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AWS Solution Architect Salary in 2024 by Location, Skills, and Experience


Are you looking for a career that offers both financial stability and opportunities for growth? Look no further than the world of AWS architecture and development! As a certified AWS professional, the sky's the limit regarding earning potential and career progression. 

But with so many factors influencing the AWS Solution Architect salary range, it can be hard to know where to start. That's why we've put together this blog - to help you navigate the exciting and lucrative world of AWS salaries. Here, we'll explore the various job positions available to AWS-certified professionals and provide insights into the different AWS solution architect salary ranges. Plus, we'll give you insider tips on how to get AWS certification and training through the best AWS online training courses.

So, let's start by better understanding what AWS is and what an AWS solution architect does.

What Is AWS and Who is an AWS Solution Architect?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) needs no introduction as one of the most popular cloud providers. With over 170 services at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless. But AWS isn't just about services and technology - it's also about the people behind the scenes. 

That's where AWS Solution Architects come in. These tech wizards are responsible for designing and implementing cloud solutions for businesses using AWS. By collaborating with clients and understanding their unique needs and goals, AWS Solution Architects craft custom solutions that are efficient, effective, and innovative.

So what exactly do AWS Solution Architects do? They wear many hats, from designing and developing cloud solutions to troubleshooting and providing ongoing support. The AWS architect's roles and responsibilities are:

  • Create, implement, and manage scalable, affordable cloud infrastructures for the company.
  • Establish the organization's business goals and create cloud-based solutions to support them.
  • Improve inefficient internal firm systems by modernizing them.
  • Limit the amount of downtime and security breaches when using the cloud.
  • Assess the risk associated with third-party platforms and frameworks.
  • Look into strategies for streamlining corporate operations through digitization.
  • Develop, build, and maintain internal cloud applications for the company.
  • Follow the latest developments in cloud computing and try to improve the organization's cloud infrastructure.
  • Work and communicate with internal teams, including sales, operations, and IT.

Every day is different, and every project has a different set of difficulties to overcome. If you're looking for a career that blends technology with creativity, problem-solving, and innovation, becoming an AWS Solution Architect might be the perfect fit and aws online training can be helpful in this path.

AWS Solutions Architect Average Salary: As Per Experience, Skills, and Location

Money talks, and for AWS Solution Architects, it's saying some pretty sweet things! If you're curious about how much these tech professionals make, we've got the inside scoop. According to Glassdoor, the AWS Solution Architect salary range is impressive, starting at $114,000 and soaring up to $175,000. 

Of course, your experience level plays a significant role in your salary potential. If you're starting as a Junior AWS Solution Architect, your cloud architect salary will be around $75,000. But with 1 to 4 years of industry experience under your belt, the sky's the limit - you could earn well over the average salary in no time. So, whether you're new to the tech world or a seasoned pro, there's never been a better time to consider a career as an AWS Solution Architect. With such lucrative salary potential, the possibilities are endless!

1. AWS Solutions Architect Salary: Based on Experience

Here is the complete breakdown of Amazon AWS Solution Architect salary at fresher, mid & advanced level: 

The salary of an AWS Solutions Architect depends not only on their experience level but also on their certification type. Suppose an individual holds the AWS Certified Solution Architect-Associate level certification. In that case, they can expect to earn an average annual salary of $134, 534 in the United States, according to Indeed. 

On the other hand, for those who have obtained the AWS certification and training level certification, the average salary is around $148,456 per year. Obtaining professional-level accreditation is a significant achievement and can lead to increased earning potential in this field.

As a preliminary note, prior knowledge of working with the AWS cloud platform is required for both AWS certifications and training. For those interested in pursuing the AWS Online Training path, it's recommended to read up on the various aspects related to salary, career growth, and the roles and responsibilities associated with being a Solutions Architect.

It's important to understand that obtaining an AWS certification and training does not guarantee a job for becoming an AWS architect; however, it can enhance the chances of being promoted to higher job positions and increase one's earning potential. Moving forward, let's discuss the salary ranges for AWS Solutions Architects based on different certifications.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate Salary

AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Professional Salary

Now let's look into the average aws solutions architect salary earned by AWS Certified Solutions Architects in some of the major organizations, according to the facts posted on LinkedIn, Dice, and Global IT Knowledge.

2. AWS Solutions Architect Average Salary: Based on Top Employers

Let's discuss the top-paying employers in this field to shed light on the compensation of employees holding AWS Solution Architect-Associate and AWS Solution Architect-Professional certificates. These companies are recognized for providing lucrative compensation packages to their employees having these certifications. Microsoft Corp is known to offer an average salary of $145,428, while Inc and International Business Machines (IBM) Corp follow closely with salaries averaging around $220,613 and $164k, respectively.

Below is the list of IT giants and aws solutions architect associate salary they offer:

It's worth noting that the compensation for AWS Solutions Architects can vary significantly based on several factors, including their skill set and location. While some well-known brands like Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM are recognized for offering high salaries to these professionals, the range can also be influenced by their specific skills.

Additionally, location can also have an impact on salaries. For instance, AWS Solutions Architects working in cities like San Francisco or New York may earn more than those working in smaller towns or rural areas. Hence, a comprehensive analysis of various factors is required to determine the average of cloud solutions architect salary based on their skills and location.

3. Average AWS Solutions Architect Salary: Based on Skill-set

It's important to note that there is a variation in the salaries of AWS Solution Architects based on their skill set. For example, a DevOps Engineer with AWS expertise typically earns an average salary of around $99,604 annually. In contrast, an AWS Solution Architect with relevant experience may earn an average of $119,061 per annum.

Furthermore, there are other roles within the AWS ecosystem that can also command high salaries. 

4. AWS Solutions Architect Salary: Based On Country

The salary of an Amazon AWS Solution Architect dramatically depends on the location. Numerous factors determine the living standard, compensation, and demand for a particular skill set in a specific area. Therefore, one can observe a significant variation in salaries across the globe.

Let us talk about some of the major locations across the world which are the top favorites of most people.


Beginners with 1- 4 years of experience

Intermediate Professional having experience between 5 to 9 years










United Kingdom









AWS Solution Architect Salary Based On Specific Locations In Different Countries

Below is the list of specific locations within different countries that pay the highest AWS solution architect salary as per the latest updates. 



Average Salary 

United States

New York, NYC 

Redmond, WA

Washington, DC 

San Jose, CA 

Dallas Texas


Austin Texas 












East London 


















$104, 314







Sydney Central Business District 

Canberra ACT

Bondi Beach NSW 

Perth WA

Sydney New South Wales

Brisbane Queensland 









New Delhi 

Noida, UP 


Kolkata, WB 

Visakhapatnam, AP

Pune, Maharashtra

Bengaluru, Karnataka 

Hyderabad, Telangana  

₹ 7,300,00

₹ 2,050,000 

₹ 8,000,00

₹ 13,000,00


₹ 10,000,00


₹ 8,000,00

Hopefully, you are clear on the salary range of AWS Solution Architects in different locations worldwide. In the next, we will explore through the top job portals where AWS Solution Architect Jobs are posted in maximum numbers.

AWS Solution Architect Salary As Per Industry

If you think that the AWS solution architects are in-demand in only tech fields like cloud computing or Computer networks, then you are mistaken. AWS Solutions Architects are equally needed in other verticals as well, some of the major industries where AWS Solution Architects plays an important role:

  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Automative
  • Consumer Package Goods
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Financial Services
  • Gaming
  • Government
  • Healthcare & Lifesciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Non-profit.

These are top industries offering some of the highest Amazon AWS Solution Architect salary range. Next, let’s check the major skills recruiters are looking for while hiring. 

AWS Solutions Architect Salary As Per Job Role

AWS Architect is a vast cloud computing domain and is not just limited to AWS solution Architect roles and responsibilities. Since there are so many components in the AWS cloud platform, you can apply for many job profiles based on your interest, skills, certifications, and experience. We’re listing a few of the job profiles related to Solutions Architect along with an average salary in the particular profession:

How To Build A Career In AWS Solution Architect?

Learn how to enhance your candidature to become an AWS Solution Architect, as well as how much money you can anticipate making at each point of your career path.

Step 1: Gain the required skills

To be an AWS Solution Architect, you must possess the necessary skills. Discover the fundamental abilities. Create the knowledge and abilities that are required. Most importantly, you need to be knowledgeable about cloud computing. Also, you must be familiar with role-specific capabilities, including design patterns, solution design, virtualization, and networking. The online AWS course provides excellent information on migrating to AWS and its framework.

Skills Recruiters Look For While Hiring An AWS Solutions Architect

For ease of understanding, we have categorized skill sets into two categories: hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are specific technical abilities that can be measured and taught, while soft skills are more subjective and relate to personal qualities and characteristics. Understanding the differences can help individuals develop a well-rounded skill set for success in professional interview sessions.

List of hard skills to amp up your resume and your AWS Solutions Architect Salary:

  • Java, Python, or C++ Most architects have a software development background Networking
  • Data storage fundamentals
  • Security foundations
  • AWS service selection
  • Cloud-specific patterns and technologies

List of soft skills you should add to your resume:

  • Excellent Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  •  Problem Solving Ability 
  • Creativity and Critical Thinking 
  • Time Management 
  • Adaptability and Versatility Decision Making

Step 2: Gain a professional AWS certification

One of the most well-liked and lucrative cloud credentials in the global IT market is the AWS Certification and Training Online. To prove your abilities to potential companies and clients, you must obtain official AWS certification. Obtaining the certification enables you to demonstrate your expertise in AWS.

Certifications You Can Enroll To Begin Your Journey as a AWS Solution Architect

Janbask offers several AWS certification and training programs that can assist you in securing the ideal job as an AWS solution architect.

AWS Solution Architect 

View Details

AWS SysOps

View Details

AWS Developer

View Details

AWS Cloud Migration

View Details

Step 3: Work on real life projects

The best way to put your new abilities into practice is to identify and work on project ideas for the real world. You will learn how to create and maintain Amazon environments and design and develop AWS cloud-based systems using cloud-native technologies by working on practical projects and through hands-on training.

Step 4: Look for internship opportunities

Finding an internship in the field can be a great way to gain hands-on experience and build your skills. Look for opportunities through job boards, networking events, and by reaching out to companies directly. Consider internships with organizations that work with AWS, such as cloud service providers or technology consulting firms.


Now you have a clear picture of the career prospect of being an AWS Solution Architect; you can map your career path to your desired job. However, like all certifications, AWS Certification and Training can ensure a lucrative and stable career only if you’ve got the required skill sets and experience and successfully achieve the desired AWS Solutions Architect salary. It is thus essential for you to keep updating your skills through training courses that are available online. 

Why online? You can access the study materials and course guide from anywhere and pursue this training material while you’re working or at home, college, or even while traveling. Janbask Training provides the best online AWS online training and certification course that can help you achieve your career goals in a snap.

So, what are you still waiting for? Get in touch with us and get started with your journey towards a high paying and promising career.


Q1:What is a cloud solutions architect salary?

Ans:- The aws solutions architect associate salary might vary depending on various factors and hence there can be no fixed number when it comes to their Salary. You are advised to consider the factors to come down to any conclusion. Also, it is evident that the need for AWS Architect is ever-increasing due to many companies adopting AWS services so the market for jobs with this skill set seems ever-evolving and increasing. 

Q2: What does an AWS Solutions Architect do?

Ans:-  Here are the key areas that a solution architect is focused on:

  • Utilizing technology to resolve business problems
  • The look and feel of the application
  • The framework or platform to use for creating the solution
  • Determines risks that come with utilizing third-party frameworks or platforms
  • Maintenance and future scalability

Q3. AWS Solutions Architect Salary as an entry-level professional? 

Ans:-  As per PayScale, the average entry-level AWS Solutions Architect salary is $113,147 per annum.

Q4. How to earn a top-paying AWS  Solutions Architect salary?

Ans:-  To earn one of the highest paying IT certifications you need to appear and clear the AWS Solutions Architect Certification offered by Amazon at both associate and professional levels. You must earn your associate-level certification before advancing to the professional level and have at least one year of working experience with AWS cloud.

Want to know all the details on how to prepare for your exam? Read this comprehensive AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification Prep Guide which highlights all the important details about the exam, exam cost, format of the exam, and effective tips on how to ace the exam.


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