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Salesforce Admin Roles & Responsibilities - What Does a Salesforce Admin Do?


Do you know more than 88% of fortune 100 companies use at least one Salesforce app? And with a 37.4% annual growth rate, more than 4,670 Salesforce Admin jobs were created in the US market (in one year). Out of them, 39% are viewed as entry-level jobs.

Salesforce Administrator is one of the best titles to go for if you are analytical, agile, and up for saving businesses from goof ups on a daily basis. Yes, Salesforce admin roles and responsibilities are pretty much to help companies administer the Salesforce systems, recommend the best solutions, maintain sales databases, and help peers accommodate well with the Salesforce products & its latest releases. 

The demand for Salesforce Admins can be independently needed or either clubbed within the Salesforce Developer role, it all depends on company to company. If you are inspired by such demand & the role they play and are ready to step on the Salesforce career path as an Administrator, here in the following blog, we will help you identify the Salesforce admin job description based on experience level, a company like Amazon as an example, and popular work industries. And we have also mentioned the quick 6 tools that Salesforce admin job roles require. 

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Who is a Salesforce Administrator? What are the Salesforce Admin Roles and Responsibilities?

Salesforce Administrators are the bridge between a business & Salesforce technology. They are the go-to person in a company who guides management, stakeholders & users about the use of Salesforce’s suite of products. Basically, they guide end-to-end about Salesforce products & helps remove any doubts or queries regarding the use & deployment of products.

They are real-time problem-solvers. Their job is to quickly think, analyze, find solutions to remove the bottlenecks to make the Salesforce users’ lives easier & automate the business processes. 

They are like confidante to their colleagues & other dependable titles, as they are needed to:

  • Decode the technical level use of Salesforce products for new joiners, management or departments of sales, customer, marketing, in a simple context.
  • Be aware of all the latest releases, features, innovations of the platform & ensures the business is updated on them.

From recommending best practices of Salesforce use within different departments to ensuring there are no blockers in the way of fast & safe salesforce production org, you can expect to wear so many different hats as Salesforce Administrators. 

While getting employed in any virtual yet standard office setting of any business niche, working a week at an amazing salary package, you would have 4 core Salesforce admin roles and responsibilities as follows, to honor:

Salesforce Admin Job Responsibilities

  1. Analyzing Business Needs & Suggesting the Best Solutions
  2. Upgrading the Salesforce Systems
  3. Performing constant & effective integrations & configurations
  4. Maintaining Documents & Conducting Training

1. Analyzing Business Needs & Suggesting the Best Solutions

Communication is a must-have trait, you should hone it while entering this role. You as an admin would be required to understand & analyze the needs of business & its different departments at wholesome. And based on those analytics, you would be required to pose certain recommendations or latest practices to implement effective Salesforce CRM solutions.

2. Upgrade the Salesforce Systems

Foresightedness is another must-have trait, you should hone while entering this role. Based on new Salesforce releases regarding tools, features, methods announced, you would require to do proper research, update the business system, and make it more effective, sustainable & problem-solving for a successful Salesforce production org.

3. Constant & effective integrations & configurations

You as an administrator would require understanding the need of integrating the business systems with other important business tools that could give holistic solutions to Salesforce users. While working with different departments, you would need to understand what additional tools & systems would be required to be integrated or configured for enhancing the work efficiency of each department, be it sales, marketing, customer, development or so.

4. Maintaining Documents & Conducting Training

As a Salesforce Admin, your role is to ensure that each department has educational documentation & resources to further their knowledge base around the usability of Salesforce tools, features, functionality for the effective production org.

You would also be responsible to perform certain training sessions to ensure the knowledge curve of users is timely gauged & updated, and they are in every way confident to pursue their obligations around the salesforce platform with great confidence level & finesse.

Here is a Quick Salesforce Admin Role Description

This is what day-to-day Salesforce Admin job duties are:

  • To make sure Salesforce systems & products are optimally performing
  • To regulate the salesforce roles, users, profiles, workflows, groups, and sharing rules
  • To timely upgrade & optimize the Salesforce systems to allow optimized integration
  • To safely & accurately import the sales team data inclusive of leads, contact info & other important details
  • To manage & maintain the Sales cloud
  • To build custom reports & dashboards
  • To analyze & install the new Salesforce releases
  • To prepare training materials & manage sessions for the users
  • To document everyday processes, make changes to the field history table, and as well as the error reports
  • To prepare concise & helpful reports for the sales team or department

What does a Salesforce Admin Do on Junior and Senior Level?

Check out the complete junior & senior Salesforce Admin Job description gathered from different job portals & hiring managers.

Junior Salesforce Admin Job Description (with less or equal 1+ years experience)

As entry-level, below or equal to 1 year of experience, generally you will be working under a senior-level Salesforce admin or consultant, and your junior Salesforce Admin Job Description would be:

  • To create new user profiles, groups
  • To regulate access of dashboards or any visual data represented that is combined through reports
  • Run and manage deduplication tools
  • To oversee and train users around the use and any complexity of applications
  • To ensure the database is updated & maintained
  • To migrate the applications to the new systems
  • To evaluate & update the latest installs

Intermediate Salesforce Admin Job Description (2-4+ Years of Experience)

On moving up in the experience ladder, somewhere around with 2- 4+ years of experience, this is what your duties would look like:

  • To manage the Salesforce support queue for employees & customers and modify requests
  • To advocate for best Salesforce practices and to bring them aboard
  • To oversee junior Salesforce admin job role and delegate work as applicable
  • To end-to-end manage the community users, business associates & the employees
  • To fulfill the complete org congrats in the sandbox environments. And To manage, test, and implement other test or production with deployment tools as prescribed
  • To oversee & finish end-user training, take orientation sessions when required, and promote righteous adoption of Salesforce best practices across business units or departments
  • To regulate sharing settings, OWD, permission sets, profile, user groups, etc
  • To make changes for improving the  design of all systems & document release notes
  • To add to production configuration by managing custom field, creating objects, bringing updates, and more
  • To perform all intrinsic data management tasks, inclusive of mass data updates & safe imports

Senior Salesforce Admin Job Description (4+ Years Experience)

With 4+ years of experience, going down the line, you will be entitled to honor the following senior Salesforce Admin job description:

  • To assist with apps implementation on Salesforce.com by bringing great administration and configuration specialization
  • To manage all the basic Salesforce.com administration inclusive of user management, access management, managing user groups, setting profile, and permissions.
  • To handle data migration tasks like uploads, upsert & data backups.
  • To oversee general Admin tasks of managing page layouts, creating custom objects, adding fields, identifying permissions, user groups, etc.
  • To take note of advanced administration including S-controls,  triggers, validation rules, workflow, etc.
  • To ensure basal workflow development
  • To put code to test and oversee production environments based on release notes and perform the pre/post-deployment steps
  • To provide updates timely as per build statuses and to also share risks & mitigate them till closure
  • To ensure  Sandboxes are working fine, maintain updates on runbook, and troubleshoot or solve any technical issues
  • To ensure complete automation for the tasks performed commonly
  • To execute administration tasks as per the governance principles defined by the organization in particular
  • To have sound exposure & understanding of SOQL, Visualforce, Apex, Lightning Components, and complete Salesforce.com APIs.
  • To be aware of development & release procedures, standard practices to develop on the Force.com platform, upgrade cycle, etc.
  • Exposure of DevOps, CI/CD Process and code versioning systems like Github, etc is a plus.

Salesforce Admin Job Description With an Actual Popular Giant!

Here is a quick rundown on the Salesforce Admin Job description with Popular tech Giant Amazon.com.

Salesforce Administration Job Description at Amazon.com

Requirements to Pursue Salesforce Admin Duties

To be able to pursue the Salesforce admin duties, you need to:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline (computer science would be advantageous). However, you don’t necessarily require a technical degree to pursue this career. An up-skill with contemporary training would help you brace up with technical or overall Salesforce Admin job responsibilities.
  • Qualification of deemed Salesforce Admin Certifications --- Salesforce Certified Administrator and further Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator. As many hiring managers prefer hiring certified staff for this role. Here follow this complete guide to Salesforce Admin Certification here, as this will give you complete exam detail, how to apply, how to pass the exam, and everything else.
  • Few Years of experience of working as a Salesforce Administrator, if growing in experience level. However, if you are a newbie entering the field, you can start with internships & small projects & focus on imbibing practical skills.

Salesforce admin responsibilities are very real-time, agile, & skilled. Better focus on attaining the formal Salesforce Admin Training through an accredited e-learning platform and acquire the right knowledge of:

  • Salesforce products, tools, applications, new releases
  • How to manage the Salesforce profiles, manage access, allocate roles, manage groups & workflows
  • How to import the crucial sales data
  • Email marketing expertise in relation to how to segment the email lists & conduct A/B tests on them
  • How to manage the salesforce reports
  • End-to-end data upkeep & management to ensure it’s organized, safe, and easy to access
  • Accurately managing small chunks of detailed data with great attention to detail
  • Bringing remedial actions to ensure Salesforce is accessible equally by both technical & non-technical folks of the company
  • Support end-users with Salesforce documentation & training

6 Salesforce Administrators Tools --- That Saves Your Many Man Hours!

As a Salesforce Administrator, you would be entrusted with the management of data, that too enterprise’s important data. Which might be very consuming, and most of all, so delicate, onerous & repetitive to handle. Here are some Salesforce tools that might reduce your man-hours  & make you work efficiently and execute each & every task with great finesse.

Salesforce Admin Tools


  1. Data Export Wizard

Data export wizard takes Salesforce data’s backup once a week or month, it makes it easy to restore lost records.

  1. Setup Audit Trail


The setup audit trail lets you check the modifications of the past 6 months around objects & fields, user profiles, picklist values, managed packages updates, etc. This can’t undo the changes, but can help you detect the reasons for certain issues.

  1. Pardot 

Pardot is a B2B marketing automation tool, which is good for managing targeted email campaigns, and other marketing communications.

  1. Debug Logs

Debug logs tool can help you maintain database operations, system processes, errors cropping up from unit tests, or during the execution of transactions.

  1. Mass Transfer Records Tool

Mass transfer records tool is a very effective tool to transfer manifold accounts, contacts, leads, custom objects, service contracts, in one go, from one user to another.

  1. Heroku’s Toolkit for Salesforce

Heroku’s hosted applications are good for managing Salesforce tasks like diagnosing the org., managing Salesforce components, comparing the environments or so.

Salesforce Admin Salary Outlook!

The demand for Salesforce Admins is all set to rise by 11% by 2026. As per Glassdoor’s salary report, the annual average Salesforce Administrator salary is $92,504. Based on salaries submitted by employees & recruiters, the Salesforce Admin salary can range between $60,870 - $127,811 (varying based on factors like skills, experience, certification, location, company size, etc.).

To get the complete Salesforce Admin Salary based on experience level, popular giants, locations, read here.

Top 5 Industries Where Salesforce Admin Responsibilities Are High

Apart from IT & software, the Salesforce #Awesomeadmins manages the systems in the following 5 industries in popularity.

1. Nonprofits - Enabling 360 degree view of their NPO’s mission.

The Role of Salesforce administrators at non-profit organizations involves limited budget & resources. They help them keep real-time visibility & tracking of their fundraising, grants, other programs with their impact & engagement.

2 . Financial Services - Helping Financial Services Adapt & Grow!

The role of Salesforce administrators at financial institutions is to set up a financial cloud, customize Salesforce CRM to help with core financial services like banking, insurance, retirement planning, financial advice, wealth management, etc. They help companies view & manage their financial clients’ profiles, data, accounts, relationship networks to drive client satisfaction & meet the business’s end goals.

3.Manufacturing Services - Optimizing Supply Chain Management & Personalizing Deliveries!

The role of Salesforce Administrators with manufacturing units helps them with cross-functional projects for improving the quality and efficiency of the supply chain and reducing overall costs by making innovative recommendations, improving processes, updating systems, etc.

4. Retail Services - Identifying & Meeting Customers' Needs with the Right Message at right time!

A salesforce admin in the retail industry is needed to give a unified view of target customers, penetrate cloud marketing automation, improve processes and customize Salesforce to help partners, sales employees or associates act on valid data or information for delivering services that build a loyal customers base.

5. Education - Creating Personalized & Seamless Student Experiences!

The Salesforce Admin’s role at higher education institutions is to bring Salesforce’s out-of-the-box features to help convert leads into alum by supercharging recruitment & admission processes, managing student LMS, resolving student issues.

Final Thoughts on Salesforce Admin Roles and Responsibilities!

The Salesforce ecosystem is all set to create 4.2 million jobs for all sorts of Salesforce profiles. Within which, Salesforce Administrator is a very intrinsic role that’s kind of lifeblood to businesses moving their foot to Salesforce CRM & cloud.  If a company is deploying Salesforce CRM, they can’t do without Salesforce Admins, who helps to bring the most out from this CRM. 

They are analytical prodigies who help to make Salesforce CRM adaptable, sustainable according to the dynamic needs of the companies. 

Hope the above guide helped you understand the Salesforce admin roles and responsibilities and gave you an idea of how much of a fun, approachable, and growing this Salesforce career is! If in case you have any queries regarding the Salesforce Admin career or its job, feel free to pitch us in the comments down below!

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