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Salesforce Certification
From Ground to Cloud

Salesforce is the #1 leading CRM platform to manage contacts and sales activities. Salesforce can boost an organization’s win rates by 26%, boost sales productivity by 36%, and get a hike in a business’s revenue by 30%. Salesforce is the greatest platform to “do good and do well” for the customers because AI is taking a lead in the business. From developers to architects to project managers and marketing professionals, Salesforce skill is something that pays off for a variety of job roles. Whether you are new into the world of technology or an experienced one, Salesforce is the snazzy term that you must have heard at least once! The reason behind is just to create a direct relationship with the client. Such important relationships cannot be given in the hands of an unauthorized person, right? For such authentication, Salesforce certifications were introduced. Certification in Salesforce is the badge that gives you the testimony for your Salesforce skills. We’ll let you know how to get salesforce certification.

Depending upon the area of your specialization, you can choose a Salesforce designation and get yourself Salesforce certified! Every career advancement depends on the three factors: Do, Become and Earn which means “Do something you want to become and earn!” But, what about these in the Salesforce certification list? Salesforce covers so much functionality and helps organize your sales efforts that would be challenging in reaching your target audience with other client-relationship tools. Make yourself more marketable as a expert and receive Salesforce certification to stand out among other potential employees.

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Let Us Start With the Prerequisites!

What are the prerequisites for Salesforce certification? How to get salesforce certification? What does it take to earn the Salesforce certificate? The only prerequisite when learning any new technology is to have an open mind and good analytical thinking, because in the end, irrespective of the syntax and tools available, it is the business logic that matters, and this applies to Salesforce too. However, if you have prior experience building apps using other technologies, some of those skills can apply to Salesforce as well. What are the prerequisites for Salesforce certification? There are no prerequisites for the Salesforce certification App Builder or the Salesforce Developer 1 exam. Though, preparation from the Salesforce online training platform is highly recommended. It is mandatory to have Salesforce Developer 1 credential to qualify for a Salesforce Developer 2 profile.

You can read about the basics of Salesforce in this blog related to Salesforce training for beginners.

What Can You Do If You Become SFDC Certified?

After getting Salesforce certified or SFDC certified, you can become one of the following:-

Career Counselling

Salesforce Administrator

Resume Feedback

Salesforce App Builder

Interview Preparation

Salesforce Developer

Career Counselling

Salesforce Architect

Resume Feedback

Salesforce Specialist (Implementation Expert)

Interview Preparation

Salesforce Marketer

Career Counselling

Salesforce Pardot Expert

Resume Feedback

Salesforce Consultant

SFDC certification can easily get you one of the above mentioned profiles quite easily.

Salesforce Certification Cost

How much does it cost to get Salesforce certified? This question must be running into your mind. If you are considering Salesforce certification then the cost ranges from $200 to $6,000. The cost $6,000 is for only one Salesforce certification, that is, Salesforce Technical Architect. All the other certifications are either $200 or $400. SFDC certification provides marketable skills and the Salesforce certification cost includes online training that you can avail online either free and paid. This is how much does Salesforce certification cost!

You can enroll for Salesforce certification types as per your interest. To do this, the Salesforce certification guide will be helpful for you.

Is Salesforce Certification Worth it?

If you connect your certifications on your social media profiles, you can be easily contacted by the recruiters a minimum of 2-3 times a week. Also, certifications have now become a trend to get a senior-most position in your domain. Many of the Salesforce aspirants started getting the interview calls from Fortune-500 companies the next day they attached their Salesforce certifications in their LinkedIn profiles.

Salesforce Certification Maintenance

Did you clear your certification in Salesforce? Your task is not done yet! In order to maintain your Salesforce certification, you need to be aware of the featured updates that are produced three times a year. According to Salesforce professionals, Salesforce certified individuals are required to take maintenance exams or modules aligned with the Salesforce product release cycles.Each of the entries on the Salesforce certifications list will require different levels of maintenance based on release cycles. The number of certification release exams/modules published per year may vary.

Salesforce Certification Training provides both online and offline training platforms to become Salesforce certified. The online training is a genuine way to get certified. Because Online training is the platform to learn by sitting anywhere in the globe to get quality education. Flexibility and accessibility are easy to attain through online training. Also, it is easy on the pockets. According to the American Society for Training and Development, nearly one-third of all eLearning content and material is available and pursued online. If your trainer is a real-time working professional, it will be even better. Salesforce certification training is the best way to earn Salesforce skills and become SFDC certified.

Salesforce Certification Paths - What the Future holds for Salesforce?

What Can You Become After Earning a Particular Salesforce Certification?

You can receive Salesforce certification in the following paths:

Salesforce Administrator

If you are the person who wants to value a business by automating complex business processes then Salesforce Administrator certification is for you. Being a Salesforce Administrator you are responsible to monitor the business processes in a clean and efficient manner (occurs three times a year). Salesforce administrators have in-depth knowledge of customization.

As per, following certifications fall under the Salesforce Administrator category:

Salesforce Administrator

A Salesforce Administrator is a business leader who has deep understanding about how the company operates, interweaved in the building of departments through process automation which helps in the smooth running of the business.

Salesforce Advanced Administrator

As the name suggests, the Salesforce Advanced Administrator has the advanced capabilities in designing advanced-level reports, dashboards, and automation processes. The prerequisites to enrol for this certification is to get certified as a Salesforce Administrator first.

Salesforce Developer

If you love playing with code snippets then Salesforce developer certification is for you. This may include various programming languages like Java, Apex, OOPs concepts, etc. Salesforce Developers create complex workflows, triggers, Apex development, complex validation rules, AppExchange and legacy platform integrations. provides the following certifications under Salesforce Developer category:

Commerce Cloud Digital Developer

This certification is for the aspirants having broad knowledge of Salesforce customization, configuring the platform frequently, user management, and looking for the ways to get more skills and features.

Platform Developer1

With Salesforce Platform Developer1 certification, you can develop customized applications on the Salesforce platform. The training on Apex programming and Visualforce is required to get this certification.

Platform Developer2

For this certification, you are required to have Platform Developer1 certification and the advanced concepts of it.

Salesforce Lightning Administrator

The Salesforce Lightning Admin certification is for the aspirants who are interested in acquiring Salesforce Admin certification and want to explore their knowledge in Salesforce Lightning platform. Salesforce Lightning Training will take you through customization of the Salesforce Lightning Platform.

Salesforce App Builder

Salesforce Certification App Builder is the advanced level certification of the Salesforce Administrator. Take this one shortly after passing the Advanced Admin certification exam. Again, focus on understanding! JanBask Training provides you the individual salesforce platform app builder certification training or Salesforce Certification App Builder course to serve the purpose.

Salesforce Service Cloud

If you are planning to enrol for Salesforce Service Cloud certification, then the heavy focus of Salesforce Service Cloud training will be on Service Cloud product with the collaboration of industry knowledge and metrics. For this, you need a study guide for beginners and an experience in implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud.

Salesforce Architect

In Salesforce, an architect can be of two types: Salesforce Solutions Architect and Salesforce Technical Architect. A Salesforce Solutions Architect is essentially responsible for designing a solution for a specific problem utilizing available Salesforce products and technologies, of which there are multiple within the Salesforce product suite. A Salesforce Technical Architect is ultimately responsible at the highest level for a Salesforce implementation, and you’ll more often than not find TA’s, working for a Salesforce partner, or consultancy.

SFDC has the following certifications under Salesforce Architect profile:

Application Architect

Application Architect is also known as Software Architect. He is responsible for operating and monitoring the whole system and understanding the interactions between the components.

Data Architecture and Management Designer

This certification of SFDC is for the specialists who can design scalable high-performing enterprise data management solutions on the Salesforce platform.

Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer

This exam majorly focuses on the understanding of development methodologies, different levels of the development lifecycle, and the other development strategies.

Identity and Access Management Designer

The certification will help you understand the high performing solutions on the Salesforce platform that meet the Single-Sign On (SSO) requirements.

Integration Architecture Designer

The primary focus of this exam is on your understanding of the architectural decisions that are necessary to facilitate integrations with external systems, options available for integration, and leading considerations for developing integrations.

Mobile Solutions Architecture Designer

The agenda of this examination is to get you familiar with the building of mobile app integrated with Salesforce.

Sharing and Visibility Designer

The purpose of this certification is to design scalable and high performing technical solutions on the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce System Architect

Salesforce System Architect is the person who helps build prototypes for advanced features, product enhancements, and new Salesforce innovations. He acts as the strategic advisor for enterprise architecture.

Salesforce Technical Architect

A Salesforce Technical Architect