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Top 7 Impactful Salesforce Data Loaders Tools: Import & Export Data

Today, Salesforce has become one of the most popular CRM systems used by organizations. In order to use Salesforce, one must know how to feed in and take out data from the Salesforce efficiently. There are certain applications that can help Salesforce Administrators and Developers in this activity. Salesforce data loader applications can provide many ways to upload and export data. Salesforce Data Loaders Tools As there are a number of data loaders present today, so you may think that which is the best one? Well, the answer to this question depends on your requirement. You can select the data loader as per your area of expertise and ease of the use of that tool.

In this blog, a few data loaders are described through a brief introduction covering their advantages and disadvantages. The list has been prepared after a personal experience shared by various Salesforce developers. You need to check out each of the loaders deeply and pick the best one that suits your project needs the most. salesforce Curriculum Let’s discuss all the Seven Salesforce Data Loaders in detail

1). DataLoader is a cloud-based application and is developed by MuleSoft that is a Salesforce partner. The user can take advantage of this application by using his Salesforce login credentials that mean user don’t have to apply any separate login details for this application.

DataLoader provides an intuitive, clean, and quick way to interact with data. The user can interact with data in many ways and perform basic addition, delete, import, and export operations along with scheduling future operations. Other than Apex Data Loader, it can interact with various more objects. DataLoader has a number of features like predictive text for field mapping and CSV access for Dropbox, etc. These features have made it the one of the most popular data loader applications worldwide. As far as advantages of this tool are concerned then it is popular due to its rich features, simple and easy to use UI, while so far, no disadvantage has been noticed by the application users yet. Salesforce Data Loaders Tools 2). Jitterbit Data Loader Salesforce Data Loaders Tools

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Jitterbit is an advanced application to integrate, manipulate and upload data into Salesforce platform. It can connect to various databases and web services and provide a single interface to manage your data needs for any of the particular projects. It is available in two modes; one is a desktop client and other is cloud software. Though its free version has many features, still its aid version also has a number of niche functionalities. Jitterbit is fully loaded with a number of features.

If we will see its advantages than we can say that Jitterbit has a number of features, while the disadvantage of this application is its difficulty or presence of a number of features that makes data loading process time consuming and difficult. salesforce quiz 3). Salesforce Data Loader

Salesforce has launched its data loading tool by the name of Apex Data Loader or Salesforce Data Loader and is being used by Salesforce developers and consultants many times in their routine Salesforce operations. It is like an application that has to be installed on our machine and through which we can interact with our data in various ways. The user can also perform insert, delete, update and export operations. As far as upsert operation is concerned, it usually updates the existing records. The major advantage of this function is that it can insert up to 50,000 records at a time. You can also apply filters on the export operation to take any specific bit from data. Salesforce data loader has one advantage and that is its speed or quickness to process data along with a number of other features. The disadvantage of Salesforce data loader is the absence of client application and inability to insert objects. Salesforce Data Loaders Tools

4). LexiLoader (Mac OSX) Salesforce Data Loaders ToolsIt is a Mac compatible application and is freely available for Mac Books. LexiLoader is another version of Apex Data Loader. It is not supported by Salesforce but has a number of similar functionalities. It is only used by Mac users and this is its limitation. In other cases, it cannot be used by other platform users.

The advantage of LexiLoader is its compatibility with Mac. If we will discuss its disadvantages then the absence of client application and inability to perform insert operation is the so far noticed disadvantage of Lexiloader.

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5). Excel Connector

So far, it is the most underrated and least used data loader. This Excel add-on can be easily downloaded and used for uploading or exporting data to and from the excel sheet. It is the good tool for excel professionals or for those who are familiar with Excel operations and have to perform lots of insertion and delete operations on data. Having a data loader in the same program can be beneficial for you as you need not use any separate wizard for data loading. If you know Excel than can easily troubleshoot any issue if occurs.

The advantage of Excel Connector is that it can be used from inside Excel and can help in performing operations quickly. It is supposed a great data manipulation tool. The disadvantage of this tool is its simple functionality. Salesforce Data Loaders Tools

6). Salesforce Data Import Wizard

Salesforce provides a built-in data import wizard that can help you in importing accounts, leads, solutions, custom objects, and contacts. This wizard is a step by step procedure that can take you up to your desired data location. It is quite easy to use and self-explanatory wizard. You can import data from this wizard and insert and delete operations cannot be performed on data through this wizard. Duplicate data can be skipped through this wizard and all fields can be individually mapped through this wizard. If we talk about its advantages then its simplicity and deduping capability is a big advantage while its disadvantage is that it is a time-consuming tool and can only perform the import operation. Salesforce Data Loaders Tools 7). Import Wizards

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Separate in-built data import wizard can allow the user to add accounts, contacts, leads, custom objects, and solution. Data Import wizard which is explained above is just an enhanced and improved version of this import wizard. All functionalities of both the wizards are similar. The only difference is that data import wizard has quite improved interface than the import wizard.

Advantages and disadvantages of import and data import wizard are similar and you can easily use any of them as per your convenience. Salesforce Data Loaders Tools


That’s all for the day. We have covered all important Salesforce data loaders throughout the article. This is quite clear that Salesforce data loaders are necessary for data operations. There are not only above listed tools available for this purpose instead many other tools can also be used for the same purpose. These third-party tools can improve the efficiency of data loading and update operations. All operations like insert, delete, update, import and export can be performed quite easily through these tools. So, which tool you think is best for you? Don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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