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How to Write Machine Learning Resumes to Get Interview Calls [Free Samples]


Want to make a career in machine learning? But don’t know how to write an impactful machine learning resume? Well, you are not alone as writing a persuasive resume that gets selected is an art, which not many are able to understand.

Recruiters receive gazillions of applications and they hardly have 5-6 seconds to glance over your machine learning resume and think whether you are a perfect candidate for further interview or not.

But...but...but, writing a resume is not that tough if you know what elements to jot down and what information to put. In this blog post, we will help you identify some 8 quick tips to write an impact-creating Machine learning engineer resume that Sureshot gets shortlisted, and prior to that, we are sharing some machine learning resume samples for beginners and professionals with sound experience.

So Hop on and Get Everything You Need to Make an Impactful Career Around This Cutting-Edge Skill!

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Machine Learning Resume Samples for Beginners & Professional

Here is the sample of Machine Learning Resume for Freshers who are just starting out!

Anthony Robert   -----> (Your Name)

Junior Machine Learning Engineer ---------> (Your Designation) ---------------> (Professional email ids with social media handles of Linkedin or Twitter (optional)

(Your contact numbers) ----> (any one or two numbers)

Professional Summary

  A skilled machine learning engineer passionate about solving real-world problems has done an internship in finance managing risk. Wish to explore this cutting-edge technology to help organizations develop new and integrate products.

Work History

  (Note - Don’t worry, if you don’t have any experience as a fresher, try adding any volunteering effort you did at college, any internship you did, any project you did, or any other relevant summer job you did that could highlight your work ethos) 


  The University of California, 

Computer Science, 2020

  • Strong knowledge of writing clean codes and debug large codebases
  • Knowledge of machine learning & deep learning for NLP, computer vision, recommendation system
  • Know the use of modern source control (GIT)
  • Knowledge of Python, its libraries
  • Knowledge of Kera, PyTorch, Matlab, TensorFlow, C++
  Additional Information 


Best Team Performance Award   

Interests & Hobbies 

Adventure Sports, dancing, cooking, researching 

Training & Certification 

Machine Learning Master Course & Certification  by JanBask Training

Pro Tip - In case you are making a machine learning intern resume, you can talk about your transferable skills, training, or educational journey in college. All this will be enough to get you hired. When you are at entry-level, having professional upskilling is necessary for the fields of machine learning & AI.

Machine Learning Engineer Resume Sample for Experienced

Mark Williams   -----> (Your Name)

Senior Machine Learning Engineer ---------> (Your Designation) ---------------> (Professional email ids with social media handles of Linkedin or Twitter (optional)

(Your contact numbers) ----> (any one or two numbers)

Professional Summary 

A prolific machine learning engineer with more than 5+ years of experience in conducting independent research using insightful, intuitive, web-based architecture. Effective & proactive at researching techniques for optimum solutions to problems, developing prototypes to understand the viability of approaches, and deploying applications to production yielding insights to accelerate customer consciousness. 

 Work Experience & Projects 

Machine Learning Engineer ----> Profile Name

12/2019 to present -----> Years of employment

XYZ Ltd. -------> company name

New York City -------> City Name 

  • Collaborated with multivariate teams of product development to insert trained models and gauge performance improvement.
  • Planned, researched, and developed SOTA deep learning models to evaluate and perform semantic segmentation, object detection, and classifications.
  • Developed data analysis and data preparation pipeline.
  • Prototypes machine learning applications & determined their viability.
  • Trained models with end-to-end Bayesian segmentation network & developed ML pipelines which resulted in annual savings of $3,00,000.
  • Analyzed problems to create solutions for software & hardware.
  Machine Learning Software Engineer ----> Profile Name

04/2017 to 12/2019  ---> Years of Employment

Data Labs ----> Company Name

New York City ----> City Name 

  • Developed a Novel algorithm that includes a 2-step process to identify the smart license plate using SOTA real-time object detection to improve predictions.
  • Developed ML web application by using Django Rest Framework & deployed the same using AWS elastic container.
  • To provide visualization of data points on maps, integrated map box to frontend.
  • Executed various standard frameworks to create reusable components for more easy deployment.
  • Developed code that utilizes modern web app development frameworks like --- MongoDB, Django, Angularjs 4.0.  

(Computer Visions/ML) Software Engineer

04/2013 to 04/16

XYZ Ltd. 


  • Developed computer vision solution to evacuate raindrops from vehicle’s side-view mirror.
  • For image analysis implemented algorithms using C, C++, Python, and MATLAB.
  • Ported software from MATLAB to embedded C to port to the embedded platform with maximum precision.
  • Planned & developed innovative image analysis techniques.
  • Natural Languages processing with sequential models
  • Natural Language processing with classification & vector spaces
  • Image & Video Compression  

Educational Background 

  • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Master of Science - Electrical & Microelectronic engineering
  • 05/2017
  • Received scholarship for excellent academic record
  • Graduated with a CGPA of 4.78  
  •  University of California, Berkeley
  • Bachelor of Science - Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • 08/2012 


  • Programming languages - Python, Java, C++, C, MATLAB, Typescript.
  • Programming libraries - CUSA, NumPY, Pandas, OpenCV, NLTK, Sckikit learn.
  • Deep learning frameworks - PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras
  • Configuration Management - Visual Source Safe, SVN, Git
  • Web Frameworks & databases - Django, Flask, Angular, Redis, MongoDB S3, PostgreSQL.
  • Tools - PyTest, Bitbucket, Confluence, JIRA.
  • Platforms - AWS (Amazon Web Services), Docker, Microsoft Azure ML.
  • Data Visualization Tools - Tableau, Matlipotlib
  Additional Information

Best Team Performance Award  by Larsen & Toubro Technology Services 

Interests & Hobbies 

Adventure Sports, dancing, cooking, researching 

Training & Certification 

Machine Learning Master Course & Certification  by JanBask Training

These were the machine learning engineer resume samples for beginners & professionals, now let’s move to step by step guide to writing persuasive resumes from scratch.

8 Simple Steps to Write Effective Machine Learning Resumes from Scratch!

If you have been looking for “how to write a perfect machine learning engineer resume”, here is a quick step-by-step guide you would need to prepare your machine learning engineer resume for freshers or senior professionals.

1. Map Elements of Your Machine Learning Resume First

Firstly you need to ponder over the sections & formatting of your resume as it is the most important factor recruiters could accept or reject your resume.

 Machine Learning Resume

2. Plan & Fill the Header

You have to put in factually correct corresponding details, through which the recruiter could reach out to you.

The Header of Your Machine Learning Engineer Resume Should Include Your:

Plan & Fill the Header

3. Add Professional Summary Or Career Objective Next

This is the most important section where you need to sum up your career journey, objectives, or capabilities you hold. Explain here what you know and how you can help the company know that too!

Well...there Are Two Types: Career Objective & Professional Summary & Career Objective.

  • A Professional Summary should be approached by machine learning engineers who have long-haul experience in this field of machine learning & AI. 
  • While those who are just starting their career, like graduates, students, freshers, interns, should focus on writing career objectives --- stating what skills they know, are willing to learn & explore, and they could become assets to the company.

Here Are the Machine Learning Resume Examples for Career Objectives & Professional Summary!

Career Objective

4. Jump to Work Experience Section Next

Your upcoming machine learning engineer work experience section is another most important & interesting section which would help recruiters get the essence of your skills, how you participated in your previous companies, how you were able to deliver and achieve the organization’s goals & objectives.

This Is How Your Machine Learning Resume Work Experience Section Should Be Made:

  1. Your Position Name
  2. Company Name
  3. Years of Experience
  4. Machine Learning Engineer Roles & Responsibilities Pursued there, followed by any key achievements.

Pro Tip - Remember to add quantifiers in your experience section. Don’t just simply add plain English with heavy adjectives, add numbers that would get noticed. See these work experience sections for instance.

 Work Experience
Which one do you think out of these two would capture the attention the most? Of course, the second one, as the first one is too basic and the second one proves that you have helped the organization achieve results with your work. Doing this can make your resume look more appealing to explore further for recruiters.

Here’s an Example of the Work Section of a Machine Learning Resume: Work Experience

“What to do when you don’t have work experience?”

In case you don't have any professional experience to put on your machine learning engineer resume, fret not, it’s totally fine. When you are just starting out as a newbie, you can:

  • Talk about internships, summer jobs, projects if you did
  • Talk about any group activity you led in college that could highlight your work attitude & leadership qualities to get absorbed in a job.

As a machine learning engineer, just add information that proves your professional qualities and makes you a viable choice for any work environment. Even if you didn’t work for an internship, highlight the professional machine learning training you did, discuss the projects you did during that course, and the robust skills you developed from there.

5. Write Your Correct Educational Background, Next

Next in the section, you need to put up your educational history in reverse chronological order. Like first have your recent education, followed by previous education or schooling details. Here’s what this section should have:

  • Degree major or type
  • University name
  • Years of studying
  • Honors, courses, achievements, extracurriculars, GPAs, training, anything else which you would want to add to showcase your learning curve

This Section Should Appear Like This:

This section should appear like this:
Some Smart tips!

  • If you are doing your undergraduate and are side by side & applying for the job, you should mention the date on which you will get your degree tentatively in the future.
  • And if you are writing a machine learning resume for freshers, you can address your education before the work experience.
  • Avoid adding GPAs or percentages if a long time has passed since you graduated, this isn’t necessary.

6. Add Skills That Can Make You a Qualified Choice

Skills are the most important aspect of a resume, without them, it’s nearly impossible to convince a recruiter for a job. While you are applying for the Machine Learning role, it’s way important that you add these technology-specific machine learning skills on your resume to help recruiters know your capabilities & understanding.

Add two types of skills in your machine learning engineer resume, one, the hard skills or job-specific skills, second, the transferable or soft skills that are needed alongside the job-specific skills.

Here Is the Most Demanded Machine Learning Engineer’s Technical Cum Soft Skills, You Can Go About Inscribing in Your Machine Learning Resumes.

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Pro Tips:

  • Add skills according to the job description in bullet format.
  • If you are an entry-level machine learning engineer, you may not be familiar with complex machine learning skills, then you can stress upon your soft skills and talk highly about your education or from where you procured the training for this role.
  • And other than showing your skills in one particular section, try to add them in other areas of your resumes as well, like during career objectives, job experience, and education. This will make your resume look more persuasive and wholesome.

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7. Do Keep an “Extras” Section in Your Machine Learning Engineer Resumes

Don’t get done yet, to make your resume stand out, ensure adding an extras section after covering all the educational & professional experience.

What does this “extra” section need to cover?

Well, it could talk about your:

  • Awards and certifications - Any Machine learning-specific certifications, awards you got, you can add, it can validate & highlight your learnings & contributions.
  • Any training related to Machine Learning & AI You did - Add any upskilling training or course you did exceptionally to build up your knowledge base and get core practical knowledge.
  • Languages You can speak - Add all the languages you know or can speak or write fluently, this can help you get an edge over other candidates.
  • Interests & hobbies - recruiters love to hire people who are larger than life and have the dedication to keep their muse around. They don’t want to hire machines, so they would need you to be creative as well, for which, adding your interests, hobbies can tell a lot about your personality.

Pro Tip - Feel free to add any additional quality, undiscovered talents, affiliations you can in your resume’s “extras” section, as this can help you to stand out and pave your way to the interview rounds.

8. Don’t Miss Out on an Elaborative Yet Precise Cover Letter

Almost half of the recruiters prefer having a cover letter to make sureshot choices for the machine learning roles.

Here Are Few Tips on How You Can Write a Cover Letter Along With Your Machine Learning Resumes:

  • In the beginning, add a strong statement telling your abilities, skills, abilities, what you can do for the company to meet its bottom line.
  • In the later parts, tell why you want to pursue this job, from where you hear about this job,  to start by telling why you are excited about this job, how it matches your exceptional qualities & ultimate goals, and how you would be a great fit for this opportunity.
  • Don’t add bullets in your cover letter and stress upon your education, qualities, relevant past experiences and make them specific to the job you are applying for & its description.
  • Use the latest, simple yet professional cover letter format.
  • Don’t exceed your cover letter by more than one page.
  • Avoid writing about expectations or any negotiation scope, this may seem offensive and unreasonable.
  • At the end of your cover letter say thank you to the recruiter for taking time and reading your application, Add a call to action that could prompt the recruiter to take the next step of calling you for further process.

This is a sample for writing an impressive Machine Learning Cover Letter

Now you know how to write machine learning engineer resumes, here are a few tips that can help you write and put forward more impressionable and noticeable resumes out there.

Tips to Make Your Resume Shine Bright Out in All

Only writing a resume is not enough, you need to ensure it is effective, relevant to the position applied for, and impressive enough to touch the expectations of hiring managers looking for machine learning roles.

  • Tell a Short Story about What You Can Help Achieve

Hiring managers are least bothered by just knowing what job you did or studied in the past. They want your machine learning resume to tell a wholesome story about what exceptional qualities you possess and how you can help the company achieve its bottom lines. They want to know your strong foot that you can put forward and make recruiters consider you as confident & reasonable for the job.

Whenever jotting down your qualifications, education or skill showing your specialization around machine learning and why you should be trusted with the company's envisioned goals & missions.

  • Prepare Separate Machine Learning Resume for Different Job Applications

Don’t go in and out sharing the same resume with every recruiter. Customize the resume according to the company you are applying to, mention their name in the resume to make it sound more personalized. Match the information of your resume based on the requirements of the different hiring managers and positions.

When you put some dedicated efforts to shine your resume for a particular job, this shows recruiters your dedication & interest in a particular job.

  • Use Action-driven Words to Make your Resume Impactful

Recruiters are tired of hearing common words like ----Worked, managed, helped, made, etc” (yikes they are boring)

Try adding these powerful words in your resume while explaining your capabilities & see how recruiters would get in touch with you to discuss further.

Top Powerful Words to Add and Expand Your Machine Learning Resumes Value

Machine Learning Resumes Value

Keep Your Resume Visually Strong & Balanced

Keep the hierarchy and flow of your resume to be understandable. Recruiters should be able to quickly assess your resume and make an understanding of how you are suitable for the job. Keep the information concise and short, avoid going beyond one page, and have a tone of determination during every section of the page

Skills to Add in your Machine Learning Engineer Resumes - Which Can Compensate You Well!

While applying for the Machine learning engineer position, make sure to inscribe the popular machine learning skills on your resume that recruiters have deep demand for in the talent market. Here is the rundown on key machine learning skills which the majority of recruiters would want to see in your resume. All these skills which are listed below are from popular job hunting sites and when added can help you embark on a really great Machine Learning engineer salary

These Are the Skills for Machine Learning Resumes Indeed Platform Suggests.

  • Data Modelling & Evaluation
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Computer science fundamentals & programming with Python
  • NLP - Natural language processing
  • Neural networks
  • Probability & statistics
  • System Design

Final Thoughts on Machine Learning Resume Sample + Writing Guide!

Wish this guide to machine learning resume examples and writing guide helps you create an impact with your candidature. We shared step by step how to draft your machine learning engineer resume and shared a few machine learning resume examples for freshers & experienced professionals. 

A concise, skimmable, informational machine learning engineer resume is the key to push through the crowd. Don’t overcrowd your resume, follow exactly 8 steps and you will be good to go. Your resume is your window to your next job opportunity, don’t fail with it at all cost. If you wish to have an impeccable machine learning resume assistance with complete machine learning resume pdfs for reference, how about joining our 6 weeks machine learning training, where we give you preparation for Machine learning certification & real-time job, via overall job interview preparation & skill-building!

FAQ on Machine Learning Resumes!

Q1. What Machine Learning Projects for Resumes to Consider at the Beginner Level?

You Can Self Create Machine Learning Projects for your Resume as Follows:

  • Movie ticket price forecast
  • Coronavirus visualizations
  • Sentiment analysis of product reviews
  • Sales forecast
  • Loan and stock prediction
  • Personality prediction
  • Sports prediction
  • Fake News Detection

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