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Salesforce Career Path and Certifications - What does the Future holds for Salesforce?


Salesforce has been trending a lot these days and therefore, a Salesforce path for your career is definitely something you should be looking forward to. You can make use of various resources- online tutorials, videos or follow a Salesforce certification path, which is what we will be talking about in this article to boost your Salesforce career. Stay with us as we unfold the Salesforce learning path-

Salesforce is the top-ranked cloud-based CRM software today that was designed with an objective of robust Customer Relationship Management. This is the most interesting choice to discuss with the present and future customers of the Company. Salesforce keeps updating technologies to automate, organize, and synchronize various activities like sales, customer services, marketing,and it offers technical support too. salesforce certification career path

For the last few years, I repeatedly asked a question about Salesforce career paths and future scope exists for someone who is looking for a hot career in the Salesforce marketplace. Well, the answer completely depends on your area of expertise and what you like to do. The Salesforce platform has released plenty of technologies in the market and you can choose any of them to start your career immediately.

Additionally, you need to know your key responsibilities of a particular job and how you can perform really well in your interested area. I would also recommend getting certification from top vendors to enhance your overall skills and improving the knowledge base too.

Finally, this does not matter either you are new to the Salesforce platform or an experienced user. You can always build your resume to launch yourself ahead in the Salesforce career. At the same time, Salesforce certification is proof of your knowledge that states you are ready to land a job in reputed Software Companies working on the Salesforce platform.

If you think you belong to a non-technical platform and following the Salesforce path is not the right choice for you then take a break, please because most successful Salesforce programmers are from the non-technical backgrounds only. In short, instead of focusing on the background almost everyone can learn Salesforce with the proper training and certification programs on JanBask Training. In this blog, we will discuss the Salesforce career paths, Salesforce certification path, and what the future holds for the Salesforce platform.

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Salesforce Career Paths

Based on the Company, your roles and job profile may vary according to the requirements. The most popular job options for Salesforce experts include – Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Architect, Salesforce Developer, and Salesforce consultant. Let us understand each of the roles closely and relevant certifications required to excel in your job profile. 

Salesforce Certification Career Paths

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A). Salesforce Administrator

One of the most popular career paths, highly recommended for job seekers is Salesforce Administrator. I think the man is the real hero manages whole Salesforce instances for an organization. Large companies have an entire team of Salesforce administrators to take care of all technical things related to the platform. As of today, there is nothing as much evolving as a career in Salesforce administration. Based on your experience, you can be assigned any of the three designations and your salaries are also decided accordingly.

Salesforce Certification Career Paths

At the fresher level, you are generally taken at the position of beginner administrator. After 2 or 3 years of experience in Salesforce administration with some reputed Company, you will be titled as an Intermediate administrator soon. Luckily, after an experience of 5 years, you just go beyond basic levels and you got the position of advance administrator and attractive salary hikes too. As an advanced administrator, you are expected to be a thought leader and you have to be innovative to assure upward momentum for the Company. This path contains two popular certifications – Certified Administrator and Certified Advanced Administrator.

B). Salesforce Architect

Salesforce Architect is another popular choice with the recommended certification – Certified Technical Architect. There are around 200 certified technical architects as of now. Anyone who earns certification in this field is considered as the master of the field. This makes it a  great experience to learn Salesforce together for different roles and job profiles.

C). Salesforce Developers

If you have a little hands-on experience and you love programming then following the Salesforce developer path would be right for you and the recommended certification is a certified app builder. As a Salesforce developer, you don’t have to write code actually, but you should know how to make any cloud-based CRM software more user-friendly and easy to understand by everyone. There are plenty of Salesforce tools available in the technical marketplace to deal with workflows, processes, APIs etc on day to day basis. These tools provide you a platform to enter into the programming world without any actual coding skills

Obviously, individuals who follow the Salesforce administrator path and Salesforce Developer path tend to enjoy higher salaries as compared to any other role. The certification as“APP Builder” is a little bit difficult to achieve, but you can do it with the right skills and dedication.

D). Salesforce Consultant

No matter what path you choose to move ahead in your career, understanding roles, responsibilities, and limitations of a particular job profile mainly helps you in accomplishing tasks more precisely and quickly. One of other popular career choices is a Salesforce Consultant. For this purpose, you need to master different Salesforce technologies so that you can provide consultancy services anywhere anytime.

Surely, your career will boost greatly after relevant certifications in different technologies as per your interests only. All of the certifications for the Salesforce consultant post are independent. The only basic requirement is certification in basic administration as a prerequisite. This is just the beginning, with the proper guidance and dedication you can explore the infinity career path for you with the Salesforce platform. I would just love to hear from you about which career path you choose for yourself and how it worked for you.

E). Salesforce Service Cloud Professional

As a Salesforce Service Cloud professional, you will be responsible for setting client-side access, integration, data management, etc. They are also responsible for easy communication between various Salesforce profiles and ensuring. You will be able to design and integrate solutions for the Salesforce cloud suite.

F). Salesforce Project Manager

The Salesforce Project Manager is a much demanded professional in the Salesforce industry.   The Salesforce project managers are expected to have a good in-depth knowledge of cloud computing and its related applications. They are required to work with engineers and business experts to develop expert business solutions. 

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Salesforce certifications and what can you expect from it?

Salesforce certification clearly signifies that you know all the minute details about the platform. The practical experience on the platform is the primary requirement for the businesses that help you in converting complex problems into tangible solutions. Higher certifications always assure attractive incomes and higher designations too.

The certification is a clear judgment on your performance and aptitude factors. So, this would not be saying wrong that certifications don’t hurt but this is always the right step to take you upward. They give you the right push to start your career to take you ahead as you ever expected during your studies.

What does the future hold for the Salesforce CRM platform?

Salesforce is the leading cloud industry today and it has been ranked number one CRM software in the technology marketplace. According to a survey, it demonstrates that Salesforce will continue to dominate the market in the near future too. Here are the few highlights that make the Salesforce primary choice for various organizations –

  • Salesforce offers more personalized experiences to their customers and clients.
  • Most of the organizations believe that Salesforce can address customer needs more effectively and efficiently.
  • The Company has recently added Data science capabilities to its service cloud and the market cloud.
  • Salesforce aims to integrate business with intelligence and analytics to drive maximum sales to the organization.
  • Salesforce solutions are going to dominate the enterprise software market for decades ahead.

future hold for the Salesforce CRM platform

Before we go into deep for future trajectory, let us have a quick look at the past statistics. A glimpse into the CRM industry and role of Salesforce apps for the enterprise will help you to connect with recent scenarios and future perspectives both.

  • Experts realize that 47 percent of total CRM software revenue was generated through SaaS-based CRM apps.
  • The CRM market is growing with a compound annual growth of 22 percent and enjoys a wonderful market share of approx 18 percent or more.
  • SAP has the second largest market share for CRM apps and Oracle enjoys third-largest market share with a growth rate of 3 percent.

Salesforce Certification Career Paths

The pie chart shows worldwide market shares of the top CRM vendors in the year 2014. In the next graph, we will represent the exact annual growth rates of top CRM vendors in the year 2014. Salesforce Certification Career Paths

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Salesforce – Game changer not the game player only

According to a survey, the deployment rate of the Salesforce platform may reach up to 85 percent by the year 2025. This is true that future speaks itself when it comes to cloud-based CRM systems then Salesforce reigns excellence. The personalized user experience is the biggest reason why Companies just love Salesforce.

Also, Salesforce allows cloud-based development, so Salesforce apps can be accessed from anywhere anytime. Salesforce is integrated with data science and business intelligence capabilities too. You don’t have to spend much time data organization, data searching, and data management. Today, Salesforce has elevated the overall style of the business to a completely new level. 

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Salesforce lightning success in the CRM market

The launch of the Salesforce Lightning feature was a new era for the CRM industry when businesses can be integrated with analytics and intelligence which was the primary requirement for sales optimizations. One of the striking features of Salesforce lightning is customized dashboards where all business activities can be managed or organized well.

In a nutshell, customized Salesforce tools promise sustainable growth in the coming years. Salesforce has expanded its wings to healthcare industries too and its healthcare apps are established tools for the enterprises today.

Want to ride a Salesforce wave? Are you excited to explore various Salesforce career opportunities for potential Salesforce career growth? If yes, you should join Salesforce training and certification program at JanBask right away and add desired skills to your resume that are surely noticed by the top recruiters worldwide. Keeping yourself on the salesforce certification path will boost your confidence and prepare you for major challenges in the future.

Salesforce Tutorial Overview

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