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Python Developer Salary for Beginners & Seniors - Know How Much to Ask!


While looking for any job, we think about 3 factors:

  • Whether that job is relevant to my skills & learning curve or not
  • Does that job provide a work-life balance?
  • How about the pay? Is it good at the initial stages & while growing up in seniority or switching jobs?

Surely, you also think through these aspects. If we talk about it from the perspective of a Python Developer title, it does meet all these 3 aspects. Yes, the title compliments your learned skills & ongoing learning curve needs (because Python has its latest versions).

Work-life balance? Well, it’s up to you how you manage it (hello caffeine!). And the salary? oh, it’s handsome if you have managed to do your upskilling & certifications right. 

If you are looking forward to understanding what Python developer salary you should expect while sitting for interviews, this guide will help you navigate every query related to that. Continue reading to know:

  • Factors that affect the Salary of Python developers
  • Top giants hiring for Python developers at what payscale
  • Salary of Python Developer as per different job portals --- Indeed, Glassdoor, PayScale
  • What is the junior Python Developer salary per hour or full-time?
  • What is the sr python developer salary?
  • Salary of Python developers based on top locations like - UK, USA, Canada, Australia, India
  • What particular skills to add to a Python developer resume that can from closely to loosely increase your earning portions?
  • Jobs with salaries related to python 

6 Key Factors That Affects Your Python Developer Salary in Reality

Wondering why your developer friends around you are getting compensated differently? The actual salary of Python Developer is never fixed & is often in contrast to what you expect based on the following factors:

1. The Location You are Based Out of

Every country or city in the world has a different pay scale for Python developers, which could be because of the poor gap between the demand & supply of such developers.

You can relocate to the places where payscale is lucrative enough to meet the cost of living & lifestyle you own. We suggest you try inflating your career around major cities of the US, UK, Canada, India, Australia, as each of them has the opportunity to pay you well.

2. Python Developer Training & Certification

Python Developer training

Python Developer training & types of Python certifications are also two of the many factors that can impact your earning capacity. If you don’t possess the right skills & certifications after formal training, your chances of standing at best payout become less.

Better have end-to-end Python developer training that nurtures your skills around Python concepts & their application in web development, Data Science, and gets you prepared for Popular Python Develop certifications like PCEP.

3. Company Type & Scale

Every company differs by scale, size & investment levels. Suppose there are 2 companies:

  • Company A - Which is a startup company, just establishing its roots, has less capital investment, minimal customer base & human capital, and an explicit need for Python developers to produce web development solutions.

  • Company B - Which could be a tech giant, conglomerate, or fintech with a huge customer base & capital allocation, needing a python developer for web development for custom apps, or for data mining.

Which one do you think will have more salary to disburse? Of course the company B!

4. Desired Skills & Knowledge of Python Development

desired skills and knowledge

Hiring managers are very particular about hiring skilled & well-polished Python developers. If you have the relevant skills & knowledge that matches their adverts on the job vacancy, you will have higher chances of getting a desired or hefty paycheck. 

Whereas, if you lack at showcasing certain skills but management feels you have potential to learn further, they may hire you but your pay scale might be less than what was advertised. To avoid that, better focus on imbibing the skills that companies are explicitly looking for.

5. Experience Level

Experience Level

Experience or seniority level is another factor that defines your salary for a Python Developer profile. If you are a fresher developer and expect to pay like 10-12 years of experienced senior Python developers, you are misconceived.

Seniority comes with time, and so do its pertinent paychecks. Getting the desired paycheck with seniority is a slow but definite process. Have patience, keep up with your knowledge base & keep striding!

6. Resume & Interview Performance

 Python developer resume

Does your Python developer resume have everything that a recruiter is looking for? Are you prepared well for the Python Developer Interview questions?

Don’t underestimate the Python Developer resumes & interview performance as these can make or break your moment for hiring & salary negotiations. Have a very detailed yet crisp resume & prepare well for the python interview questions to knock out better paycheck opportunities.

Top Giants Hiring for Python Developers at Attractive Payscale

Want to know what top companies are hiring for Python Developers at the highest average payscale? Here are your options that you can explore with your impeccable candidature & confidence.

Hiring for Python Developers

  • Facebook - $153,000
  • Instagram - $110840
  • Google Inc. - $119491
  • Spotify - $150,000
  • DropBox - $138484
  • Quora - $116379
  • Netflix - $138,113
  • Reddit - $120,000
  • Accenture - $110,840 
  • Infosys - $94,000 
  • Amazon.com, Inc -$121,000
  • Capgemini - $90,000

Python Developer Salary Based on Different Popular Job Portals

Let’s find out the average Python Developer salaries with different popular job portals like Indeed, Glassdoor, PayScale, etc.

Python Developer Salary - based on Glassdoor’s Job Postings

As per Glassdoor Salary reports, the lowest average salary of Python developers is $76,526, which could go a maximum of $1,10298 per year --- based on relevant skills, certifications, job location & more.


Python Developer Salary - based on Indeed’s Job Postings

As per Indeed’s job postings, the average salary of Python developers can range between $75,883 to $109,901 per year. Python developers

Python Developer Salary - based on PayScale’s Job Postings

As per PayScale’s cumulative research, the average salary of Python Developers is between $79,395 to $122,000 per year.

Python Developer Salary for Entry-Level, Mid-level And Senior Developers!

With passing time, while growing in seniority, you are definitely going to experience a growing salary package. Let’s see how much is the entry-level, mid-level, and sr Python Developer salary.

  • The average entry-level Python developer salary with 0-3 years of experience is $77, 362 per year, as per payscale data. If we convert it into Junior Python Developer salary per hour, it would be approx $37.42.
  • The average mid-level Python web developer salary with 2-4 years of experience would be between $89,776 to $92,000 per year.
  • The average senior Python developer salary with experience of 5+ years would range between $92,000 to $122,093 per year.

Top Global Locations Where Python Developer Salary is High

Similar is the case with the Python Developer salary. To get the attractive ones, you might have to cross miles and even oceans. Here are the 5 popular countries across the globe where you can relocate & start a Python career with attractive salaries, right away!

Average Python Developer Salary in the USA

Fun Fact - How’s Work Culture like in the USA?

It is very welcoming, fosters great work quality, focused on shared objectives, has a ton of meetings to discuss & collaborate.  

Average Python Developer Salary in the UK

Fun Fact - How’s Work Culture like in the UK?

It’s very chill, social, and relaxed, colleagues or employers can socialize in any mutual capacity. However, giving constructive criticism is a major part of their work culture.

Average Python Developer Salary in India

  • As per Indeed, the Average Python Developer Salary in India is between INR 5,96,928 to INR 12,00,000.
  • As per Glassdoor, the Average Python Developer Salary in India is between INR 4,00,000 to INR 10,00,000.
  • As per Payscale, the Average Python Developer Salary in India is between INR 5,00,000 to INR 9,50,000.

Fun Fact - How’s Work Culture like in India?

Has great work-life balance. Promotes great professionalism through proper subordinate & authority as well as friendly stir, depending on the company type & its folks.

Average Python Developer Salary in Canada

  • As per Indeed, the average Python Developer Salary in Canada is between CA$70,000 to CA$ 125,000.
  • As per Glassdoor, the average Python Developer Salary in Canada is between CA$ 75,000 to CA$ 110,000.
  • As per Payscale, the average Python Developer Salary in Canada is between CA$ 78,000 to CA$ 120,000.

Fun Fact - How’s Work Culture like in Canada?

Canadian employees maintain a very healthy, co-operative, flexible approach to work. Here you can drive your own career, set your own standards for work, pitch for your career advancements. 

Average Python Developer Salary in Australia

  • As per Indeed, the average Python Developer Salary in Australia is between AU$76468 to AU$ 118,750.
  • As per Glassdoor, the average Python Developer Salary in Australia is between AU$ 86,000 to AU$115,000.
  • As per Payscale, the average Python Developer Salary in Australia is between AU$76468 to AU$120654.

Fun Fact - How’s Work Culture like in Australia

The Australian work culture is very direct, open & friendly. The people maintain their work-life balance and maintain a loyal, friendly & driven work environment.

Python Developer Jobs are Posted in Highest Degrees - Daily!

Python developer jobs with amazing paying opportunities are posted in a great deal, daily. Just search the title “Python Developer” on any popular job portal and you will see quite a lot of jobs as results.

Python Developer Jobs - Indeed

Python Developer Jobs - Glassdoor 

Python Developer Jobs - Monster

Python Developer Jobs - Linkedin

Popular Python Developer Skills To Add That Can Positively Impact your Negotiation

Technical Python Skills that can Enhance your Payscale

  • Data Structures, Data types
  • Numpy and Pandas
  • OOPs
  • SciPY
  • Django
  • Matplotlib
  • Unite Testing
  • CI/CD
  • Data Visualization
  • AI
  • NoSQL
  • Machine Learning
  • Web Frameworks
  • Multi-process architecture

Soft Skills for Python Jobs that can Enhance your Payscale

  • Communication skills
  • Counterintelligence
  • Analytical skills
  • Organization skills
  • Time Management
  • Mathematics aptitude
  • Data Accuracy
  • Detail-oriented

Other Python Developer Career Related Jobs & Their Payscale

If you don’t want to remain just in the Python Development career path, here are from closely to losely Python-related jobs that you can apply for more broad career advancements, after finishing up your Python training online and doing further upskilling (if required).

Final Words on Python Developer Salary!

Python developer is the most in-demand title in the tech market right now. The reason why Python Developer salary is so lucrative from beginners level because:

  • Python is a very constructive & popular language in the world that helps with writing system scripts, creating logical web apps, custom software, and helps with Data Science & Machine Learning applications. Whether used solely or in combination with other programming languages, it does produce robust & scalable software solutions which businesses want.
  • Python has a tremendous demand in the tech market (hello 4.3 million and growing Python developers in the world), as the software demand & mining of data is on increase.

If you manage to get hold of the right Python development skills and application, you can get an attractive Python developer salary from the ground level. 

The salary of Python developer mentioned above based on location, seniority level, popular giants may not be the exact figures (and can vary from closely to loosely in real). But if you focus on getting trained from a professional Python training platform online that prepares you with Python application for web development as well as Data Science, and also helps you with preparing & cracking the certifications like PCEP & more, then we guess you can mark some solid territory for yourself.

Not sure about how to start your Python career? Have doubts regarding this career or its paycheck, why don’t you leave your query down in the comments below! We would love to meet your inquisitiveness with much care. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Python Developer Salary!

Q1. What is the Python developer salary for freshers?

The python developer salary for freshers on average can be $77, 362 per year, as per Payscale. However, this is not the exact python developer salary entry level figure, the actual one may be equal or more than it. You know junior python developer salary can vary & relate based on factors like job location, certifications, skills, company type, conduct during the interview & more such factors.

Q2. Which are the highest paying cities in the US for Python Developers?

Salary of Python developers can be highest in the following US cities, as per Indeed data:

  • New York, NYC - $131,506 on average 
  • Redmond, WA - $116,977 on average
  • Washington, DC - $128,964 on average 
  • San Jose, CA - $115,421 on average
  • Dallas Texas - $107,113 on average
  • Jacksonville - $102,862 on average
  • Austin Texas - $118,436 on average

Q3. Which England cities pay the highest Python web Developer Salary?

If you are in England, these cities are your options for getting the highest entry-level python developer salary, as per Indeed.

  • Manchester - £53,978 on average
  • London - £72, 493 on average
  • Cambridge - £52,638 on average
  • East London - £69,212 on average
  • Bristol - £48,889 on average
  • Leeds - £51,401 on average
  • Reading - £53,131 on average

Q4. Which Canadian Cities pays the highest python web developer salary(s)?

If you are moving to Canada, here are the top cities that could be your choices:

  • Vancouver - $97,568 on average
  • Montreal - $104, 314 on average 
  • Ottawa - $84,376 on average
  • Calgary - $82,993 on average
  • Mississauga - $91,348 on average
  • Edmonton - $74,398 on average
  • Toronto - $96,365 on average

Q5. What Indian cities pay the heaviest Python Web Developer salary?

As per Indeed, here are the few popular Indian cities that could help you get the heaviest Python developer salary on average, annually.

  • Delhi, New Delhi 
  • Noida, UP
  • Hyderabad
  • Kolkata, WB
  • Visakhapatnam, AP
  • Pune, Maharashtra
  • Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • Hyderabad, Telangana

Q6. What Australian cities pay the highest Python Developer package?

Here are the popular Australian cities that pay the highest Python developer salaries, as per Indeed’s data:

  • Sydney Central Business District - $133,836 on average
  • Canberra ACT - $190,068 on average
  • Bondi Beach NSW - $119,585 on average
  • Perth WA - $115,567 on average
  • Sydney New South Wales - $125,907 on average
  • Brisbane Queensland - $113,032 on average

Q7. How much is the senior Python Developer's salary?

A senior python developer salary can range between $92,000 to $122,093. In reality, the sr python developer salary is not just decided based on only seniority level, it also depends on factors like location, company size & type, level of skills upgraded, and more such things. You may be a senior developer, but you still need to learn to keep moving your career trajectory.

Q8. How much is the Python Developer's salary per hour?

Well, Python developer salary per hour can be between $30 to $53, based on skill, experience level & company type, or size.


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