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Salesforce Certification
From Ground to Cloud

Salesforce is the #1 leading CRM platform to manage contacts and sales activities. Salesforce can boost an organization’s win rates by 26%, boost sales productivity by 36%, and get a hike in a business’s revenue by 30%. Salesforce is the greatest platform to “do good and do well” for the customers because AI is taking a lead in the business. From developers to architects to project managers and marketing professionals, Salesforce skill is something that pays off for a variety of job roles. Whether you are new into the world of technology or an experienced one, Salesforce is the snazzy term that you must have heard at least once! The reason behind is just to create a direct relationship with the client. Such important relationships cannot be given in the hands of an unauthorized person, right? For such authentication, Salesforce certifications were introduced. Certification in Salesforce is the badge that gives you the testimony for your Salesforce skills. We’ll let you know how to get salesforce certification.

Depending upon the area of your specialization, you can choose a Salesforce designation and get yourself Salesforce certified! Every career advancement depends on the three factors: Do, Become and Earn which means “Do something you want to become and earn!” But, what about these in the Salesforce certification list? Salesforce covers so much functionality and helps organize your sales efforts that would be challenging in reaching your target audience with other client-relationship tools. Make yourself more marketable as a Salesforce.com expert and receive Salesforce certification to stand out among other potential employees.

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Let Us Start With the Prerequisites!

What are the prerequisites for Salesforce certification? How to get salesforce certification? What does it take to earn the Salesforce certificate? The only prerequisite when learning any new technology is to have an open mind and good analytical thinking, because in the end, irrespective of the syntax and tools available, it is the business logic that matters, and this applies to Salesforce too. However, if you have prior experience building apps using other technologies, some of those skills can apply to Salesforce as well. What are the prerequisites for Salesforce certification? There are no prerequisites for the Salesforce certification App Builder or the Salesforce Developer 1 exam. Though, preparation from the Salesforce online training platform is highly recommended. It is mandatory to have Salesforce Developer 1 credential to qualify for a Salesforce Developer 2 profile.

You can read about the basics of Salesforce in this blog related to Salesforce training for beginners.

What Can You Do If You Become SFDC Certified?

After getting Salesforce certified or SFDC certified, you can become one of the following:-

Career Counselling

Salesforce Administrator

Resume Feedback

Salesforce App Builder

Interview Preparation

Salesforce Developer

Career Counselling

Salesforce Architect

Resume Feedback

Salesforce Specialist (Implementation Expert)

Interview Preparation

Salesforce Marketer

Career Counselling

Salesforce Pardot Expert

Resume Feedback

Salesforce Consultant

SFDC certification can easily get you one of the above mentioned profiles quite easily.

Salesforce Certification Cost

How much does it cost to get Salesforce certified? This question must be running into your mind. If you are considering Salesforce certification then the cost ranges from $200 to $6,000. The cost $6,000 is for only one Salesforce certification, that is, Salesforce Technical Architect. All the other certifications are either $200 or $400. SFDC certification provides marketable skills and the Salesforce certification cost includes online training that you can avail online either free and paid. This is how much does Salesforce certification cost!

You can enroll for Salesforce certification types as per your interest. To do this, the Salesforce certification guide will be helpful for you.

Is Salesforce Certification Worth it?

If you connect your certifications on your social media profiles, you can be easily contacted by the recruiters a minimum of 2-3 times a week. Also, certifications have now become a trend to get a senior-most position in your domain. Many of the Salesforce aspirants started getting the interview calls from Fortune-500 companies the next day they attached their Salesforce certifications in their LinkedIn profiles.

Salesforce Certification Maintenance

Did you clear your certification in Salesforce? Your task is not done yet! In order to maintain your Salesforce certification, you need to be aware of the featured updates that are produced three times a year. According to Salesforce professionals, Salesforce certified individuals are required to take maintenance exams or modules aligned with the Salesforce product release cycles.Each of the entries on the Salesforce certifications list will require different levels of maintenance based on release cycles. The number of certification release exams/modules published per year may vary.

Salesforce Certification Training

Salesforce.com provides both online and offline training platforms to become Salesforce certified. The online training is a genuine way to get certified. Because Online training is the platform to learn by sitting anywhere in the globe to get quality education. Flexibility and accessibility are easy to attain through online training. Also, it is easy on the pockets. According to the American Society for Training and Development, nearly one-third of all eLearning content and material is available and pursued online. If your trainer is a real-time working professional, it will be even better. Salesforce certification training is the best way to earn Salesforce skills and become SFDC certified.

Salesforce Certification Paths - What the Future holds for Salesforce?

What Can You Become After Earning a Particular Salesforce Certification?

You can receive Salesforce certification in the following paths:

Salesforce Administrator

If you are the person who wants to value a business by automating complex business processes then Salesforce Administrator certification is for you. Being a Salesforce Administrator you are responsible to monitor the business processes in a clean and efficient manner (occurs three times a year). Salesforce administrators have in-depth knowledge of customization.

As per Salesforce.com, following certifications fall under the Salesforce Administrator category:

Salesforce Administrator

A Salesforce Administrator is a business leader who has deep understanding about how the company operates, interweaved in the building of departments through process automation which helps in the smooth running of the business.

Salesforce Advanced Administrator

As the name suggests, the Salesforce Advanced Administrator has the advanced capabilities in designing advanced-level reports, dashboards, and automation processes. The prerequisites to enrol for this certification is to get certified as a Salesforce Administrator first.

Salesforce Developer

If you love playing with code snippets then Salesforce developer certification is for you. This may include various programming languages like Java, Apex, OOPs concepts, etc. Salesforce Developers create complex workflows, triggers, Apex development, complex validation rules, AppExchange and legacy platform integrations.

Salesforce.com provides the following certifications under Salesforce Developer category:

Commerce Cloud Digital Developer

This certification is for the aspirants having broad knowledge of Salesforce customization, configuring the platform frequently, user management, and looking for the ways to get more skills and features.

Platform Developer1

With Salesforce Platform Developer1 certification, you can develop customized applications on the Salesforce platform. The training on Apex programming and Visualforce is required to get this certification.

Platform Developer2

For this certification, you are required to have Platform Developer1 certification and the advanced concepts of it.

Salesforce Lightning Administrator

The Salesforce Lightning Admin certification is for the aspirants who are interested in acquiring Salesforce Admin certification and want to explore their knowledge in Salesforce Lightning platform. Salesforce Lightning Training will take you through customization of the Salesforce Lightning Platform.

Salesforce App Builder

Salesforce Certification App Builder is the advanced level certification of the Salesforce Administrator. Take this one shortly after passing the Advanced Admin certification exam. Again, focus on understanding! JanBask Training provides you the individual salesforce platform app builder certification training or Salesforce Certification App Builder course to serve the purpose.

Salesforce Service Cloud

If you are planning to enrol for Salesforce Service Cloud certification, then the heavy focus of Salesforce Service Cloud training will be on Service Cloud product with the collaboration of industry knowledge and metrics. For this, you need a study guide for beginners and an experience in implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud.

Salesforce Architect

In Salesforce, an architect can be of two types: Salesforce Solutions Architect and Salesforce Technical Architect. A Salesforce Solutions Architect is essentially responsible for designing a solution for a specific problem utilizing available Salesforce products and technologies, of which there are multiple within the Salesforce product suite. A Salesforce Technical Architect is ultimately responsible at the highest level for a Salesforce implementation, and you’ll more often than not find TA’s, working for a Salesforce partner, or consultancy.

SFDC has the following certifications under Salesforce Architect profile:

Application Architect

Application Architect is also known as Software Architect. He is responsible for operating and monitoring the whole system and understanding the interactions between the components.

Data Architecture and Management Designer

This certification of SFDC is for the specialists who can design scalable high-performing enterprise data management solutions on the Salesforce platform.

Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer

This exam majorly focuses on the understanding of development methodologies, different levels of the development lifecycle, and the other development strategies.

Identity and Access Management Designer

The certification will help you understand the high performing solutions on the Salesforce platform that meet the Single-Sign On (SSO) requirements.

Integration Architecture Designer

The primary focus of this exam is on your understanding of the architectural decisions that are necessary to facilitate integrations with external systems, options available for integration, and leading considerations for developing integrations.

Mobile Solutions Architecture Designer

The agenda of this examination is to get you familiar with the building of mobile app integrated with Salesforce.

Sharing and Visibility Designer

The purpose of this certification is to design scalable and high performing technical solutions on the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce System Architect

Salesforce System Architect is the person who helps build prototypes for advanced features, product enhancements, and new Salesforce innovations. He acts as the strategic advisor for enterprise architecture.

Salesforce Technical Architect

A Salesforce Technical Architect is the person having broad understanding of multiple development platforms to understand requirements of the customer.

Salesforce Consultant

Salesforce Consultant is one of the prime resources of an organization because he adds value to the business by generating revenue and bruins value to the customers. Being a prime resource, the remuneration of Salesforce Consultant is also high. Read Salesforce Consultant Salary Trends you Need to Know

Following are the certifications that fall under Salesforce Consultant category:

Community Cloud Consultant

The person who is impeccable in implementing and consulting on Salesforce communities-based applications in a front facing role can take this certification.

Field Service Lightning Consultant

The person having interest in implementing Salesforce Service Cloud solutions with the experience in Salesforce Lightning can take advantage of this certification.

Marketing Cloud Consultant

This credential is designed for the person who can demonstrate his skills and experience in marketing.

Pardot Consultant

This certification is for the Salesforce aspirants who want to show their experience with Pardot administration and configuration and helps the user with consulting abilities.

Sales Cloud Consultant

The Sales Cloud Consultant Certification will help you rise above the competition and become very marketable to Salesforce Partner companies. You are required to have Salesforce Administrator certification before Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant enrolment.

Service Cloud Consultant

The certification will help you badge as a Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant and Implement the Lightning Service Console and Build Survey App.

Salesforce Certification for Specialists

As per SFDC, there are a total of 4 certifications under this category, namely-

CPQ Specialist

The credential is designed for individuals who have experience implementing the Salesforce CPQ solutions and want to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in designing, building, and implementing quoting flows through the Salesforce CPQ platform.

Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

This certification is designed for the person who can demonstrate his skills and experience in email marketing.

Marketing Cloud Social Specialist

This credential is designed for the person who can demonstrate his skills and experience in social media marketing.

Pardot Specialist

This certification is for the Salesforce aspirants who want to show their experience with Pardot administration and configuration.

Which certification is best for Salesforce?

It is really tough to pass judgment in choosing the best certification in Salesforce. It depends upon your expertise, skills and your interest. You can get just one or a bunch of Salesforce certifications and highlight your Salesforce certification list. And the more certifications you add, the higher the salary or hourly rate you can command. You have ample certifications to choose from! Salesforce provides 25 certifications in different domains.

How hard is it to get Salesforce certified?

Well, for the first time, obviously you will feel it tough to pass the Salesforce certification. But with proper training and guidance, you can successfully pass the certification. The passing marks for the Salesforce certification is 65%, which means quite a high level of practice and knowledge is required to be successful in this exam. The test consists of 60 multiple-choice questions, which means you must get at least 39 correct to pass.

With the right kind of Salesforce training courses, you can easily clear your certification exams.

Start looking for good classes on Salesforce training online.

What are the different Salesforce certifications?

You can choose from the following:-

Enrol for a trending Salesforce certification program today. You can even get a combo by enrolling in Salesforce Master Training.

What is the Salesforce Training Cost?

Salesforce Training cost varies depending on the Salesforce certification you want to take. There are a few free Salesforce training and certification courses too. Therefore, it all depends on the kind of training you decide to take.

What Will You Earn After Salesforce Certification Verification?

Salesforce certification salary: Salesforce skills pay on average $70,000+ per year, with Salesforce developers commanding $125k on average. Salesforce sales roles offer 8% higher salaries than other sales roles, and IT roles that require Salesforce skills carry an 11% salary premium. Advanced skills, such as Visualforce, Sales Cloud, and Heroku command salaries over $100,000. You can even increase your salary with these easy steps.

As per Trailhead.com, on an average, the salaries of different Salesforce skills are:-


Salesforce Administrator


Salesforce Developer


Salesforce Technical Architect


Salesforce Business Analyst


Salesforce Consultant

A Twinkle in The Eyes?

Hold on your horses! Do you know Salesforce certification verification is also required?

How do I verify Salesforce certification?

Wanna know how to verify Salesforce certification? The Salesforce certification check is also mandatory. This is How do I check my certifications and verify the certification? Recertification is pretty easy, checking only in new features every release.

How long do Salesforce certifications last?

Usually, admin/dev/consultant certifications need to be taken 3 times a year but the Architect exams need to be recertified once every year.

Grab your pencils, clear your mind and let’s dive into the detail of Salesforce certifications!

Salesforce App Builder Certification

If you love to play with software development tools then Salesforce App Builder certification is for you! It is a point-and-click-tool which is used to build customized pages for the Salesforce mobile-based application and Lightning Experience. The Lightning App Builder is also a one-stop-shop for configuring Lightning apps. The Salesforce App Builder certification course will help attain more exposure in Salesforce.

With the Lightning App Builder, you can build:

  • Single-page apps that drill down into standard pages
  • Dashboard-style apps, such as apps to track top sales prospects or key leads for the quarter
  • “Point” apps to solve a particular task, such as an expense app for users to enter expenses and monitor expenses they’ve submitted
  • Customized record pages for your objects, tailored to the needs of your users
  • Customized home pages that contain the components and features that your users use most

With Salesforce App Builder tutorial, you will be able to learn the following:

  • Understand all of the core concepts on the Platform App Builder Certification
  • Build Apps on the Salesforce Platform
  • Set up Security and Access Permissions on Salesforce
  • Create Workflow Automation Procedures in Salesforce
  • Customize the Salesforce1 Mobile App User Interface, Navigation, and Actions
  • Configure a Role Hierarchy
  • Create Permission Sets
  • Develop Apps on the New Lightning Experience Interface
  • Use the Lightning App Builder and Lightning Components
  • Install Apps from the AppExchange

The primary focus of the Salesforce App Builder certification is on the different declarative functions available to an administrator. The best thing is that you don’t need to code and develop , but the major focus is on how to use the Lightning platform to design, build, and deploy custom applications and capabilities. It also plunges into security and data models, as well as automation and business processes.

Strategize your business deals with Salesforce training!

What is the format of the Salesforce App Builder Certification?

Topic Weighting # of Questions
Business Logic and Process Automation 27% 16
Data Modeling and Management 20% 12
User Interface 14% 8
Security 10% 6
Salesforce Fundamentals 8% 5
App Development 8% 5
Reporting 5% 3
Mobile 5% 2
Social 10% 2

Under each topic in the study guide, there are bullet points that would help you with the detailed concepts for your knowledge in the Salesforce App Builder courses. For example, the ‘Salesforce Fundamentals’ section, the bullet points are:

  • Describe the capabilities of the core CRM objects in the Salesforce schema.
  • Given a scenario, identify the boundaries of declarative customization and the use cases for programmatic customization.
  • Identify common scenarios for extending an org using the AppExchange.

These regularly break out into general understanding and best practice proposals. Ensure you comprehend the aim behind every visual cue. For instance, in the above point #2, you should comprehend what is and is preposterous indecisive and automatic instruments. Thoroughly considering the kinds of inquiries Salesforce pose, you can expect a couple of situations where you will be approached to make a suggestion while remembering the confinements of definitive devices.

Salesforce Developer Certification

Salesforce Developer – The 10th best job of the U.S.A job market. A role that can fetch you around $87,000. A role that has experienced a 26% hike in its demand by the ace companies

Did you know that the Salesforce Developers can earn $120 + per hour annually? The demand for skilled and certified Salesforce Developers is increasing every day, while the supply is comparatively low. You can find several job listings for Salesforce Developers on various job portals.

The notable part here is-

Many people wonder - One of the most demanded Salesforce professionals. How to become one? What does he do? How long does it take to become one? What is the certification procedure? What skills do I master to become a certified Salesforce Developer?

Do you do the same? If not start today!

Who is a Salesforce Developer?

A Salesforce Developer is the superhero who customizes your Salesforce platform. A Salesforce Admin is someone who plays with the existing apps and other features of the Salesforce platform. Salesforce Developer, on the other hand, is the professional that you need to customize the in-built code and then create customised solutions to the existing apps and features. Salesforce developers need to have very good knowledge of the cloud computing domain. In addition to this, they also need to have a good understanding of Salesforce essentials such as apex, visualforce, Salesforce lightning, etc.

Wonder how to become a certified Salesforce Developer?

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Which certification is best for a Salesforce Developer?

Here is a list of Salesforce certifications in Developer’s role that one can choose from. See the requirements of each certification and choose your own best as per your skillset.

Platform App Builder

The Salesforce Platform App Builder certification training is intended for the individuals who can exhibit aptitudes and information in planning, building, and executing custom applications utilizing the definitive customization capacities of the Salesforce Platform. Salesforce Platform App Builder training will help you attain those point-and-click tool training.

Platform Developer I

Certified Salesforce Platform Developer I designers see how to create and send custom business rationale and custom interfaces utilizing the automatic capacities of the Lightning Platform. They realize when to utilize revelatory versus automatic techniques, and can broaden the Lightning Platform utilizing Apex and Visualforce.

Platform Developer II

The Salesforce Platform Developer II (PDII) qualification is intended for the individuals who have the right stuff and involvement with cutting edge automatic abilities of the Salesforce Platform and information displaying to create complex business intelligence and interfaces.

Overwhelmed? Confused? Don’t be!

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How long does it take to become a certified Salesforce Developer?

Well, there is no fixed time in which one can truly master everything that is required. However, here are some basic timelines associated with primary skills of a great Salesforce Developer-

  • Apex- 4 weeks
  • Visualforce- 2 weeks
  • Lightning- 2 Weeks
  • Salesforce Einstein- 2 Weeks
  • Business Acumen- Never-Ending Learning for this skill but basics take 2 weeks
  • Performance Management- 2 Weeks
  • Leadership- Comes with work Experience
  • Holistic Technical Knowledge – 8 weeks

Read more to discover how to improve your coding skills and become a better Salesforce Developer.

With the right kind of Salesforce Developer training, you can easily master these skills in less time also. Here is a detailed blog on these skills.

What is the preferred Salesforce Developer Certification path?

Every professional’s journey is different, depending on your Salesforce developer certification training; your certification path will vary. Here is the salesforce certification path you need to follow:

The most common and best certification path is-

  • Sign up for a Salesforce Developer training online
  • Take the Salesforce Developer certification training classes diligently
  • Schedule your certification exam after a few weeks of the expiration of your Salesforce developer training classes.
  • Prepare well for your exam as retake will cost you money as well as time
  • Focus more on brushing up the basics

Salesforce Developer Certification exam with our Salesforce Developer Training classes.

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How to prepare for Salesforce Developer Certification

The Salesforce Certification exam is at your doorway but you are feeling anxious about it! Is it? Need not to worry about it! Take a look at Salesforce training blogs,Salesforce online tutorials, Salesforce learning ebook, etc.

What is the format of the Salesforce Developer Certification?

After taking the requisite Salesforce developer training you will already know about the format of the Salesforce Developer Certification. However, here is a list for your perusal-

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I

  • 60 multiple-choice questions
  • 105 minutes for the completion of the exam
  • 70% passing score

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II

  • 60 multiple-choice questions
  • 110 minutes for the completion of the exam
  • 65% passing score

Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer and Salesforce Marketer

  • 60 multiple-choice questions
  • 120 minutes for the completion of the exam
  • 63% passing score

You can easily ace these exams with our Salesforce Developer certification training program.

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What is the average annual Salary of a Salesforce Developer?

The average annual salary of a Salesforce Developer in the USA is $117,081 and reports have also suggested that approximately $1,250 cash bonus per year is also received by many professionals.
Looking for a Salesforce developer job? Sit through our Salesforce developer training and placement related information program. The information imparted in our training program will help you in your resume building and interview programs.

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What is the cost of the Salesforce Developer Certification exam?

The registration fee for the Salesforce Certification exam is USD 200, excluding the taxes required as per local law of the country you choose to appear in. The retake fee for the exam is approximately USD 100, excluding the taxes required as per the local law of the country you choose to appear in.

Note: You also need to take into account the Salesforce developer training cost.

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How can you check your Salesforce Developer certification?

Wanna check your Salesforce Developer certification? Here is how can you perform Salesforce certification check:

1. Go to this Trailhead Verification page
2. Once you land here then enter your Webassessor Email beneath "Certification Holders: Check Your Status"
3. Click on the Request, & follow all the subsequent prompts that show up
4. Once it is done, your credential status will be directly sent via email

Check out the new way of learning the skills of a Salesforce Developer in our Self-paced Salesforce training program.

How to maintain your Salesforce Developer certification credentials?

  • If you wish to maintain your basic and higher-level credentials, you will have to take all the release exams that Salesforce comes up with.
  • Salesforce release exams are 30-minute online & non-proctored examinations that you can take at your convenience.
  • Generally, there are about 15 questions in the exam
  • These exams are open notes. Meaning you can take help from online Salesforce Developer training as well as the release notes during the examination.
  • You can attempt the exam thrice
  • The maintenance exam costs USD 100 a year.

Is it worth being a Salesforce Certified Developer?

  • You will be working with world-dominating technology, you will be popular.
  • You will enjoy great job opportunities in your career
  • You will be involved in extensive work with an exciting, innovative platform
  • You will be a part of a globally inclusive community
  • You will have access to truckloads of training opportunities
  • There is a high earning potential in this field
  • There are several routes into the Salesforce Development ecosystem

How hard is it to get a Salesforce Development Certification?

To be honest, it is not that difficult. On top of it, if you have set your eyes on anything you can definitely achieve it. With our Salesforce developer training Salesforce Master Training program you can easily learn all the concepts in a live environment. You will get bright PPTs, MCQs, learning material, etc to learn the concepts from. You can ask as many doubts as you want. Therefore, if you put in a little effort, it is not very difficult to get Salesforce Development Certification.

Salesforce Architect Certification

Are you a deep thinker and a problem-solver? Do you take pride in designing systems based on complex business requirements? If yes, then Salesforce Architect can be the right career option to explore right away.

Earn Salesforce Architect Certification and create new stories of success with globally recognized skills. Salesforce architect credentials will make your resume a bit more impressive and marketable. Also, get hands-on expertise and gain a competitive edge that can generate a new set of opportunities.

Take charge of your career now and spin the wheel of fortune in your favor. Get Salesforce Architect certification and excel in your career.

Enrol for a Salesforce training program that can teach you the skills of a Salesforce Architect.

Who is a Salesforce Architect

Wonder who is a Salesforce Architect? Well,

  • Salesforce Architects are deep thinkers who can solve complex business problems with ease. They are able to design powerful systems who won’t fail even in critical conditions.
  • The general skills needed to become a Salesforce architect include organization, management, writing, reporting, Project manager, communicator, etc.
  • The Technical skills needed to become a Salesforce architect include Salesforce fundamentals, OOPs concepts, database knowledge system architecture, API integration, application design, business processes, and more. To know more about Salesforce Skills, click here.

Want to become an expert Salesforce Architect?

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Which is the best Salesforce Architect Certification that is the best for you?

Salesforce architect certification is majorly divided into four categories as given below:

Technical Architect

The Salesforce Technical Architect has expansive information over different advancement stages and draws on their aptitudes and experience to evaluate the client’s necessities and engineering so as to configuration secure, elite specialized arrangements that amplify the capability of the Salesforce platform.

Application Architect

The Salesforce Application Architect has a profound comprehension of the various native Salesforce highlights and usefulness, just as the ability to demonstrate a job progressive system, information model, and proper sharing instruments.

System Architect

System Architects focus around off-stage frameworks, integration, making sure about access between frameworks just as overseeing the administration and testing capacities for sending and progressing Salesforce modification needs.

Heroku Architecture Designer

The Heroku Architecture Designer qualification is intended for the individuals who have the information, abilities, and broad involvement in architecting versatile arrangements, deploying and overseeing applications, and overseeing groups and fabricate work processes on Heroku.

When you sign up for a comprehensive Salesforce certification training program, you can get the knowledge that is required for clearing all of these examinations in the very first attempt.

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What is the Salary of a Certified Salesforce Architect?

  • The average salary of a certified Salesforce Technical architect is estimated as $150K in the USA. However, it may vary based on experiences, skills, location, etc.
  • More than 8K job openings were added by companies in the USA along during the last few months.
  • The annual Growth rate is more than 41% and excellent job opportunities are witnessed for serious learners.

What is the time taken to become a certified Salesforce Architect?

Generally, it takes 3 months of study to prepare yourself for the Salesforce Architect certification exam. It would be great to combine your study efforts with professional Salesforce training and certification courses to assure the best results. here are some important skills of a Salesforce Architect and the standard time associated with each of the skill to learn-

  • Salesforce- 6 weeks
  • Object-oriented development- 2 weeks
  • Knowledge of web applications, databases, and programming languages- 4 weeks
  • System architecture- 4 weeks
  • API Integration- 2 weeks
  • Application design- 4 weeks
  • Business process- 2 weeks
  • Data Management- 2 weeks
  • Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL Tools) – 2 weeks

With the help of great online Salesforce training, you can easily learn all these skills in much less time too.

Salesforce Certification Architect: Study Guide

  • You should start your journey by joining the online Salesforce training classes.
  • Make a routine to study daily for at least 2 hours to prepare yourself for the certification exam.
  • Be mindful and try to understand the concepts deeply to execute them nicely at the workplace.
  • Also, learn project management skills and you should be able to work in different areas.

This is just an overview or idea. You are free to plan your own study guide that suits you the most. You can take a Salesforce Training course and then decide the right kind of certification path for yourself. Everyone has different abilities and the certification path differs for each individual.

Salesforce Certification Architect: What is the Cost?

Many architect certifications fall into the architect specialization category, and those exams cost $400 each (retakes cost $200). However, the pinnacle architect certification – the Salesforce Certified Technical Architect – requires a special Review Board Exam and costs $6,000 (retakes $3,000).

You also need to consider the Salesforce certification training cost that you will incur.

What does a day look like in the life of a certified architect?

  • He starts his day by reviewing apps by considering best practices, customer requirements, business goals, user experiences, cost, and technical feasibility in mind.
  • After this, he generates solution overviews and also gathers requirements from the client.
  • Post lunch, he has to look for a new client to uncover requirements and business challenges.

What is the format of the Salesforce Architect Certification exam?

Once you take the Salesforce Architect training, you will already get an idea about the exam format. However, we have still listed the format here-

  • The candidate will read & solve a hypothetical scenario & then present it to a panel of Certified Technical Architects judges.
  • This presentation is then followed by a question & answer session with the designated judges.

Time allotted to complete the exam:

  • 2 hours are allotted for the scenario review and for the solution preparation
  • Around 45 minutes are allotted for the scenario presentation
  • 40 minutes are given for scenario Question & Answer session
  • Also, an exam facilitator, as well as a proctor, will be onsite during the whole exam duration.

Is it worth being a Certified Salesforce Architect?

  • Becoming a Certified Technical Architect gives you more autonomy and opportunity over project undertakings.
  • People are bound to confide in your thoughts and tune in to the knowledgeable arrangements you give.
  • You will turn out to be exceptionally esteemed by potential future businesses, customers, and partners.
  • People will confide in your thoughts, at last giving you more independence over tasks.

How can you check your Salesforce Architect certification?

You can check your Salesforce Architect certification by following steps-

  • Go to this Trailhead Verification page
  • When you land here then enter your Webassessor Email beneath "Certification Holders: Check Your Status"
  • Thereafter click on the request, & follow all the subsequent prompts that you are required to take any action on.
  • Once it is done, your credential status will be directly sent via email to you.

How to maintain your Salesforce Developer certification credentials?

  • If you want to maintain your basic & higher-level credentials, you will have to take all the release exams that Salesforce comes up with.
  • Salesforce release exams are 30-minute online & non-proctored examinations that you can take whenever you want.
  • There are about 15 questions in the exam
  • These exams are open notes
  • This means you can take help from online Salesforce Developer training as well as the release notes during the examination
  • You can attempt the exam thrice in a year
  • The maintenance exam is priced at USD 100 a year.

You can sign up for a quick Salesforce Training Program and brush up your skills for Salesforce credentials maintenance.

Discover how Salesforce is committed to your career success.

How hard is it to get a Salesforce Certification as Technical Architect?

Becoming a Technical Architect is not very difficult. If you put in a little effort you can clear your certification easily. Our Salesforce Training starts from the very scratch of all the concepts. You don’t have to worry about anything. Just keep following the instructions and you will definitely come out with flying colors in your Salesforce Technical Architect certificate exams.

Salesforce Admin Certification

Salesforce Admin Badge- The glorious proof of the fact that you have your Salesforce concepts right in place.

Becoming one is not that easy. You need rigorous Salesforce administrator certification training to become a certified Salesforce Administrator.

The Salesforce Admin certification exam is a proctored exam that can spin your career wheel like never before. It will open various doors of opportunities for you. Let’s get it out- Salesforce is not going anywhere! It is here to stay. Why not explore the glorious career path of being a certified Salesforce Admin.

Who is a Salesforce Admin?

Salesforce Administrator in increasingly broad terms can be described as an individual who is accountable for regulating and dealing with the setup and execution side of Salesforce. He/She is the individual who is liable for performing diverse decisive changes and manages the new releases in a dynamic production atmosphere. A Salesforce Administrator is a specialist responsible for running the successfully existing Salesforce tools and projects with no problem at all.

With the right kind of Salesforce admin training, you can excel in the career path of becoming a Salesforce Administrator.

Which Salesforce admin certification is good for you?

There is no concrete answer to this. However, we have listed the types of Salesforce Admin certification for you to read and then decide what suits your particular skill set-


The Salesforce Admin certification is intended for the individuals who have involvement in Salesforce and ceaselessly search for approaches to help their organizations in getting significantly more from extra highlights and abilities.

You can take a Salesforce admin training and certification course to get some help in your Salesforce admin certification exam.

Advanced Administrator

The Salesforce Advanced Administrator qualification is intended for prepared Salesforce Administrators who have aced the capacity to use progressed Salesforce highlights and usefulness to take care of an assortment of business issues.

You can take Salesforce advanced admin training to get some help in your Salesforce Advanced Administrator certification exam.

How long does it take to become a certified Salesforce Administrator?

It is not certain as to what amount of time you need to become a certified Salesforce Admin. But, what you can do is that you can see what kind of skills you need to clear the same. Then you can decide the time you will take as per your existing knowledge-

Great venture management abilities and a motivating personality

  • An ability to fulfill time constraints, deal with and organize synchronous demands, and oversee lateral and upward projects
  • Imaginative and explanatory scholarly abilities with solid critical thinking aptitudes
  • Excellent verbal and composed communication abilities
  • The ability to execute the required work adequately and across the entire hierarchy of the association
  • Ability to fundamentally assess data assembled from different sources, resolve clashes, break down significant level data into various subtleties, disintegrate data from low-level data to an integrated system of information, and recognize client demands from all the underlying genuine needs.
  • Ability to survey the effect of new prerequisites on Salesforce.com and all upstream and downstream applications, frameworks and procedures.

Along with this, you need to add the time that you will spend in Salesforce admin training classes.

With the appropriate kind of Salesforce Admin training, you can easily master these skills in less time also. You can check out the Salesforce admin course syllabus here.

What is the preferred Salesforce Admin Certification path?

Every person’s journey is different, depending upon your Salesforce admin certification training; your Salesforce certification path will vary.

The most common and best certification path for a Salesforce Admin is-

  • The very first step is to Sign up for a Salesforce Admin training online
  • Thereafter, take the Salesforce Admin certification training classes properly
  • After that schedule your Salesforce admin certification exam after a few weeks of the completion of your Salesforce Admin training classes.
  • You should also watch the free Salesforce training videos that are available online
  • Prepare well for your exam as the retake will cost you almost 100 USD in terms of money and you will also waste a lot of precious time.
  • As a premier online Salesforce Admin certification training company, we would advise you to work on your basics a lot.

Salesforce Admin Certification exam with our Salesforce Admin Training classes. Check out the Salesforce admin course content here.

What is the average annual Salary of a Salesforce Administrator?

Salesforce certification salary: The typical compensation for a Salesforce Administrator is $87,134 consistently in the United States. Pay measures rely upon 1,516 remunerations submitted covertly to Indeed by Salesforce Administrator agents, customers, and assembled from over a wide range of time work promotions on Indeed in the past three years. The ordinary residency for a Salesforce Administrator is under 1 year.

Salesforce Admin certification can help you accelerate your Salesforce career. Sign-up for a Salesforce certification training today!

As shown by the most state-of-the-art figures, a lesser Salesforce Admin can make up to 125% more than the typical US master ($44,000) while their UK accomplice acquires 25% more than the ordinary UK (£27,772).

Transforming into a certified Salesforce Admin could grow your pay a lot further. Our 2018 Salary Survey revelations state 29% of respondents saw a climb in their pay scale. A freelance Salesforce Admin's salary floats someplace in the range of $62 and $123 an hour. With extending inescapability of data management in our overall population, a Salesforce Administrator is, from various perspectives, the guardian to an association's most basic data. He is responsible for keeping various pieces of the business profitable and is focused on the customer. With a 34% yearly improvement rate in the number of occupations, the Salesforce Admin is set for additional advancement and an inflexibly engaged pay.

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What is the pattern of the Salesforce Admin exam?

The Salesforce admin exam is in the following format-

  • 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions
  • Duration 90 minutes
  • Passing score: 65%.

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What is the cost of the Salesforce admin certification exam?

USD 200 is the registration fee you need to pay for the Salesforce admin certification exam. In addition to this, you also need to take into consideration the Salesforce admin training cost that you will incur.

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How can you check Salesforce Certification verification in the Admin field?

If you wish to check your Salesforce Admin certification then follow the steps given here-

  • Go to this Trailhead Verification page
  • Once you land here then enter your Webassessor Email beneath "Certification Holders: Check Your Status"
  • Click on the Request, & follow all the subsequent prompts that show up
  • Once it is done, your credential status will be sent directly to you by way of an email

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How to maintain your Salesforce Admin certification credentials?

If you want to maintain your basic and higher-level Salesforce administration related credentials, you will have to take all the release exams that Salesforce comes up with.

  • Salesforce release exams are generally 30-minute online & non-proctored examinations that you can take at your convenience.
  • Generally, there are about 15 questions in the exam
  • These exams are open notes. Meaning you can take help from online Salesforce Developer training as well as the release notes during the examination.
  • You can attempt the exam thrice
  • The maintenance exam costs USD 100 a year.

Benefits of Salesforce Certification?

An Added Advantage for your Company

With this certification in your ownership, you become a prized prerequisite for an organization. Workers with broad knowledge in this technology, in general, be incredibly gainful for organizations and subsequently can land positions inside long periods of showcasing their resumes. If you choose to work with organizations that utilize Salesforce comprehensively, at that point, this badge and Salesforce training class turns into a need for you.

A few organizations can never completely face the potential they ooze. They don't understand with angles they ought to elevate to pick up the consideration of the right audience, neither do they realize how to control the power of their sales. The organizations neglect to have a useful and reliable plan to enhance even the initialization of their Salesforce.

You, with your Salesforce certification, become a mixture for your organization to empower your endeavor in making the best utilization of the Salesforce. Salesforce can even lead and advise your managers for the sales-related inquiries.

The expansion of Your Value (Regarding Skills)

The more skills you have, the more valuable you are! Individuals will need to include you inside their business, with the testament of Salesforce. It upgrades your capabilities, and even adds to it. This testament turns into the obvious of your skill in a specific field and drives you to vocalize the responsibilities you can offer for the organization.

It talks about all that you've experienced to get proficiency in the work you do and handling capacity. You become the focal point of their advantage and are seen as recognized with cognizance of your aptitudes. With Salesforce certification, you will be able to handle troublesome undertakings gracefully.

These days, employers have come to acknowledge the significant worth of Salesforce certifications holders and add to benefits that draw out the capability of their business. Thus, don’t be surprised if you meet someone getting a nice pay because of Salesforce certification!

Increasing Tremendous Knowledge

One of the most significant Salesforce certifications benefits is that it permits you to have a careful examination and understanding of the Salesforce platform you're concentrating in, and it builds the understanding you view about sales and the clients, and associations with them.

If you're already familiar with the Salesforce platform then it empowers you to dive further into it; know each viewpoint with examined detail. You can even find different Salesforce tools that empower you to enjoy different subtopics of the principal specialization you're attempting to qualify in. You will have the option to mastery in it and even grow more abilities.

Taking such online training classes that you can approach with the site connected above, you will have the option to have hands-on and genuine encounters. They furnish you with various materials about live projects that are pertinent to the business you need to develop in and be utilized in.

They give you case studies that depend on situational scenarios that occur in reality further helping you understand how you should act in those circumstances. Try not to be uncertain about not getting enough exercise about it; since you'll be given training, which will associate with 12 hours, adding to living projects. Moreover, you'll additionally have 20 hours of training in the class lab. The entirety of this is conceivable if you join a Salesforce certification training.

Influence your Dynamically-refreshed Existing Knowledge

Probably the best thing about the Salesforce platform is that it remains profoundly refreshed all through time. This cloud technology empowers the arrival of all updates with respect to its field of work and gets pushed to the application without anyone else. The official site of Salesforce (SFDC- Salesforce.com) promotes these specific updates on various occasions during the year.

Salesforce certification training is designed to ensure that you learn and master the concepts of being a Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce App Builder, and Salesforce Developer.

Immense Scope for Success

In the era of cloud computing, organizations of any are hoping to get the greatest yield from applications and the cloud platforms in an ideal conceivable manner. Salesforce grows the business viability and offers huge accomplishment scope. Along with these, Salesforce makes an enormous enthusiasm for Salesforce Certified specialists and gives a satisfactory career path.

How Tedious is The Process of Salesforce Certification?

How to choose the right Salesforce Certification?

This is a quite general question. Obviously, how will you identify which certification is right for you among 25 Salesforce certifications? Salesforce certifications provide a good value to your profile. You have already read the benefits of Salesforce certifications above! It is commendable that you are thinking to get Salesforce certified.

Depending upon your interest, Salesforce tracks are divided as follows:-

To get more information on the career path of Salesforce, you can make a query at JanBask Training. Salesforce Administrator and Salesforce App builder training will teach you the core concepts of Salesforce CRM. With this, mastering analytics and platform customizing skills will be handled easily. On the other hand, Salesforce Developer training will help you master the Apex and coding skills required for Salesforce development.

The best thing about Salesforce online training is that you can also learn Salesforce at your comforts with Salesforce Self-learning. In other cases, if you are more concerned about saving money and getting a discount on training, then getting enrolled in Salesforce master training will be an icing on the cake!

Wondering how to get Salesforce certified? Well, the answer lies in Salesforce training. Check out the amazing Salesforce training program here.

How hard is it to get a Salesforce Admin Certification?

It is not very difficult to get a Salesforce Admin Certification. All you need to do is to get your basics right. You can easily do that by simply signing up for online Salesforce Admin training classes. Make sure you choose the classes that begin things from the very basics. This way you can easily cover the path of becoming a certified Salesforce Admin professional.

Upshots on how Salesforce certification can boost your career

The necessities of experienced individuals in a working environment have expanded alarmingly. Nowadays, individuals are relied upon to have many inventive skills. Only techni