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All About Salesforce Certifications You Must Know

Salesforce Certifications are industry-perceived principles, rather than capabilities, that testify the fact of your capability in a specific field within Salesforce. There are diverse classes of Salesforce certifications, every one of which contains distinctive dimensions and sorts of capabilities.

In this universe of wild rivalry, where one needs to endeavor hard to acquire his/her fantasy work, it has turned out to be vital to have something which makes you unique in relation to the others. Where the high work rates have turned out to be stale, certifications in the IT field has become essential to increase the value of your aptitudes, with the goal that you don't get suffocated in the deep well of joblessness.

One of the easiest ways to get a job that you need is by improving and refreshing your resume in terms of abilities, work encounters and accomplishments. A lot of professional salesforce accreditation courses are accessible these days which refine your abilities as indicated by space/field you work in. Another effective and most recommended option is earning a certification and highlighting the same to your resume.

At Salesforce, finding your dream job role resembles climbing a jungle gym and not a sweet ladder. This implies moving to another job role at your equivalent dimension can be similarly as remunerating as getting an advancement, particularly when you get the chance to have a go at something spic and span or migrate to a fascinating new place. Keep in mind, Salesforce is worldwide, so your next dream employment could take you to any place in the world like Indianapolis, San Francisco, Tokyo, Sydney, or London.

I am sure you must be wondering what is the scope of certifications in the Salesforce field. You must be wondering how should you prepare for Salesforce certifications? So, in this blog for the Salesforce Certifications guide, we will tell you about Salesforce certification in-depth and how it can shape your career ahead.

Types of Salesforce Certifications

With each passing year, an ever-increasing number of enterprises are executing CRM. Without a doubt it turns out to be a piece of extraordinary news for Salesforce and the net interest for its administrations will increment on a vast scale.

With the dispatch of the Financial Service Cloud for retail saving money, the banking sector is relied upon to offer countless customers. It will principally concentrate on decreasing the disengagement among the different branches of the organization and expanding the client reliability.

Types of Salesforce Certifications

Before moving ahead, let me first give you an overview of all the main certifications in Salesforce to give you an idea as to what you are diving into. There are numerous Salesforce Certifications however right now, the Salesforce certification, or you can say the accreditation list offers credentials on four unique tracks, which cover high-level technical usage to managerial, decision-making as well as marketing skills. Here is the guide on How To Pass All Salesforce Admin Certification Exams?

a). Salesforce Administrator Certifications

It approves your Salesforce knowledge to understand the business necessities along with re-developing the Salesforce platform. This certification encourages Salesforce experts to get the maximum out of the Salesforce Cloud Certification. The administrator certification exam comprises two levels that approve your abilities as well as help you to stay alert of the most up-to-date Salesforce releases.

b). Salesforce Certified App Builder

This Certification is designed for individuals who have huge working experience of building, planning, and executing Salesforce apps. The prospective candidate should be proficient for tweaking applications on platform

c). Salesforce Certified Developer

This Certification is for individuals who have broad abilities and involvement in creating Salesforce apps. This accreditation approves the knowledge of the prospective candidate in using Commerce Cloud Digital for the advancement of eCommerce solutions. The candidate must have the capacity to create tweaked or modified Salesforce applications in a decisive way on the stage.

d). Salesforce Architect Certifications

This certification approves the applicant's aptitudes in various specializations alongside broad proficiency in Salesforce. Salesforce redesigned its approach to Architect certifications to incorporate current and emerging customer needs. Check out the Salesforce Architect Certifications guide for more details.

How do I Prepare for Salesforce certifications?

It does not matter what you think of certifications in general, but a career with Salesforce is easy to build with the right certification. Even if you have enough practical experience, certifications always have something new to teach you that is necessary to understand the business requirements. Salesforce's certifications are best to prove your knowledge and domain experience. Here is how to prepare for Salesforce certification – “Salesforce certified platform developer.”

How do I Prepare for Salesforce certifications?

I). Trailhead

This is the best learning source if you can learn yourself without any instructor. Sadly, it does not work for beginners who are completely new to the platform. Trailhead explains everything about the Salesforce in deep and easy language. Also, it gives you a complete idea of the latest updates on the platform. But it is not good for certifications because it may result in the lack of interest later.

The best idea is joining online Salesforce training courses to prepare yourself for the Salesforce certified platform developer I certification. There are many options available online and deciding on the best one may be daunting sometimes. JanBask Training is one of the good choices to prepare for all Salesforce certifications at the best prices.

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II). Online Certification Courses

JanBask Training is the best place to prepare for all Salesforce certifications either admin or developer. The training is available in two modes self-paced training and instructor-led training. The instructor-led training is always a more powerful option to prepare for the Salesforce certified developer 1 exam online.

III). Other Resources

More resources to prepare for the Salesforce certification exam are online video tutorials, blogs, whitepapers, etc. The choice is completely yours. If you don’t have any issue with the budget then you should definitely go for the instructor-led Salesforce training online and clear the certification exam in the first attempt.

Different Job Profiles you can work on After Salesforce Certifications


This section will give you an overview of different Salesforce profiles you can work on and handle the role and responsibilities of salesforce professionals, once your Salesforce certification is complete.

1). Salesforce Consultant

An entry-level Salesforce Consultant is someone who looks after the overall development of your Salesforce instance. He must possess the skills of Salesforce admin as well as that of Salesforce developer. He is expected to know about salesforce processes inside out. You can call a Salesforce consultant as a general physician who must know about almost everything just like a general physician of medicine.

2). Salesforce Marketing Manager

Advertising chiefs comprehend the craftsmanship and science behind making focused marketing campaigns that interface with clients. Advertisers convey enormous plans to the table that drive amazing outcomes. They depend on client information and advertising automation apparatuses to consistently draw in with gatherings of people over all sorts of diverse channels.

3). Salesforce Sales Cloud Professional

Sales experts are amazing communicators and relationship manufacturers, and they appreciate helping other people to succeed. They're great at juggling different needs and dealing with their opportunity to chip away at various arrangements at the same time. They appreciate the excite of winning a critical record and have the determination and tender loving care to defeat hindrances in achieving their objectives. Also check out our comprehensive guide to land the best entry-level salesforce job.

4). Salesforce User Interface Designer

User experience (UX) planners are problem solvers, working cross-functionally with item administrators, engineers, content makers, and officials to make and refine a product vision. They use research and tune in to input, trying to comprehensively comprehend fundamental issues so they can create arrangements. Exceptionally community-oriented and powerful, UX originators can influence the result of an item, administration, or experience.

Make yourself interview ready with these Popular Salesforce Developer Interview Questions you need to know in 2022

5). Salesforce Product Manager

A product architect makes structures for how a product item looks and how its capacities. They get the opportunity to make sense of what the structure of the route ought to be, the place and how clients get to data, regardless of whether an item feels fun, unconventional, or genuine, and I get the chance to propose thoughts around what an item or highlight could be. It's about creative ability, specialty, tuning in, and working together with my colleagues. It's tied in with making a dream for where a group can go and enabling your group to add to and make the vision.

Turn into a balanced, inquisitive, and accomplished individual. The best designers can draw on a wide scope of points. Science, innovation, writing, travel, workmanship and more - the more extensive your encounters, the more extensive your arrangement of conceivable arrangements will be. You'll work with scores of wise individuals from numerous controls, and you'll have to talk about their dialect to work successfully with them. Being a gifted craftsman or software engineer isn't enough. Be open, be unassuming. Tune in.

6). System Developer

In this job role, one must have the skills that are required for a Salesforce Admin. They should have the capacity to perform other extra errands like coding and object-oriented programming. 'Apex' is the local language of Salesforce. As a system developer, one must thoroughly understand the essentials of this dialect and apply the equivalent to Salesforce.

As a system developer, you are expected to lay down strong foundations for all the Salesforce activities. The long-term performance of Salesforce of concern depends on you. Therefore, be careful. Also, don’t forget to check the free Salesforce Quiz.

Resume Designing Tips for certified Salesforce Experts

Your salesforce resume is the first thing that you need to invest the maximum energy in. it is the first step in getting noticed for a Salesforce job that you want to get. When you've recognized an entry-level position or occupation, the routine in regard to applying is presenting your resume and introductory letter. The resume is an expert report that quickly portrays your past instructive and professional encounters.

While the introductory letter will complement the resume by including data about explicit encounters and interests that coordinate with the organization's set of work responsibilities. When drafting an introductory letter, it's essential to demonstrate the organization that you know about their statement of purpose and other data included on the organization's site.

By making an expert portfolio, you will furnish the organization with considerably more data and explicit instances of your work. A great portfolio can regularly get the enthusiasm of businesses, which is your objective while applying for a temporary job or occupation, and after that ideally, make them need to call you in for a meeting. Here are some useful hints on the best way to make an expert portfolio.

Building a portfolio is an overwhelming undertaking. It's additional work that nobody needs to put in evenings and ends of the week on — but completing it is the main thing remaining among you and a meeting for your fantasy work, or possibly an excursion to an extremely extraordinary conference.

Next, we will check through the top tips on creating your portfolio, meanwhile, you can check through the post at How to Prepare for Salesforce Developer Interview.

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Here are some tips that will help you in getting your portfolio noticed.

A). Own your brand

An introduction or "about me" segment is your opportunity to make an individual lift pitch for your one of a kind gifts and interests. How did you get here? What are your own qualities? What do you do outside of work, or in your past, that you carry with you? Be brief, however, make it an individual! Enlisting administrators and potential friends need to get a feeling of your identity, and why should the company need to work with you.

B). Everything Resonates your Energy

Go for quality over the amount, and just show work that you are genuinely pleased with. Pick a blend of ventures that demonstrate the scope of your experience. Incorporate school, volunteer or individual meaningful ventures. Pick your screens or different pictures cautiously, guaranteeing the dimension of clean speaks to your best work, and focus on each word you compose. Furthermore, make certain to get some different eyes on your portfolio before sending it out; like any planned venture, investigating from others will enable you to improve it.

C). Show your work

UX isn't just about pretty screens, it's about critical thinking. Offer your procedure. What issue would you say you were endeavoring to settle? What requirements did you have? What did you realize in route? It's alright to indicate thoughts left on the cutting room floor. Try not to be excessively verbose however demonstrate proof of a hearty and mindful work process.

D). Be a team player

In reality, UX experts once in a while work in a vacuum, and playing admirably with others truly matters. Express your job on each venture, and the sort of group that you worked with. We need to perceive how you function with creators, scientists, engineers, item directors, and any other individual you're teaming up with.

E). Show impact

Is it safe to say that you were ready to approve your plans with end-clients? Did you convey to inquire about that changed the system for a venture or item? What effect did your work have on the association or business? Significant measurements dependably establish a solid connection, so make certain to incorporate those in the event that you have them.

F). Collect Examples of Your Work

Making an expert portfolio starts by gathering instances of your work. These precedents may incorporate assessments, reports, overviews, explicit materials you have intended for a school course or past business, charts, public statements, fine art, instances of spreadsheets, and so on., that you intended to finish certain ventures or to enhance the stream of the work.

Here is a comprehensive Salesforce Career Guide to help you land your dream job stress-free!

G). Include Info About Prestigious and Successful Companies You've Worked With

On the off chance that you have recently worked for lofty and effective organizations, make sure to incorporate data about them –, for example, new items, yearly reports, pamphlets, official statements, and bulletins to additionally inspire the business by them simply realizing that you had an impact in helping the organization make progress.

H). Create Clear Concise Documents that are Organized

To wrap things up, you need your portfolio to look proficient. Making clear, compact reports that are sorted out well will tell the business that you are not kidding about the activity. Make certain to dependably keep duplicates of your work and ensure that you continue refreshing your portfolio with the goal that a portion of the instances of your work are ongoing which can likewise delineate the development you've made throughout the years.

What’s Next?

It is loud and clear how learning Salesforce can change your entire career graph and job security cans pop- in with a wide area to cover due to Advanced SFDC Developer and Lightning. Salesforce is going to stay as every industry requires data safety and Cloud is the safe answer as of now. Check the Salesforce Tutorial to get complete knowledge from basic to advanced.

Salesforce is the world’s leading Customer Success Platform and the #1 CRM company. Today, it empowers scores of companies across the globe to connect with their respective customers in a brand-new way. JanBask Salesforce Community is an ideal platform where you can connect with industry experts and get the right guidance.

The steps for building a career in Salesforce are as follows:

The steps for building a career in Salesforce are as follows:

We at JanBask Training give you a complete guide to start your Salesforce career. Starting from career counseling right up to the time when you finally sit for a job interview, we are there with you at every step. So, start your everlasting success story with the JanBask Training team right away. Good Luck with a bright career in Salesforce!


Q1. What are the prerequisites for Salesforce Certifications?

Ans- Learners require a graduate degree and a passion for Salesforce skills & technology. Professionals with a basic understanding of Salesforce concepts and features, such as navigating Salesforce, data management, security, and using Sales Cloud would be an advantage in completing the online Salesforce courses.  

Q2. Who should go for a Salesforce Certification?

Ans- This Salesforce certification & training course is suitable for individuals looking to build a career in Salesforce, particularly for app builders, developers, system administrators, sales representatives, IT managers, and product managers.                          

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Q3. Can I become a Salesforce professional without an entrance exam?

Ans- To earn better job opportunities and to work in exceptional teams across big organizations one needs to be clear of the certification exam, without qualifying for the entrance the chances of job opportunities will be limited.   

Q4. What is the pattern of a Salesforce certification exam

Ans- The Salesforce exam is a 90-minute long exam comprising 60 single or multiple-choice questions. The passing score for the exam is 65%.  

Q5. Can a non-technical person do this course?

Ans- We start the training from the basic level so that anyone can start even if he belongs to a non-IT background. So, it is not necessary to be from an IT background to join this course but a right zeal to learn Salesforce basics is enough to start a career with us right away.Our salesforce Beginner to Advanced courses sessions will start from the very basics, Salesforce history, how it was started and why it is necessary to learn, etc. 

Q6. What skills will I acquire from these courses?

Ans- From these courses, you will learn-

  • Salesforce CRM and its features, Salesforce objects, field types, and validation rules
  • Data modeling and management and Workflow automation
  • Sales and service cloud configuration, Lightning components installation, complete Salesforce interface, Application deployment and platform change management and so much more.

Q7. What are the unique features of these courses?

Ans- These courses at JanBask Training offer you a-

  • 10x higher interaction in live online classes conducted by industry experts.
  • 24*7 support system through robust mentorship.
  • Curriculum that brings the current course module, the best case studies, and projects for an inclusive learning experience.

Q8. Who should enroll in these courses?

Ans- These courses can be done by-

  • Freshers with a graduate degree who are motivated individuals who want to learn Salesforce skills.
  • Experienced professionals looking for an exciting career in the premier cloud computing platform.
  • If they have experience of two years or more and possess good analytical and problem-solving abilities.

Q9. How to maintain a growing career in the Salesforce field?

Ans- To have a steady career growth in Salesforce Admin/developer role, you need the following-

  • Constant skills upgradation in Salesforce - keep upskilling in this field.
  • Be toe-to-toe to every new update and release of Salesforce CRM.
  • Keep taking certification exams and certifications to your credit - as many of the Salesforce certifications you take, more will be your seniority in the job market.

Q10. Is Salesforce a demanding career in 2022?

Ans- Cloud computing is set to generate $389 billion in Salesforce revenue - where the US inclusive of its cities will have the highest gains with a margin of $269 million.With 3.3 million jobs to be created across the world in the Salesforce ecosystem, the US will account for around 4,00,000 jobs. With 19.5% CRM market share, the giant - Salesforce is one of the tops & fastest-growing CRM - leading ahead of competitors like Adobe, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP in the race.


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