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6 Steps On How to Build an Impressive Salesforce Consultant Resume (With Samples)


The Salesforce industry has seen exponential growth in the CRM sector with its unrivaled technology innovation that has opened doors for many job opportunities. In fact, according to IDC, Salesforce is going to create nearly 4.2 million jobs by 2024 especially in roles like Salesforce Consultant or Admin. 

If you are also one of those IT professionals who are applying for a job as a Salesforce Consultant with an arsenal of skills, expertise and certifications to start your career. You are someone who with his/her in-depth knowledge of business processes and Salesforce works with multiple teams to bridge the gap between business problems and technical solutions. You also help stakeholders with their requirements in the form of customizing the Salesforce platform to let them meet the business requirements, then the next step is to craft a perfect Salesforce Consultant resume. But you’re not sure what to put into the resume and what not?

Good news for you! This blog will not only make writing Salesforce Consultant resume a little easier for you but also share a few Salesforce Consultant resume examples. So whether you are an experienced Salesforce Consultant with an impressive work history or a budding Engineer with newly obtained Salesforce Consultant training and certification and stepping into the field, we have curated a list of some easy, doable steps to help you create Salesforce Consultant resume-- keeping in mind all the freshers and professionals who are applying for the job.

Salesforce Consultant Resume Samples For Beginners & Professionals!

We know the pain of hobbling Google pages after pages to know, “Salesforce Consultant resume example”  or “Salesforce Consultant Resume examples for freshers,” but don’t worry. We’re here for you. Here we are presenting you a Salesforce Consultant sample resume that will help you grab you dream job:

Salesforce Consultant Resume Template for Entry Level

This is how the Salesforce Consultant resume should look like for individuals who are applying for entry-level Salesforce Consultant positions: 

---------> Your Name

---------> Entry Level Salesforce Consultant 

---------> (Professional email ids & Social Media Handles

---------> (Your contact numbers) 

Career Objective

Seeking a Salesforce Consultant position where I will be able to use my business communication and effective customer services knowledge to meet a company’s requirements and organizational goals. Well-equipped with developing Apex Classes, Triggers, Visual force pages and writing Workflows. 

Key Skills: 

  • Business Communications
  • Apex Explorer
  • SOQL
  • Sales Management
  • Business Development  

Work Experience

---------> Your Designation

---------> Company Name

---------> Working Period 

  Key Skills
  • Worked on standard objects like Contacts, Leads, Campaigns, Opportunities and also tasked with creating custom objects, Accounts, reports, and components.
  • Tasked with defining Lookup relationships on the objects and Master-Detail and created junction objects to develop interaction among various objects.
  • Created the company’s role hierarchy via adding the “Roles” according to the organization’s structure and also tasked with creating customized profiles according to hierarchy.
  • Created reports and information panel for manager’s homepage and provided access to only approved personnel.  
  • Have ability to use a Data loader for importing and exporting data from objects utilizing CSV files.

Education Background

2015-2019, BSc in Computer Science

Brickson University, Denver

  • Excelled in English & Communication classes
  • GPA 5

Training & Certifications

  • Finished 6 Weeks Salesforce Consultant Training with Janbask Training
  • Acquired Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant, Certified Sales Cloud Consultant, and Marketing Cloud Consultant certifications.


  • Problem Solving
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Understanding of core Salesforce services and products
  • Understanding of business development and meeting clients requirements with customized Salesforce solutions.
  • Competent knowledge of Salesforce services in the areas of Marketing, and Social cloud

Salesforce Consultant Resume for 5 Years Experience or More Template

This is the Salesforce Consultant resume template for Salesforce Consultant resume for 5 years experience or more in the field of Salesforce:

Career Objective

A Certified Salesforce Consultant with 4+ years of experience as a developer & administrator. Proficiency in Project management, resource allocation, tracking the progress of the project, ensuring the project delivers on time, creating project progress report and reporting to the client. 

Key Skills: 

  • Apt in preparing detailed business requirements and non-functional requirements documents. 
  • Understanding of implementing Salesforce from end-to-end to drive Business Value using Dashboards as Call to Action.
  • Proficiency in Test Classes, VisualForce, Apex Triggers and Classes,

Work Experience

Salesforce Service Consultant

Miz HR Services

May 2014 to October 2018

  • Conducted workshops for meeting requirements of the project stakeholders and also performed rapid impact analysis for the finalized requirements. 
  • Created various UML diagrams like sequence, use case, and business process diagrams on MS Visio. 
  • Guided development teams to develop effective and user-friendly solutions and collected user requirements and configured Salesforce to meet the requirements.
  • Tasked with handling user setup, sharing rules, profiles, customization of objects, fields, record types, roles, page layouts and authorization.
  • Successfully hosted, organized and met business requirements from C-level Executives and provided an Enterprise CRM Solution using Salesforce. 
  Key Achievements:
  • Lead for 3+ years in various domains, excelled in Insurance and Capital Market
  • Successfully created VisualForce email templates, Mail Merges, new templates, and also implemented automation in Email Processes to send installation instructions to thousands of new and existing customers.

Let’s Create An Amazing Salesforce Consultant Resume In 6 Easy Steps!

Amazing Salesforce Consultant Resume

Whether you are an experienced Salesforce Consultant professional or a fresher planning to start his career with Salesforce, you need a Salesforce Consultant resume that displays your skills, expertise and showcases your overall personality that fits the role. So here are a few simply, easy to follow steps to create any Salesforce Consultant resume:

1. Pick a Suitable Salesforce Consultant Resume Format

Don’t get stressed by the many Salesforce consultant resume formats available online and commit the mistake of choosing a random Salesforce consultant resume layout. There are popular 3 types of format, Chronological, Hybrid and Functional format with each focusing on the kind of skills or experiences you've. So choose a format that helps you display your Salesforce consultant resume, experience and other IT skills according to your own proficiency over them. Few key points that you can't miss about a resume:

  • Format: select layout consistent with your skills & talents.
  • Font: Verdana or Calibri for satisfactory readability.
  • Font Size: 12 points.
  • Resume Headings: 13 points.
  • Line Spacing: 1 to at least one.15, with space between sections
  • Resume Margins: an inch on all four sides
  • File Type: MS Word (if no longer explicitly asked for PDF)

And Right Here’s Your Resume Outline:

  • Header: your contact details.
  • Summary: the highlights of your resume in short.
  • Experience: share your quality Salesforce consultant achievements.
  • Training: your diploma and different accomplishments.
  • Skills: mention only on the applicable skills.
  • Other sections: consists of your email, contact number and LinkedIn profile.

2. Craft a Solid Salesforce Consultant Resume Summary

A resume summary is one of the best ways to attract the attention of your hiring managers as this is the first thing they will read. So focus on writing a compelling resume summary listing out why you are best fit for the job. Write in two or three sentences all your Software Consultant skills and relevant experience to make your resume stand out in front of many other resumes. Don't forget to include keywords or job-related terms in your summary as this makes it easier for your Salesforce Consultant resume to clear through ATS.

3. Make A Separate Section For Salesforce Consultant & IT Skills

It would not count how many skills you’ve received through the years, if you simply randomly displayed them to your Salesforce Consultant resume. You need to list them in a way that grabs the hiring manager’s attention and impresses them as they skim through your resume. So if there are certain Salesforce Consultant skills or responsibilities they're seeking out, it’d be good in case you seperate your IT skills and Salesforce Consultant skills for a quick examination. Always put your Salesforce Consultant skills at the top of your resume but just below your Resume summary. 

This is how your Salesforce Consultant resume should look like at entry-level:

  • Your certifications
  • One or more Salesforce assignment(s)

For an skilled Salesforce consultant, it facilitates your case if you show:

  • You have mastered Salesforce Lightning, project management or enterprise development, amongst other Salesforce platform associated skills.
  • You have Salesforce cloud technology work history, understanding of core Salesforce platform, offerings, skills and applicable Salesforce certifications.

4. Tailor Your Salesforce Consultant Resume For Each Job

You should usually customise your Salesforce Consultant resume everytime you send it out to hiring managers. Don’t make the mistake of sending the same one to different agencies or hiring managers, even if you are applying for the same role. Every corporation has their own expectations when they post a particular job, so don't blindly send the Market Salesforce Consultant resume when all they are asking for is a Sales Cloud Consultant resume! It’s a good habit to tailor your Salesforce consultant for every new job posting and listing only those skills that the recruiter has explicitly requested for or are relevant to the task.

5. Always Go Through the Job Descriptions

Each company posts certain job skills, roles & responsibilities that they assume the candidate will satisfy, so go through these job descriptions carefully before you write a Salesforce consultant resume. After that, evaluate your skills and experiences as honestly as you can and then only place them in your resume by writing a sentence or about how you could use the said Salesforce Consultant skills within the activity you opted for.

Ace your upcoming Salesforce interview with our top Salesforce Interview Questions .

6. Avoid Formatting or Writing Mistakes

Formatting your Salesforce consultant resume may sound like a trivial mission, but it is quite vital considering the fact that this is your first impression on the hiring manager, you’d want it to be a pleasing one. So ensure that you are following the same formatting styles, colors, and paragraph space throughout your Salesforce Consultant resume, and proofread your resume thoroughly to avoid any grammatical errors or typos.

Since you’ve sent the resume with the help of our guide, we’re sure you’ll get the interview call! Why don’t you go ahead and start preparing for your interview with our list of Top 50 Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers!

Top Salesforce Consultant Skills That Hiring Managers Are Looking For In 2021!

salesforce skills

Apart from clearing your Salesforce Consultant certifications and a great working knowledge of Salesforce platform, you also need to excel in certain skills if you want to kickstart your Salesforce Consultant career like a pro. These are:

Technical Skills

  • Salesforce Development
  • Business Knowledge
  • Sales Management
  • Project Management
  • Business Development
  • Customer Service

You need both Salesforce Consultant skills and soft skills to land a job of your dream, so after the technical skills list, here is the list of soft skills that makes you stand out:

  • Attention to Detail
  • Analytical Skill
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Time Management
  • Verbal and Written Communication
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Teamwork/Collaboration
  • Presentation Skills

Not just Salesforce Consultant, expertise in other Salesforce roles and certifications also offer a great, stable and lucrative long term career, more specifically Salesforce Business Analyst

Salesforce Consultant’s Salary, Duties & Job Trends: An Overview

Salesforce Consultant Do

You already have a basic understanding of how to create a Salesforce Consultant resume like a pro, you also saw two resume examples for a Junior Salesforce Consultant and one for a Senior Salesforce Consultant. Now we will discuss briefly about Salesforce Consultant job trends, salary and roles and responsibilities.

Level up your Salesforce Career Path by highlighting your resume-worthy skills and Salesforce verified credentials.

What Does A Salesforce Consultant Do?

A Salesforce Consultant is someone who implements, designs, and maintains the databases in an organization’s relationship with its customers. He or She also looks over the Salesforce’s proper functioning and gives clients the best business solutions. But the roles and responsibilities also vary from your experience to the company you apply as an entry-level Salesforce Consultant or as an experienced one:

Roles & Responsibilities of a Junior Salesforce Consultant

  • Collaborate with the development team in delivering the most complex, the biggest and innovative applications based on the top-notch Cloud solutions.
  • Develop, document and organize functional designs and business requirements.
  • Design business processes automations based on the Salesforce Platform.
  • Provide analytical support and guide to the client and development team throughout SDLC.
  • Be proactive in Salesforce projects and interaction with the global or local implementation team.

Roles & Responsibilities of a Senior Salesforce Consultant

  • Design and develop custom solutions on the Salesforce platform by utilizing Apex, VisualForce, and initiate data migration and application integration.
  • Design and implement custom business solutions that are based on cloud-based business applications, specifically on Salesforce platform.
  • Proactively take part in documenting business requirements, process flows, specifications, application design, configuration, testing and deployment.
  • Collaborate with clients to lead projects, develop and deliver any crucial components of Salesforce technology solutions and facilitate business process analysis sessions.
  • Provide mentoring and guidance to other team members regarding Salesforce platform and products.

How Much a Salesforce Consultant Gets?


The Salesforce Consultant salary can be varying depending on factors, however considering the top job portals and the data from renowned sources, it is as follows for Freshers, Mid-level & Senior Professionals:

  • The average salary of a Salesforce Consultant at an entry-level is nearly $64,000/year.
  • A mid-level Salesforce Consultant Salary earns around $75,726/ year.
  • The average salary for a Senior Java Developer is roughly $$98,348/year.

Are you wondering how much an Salesforce Consultant in India or UK earns on an average or is an Salesforce Consultant career even popular these days? Well, good for you, we have an amazing blog “Salesforce Consultant Salary for Beginners & Professionals” to help you find answers to these questions!


Congratulations, if you’ve got the job of your dreams! And if you haven’t then keep hustling, you’ll get there! After all, job hunting is often a daunting task and adding to this is the herculean task of crafting a perfect Salesforce Consultant resume. 

We hope through this blog on how to make Salesforce Consultant resume, we made this process a little easier for you. No matter whether you're an experienced Salesforce Consultant or an entry-level Salesforce Consultant, with this step-by-step guide on how to create Salesforce Consultant resume, you can stay sure that your resume will capture exactly what you want to display to your potential employers and will help you get that dream job of yours!

Good luck with your resume preparation!

But if you still have doubts about how to write an amazing Salesforce Consultant resume? Or how to list your skills or achievements on your Salesforce Consultant resume? Drop us a comment below and we’ll answer and help you out! 

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      Glad you found this useful! For more such insights on your favourite topics, do check out JanBask Training Blogs and keep learning with us!

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