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How to Become a Proficient Python Developer & Programmer

Python is a highly versatile programming language that is used to build websites, autonomous drones, or machine learning algorithms etc. A huge number of developers and programmers rely on Python for its easy syntax and endless benefits. With Python, you can create almost anything based on any business needs. But Python is big and it needs to be learned properly. Here, we will discuss your path to journey where you will learn why python is just great for beginners and how can you become a proficient Python professional?

Required Skills to Become Python Programmer

In this section, we will discuss four primary skills – Functional Programming, Performance, Testing, and Code Guidelines. When you combine these four aspects together, you would surely become an efficient programmer and gain greatness at the maximum level.

1). Functional Programming

Writing functional code is the basic requirement that makes you efficient. Every time you make changes or applying some logic, put the statement in comments so that everyone reading this document can understand it thoroughly. Probably, this is the most intuitive style when compared to the declarative programming styles. I make sure based on my experience that once you will try functional programming then you would never move back.

2). High performing Code

Sometimes, the algorithm styles chosen by the developers may lead to the horrible outcomes and unexpected runtime behavior too. SO, how can you convert an application into a high-performing business solution? Well, writing apps in Python or any other scripting language is a fun but things may seem tough when it comes to the application performance. Keep in mind that the second largest search engine across the world is run by the Python programming language i.e. YouTube.

3). Testing

Testing is probably the most common and popular topic in the IT world today. Every application or software program needs to be tested rigorously before it is deployed to the market. Still, a few small Companies consider testing merely a waste of time and money but you should think wisely. In lack of testing, the entire project may fail sometimes. If you have not started yet then you are surely missing something great.

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The best part is that there are a plenty of automation tools too that helps you in completing the testing job faster and more efficiently. You can conquer in your own domain with the right approach and knowledge. By using Python, you are free to write working use cases that will make your application more robust and error free too. If you have not experimented yet, then give it a shot right away.

4). Coding Guidelines

This is not possible to make all codes equal. Few are written by experienced developers while others are tried out by novice programmers. With standard code guidelines, you can set permission on files and the code can be edited or read out by original author only. Sometimes, the file is not secure and it is touched by any other developer that happens in the lack of standard coding guidelines. By following all guidelines properly, you can always write the more impressive and concise code that is highly readable and adaptable in the programming world.

Why should learn Python?

I am not here to tell you that Python is just the best in the programming world but I will tell you why it is a great fit your career and why should learn Python as a beginner. Here are the seven real stories that would help you in making a fruitful decision for your future without any confusion. Let us dive in and see how it works for you.

1). Learn Python Faster

This is difficult to decide on the best programming language but you can always rely on the experiences of successful programmers. Learning C, C++, Java, Dot net is fun but it looks like that it took an eternity to get anything done. Python is the most optimum choice to start your IT career as a programmer especially when you are a beginner in programming. The code is highly readable and syntax is also easy to learn.

With an object-oriented flavor, you can use the Python whenever you need it. The code will look more elegant and organized than you ever imagined. This is quite handy from the very first day of programming. Additionally, it will make your programming skills stronger and highly sure of basics than any other programming language.

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2). Web Development with Python

Python Django framework is your best friend for robust web development solutions. The same task that was completed in hours with PHP, it can be done in a few minutes with Python. This is easy to code and faster too. The code is more customizable, stable with another web framework Flask.

Once you will realize the benefits of both programming frameworks then be looking back will be more than impossible for you. While most of the websites still rely on PHP, you can develop more secure web solutions with Python. For your next web application development, don’t forget to give a chance to the Python/Django/Flask etc.

3). More Agile and Iterative Designs

Success cannot be achieved overnight but it takes a series of iterations that can help you. First of all, check what your customers need, build your product with a minimal set of features that could satisfy the customer, take the feedback from customers, and repeat the process in the same sequence until you are not successful.

In the programming world, Python is the most ideal solution to achieve the iteration. Now you can build more complex apps with minimal lines of code, especially for start-ups. Every time you are looking for mobile, web, or enterprise solution, Python eventually came into the picture and become a supporting utility. I am sure that the utility will continue to succeed in future as well in the same way.

4). Huge Salary Lumps

According to a survey on, Python developers usually get highest salary packages as compared to other programming platforms. Huge Salary of Python Developer

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4). Secured programming with Python

Secures web apps or business solutions are the first requirements for businesses instead of their sizes. Python helps you in secure programming and fixes your problems magically. Similarly, it will reduce the chances of cyber-attacks too. If you are ready to sacrifice on execution time then gain more speed, flexibility, and agility with Python.

5). Python, AI, and Machine Learning

You must be thinking how these three terms are connected together. Python is the future of Artificial Intelligence and the machine learning. It is significantly improving the scientific programming too. It allows the calculation of most complex problems with ease and taken an important part of the computer science research model.

Given the flexibility, speed, and machine learning capabilities offered by the libraries in Python will continue to make it a dominating programming framework in the development space. There is no doubt that if you are interested in remote computer science research then you should learn Python.

6). Python Diversity and Marketability

When it comes to the programming world, you need to be diversified and make yourself specialized in a specific nice. You also need to be marketable. If you had Python under your belt then be a more diversified and marketable programmer than calling yourself simple a Python guy.

Final Words:

Well, you know in detail now why should you learn Python and how can you become a more efficient Python developer. This is the right time to go ahead and spread the word. Start with the successful people sitting right next to you. There are chances that you can work with the most successful people and start becoming a great proficient programmer.

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