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Machine Learning Career Path - Why & How you Should Start Your Machine Learning Career!

Machine Learning Engineers are the biggest thing now. The need for skilled & talented ML engineers is more than ever now. In fact, each year, it is escalating high only. If you are delusional about approaching the Machine Learning career path, let us tell you, the Machine Learning career outlook is superb in terms of job satisfaction, sense of security, annual compensation, and time Machine Learning career growth.

  1. Is Machine Learning a good career? Why machine learning career?
  2. How Machine Learning career provide a stable platform, and how is the Job Demand for it?
  3. Which IT companies are hiring Machine Learning Engineers?
  4. Is Machine Learning easy to learn? What should be my educational or technical background to make a career in the Machine Learning field?
  5. Which Machine Learning Roles can I go for?
  6. Can I earn a very good salary in Machine Learning technology?
  7. Is it to get jobs in Machine Learning technology?
  8. Why Machine Learning career is only blooming now?
  9. Is it compulsory to write Certifications in Machine Learning, if yes; which ones?
  10. Can an experienced professional from another field, switch to the Machine Learning domain, without difficulty?

We are sure you have these & many more doubts. And why wouldn’t you, especially when you know:


AI-related job

How AI-related job postings on the popular Austin-based search engine for jobs “Indeed” has increased by 119 %.


ML Algorithm

How building smart ML algorithms is an immensely profitable thing for the companies; because ML helps them to drive actionable knowledge & intelligence from voluminous datasets.


Formal Training

How learning ML is no rocket science, you can easily learn it with a little bit of dedication, and Formal Training.

Carry on reading because we have answers to all your endless questions in the below guide. Sit tight, grab a coffee mug, and have a read!

Machine Learning Career Path

Machine Learning History, Present & Beyond!

When Machine Learning was initially found?

The philosophy of Machine Learning was coined in 1959 by Arthur Samuel --- who was an American IBMer and visionary in the field of AI & computer gaming.

Why are businesses investing in Machine Learning solutions?

  • Machine Learning use has been popularly growing because it helps businesses transform large & complex data sets into understandable, actionable & knowledgeable information.
  • That information is further integrated into the business’s daily operational tasks & processes to solve business problems & respond to market demands.

Why are companies in need of Machine Learning Engineers?

  • Companies require Machine Learning Engineers to create algorithms & programs that can tell machines how to respond, without being each time directed. A custom newsfeed or self-driving car are some of the innovative examples of machine learning systems.
  • The AI programs created by ML engineers frees up engineers from low-value tasks & lets them focus on high-value actions.
  • The ML engineers work in direct coordination with data scientists. They are required to ensure that the models used by Data Scientists are viable to take in the real-time data that too in large amounts for outputting accurate results.
Machine Learning Career Path

Machine Learning Career Opportunities/Job Trends --- All Across the Globe!

Check out these amazing facts foretelling how abundantly Machine Learning career opportunities are soaring!

2.3mMachine Learning jobs

According to Gartner’s report, there will be 2.3 million AI-related Machine Learning jobs.

#1Machine Learning Engineer is the fastest growing title

Last year, Austin-based Indeed, a search engine for worldwide job listings compiled through various job postings that Machine Learning Engineer is the fastest growing title with ever-increasing paying opportunities.

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11.5mML ecosystem by 2026.

Machine Learning Engineers, Big Data Engineers, Data Scientists are LinkedIn’s fastest-growing job titles. The Bureau of Labour Statistics, U.S has predicted there will be 11.5M jobs in the ML ecosystem by 2026.

344% 9.8 times more Machine Learning Engineers

According to LinkedIn research, there are 9.8 times more Machine Learning Engineers than 5 years ago. And the job posting for Machine Learning engineers has outgrown by 344% between the last 5 years.

These facts clearly prove that how Machine Learning career growth is evident once you rope into this profile!

Top Companies Hiring for Machine Learning Career Opportunities

AI jobs under these names can yours if you are prepared with relevant skills!

Machine Learning Career Prospects

Which Machine Learning Profile You Should Choose?

Wondering what exact profile you can land upon after saying yes to Machine Learning Career Path? Well, you can be a Machine Learning Engineer if you are interested in:

  • Performing statistical analysis
  • Training & retraining machines or systems
  • Working on frameworks
  • Managing Test results
  • Developing & designing Machine Learning programs
  • Overseeing machine learning tests & experiments
  • Developing deep learning solutions based on Business needs & use cases And implementing ML algorithms.

If you are up for honoring such commitments, you can enjoy the greatest Machine Learning career advantages from the starting level.

Machine Learning Career Path

Prerequisite Skills for ML - Machine Learning Career is for Technical & Non-technical Aspirants!

To pursue a career in Machine Learning:

  • Have basic skills & knowledge around computer programming, data modeling, structures, frameworks. It’s fine if you don’t have any basic knowledge of these, our expert instructors will build your ML skills from scratch level, during the training process.
  • You can explore ML careers irrespective of your educational background or job profile. No matter if you are a technical or non-technical professional, you can easily find your way to the Machine Learning roles and responsibilities.
  • If you are a college graduate with any educational degree, some corporate professional in any technology or service, or some self-employed individual looking to break into transforming technology that is consistent in the future work, Machine Learning is your choice to make.
  • If you are an IT professional or Science background student, that’s great. But if you aren’t, don’t fear, learning Machine Learning is no rocket science. If you will put your time, interest, dedication, into our experts led Machine Learning Training Online, you will be good to go.
  • Focus on building effective communication, personality & overall people skills & for the rest, leave it on us. We will transform you into a complete resource with our resume feedback & interview preparation phases.

“We get enrollments from aspirants belonging from different educational background & work profiles. If these people can learn & get hold of Machine Learning Career Opportunities, so can you.”

Machine Learning Career Path

Machine Learning Salary - Know How Machine Learning Engineers Earn!

Here are the salaries of Machine Learning Engineers in 4 popular countries in the world - The USA, UK, India, Canada.

USA flag USA flag
India flag India flag

Some Untold Tips on How you Can Get Great Remuneration in ML Engineering Jobs from Start!

Relocate to the countries where pay scales are broad.

You can move to locations like the UK, USA, India, Canada, Australia, or any country you are comfortable with. Well, the demand for ML engineers is exceptionally high globally. Just take a quick ML training online, and then move out where Machine Learning career opportunities look extravagant to you.

Keep on learning new concepts & things around Machine Learning.

The aspirants who show up with knowledge beyond shoe string’s size get great recognition & preference in demanding pay as desired.

Surround yourself with ML Professionals.

Being around the industry’s experts will not just help you with knowledge sharing but might as well help to score the best compensational Machine Learning career opportunities.

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Work hard & keep your self-belief always up

In the end, it’s your exceptional knowledge & confidence that will help to get the high-paying opportunities. Don’t doubt your abilities, just let us help you get trained, acquire certifications, and drop you towards the best Machine Learning job options.

Also note that payscale for ML engineers differs based on factors like location, skills, knowledge, certification type, so once you find the right balance between all these factors, you will be good to go. If you can’t, our industry-expert counselors are there to guide you the best way at no cost!

Machine Learning Career Path

Machine Learning Certifications - Know Why Certifications are a Must!

After completing the Machine Learning Training, don’t forget to take your career to new heights via Machine Learning certifications.

What are Machine Learning Certifications?

  • Machine Learning Certifications are the exams that are conducted by the highest bodies of the work industry.
  • The reason being for conducting such an exam is to validate your knowledge around real-time ML skills.
  • On successfully passing the exam, you are declared as a professional whose knowledge is accurate to be applied within different businesses of different industries.

Why Must I Write these ML Certification exams?

Writing & qualifying for the ML certification exam with flying colors gives you:

  • Great push during the ML job hiring & screening process.
  • Gives you great preference during the salary negotiation rounds.
  • More courage & sense of accomplishment to pursue any job, project, or industry work.

Know this --- Certifications are not the guarantor for the jobs. It’s your relevant skills, knowledge & understanding of ML concepts that get you the job. The certifications just highlight your knowledge & competency!!!Want to know which ML certifications are good for you? Let’s have a little chit chat!!!

Machine Learning Career Path

What all Skills Recruiters are Actively Searching for in the Job Market?

The talent market is up with an active search for certified Machine Learning Engineers.

Step - 1 Do your research around ML as Technology or career?

Have complete research on Machine Learning to know:

  • Is it easy to learn & make a stable career with?
  • What job titles this technology entails?
  • How fast can you learn ML? Will it take longer than imagined to learn & grow with?
  • Is it practical enough to take ahead as a serious, full-time career, and that too in different business verticals like IT, Medical, Banking & more?
  • What about the salary package? Does it grow over time?

Find dug-deep answers to these & other questions before you finally decide to go for Machine Learning Career Prospects.

Step - 2 Get quick career counseling from elders or experts

when you are naive to this technology or overall corporate jobs. It’s better if you:

  • Have words with professionals or elders who are working in the IT field as it would help you envision a corporate job’s future.
  • It would be better if that elder has a Machine Learning career as they will better guide you towards Machine Learning career goals.
  • If you don’t have someone you can talk to, then JanBask Training’s Experts Counselors are there to help. They will help you nurture your doubts around the Machine Learning & other technologies that have dominance over the market.

“Want Quick Advice on Machine Learning Career Path from Industry Experts? Have it Now!”

Step - 3 Decide what you want to pursue now!

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After endless research & consultation of Machine Learning career opportunities, don’t take massive time to decide. Decide what you want to pursue now as Machine Learning is the future of work. Don’t take months to years to decide on whether you want to consider Machine learning career prospects or not. The ML field is amazing once you are in, the early you start, the early will be your overall career gains!

Can’t tell if you are the right fit for this Machine Learning career path? A super quick ML demo class with no cost can greatly help!

Step - 4 Get that formal Machine Learning Training

To enter the Machine Learning world, it’s a must to have real-time skills & knowledge. And there is no better way to have that than joining an accredited Machine Learning Training platform.

Formal Machine Learning Training will:

  • Get real-time knowledge of Machine Learning concepts & job skills.
  • Prepares you end-to-end for the in-demand ML Certification exams.
  • Make you fully prepared for Machine Learning career prospects.

“You are Just 6 Weeks Training away to make your career with future-proof Machine Learning Technology”.

Step - 5 Display your industry knowledge with relevant Machine Learning Certifications

“Machine Learning Certifications highlights your knowledge for the real-time ML jobs”. Focus on preparing for them via a professional ML training course, acquire them, and experience huge recognition all between the interview process”.

  • Machine Learning Certifications validates your complete skills & knowledge which are tested by higher officials.
  • These ML certifications tend to give you a great upward push during the salary negotiation & entire interview timeline.
  • You might not know this, but even some companies see ML certifications as an additive advantage for hiring someone. (Just saying!)

But, that doesn’t mean certifications are your guarantor for a job. If you have proven skills, knowledge with certification, you can successfully have that job.

Step - 6 Expand your professional network, increase your learning curve & start applying for the jobs

  • Expand your professional network around Machine Learning experts for knowledge-sharing, and spotting some benefiting Machine Learning career opportunities.
  • Always practice whatever concepts you have learned by far. Gather knowledge of the latest innovations around ML technology because this particular thing will make you look more competent & determined to learn & grow.
  • Once you are done with the decision, preparation part, soak yourself into the amazing Machine learning career opportunities via relevant internships, jobs, projects, or so.

Machine Learning Career Outlook

Can I Switch to Other Profiles After Considering Machine Learning Career Prospects?

Monotonous work nature scares us all. We all want a field that’s evolving & exciting all the time, has huge increment & promotion levels or is up to our interest level for longer.

If you are too afraid that I will be stuck in the same career for life, you are wrong. With Machine Learning, at any day, or time, you can graduate to other broader career prospects for better pay & skill building such as ---- Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Deep Learning, Data Analysis & so much more & that too at an increased pay scale.

“Plot your steps in a career that grows & leads you towards better opportunities.”

Machine Learning Career Path

Most Asked Questions Around Machine Learning Career Prospects!

#1. Is Machine Learning a good career? Or Why Machine Learning career?

Trends show that Machine Learning career outlook is great in terms of growth opportunities, remuneration, and work-life balance. According to Indeed, there has been a 344% growth in the ML jobs, the salary in ML is growing each year. If you focus on upscaling & keep yourself updated, you will experience good increment opportunities, faster than you thought.

#2. Is Machine Learning in great demand?

AI & Machine learning are the hottest technologies right now. The demand for Machine Learning in different businesses & industry types, each year, is growing. You will find different industries like software, healthcare, hardware, finance, utility, retail, eCommerce & so much more jumping into this technology for leveraging it & creating a lot of jobs for the upcoming generation.

#3. Why Machine Learning Career is only blooming now?

Machine Learning hasn’t grown overnight. It has been an invisible part of our lives for quite a long time. The reason why we are seeing it more visibly now is because of the heavy data accumulation in our ecosystem. With that growing need, we are now making fuller use of Machine Learning approaches & concepts to make systems smart, compute that growing data to drive logic, decisions, and value for the business.

Closing Thoughts on Machine Learning Career Path!

Machine Learning is a desired career in terms of pay, job satisfaction, learning, growth & whatever else conditions you look for. With this guide, we hope, we did justice to finding answers to all your vagabond thoughts on:

  • Why Machine Learning career?
  • What Machine Learning roles or profiles to choose & how?
  • What is the demand for Machine Learning roles like?
  • What is the average pay of a Machine Learning Engineer title?
  • Why are Machine Learning certifications so hyped?
  • What quick 6 steps can you take to start a Machine Learning career path?

Don’t let this brilliant career keep on waiting for you. If we have left some of your doubts still uncovered, we would love to hear from you in the comments below, or if you are interested in a detailed conversation, take our free Machine Learning career counseling now!

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