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Salesforce Admin Certification Exam Guide-How to pass

Salesforce Admin Certification Guide

In the image: Flag- Profit and Growth of the organisation, blue golfer A, red Golfer B

In the image: Flag- Profit and Growth of the organisation, blue golfer A, red Golfer B

Golfer A and Golfer B aimed well to hit the ball, both of them succeeded in attempting the Goal. Nevertheless, Golfer A took less time, less attempts and less effort compared to Golfer B. Can you tell why?

Well, the only simple reason was Golfer A was Trained-well, and was certified for the same. 

You can be Golfer A or B in your professional life! You can make the decision on your own. 

When it comes to organisations, Salesforce Administrator along with many other roles, plays an important role in letting the companies achieve success. And this fact has caught the eyes of prominent organisations well before and has made them switch to this World’s best Cloud-based CRM. 

Are you planning to become Salesforce Certified Administrator?

If yes, then let us help you with the credible and the most pertinent information all under-one-roof. 

Also, Job security, lucrative pay and future secured jobs, if these are your priorities it is advisable to get certified with the knowledge of the skill-sets you have. The training you undergo becomes more meaningful when you have the right certifications. 


If these are the questions which have been bothering you since long, then Salesforce Admin Certification could be one the preferred pathways for you, which can help you find the right answers for these. Let us know more about this certification, in the following sections.

What is Salesforce Admin Certification?

According to Salesforce.comThe Salesforce Administrator credential is designed for those who have experience with Salesforce and continuously look for ways to assist their companies in getting even more from additional features and capabilities.

Salesforce also believes that the candidates should also have an excellent understanding of customising Salesforce platform in order to meet the business requirements. Regularly configuring the Salesforce platform, managing the users and looking forward to methods to get better results with the help of features and capabilities of the platform. 

How can you apply for this cert?

Applying for Salesforce Admin Certification or even to become salesforce certified advanced administrator; the overall process remains the same. 

You can apply for the exam be it online or offline mode. For online mode, you can take the exam on your system. The exam will require some system requirements to be full filled and it will be a web-cam monitored exam.  On the other hand, if you opt for offline mode of the Exam, you are required to locate a nearby exam centre and schedule the exam offline. You can schedule the exam 24-72 hours before the specific date or time, nevertheless it is advisable to schedule the exam at least one week ahead.

How to Schedule the Salesforce Admin Certification exam?

Registering or scheduling for Salesforce Admin Certification Exam is not that difficult. You can simply follow the steps below:

How to Schedule the Salesforce Admin Certification exam?

You will receive a confirmation email for the same, and you are good to go.

How can I prepare for the Salesforce Admin cert?

prepare for the Salesforce Admin cert

Some Sample questions to help you get a clear understanding of the Salesforce Admin Certification Exam

Question1: Assume the Organization Wide default sharing is set to private for all objects and no sharing rules have been created. You have two users in the Sales Rep Role, can they view each other's data?

A. Yes B. No

Question 2: All of the following actions may take place on a Workflow Rule EXCEPT:

  • A. Outbound API message
  • B. Update Field
  • C. Create a Task
  • D. Create an Event

Question3: What type of information can NOT be shown with an S-Control Dashboard component?

  • A. Combination of two other Dashboard components
  • B. External feed of data
  • C. Data Warehouse information
  • D. Flash representations of data

The answers for question 1 and 2 are respectively option A and D. 

If you have started your preparation if you are a working professional on the Salesforce platform or even if you are a salesforce certified advanced administrator, try attempting these sample questions in the comment section. We look forward to your responses for question 3!

About Salesforce Admin Certification Exam and Syllabus covered

Salesforce certification exam outline

Here is the mention of the topics and their respective weightage in the Salesforce Administrator Certification exam. It will help you be better prepared with the topics; you are advised to spend more time, and efforts on the topics with more weightage and pay a good amount of time for revising those topics as well.

Salesforce certification exam outline

The Salesforce Admin Certification Exam basically focuses on the practical knowledge as well as the expertise on the above-mentioned topics. This not only depends on the studied resources but also on the hands-on expertise with the Salesforce Administrative Capacities. 

Why go for Salesforce Admin Certification?

Salesforce Admin Certification is one of the high on demand certifications these days and there are many benefits of having this certificate. Let us have a look at some of these advantages:

  • You get an opportunity to work with the topmost companies across the globe.
  • Certification makes it easier for you to go for jobs with lucrative salaries.
  • Better growth prospects and opportunities are there for professionals with certifications.
  • Location is no more a constraint for you to work, as Salesforce is used all over the world.
  • You improve your career opportunities.

Who all are Eligible for the Salesforce Administrator Certification?

There is no defined eligibility for Salesforce Admin Certification as it can be done by beginners too. Nevertheless, if you are a System Administrator, IT manager, Product manager, Sales operator professional or someone from the IT industry who is looking forward to some new or better opportunities in future, might go for Salesforce Admin Certification. This undeniably adds feathers to your hat when it comes to competition with others in the industry.

What are the prerequisites for the Salesforce Admin Certification?

Just like the eligibility criteria, there are no defined Prerequisites for Salesforce Admin Certification examination. You can appear for this exam even as a beginner, all you need is the understanding of the topics mentioned in this blog. You are advised to have a good understanding of the fundamentals of Salesforce be it navigation throughout the Salesforce Platform, data management as well as Security, and using the Sales Cloud, this is going to make you more confident and well prepared for the examination. You can even check the course details for Salesforce Admin Certification from some credible platform to stay better prepared for the certification exam.

Salesforce Admin Certification Cost

When you start with Salesforce Certification Roadmap, you might be curious about knowing the Salesforce Admin Certification cost. The exam costs you $ 200 plus the taxes USD 200 plus applicable taxes as required per local law.

What is the Salesforce Admin Certification Exam format?

Well, there are 60 multiple-choice/ multiple-select questions and 5 non-scored questions. The time given in order to attempt these questions is 105 minutes. 

Languages in which Salesforce Administration Certification is conducted:

English, Brazilian Portugese, French, German and Spanish.

What is the Salesforce Admin Certification Exam format?

All about Retaking the Salesforce Admin Certification

The examination, retaking policy according to Salesforce.com states that “Salesforce updates all certification exams 3x per year in accordance with Salesforce release cycles (Winter, Spring, Summer). Within each release cycle, you have 3 chances to take the same certification exam (i.e., Salesforce Certified Administrator).

  • In case you fail in your first attempt, you must wait for 24 hours in order to register again.
  • In case you fail in your second attempt, then you have to wait for 14 days.
  • For the third attempt, you must wait for the next release cycle to begin in order to register for the exam again.
  • All the attempts will be reset in the beginning of the next release cycle.

The fees for retaking the Salesforce Admin Certification is $100 plus applicable taxes. The fees to retake the examination for any Salesforce Certification is half the fees for the first attempt. 

Final words on Salesforce Admin Certification

Choosing to go for Salesforce Admin certification is one of the smartest moves in order to step towards a better future in the industry. There are countless number of better job options out there and you can choose the one matching your skill-set and area of interest. You are advised to go through the syllabus, cost, questions, mock test, courses etc. in order to make your path easier and become Salesforce Certified soon.


1. How to get salesforce admin certification ?

In order to get a Salesforce Admin Certification, you need to have a complete understanding of the syllabus, and then you can schedule your examination. you can appear for the examination both online and offline.

2. What is salesforce admin certification?

The Salesforce Admin Certification is a certification for the basic level or beginner of professionals who work for application for Salesforce in their organisation. Salesforce.com is the platform which provides these certifications.  

3. How much does salesforce admin certification cost?

The cost for Salesforce Admin Certification is $200 plus applicable taxes. In case, you want to retake the test, you will have to pay 50% of this fee, which is $100 plus applicable taxes. 

4. How hard/difficult is salesforce admin certification?

Salesforce admin certification Guide, dumps, sample questions, these are certain documents which make the Salesforce Admin Certification pathway easier for you. The exam is not difficult or easy so as to say, it totally depends on your preparation and if you prepare well, it is not that difficult to crack in your first attempt.                

5. How to crack salesforce admin certification?

In order to crack the Salesforce Admin Certification, you need to prepare for the examination and schedule the examination beforehand. You can even go for some online Salesforce Administration Courses to have a better understanding of the syllabus and stay prepared for the examination. 

6. Is salesforce admin certification worth it?

Salesforce admin certification is truly worth it, owing to the number of benefits it has for the professionals, be it in the career growth, better salary options or even finding a job at the preferred locations.

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