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Salesforce Architect Certification Study Guide & Tips to Land The Job


  • Becoming a salesforce certified architect is a great way to get ahead by proving your skills on one of the world hottest CRM platforms today. Our guide to the most valuable Salesforce Architect certifications will help you sky rocket your Salesforce career.

    The Salesforce Technical Architects are the Salesforce ninjas who have wide knowledge spread over numerous improvement stages and draws on their abilities and experience to evaluate client prerequisites and engineering so as to configuration secure, superior specialized arrangements that amplify the capability of the Salesforce stage. It can be a very overwhelming task to get certified in this domain of Salesforce. But, you have got nothing to worry because we bring to you this Salesforce architecture certification exam guide that walks you through the tips that will aid you in getting this much-yearned Certification.

    This Exam Guide interprets information gathered from official Salesforce intended to provide you with an in-depth subjective overview of the exam. Professionals willing to appear for salesforce architect certification should refer to the exam guide for the latest exam structure and outline information. For beginners & entry-level professionals, looking to boost their credentials, an Online Salesforce Certification Course provides a perfect framework that ensures quality and success.

    The salesforce architecture certification blog covers the following topics- 

  • How to become a salesforce architect?
  • Who's the Ideal Candidate for appearing in salesforce architect certification?
  • Do you need to learn code to appear in the salesforce technical architect certification exam?
  • Salesforce Architect Exams Details 
  • Study Guide to achieving Salesforce Architecture Certification and become salesforce certified architect
  • Salesforce architect certification exam review board insights

How to become a salesforce architect?

If you want to know how to become a salesforce architect, our answer is first you must have a solid understanding of the Salesforce Cloud, ideally combined with 3 to 5 years of working experience as an application architect, system architect, and enterprise architect, or solution architect. We recommended you to check the salesforce architect certification exam guide and prepare for a bright Salesforce architect career. Also, enroll for a credible Salesforce cloud certification course to be industry-ready.

So if you want to become a salesforce certified architect, you should put together a career plan that forges your skills to achieve the ultimate goal.

Who's the Ideal Candidate for appearing in salesforce architect certification?

According to  Salesforce technical architect exam guide, an ideal candidate is able to-

  • Demonstrate their fundamental Salesforce knowledge, skills, and capabilities in assessing customer architecture.
  • Design secure, high-performance technical solutions on the Salesforce Lightning Platform.
  • Communicate technical solutions and design tradeoffs effectively to business stakeholders, and provide a delivery framework that ensures quality and success.

Another important question that most professionals want to know before appearing in the Salesforce technical architect certification exam is-

Do they need to learn code to appear in the salesforce technical architect certification exam? The simple answer is no, but you need a basic understanding of coding, as certified technical architects must be able to guide a team of architects, read and interpret their code, and assess the quality of their work and suggest the best possible solution.

Further, if you're preparing for your Salesforce Cloud Consultant certification check available course material, blogs, cheat sheets available on the JanBask Training platform.

Salesforce Architect Certification

The Salesforce Architect Journey is a system to enable you to secure aptitude as you diagram your approach to Salesforce Domain Architect, and the pined for Salesforce Certified Technical Architect accreditations. You advance by structuring your abilities and information in explicit areas, amassing particular space Salesforce confirmations en route. The system is all around served by Salesforce’s library of strong, free, self-coordinated preparing guides, which are adjusted to every accreditation accordingly. 

Salesforce Architect Certification Exam

Salesforce designer accreditations include three levels of affirmation that perceive specific learning and aptitudes, just as you continue to develop mastery in the Salesforce stage. The Salesforce Architecture Designer qualifications approve information and skill in specific specializations. The Salesforce Application Architect and System Architect confirmations recognize the experts who have skills in a domain region. The Salesforce Technical Architect (CTA) qualification is the utmost or you can say THE accreditation for the individuals who show the information, aptitudes, and abilities to plan and manufacture superior specialized arrangements on the Salesforce stage over all regions of space mastery. 

The Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA) exam is the highest certification that you can go for. Salesforce-certified architects are regarded as the absolute elite amongst Salesforce professionals, who have mastered the knowledge and possess excellent consulting and communication skills required in successful project execution. Some critical tips for you to become a Salesforce certified technical architect are here!

Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Take this 2-minute free Salesforce Quiz to check your Salesforce knowledge and stay updated with the latest updates and innovations in Salesforce. 

Explore Salesforce application architect certification and enroll for best salesforce architect training under expert guidance.

Completing the Certified Technical Architect Review Board Exam

To gain the Salesforce Certified Technical Architect certification, you should effectively pass a Review Board test. Amid the test, you will be given a theoretical situation with nitty-gritty client necessities and will be approached to combine the data, structure an ideal engineering arrangement, and present and legitimize your suggested arrangement before a board of judges.

  • Candidates are given 2 hours (120 minutes) to peruse, design solutions, plan and legitimize a detailed compositional answer for the theoretical situation.
  • Candidates will at that point have 45 minutes to show their answer to the Review Board judges, trailed by 40 minutes of Q&A and dialog.

Retake expenses: USD 3,000, or more material charges as required by local laws of different regions. 

Review Board Registration Process For Salesforce Architect Certification

Salesforce has a bunch of rules that can be executed on objects. Learn more about the order of Execution Rules of Salesforce Triggers to understand the trigger workflow.


  • Candidates who have earned both the Salesforce Application Architect and the Salesforce System Architect accreditations have shown a higher test pass rate. All things considered, test spots for forthcoming Review Boards will be organized for those competitors. Extra factors, for example, Salesforce Platform experience and extra work toward test planning will likewise be contemplated.
  • If you express enthusiasm for an Architect Review Board test that is a couple of months out from when you open your case, there might be some postponement in the reaction time, yet you will be reached.

Study Guide to Pass Salesforce Architect Certification Exam

Now when you are aware of salesforce technical architect certification, you must be willing to know the best ways to prepare for the salesforce technical architect exam to pass the certification exam in the first attempt only.

Here are the steps, you can follow to prepare well for salesforce architect certification-

Step1: Online Salesforce Architect Training

Get yourself enrolled in the salesforce architect training program. Preferably an online one. This is because it will help you to save a great deal of time. Most of these online courses are spanned over a short period. Thus, giving you good exposure in less time. Plus they are inexpensive as compared to the regular classroom salesforce architect training courses.

Step2: Make a Routine

This is the best thing that you can do to accelerate the process of your certification. You need to make a schedule for your study hours. Make sure you keep a good amount of room for leisurely exercises and some physical exercises as they help you in mental stability which is also quite essential for the task.

Step3: Being Mindful

Ellen Langer the writer of the acclaimed book "Care" once composed that a key normal for care "is center around procedure before result or doing as opposed to filing". It resembles taking a gander at the leap forward of a researcher and saying expert as though his disclosure occurred incidentally. I am not saying try not to get your affirmation, yet rather than pursuing the objective, center around the procedure, which in itself will enable you to develop impressively.

Step4: Technical Depth and Breath

The initial steps to take a shot at your profundity and breath are the different architect affirmations and area confirmations, yet there is a fundamental distinction in the manner in which you apply information between those certs and the Review Board. With numerous decision tests, the right answer for a thin situation is directly before your eyes. With the CTA, then again, you have moment access to an unbelievable profundity and broadness of learning and have the capacity to structure the ideal arrangement from your insight as opposed to lifting it. 

Also If you want to use different types of Visualforce Component in Salesforce then you have to learn HTML tags first and if you are a beginner, a Salesforce Certification, can empower you with proper training and it gives your career a boost. 

Understanding more on VisualForce Component: Type of VisualForce Component in Salesforce will help you create dynamic and sophisticated Salesforce applications.

Step5: Work in Different Roles

A standout amongst the most vital pieces of planning is the viable experience and the most ideal approach to picking up this is by dealing with tasks. Attempt to extricate and apply to learn by working in jobs that require you to wear distinctive hats, for example,

To get you the presentation, make your aims unmistakable, share your objective of turning into a CTA with your asset administrator or enrolment specialist. You will most likely be unable to satisfy the job yourself, for example, Business Analyst however you can attempt to shadow individuals or complete a portion of the work – check with the venture supervisor. In my profession, I was sufficiently fortunate to work with some uncommon Business Analysts and Solution Architects and some of the time I would simply sit discreetly in the back amid a business workshop and watch their work. The learning in Salesforce isn't limited and if you are a salesforce enthusiast & you know how to create an App in SFDC with unique customization. It will act as a bonus to your resume. 

Salesforce Training For Administrators & Developers

  • No cost for a Demo Class
  • Industry Expert as your Trainer
  • Available as per your schedule
  • Customer Support Available

Step6: Skill up Governance and Project Management Skills

With the CTA jobs comes consequently the interest for Project Management and Governance, which individuals frequently neglect to get ready for. Those are basic aptitudes that you do not all need to ace, however, you should have a strong comprehension of those points.

Set up a Strong Study Plan

Now it is important to skill up with a well-planned preparation strategy. Go through the official outline in the Salesforce Career path and read every objective and identify areas that will require more attention than others. Be focused and honest in your preparation for salesforce architect exams. Cover every section and come up with all possible questions. And focus on presentation, communication, and diagramming –  as all these skills are crucial for passing salesforce architect certification.

Practice Exercises

Do rehearse practices where you need to work out systems and methodologies for use cases, they are your layouts which you should populate with factors to think of the ideal arrangement. With training, you'll disregard the layouts and become instinctive in those zones, so that you can nearly free-form an answer.

Mock Exams

Last and without a doubt a standout amongst the most essential parts of the arrangement are false tests. With false tests, you get the chance to improve and test the aptitudes and learning that you have procured.

Join a Community

The Salesforce Application Architect has a deep understanding of native Salesforce features and functionality. Hence to inherit more knowledge on Salesforce, collaborate and study with fellow Salesforce professionals and use the JanBask community to build your skills and network.

Salesforce Certified Technical Architecture Review Board Insights

For passing salesforce technical architect certification, Contrary to the other multiple-choice questions-based exams, candidates face a unique challenge – by CTA Review Board.

Candidates have to solve a highly complex hypothetical scenario and defend it in front of a team of 3 highly seasoned Certified Technical Architects, the judges – under time constraints and without any inputs. The salesforce technical architect exam Review Board is extremely demanding and even the most experienced architects generally tend to fail. So you need to be prepared hard & smart with a 360 approach.

With the Review Board candidates have to pass on 3 phases:

  1. Preparation: You have given 180 minutes to read the entire scenario and create an optimal solution design incl. key artifacts such as System Architecture, Data Model, etc.
  2. Presentation: After a 15 minutes break, you have to present your solution to the board in 45 min. Once you are done with your presentation, you will soon add to your Q&A time.
  3. Q&A: In the 40 minutes Q&A, you will be asked questions by the judges to assess your knowledge

Based on your presentation and your Q&A performance, the judges will score for each of the 7 sections (System Architecture, Security, Data, Solution Architecture Integration, Development Life Cycle) including Communication. To pass each section you have to reach the minimum score for it. The details of the scoring framework are confidential by the review board team. If you pass each of these 7 sections, congratulations you are going to be part of the elite.

If you fail in one section only, you will be allowed a Section Retake. But If the candidate fails more than one section, the candidate fails the exam.

Once you pass by the review board and achieve the certification, you as CTA are regarded as an authority and trusted advisor who can engage across the entire lifecycle from analysis, design to build, deploy, and operations. Currently, the majority of CTAs are working either for Salesforce directly or with larger partners in the industry, in the role of Senior Technical Architects, Program Architects, or executive roles.

Salesforce Architects guide digital transformation by aligning business and technology, defining the 'why and how' that drives solution success, which the recruiters are actively looking for. Hence,  to be in their ready reckoning here are the best Salesforce interview questions to make you interview-ready! 

Salesforce Architecture Certification: Exam Question Format

As I have discussed earlier, the exam questions are scenario-based rather than multiple-choice.

You will be asked many questions during the 40 minutes Q&A section of the salesforce architect certification exam.

Most asked questions can be specific to your solution or can be generic. Well here we want to be honest, and the truth is that the judges won’t go easy on you! So get ready with all your facts and figures.

Most asked questions can be specific to your solution or can be generic. Well here we want to be honest, and the truth is that the judges won’t go easy on you! So get ready with all your facts and figures.

There will be certain questions related to your solution aim to:

  • Gain a better understanding of your solution and your approach,
  • Address requirements that might have been skipped,
  • Examine if you know how your solution works.

Don’t try to bluff, the judges can sense that!

If they ask generic questions they can cover the entire spectrum of the platform, but also: governance, project delivery, and consulting skills. In short, You should be able to describe your solution end-to-end.

To prepare well, we recommend you to join accredited professional Salesforce training courses from leading industry experts like JanBask training and explore salesforce technical architect exam questions to get your dream job.

Final Thoughts!

These are some really easy steps that will become a part and parcel of your life in no time if you give it a diligent thought and effort to implement. It is just a matter of a few initial days that you might face issues in but always remember that the end results are worth this much of an effort.

Passing Salesforce architect certification is not that much easy, but nothing is impossible. So give a jumpstart to your Cloud professional career by enrolling yourself in a comprehensive Online Salesforce Training, today! 

Salesforce Tutorial Overview


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