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Essential Machine Learning Prerequisites For a Successful and Enriching Career


Love Netflix or YouTube recommendations? Curious how Spotify plays your favorite music genre or how self-driving cars are the future? The answer to all questions is one: Machine Learning. It is fueling digital transformation and empowering innovation across industries. As a beginner, critical to know the prerequisites for Machine Learning. This blog will introduce you to the different concepts and learn the machine learning prerequisites. 

What is Machine Learning?

It is the branch of Artificial Intelligence that deals with computers/machines/devices.

Organizations leverage machine learning to learn and predict outcomes accurately and faster based on the collected or historical data without human intervention. In simple words, ML works on the idea that an algorithm or system, given ample time, data, and experience, will make data-driven decisions. ML can be considered a technological and automated version of human decision-making. If you take the current job openings, you will understand why ML is one of the most popular technologies in the 21st century. It is why everyone wants to know how to get into machine learning and make a mark in the highly lucrative field. Dive deeper and find out how to learn machine learning. To get in-depth knowledge of prerequisites for machine learning, you can enroll in the machine learning online certification training course.

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Job Prospects For Machine Learning Experts

Machine Learning is the most sought-after job opportunity after AI worldwide. The unprecedented growth in machine learning job trends has motivated individuals to initiate and pursue a career in this field. Companies are hiring experts who can leverage their skills in developing machine-learning programs. The Burtchworks survey of 1,841 data professionals (1,265 Data Scientists and 576 AI Professionals), conducted from May 2021 to April 2022, gives an idea about the machine learning opportunities. 

The median base salary for data scientists starts at $90,000 for level 1 individual contributors to $145,000 for level 3 individual contributors. Data science managers' salaries range from $155,000 to $275,000. Overall, there is an annual salary of 13 percent.

What Is An Average Machine Learning Engineer's Salary?

The average salary of a machine learning engineer is influenced by factors like experience, location, industry, and certifications.  Going by the different salary aggregate sites, the average salary for a machine learning engineer lies in the median of $112,000 to $143,000.

Is Machine Learning Prerequisites Complex?

Machine learning combines elements of computer science, math, and coding. While one can study and learn the components independently, many learners realize the importance of a learning medium to enter the machine learning field. Consider joining guided learning easier than self-teaching. Fortunately, you can join an online program, whether you’re a beginner or have some experience. Jan Bask offers a machine learning training online course roadmap.

Machine Learning Prerequisites

Time to get started by knowing the essential prerequisites for machine learning. It might look complex at first but master the prerequisite skills to achieve the right package and position in machine learning. You can get comprehensive knowledge through a certification program, but the following subjects arel prerequisites for machine learning.

Prerequisites to know how to learn about machine learning

The Machine Learning course doesn’t need to know any previous machine learning. However, to understand the various concepts, we recommend that students understand the following machine learning prerequisites:

  • Learners must be comfortable with variables, linear equations, functions, histograms, and statistical means. 
  • Ideally, every learner must be a good programmer with some experience in Python. 
  • However, experienced learners without Python experience complete the learning certification. 

The following sections provide links to additional helpful background material.


Machine learning techniques and algorithms interlinked with statistical theories and concepts. Statistical concepts are crucial in understanding algorithms processes like distribution and hypothesis testing. With statistics, one can pick the skills required to grasp the data used in developing machine learning models. Crucial statistical topics needed for machine learning-

  • Axioms
  • Mean Standard Deviations
  • Conditional & Joint Distribution
  • Histograms
  • Random variables

Linear Algebra

Linear algebra is a field of mathematics that deals with vectors, matrices, and data structure. In machine learning, we need to work with vectors and matrices (arrays) of data. By learning linear algebra, one can find out various shortcuts, processes, and knowledge to transform data and perform operations on the data. 

Crucial topics in linear algebra needed-

  • Linear transformation
  • Operations
  • Matrix factorization
  • Notations
  • Tensor 


Calculus is one of the essential prerequisites for machine learning as it involves studying the change in quantities, length, area, and volume of objects. Many machine learning models are developed using a data set possessing several features or predictors. 

Sign up for a Machine Learning Certification here if you want to learn machine learning to advance your career or knowledge.

Crucial topics in calculus for completing machine learning requirements

  •  Derivatives and gradient 
  • limits and differential calculus
  • The cost function, Step function, Sigmoid function
  • Minimum and Maximum values of a function
  • Approximations and Taylor Series

Programming Knowledge- Essential Prerequisites For Machine Learning

Every learner must know the programming languages like R and Python and possess good coding skills to implement ideas. 

Concepts for Programming language

  • Data structures
  • Algorithms
  • Object-oriented concepts
  • Memory management

Machine Learning Prerequisites In Education

The most common question is regarding the necessary educational qualification for machine learning. A machine learning career isn’t dependent wholly on your education degree. The degree paves you a path to the machine learning field. For example, someone who completed graduation and moved to machine learning will have 4 to 6 years of working experience. It equals their peers who finish their Ph.D. in the same period. Even if you don’t match the educational certifications an organization demands, you can still make an impact in a machine learning career with experience, expertise, and certificates.

Machine learning requirements in certifications and skills

  • Programming languages - Python, R, Java, C++
  • Data analysis frameworks –Keras, Tensorflow, PyTorch
  • Machine learning environment- Hadoop, Spark, Azure Data Lake Azure 
  • Degree- Math, computer science, physics, engineering.

Learn machine learning requirements with Jan Bask

Machine learning is a lucrative field with scope for unprecedented career growth and financial rewards. As stated above, one must know how to learn about machine learning and understand machine learning prerequisites. Certifications, skills, and knowledge will fuel an enthusiastic effort to make a career in the rapidly growing machine-learning field. A proven Machine learning online certification training course with JanBask will inculcate skills for kickstarting the career or attaining excellence. Learn end-to-end practical knowledge of machine learning concepts like supervised & unsupervised learning, coding, neural networks, algorithms, and data modeling to earn industry-leading machine learning certifications.

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We explained the prerequisites of machine learning, the applications, and the necessary certifications and skills to achieve a fulfilling career. Every learner must gain an in-depth knowledge of statistics, calculus, programming, linear algebra, and coding languages. It’s a lucrative career but needs practice, effort, patience, and experience. With the rising adoption of machine learning, it’s the best time to devote oneself to a full-fledged certification course. An effort now will give a path to a brighter future for the machine learning enthusiast.

Frequently Asked Questions on Machine Learning

Q1. What are prerequisites for machine learning?

Ans:- Variables, linear equations, function graphs, histograms, and statistical means must all be concepts you are familiar with. You ought to be a competent coder. You should ideally have some prior Python programming knowledge since the exercises are in Python.

Q2. Is Coding necessary for ML?

Ans:- Yes, some coding experience is required if you want to work in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Q3. How do I launch my ML career?

Ans:- The prerequisites are a bachelor's degree, a fundamental knowledge of mathematics, and some programming knowledge. After that, you'll pursue machine learning education and certification.

Q4. Is ML challenging to learn?

Ans:- The need for in-depth understanding of numerous areas of mathematics and computer science, as well as the meticulous attention to detail required to spot algorithmic inefficiencies, are factors that make machine learning challenging. To optimise an algorithm, machine learning applications also call for precise attention.

Q5. How much does a machine learning engineer make?

Ans:- There cannot be a fixed payout when it comes to a machine learning engineer's salary since it may change depending on a variety of things. It is important that you weigh the variables before making a decision. Additionally, it is clear that both the market for occupations requiring this skill set and the need for Machine Learning are always rising.

Q6. What does an engineer in machine learning do?

Ans:- The crucial data is fed into the models created by data scientists with the assistance of machine learning engineers. Additionally, machine learning engineers guarantee the practicality of the theoretical data science models.

Q7. What is the salary of an Apple Machine Learning Engineer?

Ans:- The estimated payout for a Machine Learning Engineer at Apple is $202,740 per year.

Q8. What is the salary of a Google Machine Learning Engineer?

Ans:- The average base salary for Machine Learning Engineer at Google is $165,749. It may change depending on aspects like location, years of experience, additional skill set knowledge, etc. 

Q9. What is the salary of a Facebook Machine Learning Engineer?

Ans:- The Facebook Machine Learning Engineer Salary is around is $187,596. It may be affected by a number of variables, and the range may change depending on factors like location, years of experience, additional skill set knowledge, etc. 

Q10.  What is the annual salary of an Amazon Machine Learning Engineer?

Ans:- The range of the Amazon Machine Learning Engineer Salary may change depending on aspects like region, years of experience, additional skill set knowledge, etc. The Amazon Machine Learning Engineer Salary is also determined by other aspects, such as your bargaining abilities and prior employment history, if any. One thing to bear in mind is that big companies like Amazon typically have a clear salary structure and reasonable wages for its staff.


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