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App Builder Salesforce Certification - Complete Exam Details & Passing Tips


If you are looking for a job, a promotion, or maybe a gradual hike, Salesforce Certifications could be a great move” --- Says VP of Sales at Mondo.

Any Salesforce Certifications you plan to go after are simply the best, as they all equally offer you:

  • Great marketability as Salesforce is a big, established brand in the world of CRM.
  • Quick start to a prolific career. You can manage your career by becoming a Salesforce certified expert in a few days or months.
  • Great package. Take just one or add all certifications offered by Salesforce, the more you take the more will be your take-home package.

If you are looking for one credential that doesn’t require real coding development, then go after Salesforce Certification App Builder one. This is based on Lightning declarative development, where you don’t have to write chunks of code to execute a feature, function of an app, instead you just point, pick & drag the already written coding blocks to build intuitive, user-friendly & business problems centric Salesforce apps. 

To get this certification, you can be a fresher with or little coding experience or an experienced Salesforce Admin, Developer, or consultant, looking to upskill for better prospects. Whosoever you are, this guide will help you navigate:

  • The entire structure of App Builder Salesforce Certification with every exam details
  • Prerequisites
  • Why take this exam?
  • Who can take it?
  • Preparation tips 
  • Where can you apply for this cert?

Let’s start with the Salesforce Certification App Builder exam details first!

Platform App Builder Salesforce Certification - Complete Exam Details

What is the Platform App Builder Salesforce Certification Exam?

The platform app builder salesforce certification exam is hosted by in order to validate one’s knowledge around planning, building, and deploying custom business applications using Salesforce’s Lightning Declarative features, whilst aligning robust application security, updated data models, great business logic, etc.

If you are interested in this certification, then you must take alleged Salesforce app builder training, where you get well-informed about:

  • Complete Salesforce Lightning Platform
  • Creating apps to aid business processes & reporting needs
  • Salesforce license types
  • Development & customization of mobile-first UI
  • Deploying apps with Salesforce development environments & to manage alterations in the Salesforce Lightning platform
  • Data Management & Data Visualization
  • Business Logic and Process Automation
  • Data Modelling
  • Data Security Model
  • Data Management
  • UI designing

Along with that, the certification demands you to have at least 6 months to a year of experience in learning & applying the app-building skills to the practical field.

Platform App Builder Salesforce Certification - Core Exam Details



Exam Name

Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder

Salesforce App Builder Certification Cost

It costs USD 200 plus applicable taxes

Exam format

60 MCQ/Multiple Select & 5 non-scorable questions

Exam Time

105 minutes or 1.75 hours

Passing Score


Exam Delivery mode

Online Proctored or onsite in a testing center

Retake exam cost 

It’s USD 100 + taxes

Knowledge & areas tested

The exam validates your knowledge around areas as - Salesforce fundamentals (23%), UI (17%), Business Logic & process automation (28%), Data modeling & management (22%), Application deployment (10%).

Who can give this Salesforce App Builder Exam?

Anyone interested in entering the salesforce world, or an already experienced Salesforce Developer, Salesforce Administrator, the consultant can take this exam right after completing the Salesforce App Builder certification training online.

Do Salesforce App Builder Credentials Expire?

Yes, if you don’t maintain them. Salesforce has three cycles per year - Spring, Summer, and winter. Salesforce requires you to maintain a module during each cycle. It basically keeps updating its technology & expects its users to know of it through module maintenance routine. You will keep getting the intimation of the same over your personalized Salesforce dashboard. 

To maintain your Salesforce certification, you must successfully complete the Trailhead maintenance schedule

Check out a few app builder salesforce certification question types asked in real exams.

Sample App Builder Salesforce Certification Questions - To Give you a Flavor of Actual Exam

Do you think you can get a hang of these questions & clear the exam? Don’t wait & take the Platform app builder certification training right away.

Why You Should Own Salesforce App Builder Certifications?

Many of you will wonder that what is the need to take the Salesforce app builder certification, isn’t upskilling enough to get the job-ready practical skills. Well, app builder certifications aren’t meant to train you or build your skills, they are meant to test your knowledge by authority. If you pass them, add them in your candidature, you will:

  • Hear a lot from companies - As companies want to hire certified staff to save their onboard training cost, and to inspire others to take the certifications.
  • Grab good negotiations - Certified candidates are given preference over the non-certified ones. Over 88% of employers want to hire certified staff at any cost. You can actually pave your way & ask for the pay you desire.
  • Feel confident & self-accomplished - Clearing app builder credential gives you the confidence while building the custom application for real, and gives you the courage to go for maybe other Salesforce certification application architect credentials.
  • You can pursue any gig or job with ease - Everyone wants to hire someone who is skilled & certified by Salesforce. With Salesforce App builder skills & certifications, you can either start part-time, full time or contract basis gigs with so much confidence.

How To Apply for Salesforce Certified App Builder Credential?

To apply for Salesforce app builder certification, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Visit the link - and go at bottom & press that CTA of “schedule now” in blue color.

Step 2 - The link will direct you to a page of its testing solution partner. There you need to create a new login account to access the credential by filling in the basic details.

How to Prepare for Salesforce App Builder Exam & Pass it?

Salesforce app builder certification has a lot of concepts for testing your knowledge, compared to its other Salesforce certifications. You need to have a lot of practical as well as theoretical knowledge to be able to clear the cert & be able to deliver the features of Salesforce’s Lightning Declarative features in developer org. Here are the tips to study for this credential & pass this with flying colors.

Before the Exam Tips

1. Know the Salesforce app builder cert Syllabus & concepts

Know what concepts, sections are going to be covered in the exam. Review your syllabus & concepts deeply as this will keep you posted of what you need to learn particularly & expect going forward. As per Salesforce’s official site, you are going to be tested upon these areas in particular:

  • Data modeling & Management - 22%
  • Salesforce fundamentals - 25%
  • User Interface - 17%
  • Business Logic & process Automation - 28%
  • App Deployment - 10%

2. Take Salesforce App Builder Certification Training

It is quite difficult to learn & implement apps by just Salesforce documentation & videos. It would be best if you employ the help of a professional Salesforce app builder training platform online, where the:

  • Instructors are industry experts.
  • You get the latest salesforce platform app builder certification handbooks, use cases, assignments, projects & other study materials.
  • Get consistent doubt clearing sessions
  • Have thorough preparation for concepts of Salesforce, Data modeling management, data security model, roll-up summary, formula fields & validation rules, data security model, data management & visualization, UI & lightning components, workflows & more.
  • Hands-on Salesforce App Builder certification dumps 2020 or of previous years.
  • Chance to give salesforce app builder practice exams just like real-examination.

Don’t know where you could find such a training platform? We can help by starting with Salesforce app builder free demo class.

3. Just practice the Salesforce App Builder Certification Dumps

If you are taking the training, you will be given plenty of previous dumps or a Salesforce app builder practice exam in your way. Which you can solve during the classes or in your spare time. By practicing the mock tests & dumps covering app builder salesforce certification questions, you will know the exam pattern & will be able to give the exam well.

4. Create your Own Applications

Practically applied knowledge stays the longest. Try creating an exemplary use case or assignment. Maybe, create a business for yourself, gather all the specifics you need to build an eCommerce or any internet business app with Salesforce Lightning features.

Start your journey with Trailhead and learn the basics of Lightning component frameworks with the Salesforce Lightning Tutorial.

5. Study with Groups or Friends

If you have people with similar journeys or anyone interested in helping you with revisions, get them on board. Study with a group of friends, colleagues, siblings, or any family member. Studying with people around does wonders to your retention rate. 

6. Follow a Healthy Study Routine

While studying don’t subside your health. Always focus on living a healthy regime followed by sound sleep, nutritional diet, proper study & break balance, and self-confidence. Salesforce app builder is no rocket science, focus on having great health, body movement, study routine during training online, and you will be good to go.

During the Exam Tip

7. Don’t Haste Answering the Questions

While giving the exam, don’t just haste. 

  • Leave the answered question for review & come back later to know if you have opted right or not. 
  • Also, try eliminating the wrong answer first, & then find the right one. 
  • Salesforce app builder scenarios-based questions often have answers within them only. So take time in hand to read between the lines, thoroughly read every question to find answers.
  • Always revise the paper & correct if the answers you feel are wrongly marked.

After the Exam

8. Don’t lose hope

Don’t lose hope & keep your spirits positive & high. And hope for more than just scoring passing marks. And in case you fail to secure the pass marks which are 63%, you can attempt it again by just paying $100

Final Thoughts on Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification!

Salesforce certifications, when chosen, have great marketability & preference in the job market. Job markets for Salesforce roles are very particular about hiring certified professionals. Whether you are looking for a solid job or more paying opportunities, adding a Salesforce credential in your candidature can take a long way.

However, if you are particularly looking for one credential that doesn’t require complex coding knowledge & use, instead requires custom app development using drag & drop capabilities of Salesforce lightning framework, then App Builder Salesforce Certification is your choice to make.

We just covered every ounce of detail related to the app builder credential of Salesforce in terms of exam details, cost, delivery mode & skills measured. Along with that, we also shared the tips that you can follow to clear the exam with flying colors and gave you sample questions to explain how easy this cert is to prepare & obtain.

To prepare & obtain this credential, you just need the right helping hand as a Salesforce certification app builder training platform online. Don’t know where to find such? We can help, start with our free & quick demo class first.

Frequently Asked Questions on Salesforce Certification App Builder

Q 1. What is the Salesforce Certified App Builder Credential?

Ans:-The Salesforce certified app builder credential is a benchmark that validates your practical & theoretical knowledge around building, deploying & managing the custom business apps over the Salesforce Lightning framework & its capabilities via ensuring app security, process automation, business logic & data models.

Q 2. How much is the Salesforce App Builder Certification Cost?

Ans:-The Salesforce app builder certification cost is USD 200 + taxes, while if you retake the exam it is USD 100 + taxes.

Q 3. What is the exam pattern of the Salesforce Certification App Builder?

Ans:- The Salesforce certification app builder exam has 60 MCQ & 5 non-scored questions covering your knowledge around Salesforce fundamentals, process automation, data modeling & management, business logic. 

Q 4. Where will I get app builder salesforce certification dumps?

Ans:-You can get the app builder salesforce certification dumps here>> 

Q 5. What is the passing score for a Salesforce certification app builder?

Ans:-The passing score for salesforce certification app builder is 63%

Q 6. How is the Salesforce app builder exam taken?

Ans:- You can take the app builder salesforce certification questions online or offline by opting for the nearby test center.

Q 7. What are the Application Architect Salesforce Certifications?

Ans:- There are 4 application architect Salesforce certifications as ---

  • Sharing & Visibility designer 
  • Platform Developer 1 
  • Data Architecture & Management Designer
  • Platform App Builder

After completing these four certifications, you will get the salesforce certification application architect credential.

Q 8. Do Salesforce certification app builders require coding?

Ans:-No Salesforce app builders don’t need to have explicit knowledge of programming for designing custom UI via Apex, Java & Visualforce. Also, you don’t necessarily need to know how to administer Salesforce sales cloud or service cloud for this cert.

Q 9. What is Salesforce declarative development?

Ans:- Salesforce declarative development allows you to build an app without any need to code. The declarative functions of any Salesforce instance say the Lightning framework is already coded & can be used as it is when needed. You just have to point, drag & drop that packaged coding block to design the custom UI of an app. 

This is the reason why most people prefer going after Salesforce certification app builder training, as it is easy & doesn’t require coding knowledge.

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