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Top 10 Salesforce Automation Tools: Which Do You Use

Salesforce Automation Tools

Salesforce automation is about to automate business tasks like inventory control, customer order tracking, and managing the sales process. Sales force automation software is a set of programs that help in automating business processes. This software is sometimes known as Salesforce automation testing software while other times they are known as customer relationship management software.

Usually, Salesforce automation tools include an e-mail package, separate web-ready database, and customizable templates. Salesforce workflow automation is based on a three-tier architecture to separate application, server, and database that reduces the programming demand load from the client-side. As sometimes businesses have their separate way to execute business processes so this salesforce automation software can also be customized as per business needs.

Salesforce Automation Tools

Though there are many tools available for Salesforce workflow automation. Here we have brought a consolidated list of Salesforce sales and marketing automation tools that will help the organizations to automate their business processes.

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Salesforce for Sales Automation: Top 5 tools to Consider

Here the first fact is that sales automation is not only about automating the sales process as it is neither self-sufficient nor able to execute on its own. It is a complete process that may include finding, nurturing, and converting the leads without compromising customer satisfaction. They mean to create impressive proposals that can attract customers and generate more leads.

Salesforce Automation Tools

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When we talk about salesforce automation tools, then it is not only about the tools to automate the sales process of the organization instead they can simplify customer services, lead management, quote generation, product ordering, order fulfillment, and many other tasks related to the sales process. The tools can automate the processes with minimal manual efforts and in an automatic way. Following are a few of the popular tools that are used for sales process automation:


This Salesforce automation testing tool can empower your business process and make them better by converting the processes into more informed ones that can help you in making data-driven decisions. You can visualize the even large amount of data and salespeople can get easy to understand data-driven decisions along with the managed staffing, marketing, and support information. The following are the features provided by this Salesforce automation testing tool:

  • It can identify the improvement scope by analyzing current trends and forecast future success.
  • Every day or regular lead conversion reports can be generated that can help to know the progress towards business goals.
  • The user can even unlock historical financial data to access the data at any specific time.
  • A trial version is available at no cost while monthly subscription charges of these tools are $45/month per user.

AXIOM Sales Manager

AXIOM sales manager tool can be used to increase the efficiency of sales and management people. It can automate the quoting and proposal creation process that helps you to present a professional face to your customer. You can administer your sales process through this tool and help you in producing time-sensitive alerts, pricing, pipeline management, reporting, and other CRM functions. The following features are provided by the wonderful AXIOM Salesforce workflow automation tool.

  • It is available as a web-based tool,
  • The user can quickly and easily create sales quotes and proposals,
  • It can enhance the visibility of your sales pipeline.
  • Its pricing starts from $45/month.


This tool makes the new customer signing process easier. It offers many solutions that may include RFP or request for a proposal that helps your sales and marketing teams by creating automatic persuasive, professional and attractive proposals. It can also develop RFP presentations, responses and statement of work that is delivered directly to the client. Following features are offered by this tool:

  • It is available as a web-based tool for all platforms
  • RFP response time is increased significantly
  • Sales presentation and pitchbooks are automated
  • The user can access the site to know the price and free demo is also available


As per its name, this tool is used to bridge the gap between sales and marketing process of the organization. In this tool, marketing automation is used to track promotional efforts and visitor data. As a result, the lead database can be generated that automates the salesforce and helps in boosting the sales process and customer acquisition rate. Following features are offered by this tool:

  • Leads are contacted only when they wish to purchase any product
  • It is a web-based tool that is compatible with all platforms
  • Sales insights like marketing success and lead conversions can be tracked
  • Free trials are available and price can be accessed from the site


This sales force automation software tool is a contribution of Microsoft that offers integrated business management tools and a robust line of flexibility. It can make the sales process faster and help in winning more leads. These CRM tools can drive sales and marketing processes effectively. Following are the features provided by this CRM—based sales force automation software tool:

  • This Salesforce automation testing tool is available as a hybrid or onsite or cloud-based tool worldwide.
  • It is a Salesforce competitor and is 50% less expensive than Salesforce
  • Easily track leads and get insights into buyer behavior
  • Subscription is available @ $65 per user per month

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Salesforce for Marketing Automation: Top 5 tools you must know

Marketing is a major function or process of every business organization. The evolution of new marketing tricks makes the process more complex. Marketing people must remain streamlined with all the new activities and marketing functions. This Salesforce for marketing automation tools can help in driving revenue and nurturing leads.

Salesforce for Marketing Automation

Let us discuss 5 popular Salesforce automation tools and their benefits for the Companies one by one.


This is a fully-featured Salesforce automation tool that can accelerate email marketing, social marketing, and lead generation processes, etc. It provides the following features:

  • It can integrate all assignments, campaigns, and tasks,
  • It can manage ROI reporting,
  • This Salesforce automation tool supports multi-channel and scalable marketing,
  • All search campaigns can be connected to a single platform.


HubSpot offers many inbound marketing automation features and capabilities like SEO, email, blogging, and marketing, etc. Following features are offered by the HubSpot Salesforce marketing tool:

  • Easy lead monitoring is offered by HubSpot
  • This salesforce workflow automation tool can track, convert, and categorize the leads
  • A record of every sales interaction is stored in HubSpot


The benefits of Salesforce for marketing automation can never be overlooked. It offers real-time personalization, budgeting tools, and a marketing calendar. It can help in generating highly targeted marketing campaigns. Following features are offered by the Marketo:

  • Optimized and measured ROI
  • Lead generation help
  • Email marketing and campaign management
  • CRM framework changes are automatically reflected in the Marketo


It offers email marketing and marketing automation solutions that can fulfill the sales and marketing needs. The following features are offered by the SalesGenius, Salesforce for marketing automation tool.

  • Lead communication and qualification are executed in a streamlined way and the right level of contact can be enabled.
  • Multi-step drip campaigns can be built by the Workflow Designer of SalesGenius.
  • Automatic lead nurturing can happen through SalesGenius.


It offers marketing analysis and automation software for email, social accounts, online marketing, and mobile marketing. It also provides implementation and consulting services. Following features are offered by this tool:

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  • The real-time customer journey can be automated and distinguished results can be delivered timely.
  • A trusted infrastructure can be offered for its highly secure and cloud-based platform.
  • Marketers can deliver customized content to every channel through this tool.

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Final Words

Salesforce automation tools are available for several business operations that may include sales and marketing processes. Various automation tools Salesforce can increase process efficiency and speed. So, these Salesforce automation software tools are always recommended and you should start using them today. 

Don’t forget to share your experience with us! All the best for your next marketing campaign. To know more about Salesforce automation and how to make benefits from Salesforce for marketing automation and sales automation, join training classes right away.

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