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10+ Tips to Crack Growth Opportunities at Work for More Pay & Recognition


Growing in a career could mean different things to different people. Like for your colleague, growth could mean just earning fat paychecks, and for you, on another hand, it could mean “bagging a bigger position with more reputation and acknowledgment”. Well, growth opportunities are a combination of various factors that give you satisfaction and make you feel belonged at your job, and pushes you to keep doing better each day & evolving. Basically, it’s a long-term process.

Why is Career or Job Growth Important?

If you are happy in your current job and are just doing what is obligatory and are satisfied with the same pattern, same paycheck, and lifestyle, you are not at all evolving according to the current talent market. Even though you are at a happy place, you still need to put some effort into growing your career, as this could benefit you in the long run. If you are able to crush opportunities for growth timely, you down the line could invite the positive impacts around your life such as:

  • Timely growing paychecks to meet the great lifestyle
  • Promotion to more leadership roles
  • Greater professionalism and network around
  • You will have new skills that make you relevant for evolving job market
  • You get opportunities to be your own boss someday and have people under you working

If you wish to experience such growth opportunities, here in the following guide, we will introduce you to 10+ tips that will help with employee growth in any job, industry, or work environment. At the bottom, we have also mentioned the top 5 job options that offer great opportunities for growth in terms of payscale, continuous learning, and taking leadership roles at higher positions.

10+ Best Tips to Career Growth - Yielding More Mental Satisfaction & Paycheck

Always remember staying monotonous in a job will not take you places. It is the combination of your determination, adaptability to change, and can-do spirit that will lead you to places. To gain success in your career trajectory, both mentally and financially, you will have to make big moves and carve your niche. 

So, to help you explore massive growth opportunities or employee growth in your career, here are the 10 experts recommended tips on how to grow in your career, stated by real achievers, who got sorted and are leading a growth-prone career.

1. Focus on Upskilling and Expanding Your Learning Curve

There is a very beautiful quote that says “Never Stop Learning Because Life Never Stops Teaching”.

Extra project

We read an interview of JT Morrison, a subject matter expert with a publication house saying “Upskilling is really important to thrive in a job. No manager likes an employee lurking with the same old knowledge. I did my upskilling and it really helped in my career. In fact, at the age of 52, look at me, I am still learning”.

Learning never stops for employees or professionals. There is never a well-learned man who knows his skill/task 100%. There is always scope to learn and add more to your learning curve.

Your boss will only give you that recognition, raise, or seniority in post only if you are adding more value to the firm. When you are able to upskill or re-skill and help organizations take new initiatives to drive growth.

Even when you are experienced and have fully learned a technology or skill, you can always get more learning around it. Supposedly, if you are in Salesforce careers, do you know has three product updates a year?

Or if you follow a Data Science career path, do you know all statistical models to drive meaning from data?

To grow, the key is to learn, learn and update your knowledge. For that it’s best if you consider online training platforms, driving technical upskilling courses around trending IT technologies. Our JanBask Training platform can help you with industry-focused skill-building.

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2. Grab the Industry Recognized Certifications

recognize certificate

Any job-specific certification can boost your bank balance. Choosing the industry-relevant certification can increase your paycheck by 50% or even more. IT, Manufacturing, healthcare industries pay highest to employees seeking additional certifications.”

Skill-based industry-recognized certifications are the best way to add more validation to your career. If you show your superior that you are taking some certifications related to your job, be it in Salesforce, Business Analysis, SQL server, QA testing, Data Analysis or so, they will give you that recognition & growth you desire.

Because with certifications, you will be adding more specialized and validated knowledge to your job. Which will help bring results, and your boss would definitely want to give you that career jump.

Check Out the Following Certifications to Seek Employee Growth:

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3. Fixate Your Career Goals and Work on Them

Career Goals

Everyone has different career goals. Your friend Susan’s career goal would be to be a big shot sales-rep at a reputed company in the next 5 years. Your goal would be maybe to have mental peace and opportunities to put your best foot forward.

You Should Define Your Career Goals, List Them Down, Prioritize Them and Crush Them One by One.

For your goals, you can keep a small planner or note them down in excel or any office management tool. Define your role and think about how you can make it bigger and better than yesterday to smash your goals. Goal-setting gives you that boost to work dedicatedly and one-by-one get all the wins you desire.

Timely look into your goals, update them if they seem too over the board, see if they are feasible to achieve, and take you to your ultimate mission in life. 

Along with focusing on your goals, also try to implement little-little changes in your personality and work pattern, in a way that it gets noticed by your superior. Going this way, sooner or later, you will evolve and would definitely have higher paychecks and everything else that constitutes your definition of career growth & success.

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4. Be Participative & Interactive


You Have Two Options to Become a Massive Success:

  • Option A - Come to your workplace, open your laptop, do tasks as assigned, join the huddle, and go home (maybe without getting noticed).
  • Option B - Or you could do everything said in option A and also schedule some time to be an active voice in the projects, driving communications for more learning opportunities, be seen, be heard, take initiatives. Give suggestions vocally that can help people & the company altogether evolve.

Choosing option B would help you get your fair share. When you will brainstorm, represent some kick-ass ideas to the team during scrum or to your boss, they will really appreciate your hard work and see you as a valuable employee. Win the trust of your superiors and show them you can drive things in the best inventive way & they will definitely give you that recognition & remuneration you truly deserve.

Amanda Hudson, VP marketing head at the regal firm says, it’s ok If you are an introvert by nature, don’t worry about being vocal, just use a written professional communication channel to fly your ideas and make your existence known :)

5. Learn the Subtle Art of Delegation

Learn the Subtle Art of Delegation

Sabrina Mathew, an AWS cloud practitioner says “Even if you don’t have a team of staff under you, but just colleagues with the same understanding, choose them to collaborate over a task, take their help to work towards achieving results.

It’s the collective efforts that will help you grow. If you keep the attitude that you have to do all the hustle to be in the limelight, that’s not the truth. Whether you have a team underneath or are working solo, you can delegate a task that could be better done by the other peers or team members under or around you.

Sometimes your boss evaluates you on the basis of how efficiently you are able to manage the workload, by getting it done by yourself or asking someone else to partner on it for effective outcomes.

In the end, your boss wants to see visible results, and if they see you had a great role in pushing the task to completion rate with success, they will definitely reward you. This will also enhance your leadership skills and help you get promoted to superior roles in the near future.

The key is to just work towards making things happen and get the tasks done that could drive the efficiency and growth of your company as a whole. This delegation thing will ultimately add to your leadership qualities, which will somehow take you to places

6. Imbibe Great People’s Thoughts & Habits


Josh Iguana, a data scientist says, I am very keen about following real-life achievers and believe their habits, words, actions can certainly add to your wisdom and zeal to grow. I follow tons of followers, and have great findings each day.”

No, we are not asking you to watch Ted Talks of real tycoons every day (eh, ok maybe we are!).

The point is to watch the great habits of real career achievers who did get success, know what path they followed. What exceptional steps they took to be this way.

Inspiration plays a great role in enhancing our efforts towards something we crave badly. Just go to Youtube, you will find dozens of videos of great influencers, businessmen, entrepreneurs sharing their journeys of life from scratch. They will give you their roadmap from failure to success.

Whereas if you lack motivation or can’t think of following someone on social media. Just have a conversation with your superiors, your hiring managers, the authorities at the top level, they would have something to add to your learnings about making a mark for yourself.

Knowing their habits, thoughts, and way of driving things will help you run in the same direction, and will eventually help you grow just like them for sure.

7. Sign Up For Extra Projects & Assignments

 Projects & Assignments

Do you remember how in school teachers used to give extra credits to students who would volunteer for extracurricular or some recreational activity, apart from studying? Well, you can similarly do it in your workspace as well.

No, we are not asking you to arrange some school play or be in some fancy Halloween party. We mean, sign up for extra work or assignments outside your role to appear in the good books of your superiors. 

Supposedly, if there is any other project, task, or anything extra that you could do to ultimately help the organization become more efficient and productive, volunteer for that, your efforts would be really counted.

If you can slack some space, look around and zig through the opportunities to learn and grow, and be seen, and display your amazing caliber.

Note: Do it only if you have done your main work and have room to pursue your additional tasks to win your boss’s grace points. Otherwise, your boss would be really pissed if you don’t do what you have to, first.

8. Brush Up Your Professional Skills

personal skills

To get promoted in your job, just focusing on your job skills won’t help. You need to focus on your professional skills as well. Yes, the skills that you often hear as communication skills, time management, problem-solving, etc.

You need to brush up on your personality traits that are much needed to give you that growth. Imagine if you have a great personality, confidence, and ability to solve any problem analytically, wouldn’t that look very impactful to your superior?

Just be all-rounder, have a very reflective personality and appearance at a job that seems justified for you to explore and crack your most-awaited growth opportunities.

In case you don’t know what skills to get prepared for, check out these 15 professional skills you need to get the next raise in your career.

9. Communicate Your Goals To Your Boss/Superior


Kimberly at Global Inc. as the regional director says “ I was very hesitant to ask for my promotion. I collated my performance numbers, took feedback from my colleagues & seniors around, and held a complete meeting around it with my boss. My honesty and dedication really helped me become what I am today. So the key is sometimes just to walk in confidence and ask what you truly deserve, and even despite putting in hard work you are still delayed for that recognition or hike, maybe it’s best to walk away and look for other opportunities”.

Sometimes your bosses can miss the signals you throw at them through the above ways. It’s better if you could schedule a meeting with your immediate manager or superior and ask them properly, without hesitating about what you seriously want.

Have a collective report of your performance, tell them what exceptionally good you did to help save the organization's efforts or increase more productivity. If you have done justice to your job and your boss thinks it’s time to give you your due, they will definitely give.

Just be assertive, have numbers to talk about, and be confident in whatever you ask. But yes your asking has to be reasonable, don’t go for impossible jumps. Your can-do spirit and dedication would definitely unfold more opportunities for growth in some way or another.

10. Stay Positive And Don’t Lose Hope

you got this

A positive man attracts positive outcomes. In the end, just stay positive and don’t lose hope. Do your level best to appear as a favorable employee who works hard and proactively in areas of development at work, and you will definitely get what you deserve.

It is your optimistic nature and can-do attitude that will help you unlock your next best career opportunities. If you feel your current work environment is not made to give you that employee growth, maybe it’s time to switch to a new career path, where recognition and pay increase with time and your mental satisfaction and learning curve are always growing.

Other important tips to stay relevant and keep cracking growth opportunities!

  • Organize your workspace, thoughts, and long-term goals, this really helps to increase your efficiency and productivity

Read: How to Stay Organized at work? Even in work from home

  • Do give your 100ort to each and every task
  • Focus on doing any task or job skill with a motive to gain profitable outcome out of it that gets noticed, it could be any minuscule or could be the very bigger result
  • Elevate your colleagues & departments, have strong ties with the superiors and peers
  • Have patience, wait for your actions to turn into favorable outcomes
  • Stay dedicated, accept feedback with an open heart and work on improving the gaps
  • Have productivity tools like planners, to-do list apps,  or any growth tracking apps to trace down your accomplishments
  • Keep track of your progress, know how far you have come and how far you can go
  • Ask your management to conduct the latest skills-based corporate training, through professional training platforms online. If you don't have time to place yourself in skill-building training, these collective training sessions can come in handy for your personal & collective growth.

Let 's now talk about the most amazing career paths where growth opportunities are massive.

Top Career Options Where Job Growth is Evident!

If your current work profile is paying you peanuts in the name of salary and cuts you no slack of recognition, then check out these amazing career options with amazing earning & growth opportunities, after a quick upskilling of each of them with our professional training courses.

Job Role

Promotion Scope


  1. Data Science

In 2-5 years you can become a senior Data Scientist, given you have strong product & project management, the ability to solve complex problems and meet client’s needs in domains.

You can earn $120103 per year as a senior data scientist salary.

  1. Business Analyst 

Within 3-5 years you can become a senior/lead business analyst or even product manager or even break into consultant roles.

You can earn $129,713/yr as a salary for senior business analysts.

  1. Salesforce Admin

You can grow in this profile and get a raise if you are tactical, have great business acumen, are lifelong learners, problem solvers, and quite resourceful.

Within 2 to 3 years, you can get promoted to a lucrative salary of Salesforce admin at $129,295 per year.

  1. Cloud Engineer with AWS or Azure

Whether you choose AWS or Azure, if you have impeccable cloud computing knowledge, an analytical mindset, great communication skills, and an understanding of business requirements, you can definitely continue getting promotion opportunities.

A senior AWS engineer’s salary can be an average of $128,000/yr.


Azure engineer salary can be an average of $136,970/yr.

5. Cybersecurity Engineer

With USA cybersecurity needing to grow by 62%, there is definitely a great chance for you to grow in this career. 

With an acute shortfall of security specialists, you can get promoted to cybersecurity salary between $300,000 to $500,000 per year.

Final Thoughts on How to Seek Growth Opportunities in Career

To grab amazing growth opportunities or at least discover the areas of development at work, there is no perfect recipe. To experience amazing employee growth at the workplace, you just have to focus on 

  • Getting upskilled time-to-time
  • Appear confident
  • Get certified
  • Appear up for challenges
  • Be willing to do hard work with great persistence

To be able to win the trust of your bosses or higher management for your big win, you have to show them what you are capable of. Identify areas of development at work, and focus on giving visible action around your team and superior, have an extravagant personality that flaunts well, create a work environment that everyone cherishes around you, be receptive to feedback and willing to work on them, and voila your bosses will give extreme opportunities for growth.

If you are stuck in a career where growth opportunities seem impossible, explore our free career counseling where we will give you a roadmap of amazing career opportunities where success is well-timed and definite in terms of the payscale, employability perks, and amazing work-life balance.

Hope these 10 steps to unveil growth opportunities or how to scrutinize areas of development at work helps you pave your next golden opportunity. Tell us in the comments which point seems most important to zig through employee growth.

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