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How To Make Python Developer Resumes For Professional & Freshers: Comprehensive Guide With Samples


Planning to face a Python developer interview, right? Or forwarding your junior Python developer resumes for getting a senior position in the same profile and waiting for interview calls but not unfortunately not getting so? 

Even after being the desired candidate with all the required skill set, your resume is getting rejected again and again and you are wondering what’s going wrong?

Well, there may be any of  these  reasons:

  • Your resume wasn’t enticing enough to catch a recruiter’s eyes.
  • You may be missing keyword phrases that resumé scanners demand.
  • You may be following too generic resume format.
  • Failing to focus on what employers expect.  

Or more…

Irrespective of profiles, industry resumes are an essential part of every hiring process. Whether you are an experienced Python professional with any Python developer certifications,

or just starting out as a fresher, you need an excellent python developer resume while applying for a new job. Your resume is likely the first impression a hiring manager will get, so crafting a compelling resume is vital to get your dream job. 

Do you know the average time spent by recruiters on a resume?

Well, the answer is just 6 to 7 seconds, and that is all the time you have to convince a hiring manager to decide to call you for an interview. And don’t forget you are not the only one in this race, there are thousands of other job applicants with their amazing resumes applying for the same job.

So, what all you need to make your resume stand out!

Now, you are probably eager to know how to create a perfect Python developer resume and land that position? Don’t worry we are going to help with the same.

This guide will show you everything you need to know about writing Python developer resumes with tested tricks and tips to get 90% more interview invitations.

Attention Grabbing Python Developer Resumes Samples

Here are some job-winning Python developer resumes examples for beginners & experienced professionals that will help you to land job interviews.

Below you can see the importance of the popular resume section to make it more compelling.

Python Developer Resume For Freshers

Being a fresher, you may not have too many things to showcase. Especially in the area of work experience, in that case, you need to show your capabilities through your projects, certifications, internships, technical skills, and soft skills. Have a look at this junior Python developer resumes sample, how well it is optimized to represent a strong candidature.

Avis J. Sroka

Junior Python Developer 

123-456-***(Your contact numbers, try to put two reachable contacts) )

Career Objective 

PCEP certified Python developer seeking a reputable company that permits me to utilize my programming skills and knowledge. Significance experience in accomplishing coding tasks with ample knowledge of the fundamental concepts of computer programming. With great skills to resolve typical implementation challenges using the Python Standard Library, assisted the engineering team to ensure efficient and correct implementation.

Work Experience 

Junior Python Developer 

Plazo, Victoria, TX

March 2020 to Dec 2020  

  • Helped in developing – highly responsive web applications, data storage solutions with 60% more data security.
  • Enhanced the functionalities of current software systems for receptiveness, server-side logic, and platform, statistical learning models, highly responsive web applications.
  • Collaborated with the senior developer team to Design and implement – High availability and low latency applications, data protection, and security features.
  • Handled backend programming tasks for and maintained 8 client websites with a great success rate (9o%) in product update deployment. 

Key Achievement 

  • Contributed to developing – Backend components to enhance system performance by 20% and reduce debug errors by 50%.

Education Background 

2016-2020, B.Tech. in Computer Science

Johns Hopkins University

Training & Certifications 

  • Completed 6 Weeks Python Developer Training with Janbask Training
  • Acquired PCEP (Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer) certification.
  • MTA 98-381 Certification – Microsoft Technical Associate

Every-year attendee since 2019

  • PyCon US Conference
  • DjangoCon Europe.
  • EuroPython.


  • Expertise in Core Python.
  • Object Relational Mappers
  • Skills of Data Scientists
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Machine Learning Skills
  • Deep Learning
  • Multi-Process Architecture
  • Analytical Skills
  • Python, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, SQL
  • ORM libraries
  • Web frameworks: Django
  • MVC and MVT Architecture
  • Design skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Communication skills
  • Data visualization
  • Agile frameworks

Languages: Proficient in ----------

Python Developer Resume Sample For Experienced Professionals

This is the senior python developer resume sample for professionals who have sought-after experience in the field of  Python web development or its related roles.

Avis J. Sroka

Senior Python Developer 

123-456-***(Your contact numbers, try to put two reachable contacts) )

Professional Summary

Over 7+ Years of hands-on industrial experience in Designing, Development, Deployment, and maintenance of web apps based on and Django-Python.

Work History

Senior Python Developer

BioCon Inc.

04/2016 to 05-2020

New York City

  • Successfully designed robust, scalable globalized web applications to ensure the continuity of all business processes and client satisfaction.
  • Maintained a large database and configured services to reduce software maintenance expenses by 30%.
  • Obtained employee of the year award for meeting and exceeding all assigned goals and objectives and contributing to 40% overall project success.

Junior Python Developer

Tech ELEKS Inc.


  • Proactively designed and developed a dashboard control panel for customers and administrators using DJANGO framework, Oracle DB, PostgreSQL, and VMWARE API calls.
  • Architected Python routines for rapid login into the websites and instant data fetching for selected options.
  • Involve in the development of the web and mobile application using Python 3. 3, HTML5, CSS3, J.Son, and JQuery.

Python Developer Trainee

XYZ Inc.

03/2012 to 02/2014

Grand Rapid, Chicago

  • Worked in all areas of python web application development. Ensured problem resolution within customers & corporate divisions, developed critical web applications,s and ensured low latency and high availability.
  • Implemented user interface guidelines and standards throughout the development and maintenance of the website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery.
  • Performed on high-impact projects, e.g., content aggregator and expense tracker, delivering solutions with lower than 40% code churn.

Education Background

Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

Johns Hopkins University

03/2010 to 03/2012

Bachelor of Computer Applications(BCA)

University of Chicago

02/2007 to 02/2010Cited Work


  • Python, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, SQL
  • ORM libraries
  • Web frameworks: Django
  • MVC and MVT Architecture
  • Design skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Communication skills
  • Data visualization
  • Agile frameworks

Training & Certifications

  • Python Developer Training & Certification by JanBask Training
  • Certified Associate in Python Programming(PCAP)
  • Certified Expert in Python Programming(CEPP)


Every-year attendee since 2019

  • PyCon US Conference
  • PyCon Australia.
  • EuroPython.

Additional Information

  • Looking for work opportunities within the United States
  • Highly passionate about tech research and development.

Languages: Proficient in French

Looking for more python developer resume samples!

Don’t worry you will get ample  Python developer resume samples with some great python developer fresher resume format when you join our Python Developer training program!

Learn How to Create Job Winning Python Developer Resumes

Before applying for your dream job, make sure to have a  modern & professional Python developer resume that inscribes your knowledge, skills, educational information in a persuasive manner.

Whether you are an experienced Python developer or a fresher planning to grow your career in Python development, here we have a quick guide to help you prepare your Python developer resumes that will help you to land on jobs 10x faster.

1. Finalize An Intuitive Python Developer Resumes Format

Selecting the right layout of your resume is very important to make an unforgettable impression in front of the hiring managers. Here we are discussing two different resume layout formats that you can go for: 

There are two widely popular resume formats, one is the reverse chronicle layout and the other one is the functional layout.

  • The reverse chronological layout emphasizes more on your work experience, best-performed format for most of the job applications.  
  • Functional layout showcases skills over experience, preferring to draw attention to transferable abilities rather than focusing on a chronological overview of your work history.

As per our python developer resume sample, we recommend you to go for reverse chronological layout, as it helps to highlight your upward career progression and continuous work history.

After selecting your resume layout you need to format it properly, here we have a checklist to make  Python developer resumes more professional:

  • Keep 1’’ margins on your resume
  • Maintain line space between 1 to 1.15 
  • Make sure to have a readable font in 12pt size
  • Use proper white spacing for great breathability
  • Name your resume and cover letter, ex. Your Full Name_Job Title_Resume/Cover Letter_Date. 
  • Ready your Python developer resume in different file formats for future use.
  • Don’t extend your resume length beyond 1-page.

2. Starts With A Professional Resume Header

The resume header is the section that tops your resume and serves as a sort of business card. Make sure you include all the essential details, such as your full name, job title, location, phone number, and email address.

As a rule of thumb, Python developer resumes header should always include:

  • Full Name
  • Job Title
  • Email
  • Contact Number
  • Location (not your actual address)

Mary S. Owen

Python Developer


New York City

3. Continue With Professional Summary Or Career Objective

This is the most important section of your Python developer resume, where you have an opportunity to describe your capabilities and achievements in front of employers. By leveraging this section you can make them feel how you could be an asset to their organization.

Here’s what a recruiter might look for:

  • The total work experience you have 
  • Python frameworks you’re familiar with
  • Whether you have professional work experience 
  • Your passion or core-focused area in Python development


Whether to start with Professional Summary Or Career Objective? 

If you are an entry-level Python developer: Go For Career Objective

When you are just starting out, you have no experience to show your hiring manager and even they won’t expect that too. They focus on your career objective that specifies your vision & capabilities at the beginning of your career.

“PCEP certified Python developer seeking a reputable company that permits me to utilize my programming skills and knowledge. With great skills to resolve typical implementation challenges using the Python Standard Library, assisted the engineering team to ensure efficient and correct implementation.”

If you are an experienced Python developer professional: Go For Professional Summary

If you are an experienced professional developer having long-haul years of experience in Python development & have bagged a little exposure in your field then a professional summary provides you an opportunity to showcase your successful work journey with strengths and achievements.

“Certified Python developer with 6 years of extensive experience and analytical and critical thinking skills. Deliver a proactive approach, great work ethic with the ability to function well in fast-paced deadline-driven work environment”

4. Then Describing Your Capabilities Throw Unified Work Experience

This is the section where you have an opportunity to showcase your capabilities and prove how actively you have served your previous organizations and how you could be an asset for this one.

  • List your work experiences in reverse chronological order
  • Describe your  job roles and responsibilities in concise statements led by strong verbs
  • It is highly recommended to quantify your accomplishments
  • Highlight your key achievements

Here your hiring manager's aim is not just to know what you did in previous jobs but his core purpose is to figure out what is the scale of your performance and how much you can contribute to the company's growth.

Let’s try to understand by an example:

First Description

Jr. Python Developer                                                                                                              

Sem Corporate


  • Built an API-driven publishing service that delivered high-performance solutions.
  • Responsible for developing  Python web applications for large-scale deployments.
  • Wrote the scripts and module for source control query service.
  • Ensured to handle all database storage issues and remove large repository challenges.
  • Lead the team of dedicated developers

Second Description

Jr. Python Developer                                                                                                              

Sem Corporate


  • Successfully handled programming tasks and maintained 5 internal websites with a great success rate (80%) in product update deployment.
  • Efficiently Worked on high-impact python projects, e.g., content aggregator and expense tracker, delivering high tech solutions with lower than 40% code churn.
  • Developed a marketing lead MySQL database, collecting, categorizing, and filtering leads from various stakeholders.
  • Led sprint planning meetings and was responsible for assigning tasks between a 20-person project team.

Key achievement: Designed a highly featured email marketing tool (Mail Ocean) contributing to the marketing department’s win in the IAC award competition.

What do you say which one works better,  first description or second description? Obviously the second one.

Let me explain to you why?

The second description utilized powerful action verbs like “Developed'', `` Led'', `` Successfully handled” and quantified the work or capabilities that shows a sense of performance and originality, Whereas the first description is too generic. When you put a detailed, well-quantified work experience it shows recruiters that you are too focused to deliver your 100%.


If you are just starting a Python developer career, and you don’t have any professional experience.

  • You can come up with your internship roles and responsibilities, or other projects you did
  • You can also add any relevant vocational training work related to python development

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to highlight your key achievements.

5. Now, it's time to Open Your Education History

This section is all about your educational background, here you need to put your academic details including:

  • Degree Name (Masters/Bachelors)
  • Related University Name
  • Years of studying
  • GPA (optional)
  • Additionally, you can showcase courses, achievements, training, anything related to academics.

B.Tech. in Computer Science

The University of Texas, Austin, TX

Relevant coursework: Data Structures, DBMS, Principles of Computer Systems, Algorithms & Complexity

Expected graduation date 2016

Austin High School, Austin, TX

Graduated in 2012

GPA 3.9

  • You can list your unfinished college or university degree followed by completion year 
  • Add GPA only if it is above average.
  • If you are a python developer with many years of experience, you don’t need to put a GPA.

6. Highlight Your Skills That Employers Are Looking For.

This is another most important section of your Python developer resume which helps employers to decide whether you are a suitable candidate with the desired skill set.

Hope you already have a better idea of the Python developer job description, where employers highlight a bunch of skills and strive to find the perfect match. If you don't include them in your resume, your resume might get rejected.

With growing competition, it is necessary to prepare a resume with a skill set that matches the employer requirements or your hiring manager asks for. Have you done that?  


Are you one of those people who forward the same resumes to all different organizations?

If yes…. Sorry to say but this could be the biggest reason for your resume rejection.

ATS acts as an electronic gatekeeper for employers and hiring managers, it scans resumes for specific keywords to determine if the job application should be passed along to the recruiter. So if your resume gets rejected by ATS it means it will not even be seen by human eyes.

To avoid this concerning situation, you need to first understand the employer's expectations from you as a desired candidate.

Every organization is different with different work cultures and different operational needs and that’s the reason why they mentioned their required skill set in their job advertisement.

So, what you need to do here is to list all demanded Python developer skills highlighted in the job description of a particular Job advertisement and add it to your resume. This will help you with the interview call.

Remember don’t just add it but also work on it. You can join our Python developer training Course to upgrade your python developer skills.

7. Highlight Extra Capabilities to Grab ”Extra Attention”

You are done with your profile summary, work experience, and educational background, So what next ??... think.

Always remember if you want extraordinary results, you need to put in the extra effort.

Here we have the suggestion to make your Python developer resume outstanding by adding more values to it. To make your resume more lucrative you can highlight relevant:

  • Awards and certifications
  • Relevant Python projects
  • Relevant Conferences
  • Add any outstanding achievements
  • Any of your undiscovered talent

8. Hey! Do Remember To Attach A Promising Cover

data science resume image 6

A study on employer preferences reveals that 56% of employers want applicants to attach a cover letter with their resumes.

So, whether you are a fresher or experienced professional it is highly recommended to attach a promising cover letter with your Python developer resumes while applying for jobs.

Before moving forward let’s first understand what is a cover letter and why you need it?

A cover letter is a document sent alongside your CV when applying for any job. A promising cover letter can make a good impression on a prospective employer and is an excellent way to show that employer why you are the most deserving candidate for the job.

Industry Experts Recommendations On Python Developer Resumes

Even after getting any recognized Python developer certification with good work knowledge, you might struggle to get your dream job all just because of an outdated, boring, and poorly optimized resume.

See there are many eyes as yours dreaming of the same job, you need a job-winning resume that represents you as the strongest applicant in front of your hiring manager. So you have two choices, either you can make your resume using any good python developer resume sample or you can create an outstanding Python developer resume using the following tips mentioned below:

  • Use simple vocabulary and shorter sentences for good readability
  • Ensure  resume is not cluttered with unnecessary information
  • Make Different Resume for different organizations
  • Make use of bullet points  and avoid using paragraphs
  • Add all essential Skills to make Python developer resumes more compelling
  • Use powerful action verbs  to make Python developer resumes more appealing
  • Make Sure not to skip any essential academic, work experience details
  • Combine your experience and skills in a clear career mission
  • Create a cohesive story to empower achievements
  • Show passion and your culture fit using unique sections
  • Showcase your skills and strength, the way it grows the organization
  • Keep your resume straight to the point
  • Proof-read your resume, check for grammatical errors before submitting it

Essential Skills That Hiring Manager Can Expect From You As Python Developer


Here we have a list of the most demanding Python developer skills that can add to Python developer resumes. 

Technical Python Skills You Need to be Excelled in.

  • Python, NoSQL, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML
  • Python frameworks: Django or Flask
  • ORM libraries, Matplotlib, SciPY, Numpy, and Pandas
  • Databases, API Knowledge
  • Machine learning & Artificial intelligence
  • Agile frameworks, Cloud management
  • OOPs concepts & patterns, CI/CD
  • Knowledge of Data Structures & Data types
  • Data Visualization, Testing & Debugging skills
  • Multi-process architecture, Open source experience

Soft Skills to Enhance Your Python Developer Personality

  • Communication skills
  • Creative thinking skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Project management skills
  • Teamwork & Time management skills
  • Research skills

Interested To Know Python Developer Salary?

If you are a Python developer professional with long-haul experience, you already have a better idea of Python developer salaries. But if you are a newcomer to this field, you might be interested to explore it. 

Here we have Python developer salary details, to help you with how much you are going to make in your Python developer career.

Average Python Developer Salaries At Top Locations

Florida $142.48
New York $126,798
IlUnois $120,548
California $116,355
Texas $112,121
Washington DC $110,597
Indiana $109,859
Alaska $109,859
Dakota North $109,106
Utah $100,962
South Carolina $100,126
N.braska $97,759
Iowa $96,171
Mississippi $94,702
Kansas $84,974
Louisiana $69,679

Know more about Python developer salary for beginners & seniors - know how much to ask in an interview.

Top Locations ( Country wise)

Average Python developer Salary p.a

Python full stack developer Salary (USA)


Python full stack developer Salary (UK)


Python full stack developer Salary (India)

INR 560,789

Python full stack developer Salary (Canada)


Read more about average Python developer salary.

Final Thoughts on Python Developer Resumes:

Well, there is no “magic” way to write a resume that will guarantee an interview. What best you can do is to follow the best practices we provided on how to create Python developer resumes as it will help you in crafting attention-grabbing resumes to get your dream job!

Else you can simply pick a professional Python developer resume sample, edit it according to the job advertisement(as discussed above), and here you go!
Make sure your python developer resume includes a strong summary statement highlighting selected accomplishments and awards, quantified achievements. And don’t forget to attach a compelling cover letter to spark the hiring manager’s interest and get them to read your resume.

Do you have any questions about how to create Python developer resumes? Want to share python developer resume samples? Please make noise and throw comments and we’d be glad to reply!


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