenario Salesforce had to come up with this powerful commanding concept called the Batch Apex. Batch Apex is the feature that allows you to manage paperwork or files effectively and maneuver them by means of an unambiguous syntax.

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Q15). What do you understand by web service callouts?

Apex Code is a wonderful platform that chains the aptitude of interpretation of the Apex procedures as an essential Web service. Salesforce Apex also supports the capability to call upon the peripheral internet services and this is what is referred to as 'Callouts.' The former one is drawn in while creating a request for the web service that a customer can bring into play, while the second one is invoking an outside web service.

Q16). Explain a few Considerations required for a Static keyword in Apex.

Here are a few considerations required for a Static keyword in Apex.

  • An Apex class can't be static.
  • Static is allowed just in an outer class.
  • Static variables are not exchanged as a part of the View State.
  • Static variables and static blocks keep running altogether in which they are composed in a class.
  • Static variables are static only to the extent of demand.

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Q17). What is your opinion on the possibility to call an apex method in javascript code?

Truly, we can call apex methods utilizing javascript. We can accomplish this utilizing ActionFunction. An ActionFunction enables you to attach an apex method to a javascript function name and conjure synchronously. ActionFunction must be stated as a child of apex: form component. 

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Q18). What is the difference between public and global class in Apex?

A public class is accessible to the inside application or namespace. This isn't precisely similar to a public modifier in Java whereas Global class is visible everywhere, in any application or namespace. Web Service must be proclaimed as Global and which can be accessed inside Javascript as well. It resembles a public modifier in Java.

Q19). What is commandLink?

CommandLink is a connection that implements an activity which is characterized by the program controller, and thereafter invigorates the present page or explores to the distinctive page in light of the Page Reference variable that is returned by the action.

Q20). What is outputLink?

OutputLink is a connection to URL. This part is rendered in HTML as an anchor tag with an href property. The body of the OutputLink is a text or picture that displays the connection.


JanBask Training gives a path to your skills and areas of expertise with industry-level projects. We can help you fast track your career with the training in Salesforce certifications you are looking for. If you have any question regarding Salesforce Apex, you ask in the comment section below. Happy coding!

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