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Salesforce Administrator Salary (Earn More in 2024)


Are you wondering how much is the Salesforce admin salary?”, “What skills are companies looking for in a Salesforce admins?” “How does the Salesforce Administrator certification affect the payout? What are the factors affecting salesforce administrator salary? In this blog, let's explore the surge in Salesforce admin jobs and the salary rise.

How Much is The Demand for Salesforce Administrators?

You should have thought of the ecosystem to comprehend why associations are enlisting explicit Salesforce-based jobs to utilize cloud-based and automated solutions proficiently. Organizations depend on it for everything from continuously revealing upgraded ERP cross-division correspondence to disentangled software development tools and IoT gadget availability joining. Salesforce generates a total annual revenue of $21.25 billion. Revenue has increased by 24.27% over the previous fiscal year.

Salesforce revenue has grown at a CAGR of 51.22% over the last 20 years. As indicated by Glassdoor, Salesforce is among a couple of essential aptitudes, with over 4,000 employments accessible for Salesforce experts. If you are looking for a technical job, you would be keen on vocations like Salesforce administrator, developer, analyst, engineer, cloud professional, and technical support, and that's just the beginning.

What are The Roles and Responsibilities of a Salesforce Administrator?

Salesforce administrators are required to have a profound comprehension of the understanding of Salesforce and also know when it is suitable to go to a developer for highlight augmentations. Responsibilities of a Salesforce admin include setting up clients, administration, and training. 

Primary tasks:

  • Have a deep understanding of the configuration side of Salesforce
  • Set up users, administration, and training processes
  • Project work also features heavily in an Administrator role.

To help this gauge, look at one of the number of Salesforce administrators required on the number of users utilizing Salesforce.

Number of Salesforce users

Administrators required

1-30 users


31-74 users

1+ full-time administrator

74-149 users

1 senior administrator, 1 junior administrator

150-499 users

1 business analyst, 2-4 administrators

500-750 users

1-2 business analyst, 2-4 administrators

750 users

Depends upon a variety of factors

The Average Salesforce Administrator Salary in USA

  • Starting salary: $45,000
  • Average salary: $95,000
  • Highest salary: $123,407

As indicated by, Salesforce Certified Administrators can make somewhere between $40,000 and $130,000 every year, contingent upon training and experience levels, and the average compensation for certified developers can climb significantly higher. Having a Salesforce certification boosts up your chances of enhanced paychecks as it demonstrates the advanced knowledge you may have compared to candidates with no certification in hand.

Have a look at the salary chart below: 


Average Salesforce Salaries 2023  
Salesforce Developer Salary

Developers come to the rescue when requirements go beyond declarative (point-and-click) configuration tools.


$155,125 $116,000 £83,250 £56,875

Salesforce Consultant Salary

Consultants are brought in to solve client problems with a fresh pair of eyes. They need to adapt to changing environments and have a broad knowledge of the platform.


$155,750 $130,750
£75,375 £57,750

Salesforce Admin Salary

Admins know their Salesforce org inside out. They spend time automating business processes, and supporting their users.


$131,750 $103,375
£57,500 £40,875

Salesforce Project Manager Salary

Project Managers will oversee every element of larger
Salesforce projects, including functional/technica resources,
timelines, and budget.


$152,125 $127,750
£94,125 £74,625

Salesforce Business Analyst Salary

The technical translator', forming the bridge between business stakeholders and the technical team. BAs need both business thinking and knowledge of Salesforce platform capabilities.


$144,750 $116,000 £74,250 £59,500

Salesforce Solution Architect Salary

Ultimately responsible for the 'Solution' to the given business requirements, Solution Architects design the vision and architecture to solve a business problem.



Salesforce Technical Architect Salary

Referred to as the 'one percent',Technical Architects need to construct superior Salesforce infrastructure, interwoven with related technologies.




Salesforce Admin Salary Based on Experience

As per survey of Mason Frank International, the average Salesforce Administrator Salary in the USA relies on the degree of experience. A junior-level Administrator will generally gain around $98,152, while mid-level and senior-level Salesforce Administrators can get rates of $107,510 and $123,158.





Salesforce Administrator Salary in the United States

USD 98,152

USD 107,510

USD 123,158

Salesforce Administrator Salary in the United Kingdom

GBP 35,542

GBP 45,427

GBP 55,547

Salesforce Administrator Salary in Germany

EUR 42,042

EUR 48,425

EUR 63,606

Salesforce Administrator Salary in France

EUR 38,580

EUR 45,652

EUR 58,000

Salesforce Administrator Salary in Australia

AUD 90,595

AUD 108,145

AUD 125,695

As indicated by the most up-to-date figures, a junior Salesforce Admin can make up to 125% more than the normal US laborer ($44,000) while their UK partner wins 25% more than the normal UK pay (£27,772).

Turning into a certified Salesforce Admin could build your pay significantly further. As per the 2023 Salary Survey, discoveries state that 39% of respondents saw an ascent in their profit, with one respondent remarking, 'Being certified would give me the influence while negotiating. The 'Administrator' certification is currently the most well-known, having been acquired by 70% of respondents. Holding a Salesforce Cloud Certification from a professional institute like JanBask Training can add an advantage in increasing your payout.

The freelance market has additionally never been progressively productive for Salesforce experts. A contractual Salesforce Admin compensation drifts between $62 and $111 60 per hour. This is a comparable rate to that of a year ago, and keeping in mind that there has been no development, it, in any event, exhibits that the market is steady and supportable.

With the expanding predominance of data management in the society, a Salesforce Administrator is, from numerous points of view, the guardian of an organization's most significant data. He is liable for keeping different parts of the business benefits and concentrating on the client; it's not astounding this occupation saw a 34% development rate throughout the most recent year.

On average, a Salesforce Administrator in India earns about an annual compensation of Rs. 508092. And the monthly average salary is approx Rs. 41103.

As per the report generated by Salary Hood, below is the complete report for the Salesforce Administrator salary.

  • Salesforce Administrator Average Salary Package is Rs. 508092
  • Salesforce Administrator Salary on the Low-End Range is Rs. 309937
  • Salesforce Administrator Salary on the High-End Range is Rs. 1086720
  • The Average Annual Bonus and Benefits in Salesforce-administrator Job: Rs. 40647
  • The Average Annual Profits in Salesforce Administrator Job: Rs. 35217
  • The Average Annual Commissions in Salesforce Administrator Job: Rs. 25405

Highest Paying Regions for Salesforce Administrator

Despite the most elevated living expenses related to the US, it still appears to have the most elevated salary. This could be credited to the US being the home of Salesforce, making compensation be driven higher. Moreover, the skills gaps that make occupations sought after increasingly essential and increase compensation. At long last, this is the locale with the most elevated development for the Salesforce economy.

The outsourcing time-based compensation in the US is radically lower than, for example, Australia. This could be credited to the reality that outsourcing is so typical in the US that there is a lower salary for freelance employers.

As per a Market Realist report, the development of Salesforce in Europe is most elevated over all areas. This 'demonstrates the organization is actualizing its expansion designs and has had the option to diminish its reliance on the Americas.' In the coming years, this development could bring about further increments in pay rates and figures coming nearer to what can be normal in America. Be a one step ahead in the game by preparing well for the interview with top interview questions and answers for salesforce administrator jobs

How to increase your salary as a Salesforce Administrator

Enhances Knowledge Through Certification

A Salesforce administrator certification will give you an inside and out comprehension of the platform and improve client relations and sales for your organization. Getting certified is helpful for experts with long stretches of experience with the platform. They frequently adopt new alternate ways and highlights they hadn't considered beforehand. Explore the career path of salesforce administrators.

Experience Always Play Its Part

Certification instructional classes stress hands-on understanding, industry-important tasks, and contextual investigations, frequently dependent on genuine situations. At the point when you try out a Salesforce administrator certification course, you will get 12 hours of training dedicated to industry ventures and more than 20 hours of in-class lab practice, which will build your skill in the domain. The certification likewise builds your odds of gaining significant pay. The free Salesforce Quiz can help you further enhance your knowledge.

Those with coding abilities will, in general, procure more.

We're not all engineers, and that is alright, yet what we find on our compensation reviews is that those with coding experience will, in general, win more, as do Technical Architects. So, if that makes a difference to you, go out there and get familiar with some Apex! Building up your insight into backend coding can genuinely support your profit - those are the compensations that we will, in general, observe as higher and the aptitudes that organizations will, in general, relegate a couple of more bucks for

Continuously be set up to develop and develop

This applies to any industry indeed. If you began as a Salesforce Administrator in an organization yet, you consequently turned into a Developer and afterward an Architect within five years, for instance, you're going to stand apart far beyond somebody who was an Administrator for a year at three unique organizations.

Remain at the cutting edge of technology

It's alright if the entirety of your experience is with Sales Cloud, yet what's truly going to make you stand apart is if you have involvement in more current items that not very many individuals know about. If you have experience in Salesforce Einstein Analytics, for instance, you're going to stick out — it's extremely intense for us to discover somebody like that

What makes a good Salesforce Administrator?

We've seen IT generalists and people in sales support or operations jobs make strong administrators. In the event that I needed to pick Business Analysts, we believe it is a characteristic fit. By definition, they can break down issues, figure out solutions, and understand data. In many cases, they have the relationship-building abilities to work straightforwardly with C-level and office administrators on initiatives. They comprehend the requirements of the business yet, in fact, sufficiently perilous to know how to complete it. In conclusion, they know how executives like to see data, which is significant when configuring Salesforce analytics.

The next step from here!

Salesforce's abilities will continue expanding in the coming quite a while as more associations are planning to enroll their in-house authorities to manage Salesforce-related requirements and issues as they develop. There are multiple roles and responsibilities salesforce professionals handle. You get clarity on how much salesforce admins make. This blog helps you know about salesforce admin salary in the market. 

Leave your comments or any questions you have in the comment box underneath. Also, join the JanBask community for professional guidance and career support, or become a salesforce certified administrator. Happy earning to the happy learners!


Q1. What are the skills required for a Salesforce Admin?

Ans- Here are the four skills that are the most demanded.

  • Communication: Ensure clients and partners realize when to make changes. Urge clients to embrace the instrument. Tell clients they have support from the group.
  • Listening: This stands out amongst the most significant aptitudes identified with clients' issues. You can't tackle a mind-boggling issue until you comprehend it altogether.
  • Flexibility: This is valid because prerequisites may change now and again, and the business condition should be adaptable enough to suit these necessities.
  • Problem-solving: Users may come to you with various kinds of issues, and there are a lot of choices accessible to unravel them. It is your business to distinguish the correct issue and recommend a suitable answer for every one of the issues.

Q2. How should you prepare for Salesforce Admin certifications?

Ans- 1). Practice Sample Questions:- The first step is to get hold of as many sample questions as you can and start trying your hand at it. All you have to do is to try them.

2). Whitepapers:-Read as much as you can. subscribe and sign up for whitepapers as they are an excellent source of information on topics

3). FAQ:- Do not miss out on reading the FAQs of an exam. This is one of the best ways to see how prepared you are and gives you a good hint of what you will face in your exam.

4). Online Quiz:- The key to good preparation is to practice and test yourself as much as possible and that is why it is advised for you to take online quizzes that help you test your knowledge.

Q3.  Is Salesforce easy to learn

Ans- Though Salesforce is extensive, it is not tough to learn. If you are ready to put your mind and focus into learning the Salesforce CRM and at the same time take up this Salesforce Training program, you will be able to master Salesforce.

Q4. How long does it take to learn Salesforce

Ans:-The average time to get Salesforce Certified is six weeks. However, the amount of time needed to prepare for a Salesforce certification depends on the person's level of experience. It takes six weeks to prepare for the Salesforce admin certification exam if you are brand-new to Salesforce and must put in a minimum of 10 hours every week.

Q5. How do I become a Salesforce admin with no experience? 

Ans: Below is the step-wise-guide to becoming Salesforce 

  • Participate in internship opportunities
  • Try to gain a strong knowledge of related frameworks
  • Gain coding abilities
  • Work on your problem-solving and analytical abilities

Q6. What will I learn from this course?

Ans- You will learn Salesforce admin online concepts - SFC data models, various basic terms of Salesforce, a profound comprehension of the Salesforce security model, salesforce pinnacle triggers, salesforce test classes, and Salesforce automation alternatives. You will almost certainly ace the Salesforce clouds like sales cloud, community cloud, service cloud, marketing cloud, analytics cloud, and so forth., report age, dashboards, and the essentials of Salesforce integration.

Q7. Which certifications are necessary for a Salesforce Admin?

Ans- To have a lucrative career in Salesforce Admin Profile, you need Salesforce Administrator Certification. Salesforce currently offers two stages of administrator certifications:

  • Certified Administrator and
  • Certified Advanced Administrator

Both these certifications are designed and necessary for those professionals who wish to focus on Salesforce’s administrative side functions of an already existing Salesforce solution regime with lucrative salesforce admin salary .

Q8.What is the future scope of Salesforce Admins?

Ans- Salesforce Admin jobs are one of the most excellent and lucrative career options available in the market. There is a huge demand for Salesforce admins, andit  is predicted to create 3.3 million jobs by the end of 2023. You will get an idea of how much do salesforce admins make.

Q9. How do you maintain a growing career in Salesforce?

Ans- To have an ascending career growth in a Salesforce Admin profile, you require the following-

  • Learn a Salesforce admin online course related to new things
  • Be updated with every new update and release.
  • Keep taking accreditation exams and certifications to your credit.

Salesforce Administrator Certification plays a very important role in the career path of Salesforce Admin and salesforce admin salary . 

Q10. What are the job roles in Salesforce?

Ans- You can choose any one of the job roles in Salesforce-

  • Salesforce Administrator
  • Salesforce Developer
  • Salesforce Platform Manager
  • Salesforce Solution Architect


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