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How to Become a DevOps Engineer

A vast number of organizations are using DevOps to smoothen their organizational operations that can manage their production and operation in a productive manner. Therefore, DevOps engineers are much more in-demand not like earlier. So, professionals are more interested in this profession these days. Moreover, it is one of the highest paid jobs in the modern technical marketplace.

Therefore, today we have brought this article for those who want to be a successful DevOps engineer. This is a complete guide that can help them to find all necessary information about this profession. Firstly, we will introduce DevOps and then will provide all the information related to this profession.

A Quick introduction to DevOps profession

As per standard definition of the DevOps, it is a combination Development and Operation that emphasizes o communication between both the departments. Moreover, DevOps basically coordinated between It professionals and software developers that help in managing the production environment, moreover it helps in automating infrastructure change and production environment. The organizations that follow Agile methodology basically employ DevOps engineer to manage their organizational operations.

The organizations are usually siloed between operation, development, management and support departments. A DevOps engineer basically merges all of these departments in an integrated manner so that they can deliver the software quickly, moreover, the security is updated in a quick manner both internally and to the customers. The main concern of a DevOps engineer is to launch software safely and to provide updates quickly here in this way the complete process becomes reliable.

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Agile development and continuous integration and delivery concepts are combined in DevOps and in this, the major concern is the collaboration of all organizational departments like operations, support, and management. Organizations use DevOps principles to improve the collaboration between these departments.

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Top 5 Ways to Become Certified DevOps Engineer

Among all career options and DevOps is one of the most personally satisfying and profitable branches in IT. Depending on the team size the salary of the professionals may vary. As per Payscale.com salary of DevOps professional lies in the range as: salary of DevOps professional

Why Are Professionals In So Much Demand?

  • Many CMM level 5 companies are recruiting DevOps engineer including Amazon, Adobe and other so that they can deliver software and security updates regularly and quickly. This is being done internally and externally within the organization.
  • Every day new tools and technologies keep on launching in the market and DevOps have to maintain the balance between technology and product and therefore they are expected to be more skilled.
  • There is too much shortage of such skilled professionals that have the knowledge of all fields and departments, whereas the demand for skilled professionals is high. The absence of such engineers that have skills and information of all technologies and tools makes the market demand higher.
  • It has become one of the topmost 3 the most in-demand jobs and is also considered as the difficult one as well. Even in 2011, the demand was just 1% of such professionals, so now it has been increased to 24% in 2018 as per the indeed records.
  • It has been predicted by the experts that the demand for skilled DevOps professional will reach 75% by 2025.

The reason behind this increased demand is increase of enterprise digitization to automate their business process and rising of cloud technology adoption along with agile frameworks even today IT organizations are trying to improve their operational efficiency and reports, as per this the American market will lead in the near future and there will be many opportunities for DevOps engineers in that market.  

Tips to become a successful DevOps Engineer

Here are some tips that can help you in becoming a successful DevOps professional. These are listed below:

1). Train Yourself

Either you are an operation vendor or the developer, now is the time to acquire extra skill other than your present skills, especially if you are trying to become a DevOps professional. It has also been great if DevOps professional know every department like developers and operations. As a developer will surely have a better understanding and knowledge of IT tools rather than the person who is not from IT background.

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You must learn all new technologies and concepts to become a successful DevOps engineer. By learning new technologies, you can even become an expert developer of Chef and Puppet scripts and Linux administrator. Languages like Perl, Python, and Ruby must also be known to you.

2). Get The Appropriate Skills For Your Job

Many organizations like to hire the professionals that have had same and relevant experience or have lived the life of DevOps professionals. Even if they have the skills that type of background then they can easily grasp their job role and make their life easier. Usually, system administrators become a successful DevOps engineer most of the times.

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3). Learn Automation

People who know automation can do a lot even in minimum time. They use the tools for automation and deployment of the server and so can accomplish even longer tasks in minimum time. DevOps engineers can also improve their earnings and marketability if they know the tools that make the task easier. This may also require the knowledge of the tools and tasks.

After grasping and collecting all required skills now is the time to put them or show to the clients in the way so that they can be beneficial for you. For this, you must keep involved in the DevOps community. You can also remain highly active in DevOps forums and remain involved in the new activities and events that happen either online or in your nearby location. Through such forums you can not only get the answers to your questions even can get the answers of all your doubts.

To become an active member, you must also have curiosity and empathy, the two of the most valuable and potential skills for the profession. If you will have these skills then your employer will surely remain happy and will believe that you have all the necessary skills to be a successful professional. Curiosity can help you in getting all the latest information about the field, so empathy means to have all the necessary skills so that the right skill can be developed.

4). Understand The Role And Responsibilities

A DevOps engineer is basically a technical professional that knows the basics of software development like SDLC or software development lifecycle, he must be able to use engineering tools and processes so that all operational challenges can be resolved easily and quickly. DevOps engineers must be able to handle all challenges of SDLC including coding, testing, and integration the goal of these professionals is to improve the speed and collaboration of all departments of the organization.

Typically, senior software developers and system administrators become DevOps engineer that have the basic skills of business process, organizational operations, configuration, leadership operations, and automation. With these skills, they can manage the overall operations and performance of the organization.

Engineers basically perform code changes and release new code versions to manage frequent and incremental changes. In this way, testing and deployment can become possible in a frequent manner. Different coding elements, libraries, and SDKs can be connected and various components can be integrated of SQL data management and messaging tools so that software release can be managed for every OS and production environment.

5). Earn Lucrative Salary packages

Though DevOps can make the complete development and deployment process easier and quicker, still there are also some myths associated with this profession. Like some organizations suppose that DevOps does all of this in an unethical way, so such companies even hire DevOps but do not give the exact title.

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The median salary of DevOps engineers in the USA market is around $105,000 as per various job listing sites. However, the salary may vary depending on the geographic location of the company, in Silicon Valley and as per indeed, DevOps professionals earn $166,448 in 2018.

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Final Words:

Hence if you want to become a successful DevOps engineer then all required skills can help you in easily grasping the technical and operational skills. As far as job interview of the professionals is concerned then there may be some of the below-listed questions that are frequently asked by the employers like:

  • Which is your favorite development lifecycle and why?
  • What DevOps tool you know and use?
  • How can you improve any process by using your DevOps skills?
  • What are your top three technical skills?
  • What you usually do when things do not go in your expected manner?

You can find a number of online courses for DevOps engineering course like Puppet and others. Usually, these professionals are interested in deployment and network operations along with system administration work. They must learn scripting and coding to improve test and deployment.

Those who are interested in the role of DevOps should enhance their skills and expand the experience and learn all new automation tools and coding as well. You can search for a mentor or required tools that can help you in learning DevOps requirement and tools simultaneously.

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