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What are the Salesforce Career Opportunities in Australia?

Salesforce has emerged as the most successful Customer Relationship Management tool in the world. It not only helps a business to keep track of the potential customers of a company but also strikes the right relationship with the existing customers. It thus handles ERP, Sales, automation in marketing, mobile application development, business analytics, etc. Salesforce is highly in demand, and its customer base is increasing steadily. It’s a fact there is a great demand for people who hold relevant Salesforce certifications.

It is predicted that the demand for Salesforce jobs will hit 3.3 million by 2022. The demand for technical skills is continually on the rise as the business rush to embrace the future set of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, etc. The certifications in Salesforce not only open to new career vistas all around the world but are also able to fetch you the best available positions in the area with most competitive salaries.

Australian Salesforce Market

The Salesforce market in Australia continues to grow with a good level of consolidation. Many new Salesforce Consultancies have come up mainly because of the demand and hype generated by the Salesforce across the rest of the world. Thus, jobs in Australia under Salesforce can be bifurcated under two broad headers, as under:

  • Partners: Australia has some of the global Salesforces partner firms like Capgemini, Bluewolf, Accenture which are major players in the Australian market along with the local firms which have made a mark like System Partners, RXP Services, Tqilla ANZ, SMS Management, Morphate, ProQuest, SalesFix and even Square Peg.
  • End Users: Many notable projects are underway in Australia in the Salesforce ecosystem like “MyServiceNSW.” This is basically a customer service portal which is under the government of New South Wales, i.e. takes care of all the governmental agencies in NSW. Some other prominent projects are ChildStory program which falls under the NSW Family and Community Services, in banking the CBA Salesforce and Macquaries, etc.

Any person who initiates a Salesforce career in Australia on a permanent basis and is not from Australia will have to get a sponsorship via a 457 Visa. Latter is a visa which is sponsored by the employers. Most of the Salesforce Partners in Australia will demand the following skills:

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1). Salesforce Architects:

A certified Salesforce Architect is a person who demonstrates the capabilities to both build and designs various solutions across many Salesforce platforms. They have huge employment avenues and bag higher pay benefits as well. There are three levels of Salesforce certifications which will require both time and money:

  • Salesforce Certified Architecture Designer has expertise in some particular specializations including Platform App builder, data architecture, Platform App designer, community cloud consultant, integration architecture designer, mobile solutions architecture designer, etc.
  • The Salesforce certified application architect and system architect select the professionals who have expertise in various domains.
  • The Salesforce Certified Technical Architect is one holding an elite Salesforce certification and demonstrates both the knowledge and skills for developing and building highly technical products.

2). Salesforce Developers:

A Salesforce developer is expected to work on both mobile and web application development for Salesforce. They are instrumental in the integration of the platform with other systems basically customizing the Salesforce environment. As a Developer, you are expected to have basic knowledge and experience in developing and also have a knack for learning. Certifications are important as they lend an element of credibility to your knowledge and skill-set. Certified developers have more knowledge can show their expertise in a better way in case of customizations of Salesforce applications, business processes and thereby can maintain a high degree of the workflow. The average salary of a Salesforce Developer in Australia is AU $ 83, 744 per year. This is around $22,000 higher than other professionals in the same line.

3). Salesforce Functional Consultants:

A Salesforce Functional Consultant is primarily responsible for delivery of systems and enhancements which are developed by other organizations. They have their expertise in the implementation of the Salesforce functionality and can act in coordination with other business analysts, implementation partners, quality assurance teams, etc. They are required to have more than three years of experience in a consulting environment. The role requires a right to work in Australia. The average salary for these professionals in Australia is around AU $120,000 per year. The candidate should also have the following certifications:

  • Salesforce Administrator (ADM201) Certification 
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Certification 
  • Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification 
  • Salesforce Service Cloud Certification 

4). Salesforce Presales Consultants:

A Salesforce Pre-Sales Consultant is basically the first person from the technical line to engage with the customer. These professionals are highly paid with an average salary in Australia falling in the range of AU$ 165,000- AU$ 178,000. They are involved in support of the sales with all kinds of technical questions. They are also involved in building customized demos for suiting the requirements of the customers. Many Pre-sales Consultants in Salesforce also run workshops to get deeper insights into the requirements and thereby design the solutions based on customer requirements. They are also helpful in designing the work proposal to be given to the clients.

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Specialist Salesforce Job Boards

Indeed and Seek are the primary job boards in Australia who will help you to get in the right job. They also advertise many jobs on LinkedIn. But it is still recommended that you enroll in a specialist recruitment agency which deals with Salesforce jobs, in particular, e.g., Talent Hub is one such name. This will get local specialists on your side who are deep knowledge about the Salesforce community and will be aptly able to understand your skills and experience. These firms usually have great market advice and will give you a complete range of opportunities which match your skills and experience. Entering into a permanent commitment on a job or a contractual set up is a personal choice, but it is again advisable to get a proper hang of the market, the country and also the company in particular on a contract before you enter into any permanent bond.


There are only a few locations where you can find a good number of opportunities. In Australia, you should look for Melbourne or Sydney while you may think about Auckland if you want to move to New Zealand. It is not that other places do not have Salesforce jobs but just that these have more.

Visa Requirements

If you have sound experience in the relevant skills and score better than the local talent pool, few companies often send you sponsorship for your work visa in Australia. Generally, it is recommended that you should get your permanent residency before you arrive. This will not only open many more opportunities for you but will also give a solid bargaining edge. This way you can choose which company to work for and not just settle for the one which offers you concessions or sponsorship.


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There is a huge scope for Salesforce careers in Australia provided you have the right experience, expertise, and efficiency. All these should be further backed by certifications as they will add the much-needed credibility to your already bright profile. Furthermore, if you plan to work in Australia, you should get your visa requirements evened out and should preferably land with a permanent residency to be eligible for more and better opportunities. You may also partner with a professional recruitment agency to help you find the right job as per your skills and requirements. They have better knowledge about the local market and can be effective guides to boost your career. We also recommend you to join the Salesforce training course at JanBask Training to get hands-on experience. You may write to us in the comment section below if you have any questions.

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