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Salesforce Admin Salary - How Much Does a Salesforce Admin Make?


Do you know out of 5 stars, the Salesforce Admin job title has received 3.86, in terms of job satisfaction, as per Payscale?

Also, 58% of Salesforce Admins in the USA think their salaries justify their cost of living to a great magnitude.

Salesforce surfacing a huge ecosystem leads to quite attractive Salesforce administrator salaries with great work-life balance & growth opportunities. There are many reasons for attractive Salesforce salaries or salesforce administrator salaries. It takes a lot of effort to configure, implement & develop at Salesforce to support effective business needs.

From small ventures to leading corporations, today every business kind is fond of Salesforce Admins who could help them bring smart SFDC configurations. They are even ready to pay handsomely if a candidate possesses the right skills, talent, certification, and dedication to work.

Are you too looking forward to working within the Salesforce ecosystem with loaded compensations? Salesforce Admin can be an ideal role to start with. Continue reading to find out:

  • Key factors affecting salesforce certified administrator salary?
  • How much do salesforce admins make? The Salesforce Admin average salary as per different job portals.
  • How much is the entry level Salesforce Admin Salary?
  • What expected salesforce certified administrator salary is? 
  • What is the 1-2 years experienced junior Salesforce Administrator salary is?
  • What is the mid-level or senior Salesforce Administrator salary?
  • What special Salesforce Admin Skills to add can get you hired?
  • What is the average Salesforce Admin certification salary at top-level companies, and at different geographical locations?

Continue to know the actual Salesforce Admin Salary before you apply for the new job or ask for that deserving raise!

7 Key Factors That Affects Your Salesforce Admin Salary

Here are 7 key factors that impact your Salesforce Admin average salary, either in a good way or a constructive way. 

1. The Location

A job location lays a deep impact on your compensation opportunities. We know not all countries are equal in terms of distributing incomes. Not just economic factors, but the balance between the demand & supply for Salesforce Admins is another reason for fluctuating salary curves in different locations.

Some of the countries you can think of relocating to are the USA, UK, India, Canada, Australia. As these countries majorly invite skilled & certified Salesforce Admins from outside, at great negotiations.

2. Training & Certification

Job markets of national-level or even overseas are very particular about hiring dedicated, trained & certified Salesforce admins. By appearing as a trained & certified Salesforce professional, you can make your candidature prioritized over non-certified professionals, with more playing opportunities.

In a survey, 44% of professionals experienced a 24% increase in average salary by acquiring the Salesforce Admin Certification.”

If you take the accredited Salesforce Admin Training online, you can seem to be highly competitive, get the core knowledge to clear Salesforce Admin Certs, and gain immense confidence to win the desired entry-level Salesforce Admin Salary.

3. Company Size & Type

All companies differ by scale & investment & thus have different salary allocations. The bigger the companies, the bigger will be their operations & customer base. Plus, they will even have their own custom Salesforce app or software to manage, which will require high-end Salesforce teams at a high-level Salesforce Admin Salary.

“When you take accredited Salesforce Admin Training online and gather the industry-specific skills, it gets easy to approach the high-paying tech giants for jobs."

4. Desired Skills & Knowledge

Every company has requirements for certain skills & knowledge, which increases your chances of bagging a high Salesforce Admin jobs salary. While applying for the companies, make sure to study their skills & job duty requirements & match that to whatever knowledge you have ingrained during online training or self-studying.

5. Years of Experience (seniority)

Do you know 86% of recruiters consider years of experience the most important factor while hiring? Years of experience are another factor that affects your compensation. The more you grow in experience, the more you will attract the salary.

It’s okay If you are just starting with no relevant work exposure as still you can attract the attractive pay scale. By having effective training, obtaining the right certification & confidently putting yourself in interviews, you can still start from a very good entry-level Salesforce Admin salary or entry-level salesforce administrator jobs.

6. Specialization

Having specialization hold your back to strong grab a good entry level salesforce administrator salary. There are multiple specialization pathways that you can follow for a shiny Salesforce career. You can start with  mastering Sales Cloud, Admins can then verge into a specialism like CPQ,  Pardot Expert - Consultant, Specialist, Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

You may also read: Know Everything about Salesforce Consultant Salary

The Organization generally looking for a Salesforce Administrator having multiple specialization skills in more than one platform area will expect to offer a handsome salary, than the one having common skills! 

Professionals having specialization with sound knowledge & understanding best practices across multiple feature sets strengthen your claim for salesforce administrator salaries,, will also be attractive to organizations that don’t want to lose you.

7. Resume & Interview Preparation

Having the right skills & certifications won’t be enough to get you a job unless you don’t have the capability to reflect them in the right way over resumes and during interviews. A well-prepared resume & interview is a key to attract the amazing Salesforce admin salary.

Join Salesforce Admin Training online, where Salesforce Admin resumes & interview preparations are also prioritized along with job-ready skill-building.

Also Read: Salesforce Developer Resume Sample 

Top Giants Hiring for Salesforce Admin Roles at Highest Package

Wish to know which companies are offering Salesforce Admin jobs at very lucrative salaries? Here are some establishments you can explore with your incredible candidature and bag that desired negotiation from the start level.

  1. Amazon - Global eCommerce Services - $133,000
  2. Credible - Financial Technology Company - $120,000
  3. Nutanix - American Cloud Company - $113,000
  4. eBay - Multinational eCommerce corporation - $113,000
  5. Valimail - Automated Cybersecurity Solutions Provider - $113,000
  6. OwnBackup Ltd. - Automated data security provider - $113,000
  7. LinkedIn - Employment-oriented Service  - $111,000
  8. Hallmark -  Private Owned Company  - $109,000
  9. Sourcegraph -  Code search & navigation tool  - $113,000
  10. Artech Information System - Global Workforce Solution  - $112,000
  11. Forever 21 -   Fashion Retailer  - $108,000
  12. Jive Communications -  Unified Communication Services  - $108,000
  13. Uber -  Technology Company  - $108,000
  14. Cox Enterprises - Communication & Automotive Services  - $106,000
  15. Internet Brands -  Media & Technology Company  - $107,000
  16. Main Street America Group -   Insurance Services  - $105,000
  17. AppNexus -   Multinational Technology Company - $105,000

Salary of Salesforce Admin As Per Different Job Portals

Salary of Salesforce Admin by Glassdoor

As per Glassdoor’s salary report, the annual average Salesforce Administrator salary is $92,504. Based on salaries submitted by employees & recruiters, the Salesforce Admin salary can range between $60,870 - $127,811 (fluctuating based on skills, experience, certification, location, company size, etc.).

Other factors such as additional compensation or bonuses can also make the salary go up.

Salesforce Admin Salary by Indeed

As per Indeed, the average base pay of Salesforce admins is $90,650. While based on factors like location, skills, years of experience, company type, the annual average salary of a Salesforce admin can range between $76,908- $130,321.


Salesforce Admin Salary by Payscale

As per Payscale, the average base pay of Salesforce Admin at the beginning level is $68,000. Based on different estimations, the average Salesforce Admin salary ranges between $65,598 to  $92,928. These salaries differ based on factors such as years of experience, skills, locations, company types, etc.

Salesforce Admin Salary for Freshers, Mid Level & Experienced Professionals

Check out the Salesforce Admin Salary based on the level of experience in the work industry.

  • Junior Salesforce Admins or entry-level salesforce administrator jobs with 0-2 years of experience in managing Salesforce features on a daily basis & acting as first-line support for SDFC users, can expect to receive an annual average salary range between $68,070 - $98,152. 
  • A mid-level Salesforce Admin with 2-4 years of experience in managing complex Salesforce features, more users, SDFC customizations, integrations, can expect to receive an annual average salary ranging between $90,000 - $107,510.
  • A senior-level Salesforce Admin with more than 5+ years of experience in managing complex SDFC features, external parties for carrying out numerous releases per year with great management skills & duty of governance, can expect to be paid an annual average salary between $100,000 to $123,158.

Top Locations Where Salesforce Admins Can Earn The Most

If you love adventures & are up for relocating, here are the top 5 places where Salesforce Admin Salaries are huge & worth taking.

Salary of Salesforce Admin in the USA

Your dream to be in the USA, a country known for its tech innovations, Grand Canyon, sports can now come true!  Here are the annual average salaries estimated from different job portals for Salesforce Admins in the USA.

  • As per Payscale, the annual average salary of Salesforce Admin is between $88,000 to $102,000  in the USA.
  • As per Glassdoor, the annual average salary of Salesforce Admin is between $70,718 - $103,000  in the USA.
  • As per Indeed, the annual average salary of a Salesforce Admin is between $80, 650 to $101,611 in the USA.

Salary of Salesforce Admin in Canada

Relocate & make a Salesforce career in Canada, and get to enjoy beautiful things such as ice hockey, ecstatic wildlife, maple syrup, chilly winters, diversity & lots more! Here are the annual average salaries estimated from different job portals for Salesforce Admins in Canada.

  • As per Payscale, the annual average salary of a Salesforce Admin is between C$62,809 to C$ 120,000 in Canada.
  • As per Glassdoor, the annual average salary of a Salesforce Admin is between CA$65,000 to CA$115000 in Canada.
  • As per Indeed, the annual average salary of Salesforce Admin is between $69,815 to $109,218 in Canada.

Salary of Salesforce Admin in India

Stay in India, a country known for its diverse culture, spices, Taj Mahal, Ganges river, beautiful landscapes to make a profound career with Salesforce! Here are the annual average salaries estimated from different job portals for Salesforce Admins in India.

  • As per Payscale, the annual average salary of Salesforce Admin is between INR 4,03,000 to INR 711,419 in India.
  • As per Glassdoor, the annual average salary of Salesforce Admin is between INR 6,50,000 to INR 10,75,206 in India.
  • As per Indeed, the annual average salary of Salesforce Admin is between INR 6,13,034  to INR 11,38,218 in India.

Salary of Salesforce Admin in Australia

Love Australia’s vividness, Sydney Opera House, Aboriginal Culture, alluring deserts, aged wine? Plan a stay in this lively country & make a standout career in Salesforce! Here are the annual average salaries estimated from different job portals for Salesforce Admins in Australia.

  • As per Payscale, the annual average salary of a Salesforce Admin is between AU$65,328 to AU$81,519  in Australia.
  • As per Glassdoor, the annual average salary of Salesforce Admin is between $60,870 - $127,811  in Australia.
  • As per Indeed, the annual average salary of Salesforce Admin is between $84,000 - $100,000 a year in Australia.

Salesforce Admin Jobs are in High Demand

If you are still unsure of why make Salesforce Admin your career goal, see how many Salesforce Jobs are posted in regularity on different job portals with attractive packages. 

Linkedin salesforce admin jobs

Glassdoor salesforce admin jobs

Indeed salesforce admin jobs

Masonfrank salesforce admin jobs

ZipRecruiter salesforce admin jobs

How Much Does Salesforce Admin Make in Different Work Industries?

Here are the lowest average salaries offered to Salesforce Admins in the top 4 Industries.

Popular Salesforce Admin Skills That Recruiters Look ForThe Salesforce Admin Salary is highest for the IT, Healthcare & Finance industry as the use of Salesforce CRM is soaring high within them. To make a strong-rooted career in these industries, make sure you have an accredited Salesforce Admin Training & Certification by hand.

Here are the popular Salesforce Admin skills that recruiters often look for in your candidature while hiring.

  • System Configurations, Customizations
  • Salesforce Administration
  • Cloud Computing
  • Customer Relationship Management (CMS)
  • System Administration
  • Database management & reporting
  • Business Analysis
  • SFDC Security Model
  • System Administration
  • Salesforce Lightning
  • Salesforce VisualForce
  • Business process
  • Business Logic, Business Process Automation
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Data, Reports & Dashboard Management
  • Data Management
  • Formulas & validations
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • End-user enablement

Skills That Positively Impacts Your Salesforce Admin Salary

Here are the certain Salesforce Admin skills with their percentage impact on your overall Salesforce Admin salary.

Salesforce Admin Skills

Assumed % Increment in Salaries

Software Architecture 


Oral or Verbal Communication


System Testing 


Business Analysis 




System Testing


Database Architecture 


Requirement Analysis


Software Development


Project planning/management




If you are planning to pursue a career as Salesforce Administrator, get an inside view here about Salesforce Admin Roles & Responsibilities.

Other Salesforce Admin Related Jobs with Average Compensation

While starting under Salesforce, you might only hear of junior Salesforce Admin, Salesforce Developer, or Salesforce Consultant roles. But once you get some formal Salesforce training, certification, Job experience under the belt, here are certain Salesforce Admin-related jobs & salaries you can attract for more broad & fulfilling career opportunities.

  • Salesforce Developer - $141,201
  • Technical Architect - Average Annual Salary - $180,000
  • Technical Consultant - Average Annual Salary - $171,000
  • Developer - Average Annual Salary - $162,500
  • Development Manager - $163,500
  • Solution Architect - $161,000
  • Functional Consultant - $151,000
  • Program Manager - $158,000
  • Project Manager - $149,000
  • Functional Consultant - $151,000
  • Pre-sales Consultant - $148,000
  • CRM Manager - $147,000
  • VP Sales - $222,500
  • Sales Development - $88,000
  • Database Manager - $90,000
  • Data Modeler - $90,000
  • Database Engineer - $94,000
  • Consultant Database Admin - $101,000
  • Senior Database Admin - $104,000
  • Lead Database Admin - $111,000

Salesforce System Administrator Salary: Career Outlook

If you're interested in growing your career in Salesforce & becoming a Salesforce Administrator, one of the first things to consider is how much education you need. If we talk about Salesforce administrators, around 76.8% of Salesforce Administrators have a bachelor's degree, and 15.9% of Salesforce Administrators have master's degrees. Even though most Salesforce Administrators have a college degree, you can become only with a high school degree or GED.

Choosing the right major is always an important step when joining a new career. You can grow and be trained in any other role in Salesforce, including; Developer, Architect, Business Analyst, Marketing Cloud specialist, and more. By can continue to upskill in your field and become a Senior Salesforce Administrator enjoying a good salesforce administrator salary. 

Let's take a look at some of why Salesforce Administrator could be a fantastic career option.

  • Work with a business-dominating technology. 
  • Enjoy extensive job opportunities & career growth. 
  • Get involved with an exciting, innovative platform. 
  • Be part of an inclusive communities. 
  • Access to advanced technology training opportunities.
  • Get started with attractive Salesforce Administrator Salaries.

There are a lot more benefits that you can enjoy in terms of stability, career growth, salaries that you can enjoy.

Explore: Salesforce Glassdoor Salaries

Tips to Improve Your Salesforce Admin Salary

If you want to increase your salesforce admin salary ,here are the effective tips to accelerate your Salesforce career path.

  • Decide on relevant certifications based on your preferance and job role.
  • Focus on that specialization only.
  • Lear required coding skills
  • Carve out niche to understand industry requirements
  • Upskill yourself with all demanding technical skills 
  • Actively participate in role and team
  • Strive to explore more and indispensably contribute to the organizational growth.

Salesforce Certifications That Impact Salesforce Administrator Salaries

Why Should Go For Salesforce Certifications?

Salesforce is one of the hottest technologies out there. Mentioning Salesforce on your resume is definitely a plus point and if you are the certified one, it will give you even more edge among the applicants applying for same position.

Here are few more reasons as to why you should get Salesforce certification- 

  • Recognized organizations seeks to hire more certified people as it help them prove their capabilities & attract potential clients. 
  • With growing demand of certified salesforce professionals, gaining certification help you land the job with good package.
  • Salesforce certifications prove your proficiency give credibility to your Salesforce knowledge and expertise.

Lets see the Salesforce certifications  that can help you propel your salesforce administrator career and salary scale. 


For different salesforce credentials salesforce offer different certifications as shown in the above image. 

Lets discuss about the certifications that you can take up in the Administration track.

Salesforce Certifications For Administrator Track

For administrators leve Salesforce mainly offers two certifications-

1. Salesforce Certified Administrator –  If you who wants to start your salesforce career as an administrator, then you should be looking at being a Salesforce Certified Administrator. And for that  you should go for Salesforce Admin 201 certification. For that candidates should possess broad knowledge of customizing Salesforce including- configuring the platform, managing users, and looking for advanced customizationknowledge to get even more out of its features and capabilities. 

Having a Salesforce Admin 201 certification proves your proficiency in:

  • Knowledge of Salesforce application.
  • Customization capabilities
  • Platform presentaion capabilities
  • Configuring and managing sales and services of cloud applications
  • Managing Salesforce CRM

Now lets move on the advanced certification for administrator level.

2. Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator – To become Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator first you need to be Salesforce Certified Administrator with 2-5 years of experience with sound knowledge and expertise in full set of Salesforce features.

Having Salesforce Advanced Administrator certificate proves your proficiency in:

  • Designing robust and scalable salesforce applications.
  • Handleding a fair share of Salesforce Orgs.

With these certifications you can confidently land the job with a handsome salesforce certified administrator salary.

Let see Salesforce administrator salaries with certification-

  • Entry Level Salesforce Admin Salary: $65,883 a year
  • Junior Salesforce Administrator Salary: $79,883 a year
  • Senior Salesforce Administrator Salary: $115439 a year.

Also check - Comprehensive Salesforce Admin Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions on Salary of Salesforce Administrators

Q1. How much does Salesforce Admin make?

Ans. The Average Salary of a Salesforce Administrator is dependent on the level of experience & location. If we talk about entry-level salesforce administrator salary, it is estimated as $98,152 p.a. While if we talk about mid-level experience salary for salesforce admin, it is estimated as $107,510 p.a. If we talk about the average senior Salesforce Administrator salary, it is about $123,158 per year. 

Q2. How much does a beginning salesforce admin make per year?

Ans. According to Payscale, the average junior Salesforce Administrator salary for professionals with experience less than or equal to 1 year can range between $56,555 to $65,598, which may or may not include bonus, tips, overtime. 

Q3. What cities pay the highest salesforce admin jobs salary?

Ans. According to Payscale, the Salesforce Admin Salary is highest in cities such as New York, Washington, and Seattle. Even in cities like San Francisco and California, you can expect to earn 29.1% more salary for Salesforce admin than the national average.  

Q4. How much is the Sr Salesforce Administrator Salary?

Ans. As per Payscale, the Sr Salesforce Administrator salary for a professional with experience 10-19 can be around $92,928 and beyond.

Q5. Which Indian cities offer the highest salary for Salesforce Admins?

Ans. As per Indeed, these are the few highest paying cities in India for Salesforce Admins:

  • Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Pune, Maharashtra
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Gurgaon, Haryana
  • Kahar, Punjab
  • Delhi
  • Mohali, Chandigarh

Q6. Which Australian cities offer the highest salary for Salesforce Admins?

Ans. As per Indeed, here are the few Australian cities that pay the highest salary for Salesforce Admins.

  • Sydney NSW
  • Surry Hills NSW
  • Melbourne City Centre VIC
  • Melbourne VIC
  • Sydney Central business district

Q7. Which Canadian cities offer the highest salary for Salesforce Admins?

Ans. Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal QC, as indeed have the prime job opportunities for Salesforce Admin at very lucrative salaries.

Q8. Which cities in the UK pay the highest Salesforce admin jobs salary?

Ans. As per Indeed, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Leicester, Abingdon, Kidderminster, Oxford are few prime locations that offer the highest Salesforce admin jobs salary.

Q9. How to get the highest Salesforce Admin certification salary?

Ans. To get the highest salesforce Admin Certification salary, better take an accredited Salesforce Admin training online that prepares you end-to-end for the Salesforce Admin certification as well as this profile’s job responsibilities. 

Confused where to find such a platform, try us, we have a free Salesforce Admin demo class & career counseling too :)

Final Words on Salesforce Admin Salary!

There is nothing to doubt about why Salesforce Admins are compensated heavily, after all, they carry out core functions of maximizing SFDC configurations to optimize business operations for performance excellence.

The demand for qualified Salesforce Admins is higher than ever. Companies are willing to pay the highest certified Salesforce Administrator salary to the individuals who could bring the right balance of applicable Salesforce skills & confidence.

Hope this article has helped you understand the realistic Salesforce Admin average salary. Note that, the above certified Salesforce Administrator salary is not set in stone, and can fluctuate in reality for different job applicants, based on factors:

  • Work location
  • Skills & knowledge
  • Company type, scale, industry
  • Salesforce Admin Training & certification
  • Resume & interview preparation
  • The seniority or experience level
  • And lots more factors…

To pursue the right Salesforce job & lucrative salary for a Salesforce Admin, you need to master the technical skills, for that, it’s advisable if you take a formal Salesforce Admin Training of quick 6 weeks with us.

If you are interested in knowing about our Salesforce Admin course module or anything in detail about Salesforce Admin certification salary, feel free comment in the comments section down below. We will be happy to have you at queries of any type.

Also, for your benefits we have answered some common queries related to Salesforce Admin salary. Do check them as well.

Till then stay tuned to our blogs for more such insightful information.

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