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What Career is Right for Me? Know That Just in 10 Simple Steps!


I don't know what career is right for me --- says every clueless yet ambitious person out there (once in their lifetime), even you did for sure!

With so many career aptitude tests, quizzes, trivia online these days, finding an answer to the question “what career is best for me?”  becomes an overwhelming experience. Many times you long for a creative career & those tests show you “Congrats! You Will Become a Doctor”.

Firstly, exploring your answers with such quizzes and apps is good if you are just looking for some playtime. But if you seriously want to approach the right career path, you need conscious thinking, evaluation, and support from experts around you to get there.

Because choosing a career is a very important foundation you lay for the rest of your life. Knowing the best career option is very important at the primitive stages of your life when you have just finished school or completed your degree or diploma under any discipline.

But it’s also alright, if you chose the wrong career hurriedly, and realized after coming halfway that you need to route towards a career that’s growing, valuable, highly compensating. Thinking of starting a career has no age limit, you can start whenever your conscience tells you to do so. 

Doesn’t matter if you are a college graduate or some professional stuck in a vicious career, this article will help you unveil the career that’s right for you with a quick analysis of key aspects, a few tips shared by career experts, along with some career options that suit your caliber. So ride along!

What Career is Right for Me? Introspect These 10 Aspects First!

Finding an answer to “what career should I have” is like putting an ice frost on the cake. Just like with frosting, you need to be very precise, careful of what width to cover, and up to what length, similarly while finding the answer to “what career field is right for me” you have to do various analyses, calculations, and even perform some aftermath to reach the right state. For finalizing a career either as a fresher or some professional redoing its career course, you need to sit, brainstorm & ponder over these questions first:

1. Where Does Your Passion Lie?

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

If you don’t feel a strong passion or undying love towards a certain job or career, you will feel dissatisfied. Finding a career that matches your interests & invokes zeal is something you need to go after.

Job or career is something you would require to pursue a long-haul, thus finding something that suits your interests emotionally, mentally, and physically is something you need to figure out. 

  • If you love solving problems, you can be a business analyst.
  • If you have a passion for writing, you can become a content writer or editor. 
  • If you have a gift for making impressive marketing communications, you can be a digital marketer.
  • If you find a passion for coding, you can be a full-stack developer.

Discover your passion for a certain job or a component of a job & then work towards it!

2.What Are Your Core Strengths? What People Tell You are Good at?

So what are your core strengths? What skills or talents come naturally to you based on your qualifications or your interest level? When people around you see or observe you, what things they tell you you are good at?

  • Look at your qualifications and see what discipline you studied and decide whether you want to take that ahead as a career or not. Like if you majored in disciplines like economic or computer science, then career options like Data Science, AWS Solution ArchitectSalesforce, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI could be of relevant interest. Whereas, if you belong to the arts or creative discipline, with little upskilling, you can cushion your career around these tech career options or pursue some creative or artistic fields as you desire. 
  • When people, friends, or family around see you, observe your personality, do they tell that you are highly analytical, attentive to detail, agile, creative, or a keen problem solver. If they feel you untie such qualities, these can be good hints to say yes to career options like Business Analysis, data management, DevOps, data visualization or so.

3. What Career Suits Your Learning Capacity?

Are you willing to be in a career that demands consistent learning or want a career that doesn’t require much learning capacity & instead has great practical application?

Well, if you have a very deep fondness for learning difficult concepts of a career & applying great brain cells, then careers like Lawyers, doctors, engineers, teaching, etc could be your league. 

While if you don’t have much of that theoretical learning capacity and want to be in a fast career that doesn’t require much long-haul cramming, or is rather easy to approach, then your options could be business analysis, Salesforce, Python programming, Data Analysis, or so. These profiles are very fun and easy to approach even without any technical acumen or background.

4. What Kind of Work Environment Would Suit You the Best?

Given different circumstances & needs, not all people can commit either towards a 9-5 job or some part-time or freelance work, in equal capacity. You must find a job that you can honor highly as per your working preferences.

If you are a free-will person and can seriously commit towards a full-time routine job, either at the physical campus or remotely, you can find a variety of job options with rich salary compensation, like a Data Scientist, Salesforce developer, Azure architect, business analyst, automation tester, etc. Other than just, these profiles are available even in other sectors like healthcare, retail, banking, and others. With little upskilling of 6-8 weeks, and not so hard and fast educational qualification, these options are very easy to pursue.

And if you are looking for profiles outside IT, you can seek careers in medical, real estate, project management, banking, Accountant, Baker, Author, Actor, or so on. 

Whereas, if you are a new mom in the making or someone who can’t put their foot out for full-time jobs, but prefers only freelancing gigs or hourly basis jobs, you can still find a variety of options with amazing dividends. You can become a technical writer, if you have a great fondness for writing & want to write as per your own schedule, and earn around $500 per article, $27 per hour of writing & call it a day. 

Or you can be a QA tester, they earn an average of $37 on an hourly basis. Or business analysts, who earn around $40 per hour plus bonuses.

So, the idea is to choose a career that’s in accord with your working style & requirements and cuts you amazing slack for salary.

5. Does the Learning Curve Matter in the Career?

You need to introspect and understand whether you are longing for a career path with a growing learning curve or not. Not all careers are made to give you that. If you wish to seek a career that’s forever growing, has vast scope to challenge your abilities with amazing advances, innovation, and newness at frequent intervals, you need to find such options.

Like the Salesforce career for instance has an amazing learning curve, the platform does 3 releases per year (at the time of summer, autumn, and winter) with some new features, tools, or methods in its CRM & its products around it. And gives amazing scope to stay updated with the technology. You never wear out of the Salesforce career & have some drive to pursue it for the long haul.

6. Do you Want a Career with an Amazing Growth Trail?

While choosing a career, you have to know the unknown. Meaning, you need to discover & find the career you want whether it has traces of growth in the future talent market or not. A career that has no impact on the future going down the line will be a sheer waste of time & talent. 

Supposedly, if you choose a career that has sinking or doubtful demand in the future, would you want to be a part of that? 

A career that grows by leaps and bounds and some amazing statistics to show the future possibilities is the one you should be in. For instances, there are many techs or non-tech career with rising demand:

Look for such future possibilities & then put your foot forward towards a job that’s worth making a bet!

7. Is Financial Stability the Goal?

What job is best for me in terms of financial stability? You might ask!

Directly or indirectly everyone works for one goal that is to earn well and continue bringing financial prosperity & stability for the long haul. If you will work or are working in a field that has non-encouraging salary figures, won’t you feel dissatisfied in the long-haul? So, financial stability from the start of your career should be your goal while opting for a career path.

You need to choose a career that rewards you fairly for your efforts at any level, be it junior, intermediate, or senior level. You will easily find career options in tech & management that require a little bit of upskilling and have amazing earning potential right from the entry-level or junior-level positions, even without any prior work experience. Don’t know your options, with a little upskilling of 6-8 weeks, you can start your career as:

Choose such a career with grand compensation and prepare for it with formal training & then industry-recognized certification to earn amazing figures.

8. Is it possible to change careers after years, without dropping the salary ball in the lowest court?

Are you someone who loses interest over time or wants to look for a job opportunity that lets you shift gears towards better prospects? Decide a career path that is flexible and gives you enough scope to change your career, without a drop in your salary and with just a little bit of further upskilling.

We would suggest going for cloud computing, as within that you can change your career between technologies like AWS, Azure. Or you could start with data analysis, and then can move forward towards opportunities of Data Scientist, Machine Learning engineer, or AI engineer. 

However, if earlier in life you chose professional or skilled careers of Law, Medical, Engineering, then moving to other profiles would be tough and would require you to start over. If you think of moving from law to management, you would have to start afresh with your degree, then have to take some upskilling, which would be so time-taking.
Therefore, the right answer to what career path is right for me in terms of flexibility would be --- any technical skills trending today. Don’t know the options? We have quite a lot of options for you to explore!

9. What About the Work-Life Balance? Does it Matter?

What job is best for me in terms of Work-life balance? You don’t work just to earn. The whole motive of pursuing a profession is to earn a livelihood that you can cherish. Work-life balance is another thing you shouldn’t undervalue while figuring out your job option.

With job hours equal to or less than 40 hours/week, weekends off-limits, and a salary of $50,000 per year, you will easily find a variety of job options that won’t crash your brain and leave your survival mode on just sipping hot coffee.

For instance, Salesforce Admin or consultancy jobs have working hours around 30-35 hours/week, because they have super chill duties. We have heard many Salesforce admins saying they go at 9 am-ish and leave the office by 4 pm-ish most of the days, given their flexible duties & responsibilities. 

Whereas if you choose profiles like software developers, you might be required to work more than 8-9 hours per day (with maybe no weekend off limits, if a major bug or crash comes uncalled for) because their duties are very intrinsic to the company. But again this shouldn’t be a complaining factor, this is what they chose & are paid heavily for. And also, this is half-cooked truth, not all software developers or engineers require to go beyond 40 hours per week, that depends on the employment arrangement they are in too.

Talking about employment arrangements, you will find a hell of a lot of companies having amazing work-life balance in tech or techno-functional roles like Google, Facebook, Netflix, Tesla, and so on.

10. I am a nontechnical alum or professional, can I make my way into a technical or at least techno-functional role?

This is the most common fear or question that is often internalized while searching for answers to “how to know what job is right for me?”. Well, people often are conflicted about the thought that technical profiles are only for the technical degree holders, well that's half true.

There are many career options, where you can enter without being a technical expert or someone from a technical background. And you would just require a little bit of upskilling to build your understanding towards that profile, as companies might give you leverage in technical degrees, but might require you to upskill in that technology with proper formal training and certification online.

There are a variety of careers courses that you can choose from that are purely technical or techno-functional, despite not having a technical career or educational background with a juicy paycheck at entry-level like Salesforce developer or admin, Cloud computing with AWS or Azure, Data Science, Business Analysis, QA Testing, DevOps engineer, SQL Server management and so on.

How to know What Job is Right for Me Between Tech Or Management?

After this 10 question analysis, are you still internalizing on how to know what job is right for me between tech and management? Don’t worry, we will help you unfold both career possibilities and will let you see if you could find some similarities.

What Job is Best for me- Is It in Tech?

Yes, IT or tech career could be your calling, if you:

  • Are highly ambitious
  • Have a or have not a technical diploma or degree (yes, you can be an IT specialist, even without a degree in computer science)
  • An expert at business communication and collaboration
  • Have leadership skills that every organization would want
  • Genius at understanding any hardware or software
  • Believe in solving problems 
  • Want to unfold a growing career with amazing perks & salary
  • Are willing to learn & upskill in trending skills via training & certifications

Best Tech Jobs You Can Pursue Without any Specialization in Technical Discipline But Just With Short-Term Training Programs Online!

Best Tech Jobs of 2021

Average Annual Salary

Data Scientist


AI Engineer


Data Analyst


Database Administrator With SQL Server


DevOps Engineer


Python Developer


Data Visualization With Tableau




Blockchain Developer


Cybersecurity (network & information security)


Machine Learning


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Developer


UI/UX Design


Mobile App Developer


Automation Testing


What Job is Best for me - Is it in Management?

Yes, management jobs would be your calling, if you:

  • Are a born leader & coach
  • Can keep a pulse on a project to deliver it
  • Can manage any typical to complex risk
  • Loves making, following, and streamlining processes
  • Are very organized as a person, in terms of actions, thoughts, beliefs
  • Can plan a simple strategy towards solutions without overcomplicating
  • Can hammer the nails of details
  • Master at communicating and understanding the meaning behind responses
  • Have amazing intuition & confidence to drive things in the best faith

Here are the few popular Management Jobs You Can Aspire to Take Part in!

  • Digital Marketer
  • Salesforce consultant
  • Tableau Administrator
  • Marketing Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Financial Manager
  • Computer & Information System Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Human Resources
  • Actuary
  • Personal Financial Advisors
  • CEO

What Career is Best for Me? Some Tips to Go After the Right One!

If you have done your analysis over these quick questionnaires, it is time to use some conscious tips to make that career happen.

  • Research for the Right Career - If you have chosen just one career or have a doubt between two, take an exploration towards which one has a better long-term contribution to the job market, and is going to reward you seniority titles with an amazing paycheck.
  • Get Career Mentorship from Real Experts - Choosing a career can be difficult, better have some quick counseling from your elders, peers or talk to experts over networking sites to know whether that career you are pondering about is lifelong suitable or not. If you don’t have someone to guide you through, based on a few minute's call, our experienced career counselors can help you pave your way to a great career option, for free.
  • Take Formal Skill-based Training with Online Course - Even if you have a degree or not, do care to invest in formal training around that career with professional e-learning platforms that have real technologists as their instructors & prepares you for that career with amazing practical & job-ready skills. Can’t think of any such online Bootcamp? Have you explored our free demo classes around a variety of courses yet?
  • Go Get Certified - Even if you choose a technical or non-technical profile, you will surely find some solid certifications for them. By cracking these certification exams by deemed authorities, you can actually add “certified” before your title in your signature & get great preference during the interviews.

Ultimate tip, if you find a career, whether in tech or non-technical profile, make sure it satisfies you, motivates you, and most of all make you eternally happy. In the future, when you lie down on your bed after a hard day, you should feel appreciative of that career path you chose. 

Keep aside the salary or employability perks, if that career genuinely gives you that push to jump out of bed every morning, makes you close to your passion, and lets you feel eternally proud, just choose that. At JanBask, we try to help you decide on a career that interests you, meets your passion, and eventually allows a wealthy lifestyle for you!

Final Thoughts on What Career is Right For Me?

This was it, we shared everything in our capacity to help you answer “what career is best for me” or more specifically “how to know what job is right for me”, without feeling anxious or any worry. The analysis, the choices, the tips on “how to find what career is right for me” is just an overview to let you realize “what career should I have” or more specifically “what career is best for me”. 

These 10 steps analysis has worked great for onlookers for the right career path in the past. We received a lot of queries in the past regarding choosing a career and options we suggested in tech and management to those wanderers and worked in their favor & now they are earning quite well at very stable organizations.

Finding the right answer to “how to know what career is right for me” is a very important pillar of your career path. You should choose a career that motivates you, drives you, compels you to become the best version of yourself, and eventually lets a wealthy & growing lifestyle follow you. Can’t decide between the options we shared throughout, how would personal & free career counseling do?

Hope we have cleared your query around “what career should I have”. But if you still feel unclear or have any suggestions, free to pique our interests in the comments down below!

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