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Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Exam – Certification Guide & Tips

The Salesforce platform developer 1 certification was introduced in 2015. The major objective of introducing this certification was clear to make sure who has experience in the non-declarative side of the platform like APEX and VISUALFORCE. With this certification, only basic knowledge is tested, you are not assessed at the deeper level.

About Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Exam

  • The exam contains 60 questions, multiple choice or True/False
  • You will be given 105 minutes total to complete the test.
  • The expected passing score for the exam is 68 percent, so if you have replied for 41 questions correctly then you could clear the exam surely.

Before we actually start with the discussion, let us learn how much programming experience is needed to attempt for Salesforce platform developer 1 exam. If you had the basic idea of APEX programming language like data structures, control statements, SQL variations, iterators etc then it could be extra advantageous for you. The syntax and structure of APEX programming language are highly similar to the other OOPs based languages like Java. I will recommend joining some course to learn APEX first before you actually attempt for the exam.

As usual, platform developer 1 guide will give you the starting idea then it can be followed through Trailhead and developer workbooks.

Here are most recommended references for you –

  • Platform Developer I Guide
  • Apex Workbook
  • Visualforce Workbook
  • com Workbook
  • Developer Trailhead – Beginner

What is the strategy?

Just going through developer guide and workbooks could not produce the favorable results. So, you should always start with a strategy to clear the exam.

  • First of all, review the study guide thoroughly and keep a close eye on the least familiar topics.
  • Now label each topic and start one by one based on your convenience.
  • Once you know the weak points where to start then focus on trailhead and workbooks ahead.
  • Make a study strategy that could work for you.

Tip - Last but most important tip for you is to make flashcards. These flashcards will not help you in memorizing a particular section of code but the basic idea of a particular topic. salesforce Curriculum

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What should be the Study Material?

In this section, you would be able to encounter simple or complex snippets. You could identify the utility classes and read the code as well. Now focus on the order of execution and what could be the final outcome.

APEX Study Material

  • You should check out the Apex sharing model first.
  • Check out triggers and DML operations. Try to understand what should be implemented or when to choose triggers over workflows.
  • Also, you should have a basic idea of primitive and advanced data types.
  • You should know about conditional statements and how to process the output.
  • Check out access modifiers, variable collections, apex collection, list, map etc.
  • Try to study inner classes and their limitations as well.
  • Understand iterators, schema methods, and limit classes etc.
  • Understand the concept of exception handling, SOQL, SOSL, Apex unit tests etc.

Visualforce Study Material

  • Know about standard or custom controllers more
  • Try to understand the security implementation of controllers.
  • You should know how to merge fields
  • Understand the value of Lightning and why Salesforce is promoting it actively.
  • Understand the Lightning components and the needed resources too.
  • Understand the information associated with each tab and for which purpose, we can use it.
  • Also try to understand change sets, application lifecycle management etc.

Further, understand the governor limits and the code snippet that contains a DML operation. Now check the code carefully and count the total number of DML operations too. When you preparing for the Salesforce platform developer 1 exam then you will be exposed to the overwhelmed information. As this certification is for beginners only so check the governor limit and other similar topics.

I would recommend memorizing things with some shortcuts. The governor limits associated with advanced topics are not included in this certification. Make a list of all governor limits that are necessary to know for this particular exam.

Process Automation

In this section, your basic knowledge will be assessed for declarative features and their relationships with data models.

  • You should be very much sure of different database relationships and how master-detail and look up relationships are different.
  • Also try to understand the external objects, their relationships, and how to initialize them
  • Next is formula and roundup fields, try to understand the relationship between them and what could be the output for a particular relationship.

Here, you should each question carefully, try to identify the security relationships and constraints built into questions. There are multi-faceted questions too that you need to understand well and attempt only one at a time. The Apex, VisualForce, and the process automation accounts for a significant part of the exam and rest topics are somewhat gentle but it is better understood them thoroughly.

The other common topics are MVC architecture, multi-tenant environment, AppExchange, data model and management etc. You should understand the basic concepts of each of them and attempt related multiple choice questions for practice. Also, study about the junction object to learn many-to-many relationships in deep.

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Next is schema builder, how to make modifications to objects or variables like add/delete etc. You should know about different relationships too so that you can understand which can be used over others. Also, understand the relationships between standard objects like – Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Exam

Things don’t end here but there is a lot more to understand. We have given an idea of topics that will be included under the Salesforce platform developer 1 certification exam. Focus on standard objects or relationships only, you don’t have to worry advance topics here. We wish you luck for the exam. In this section, we have covered everything about certification and topics covered under the exam. salesforce quiz Let us see a few tips to help you in passing the exam in the first attempt only. These tips are taken good for almost every individual and compiled after a deep research by discussing with certified professionals who have already passed this exam successfully.

Tips For Passing Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Exam

Here are the tips for aspirants how to enjoy study time and pass the exam in first attempt only.

1). Focus on Salesforce study guide

Most of the learners don’t focus on the study guide and they directly jump to advanced study materials. I will recommend starting with the study guide to make the foundation of your exam. It will help you to understand what comes in and out of the scope of the exam. In this way, you can always focus on the right things and free to avoid unnecessary concepts. Try to give your 80 percent time to least familiar topics and rest of the time you can spend over familiar ones.

2). Take the idea from Trailhead

Undoubtedly, Trailhead is the best source to learn Salesforce. In case, you are not familiar with trailhead advantages then this is the right time to explore things. It will help you in preparing a learning strategy and plan your learning curriculum too accordingly. If you have not tried Trailhead yet then do it now.

3). Track the progress not the time

You should always give preference to quality instead of quantity. Also, check how are you progressing over time. Check your progress how much have you learned once a particular study session is completed. For example, under the process automation, apex, and VisualForce section, you should know how to use SOQL, SOSL, DML operations or other database statements etc. in the same way, you need to check your progress after every session.

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4). Try different methods of learning

Spend time on different learning methods like the study guide, trailhead, YouTube videos, online contents, Salesforce certification training etc. Now evaluate carefully which technique could work just the best for you.

5). Know when and why

Once you are done with one section, ask yourself what was the concept and when to use it? If you are sure of these questions then you will definitely clear this exam because it is based on when and why concepts only not deeper ones.

6). Utilize Salesforce Certification Training

In most of the cases, self-study sounds boring and people are not able to bring out their 100 percent as it should be done. So, you are recommended to join Salesforce certification training program in that case. Don’t sweat, if you don’t have the budget because most of the online IT training providers are giving training in the budget these days.

7). JanBask Training

JanBask Training is just an amazing resource for getting certified and Salesforce training. For more information, you should discuss with expert mentors to get the complete idea of the exam.

8). Ask questions in support firms

Firms are the places where thousands of people are connected together and reply to each other query gracefully. You could answer and ask questions in support firms freely.

9). Don’t burn out yourself

No need to do overnight stretch. Give yourself enough time to understand the topics well but don’t get over exhausted. In case, you are done with the accomplished goals of the day then take rest ahead. Go outside and enjoy nature. free salesforce demo I hope this post has given you best advices to prepare for the Salesforce platform developer 1 exam and other Salesforce exams too. So, we wish you luck, I am sure you will do great in your exam after referring this certification guide thoroughly.

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