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Know Everything About a Salesforce Consultant Roles and Responsibilities!


According to an IDC study, Salesforce is going to create a demand of 3.3 million jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem by 2022 for Salesforce professionals. As a platform, Salesforce has been continuously growing and is reaching more & more companies. Though Salesforce is an easy-to-learn platform, it is quite complicated to learn therefore, companies need to be certified Salesforce professionals to help them implement and administer Salesforce. 

One of such Salesforce roles is Salesforce Consultant as according to Salesforce, over 37,000 new jobs were posted online in 2020. Salesforce Consultant is not only becoming a popular job, but this is one of the lucrative roles as well with a certified Salesforce Consultant Earning an average salary of $85,000 in a year! And that’s just for the entry-level professionals. If you have experience with Salesforce, you can easily earn in six figures

So want to know who is a Salesforce Consultant? What does a salesforce consultant do? If this career is for you or not?

Let’s dive in!

Who is a Salesforce Consultant & What Does a Salesforce Consultant Do?

A Salesforce Consultant is a professional who helps stakeholders with their requirements in the form of customizing the Salesforce platform to let them meet the business requirements. With his/her in-depth knowledge of business processes and Salesforce, a Salesforce Consultant works with multiple teams to bridge the gap between business problems and technical solutions.

Salesforce Consultant Roles And Responsibilities

Salesforce Consultant roles and responsibilities can be about implementing, designing, and maintaining the databases so you maintain an organization’s relationship with its customers. A Salesforce consultant is also responsible for providing effective training to their clients to make them aware of Salesforce’s proper functioning and giving them the best business solutions. Other than that you will also perform these tasks:

  • Act As a Bridge Between the Clients and the Business

You’re the first point of contact between your organization and its clients. For every question, issue, query, or any general suggestion, comment, or feedback you are the professional who deals with them. You also translate complex Salesforce terminologies like accounts, opportunities, objects, contacts, and cases or other tech aspects of a project to the clients. You act as a liaison and not only gather client’s requirements but also ensure that when the requirements are met you maintain a healthy relationship with them.  

  • Create and Manage Project Plans

Planning is a major part of your role as a Salesforce Consultant. You look into factors like the scope/size of the project, optimization of hours, developing a project timeline, and a way to document and resolve hurdles, if any. Then you manage the plans through scheduling client meetings as they form the building blocks of your project execution plan. By not only discussing certain aspects of the business process to leveraging the needs that you will use to configure an efficient Salesforce environment for the client.

  • Attend Stand-ups Diligently

Nowadays of a Salesforce Consultant are the same but what remains constant is the daily stand-up. This is the time where every development team and the scrum master are presenting and tracking how much progress has been achieved over the course of the previous day and detect any potential hurdle for the day ahead. You’re required to know and be able to present content with a high level of functional or technical detail so that even the granular levels of detail in the project are worked upon. 

  • Design, Build, Train & Deploy

Apart from the above-mentioned roles and responsibilities, there’s one more task or task that you need to perform. Design, Build, Train & Deploy: Meaning, you’re required to design the required Salesforce setup for your project, then build the necessary tools to implement it. The next step for you is to train the clients and your workforce about how the system functions and the final step is to deploy the required Salesforce setup which is essential for the proper functioning of the business.

What Does a Salesforce Consultant Do At Junior and Senior Level?

Check out the complete junior & senior Salesforce Consultant Job description gathered from different, credible job portals & hiring consultancies:

Junior Salesforce Consultant Job Description (with less or equal 1+ years experience)

As entry-level, below or equal to 1 year of experience, generally, you will be working under a senior-level Salesforce admin or consultant, and your Salesforce Consultant Job Description or what does a salesforce consultant do includes:

  • Be part of a team delivering the most complex, the biggest, and innovative applications based on top-notch Cloud solutions.
  • Develop business requirements and functional designs.
  • Design business processes and business processes automation based on Salesforce Platform.
  • Provide analytical support to the client and development team.
  • Take an active role in Salesforce projects by interacting with their global implementation team

Senior Salesforce Consultant Job Description (4+ Years Experience)

As a Senior Salesforce Consultant with 4+ years of experience, this what does a salesforce consultant do:

  • Design and develop custom solutions on the platform including significant work in Apex, VisualForce, application integration, and data migration
  • Design and implement business technology solutions focused on cloud-based business applications, specifically,
  • Involve in developing business requirements, specifications, process flows, application design, application configuration, testing, and deployment
  • Work directly with clients to lead projects, facilitate business process analysis sessions, develop and deliver the key components of technology solutions.
  • Contribute the growth of the practice through thought-leadership, development of solution accelerators, reusable assets, and participation and ownership of other operational areas (recruiting, onboarding, training, enablement, etc.)
  • Provide mentoring and guidance to other team members

If you’re intrigued by these roles and responsibilities and wondering how to become a salesforce consultant and where to start, read our Salesforce Consultant career path to clear your doubts!

Here’s How a Salesforce Consultant Job Description Looks Like With An Actual Popular Giant!

This is What You Need to Excel in If You Want to Become a Salesforce Consultant 

  • A deep search into job portals like Indeed, Payscale, and LinkedIn gives us the impression that most professionals possessed a bachelor’s or master’s degree. However, that doesn't mean you can’t be a Salesforce Consultant if you don’t possess any such college degrees. 
  • Application development experience Object-Oriented programming and related technologies (Javascript, XML, HTML5, iOS, Android, Java, C++, ASP, SQL, Java, Ruby, C#, C++, etc)
  • Understanding of system and data integration architecture and a strong understanding of relational databases (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.)
  • Experience and understanding of software development methodologies, e.g. Agile, Waterfall
  • One or more current certifications is highly desirable

You should focus more on having prerequisite knowledge about Salesforce products and services to stand eligible for this career. Also, work on your soft skills like good command over your verbal skills, writing skills, greater interpersonal communication with acute leadership skills. You can be anyone; fresher or working professional from technical, creative, or management field & can still jumpstart your Salesforce Consultant career with proper certification and training.

  1. Salesforce Community Cloud Consultant
  2. Salesforce Education Cloud Consultant
  3. Salesforce Einstein Analytics and Discovery Consultant
  4. Salesforce Field Service Lightning Consultant
  5. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant
  6. Salesforce Non-profit Cloud Consultant
  7. Salesforce Pardot Consultant
  8. Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant
  9. Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant

JanBask Training has a professional & world-recognized Salesforce Consultant course up and running to help you master the concepts of Salesforce Consultant while focusing on Sales & Service Cloud, Apex Programming, Salesforce Lightning, and much more.

Get effective and proper guidance through e-learning platforms and get yourself equipped with:

  • Salesforce products, tools, applications, new releases
  • How to manage the Salesforce profiles, manage access, allocate roles, manage groups & workflows
  • How to import the crucial sales data
  • Email marketing expertise in relation to how to segment the email lists & conduct A/B tests on them
  • How to manage the salesforce reports
  • End-to-end data upkeep & management to ensure it’s organized, safe, and easy to access
  • Accuracy in managing small chunks of detailed data with great attention to detail
  • Bring remedial actions to ensure Salesforce is accessible equally by both & non-technical folks of the company
  • Support end-users with Salesforce documentation & training

Is Salesforce Consultant Role Hot-Selling in the Job Market?

Here are the top industries that are highly using Salesforce, Consultant, to unify and manage their business process and have tremendous job opportunities:

  • Retail/eCommerce
  • Business Services
  • Information Technology
  • Banking/Finance
  • Education/training
  • Health Care
  • Food & Restaurants
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate/Interior Designing
  • Fashion

…. among other industries 

Basically, every business or industry that has a customer base online or offline is in need of effective Salesforce Consultants to cement their relationships with their customers and to boost their revenue. 

Here are few top companies that rely on Salesforce Consultant roles:

  • Spotify
  • Amazon Web Services
  • U.S. Bank
  • Toyota
  • Macy's
  • T-Mobile
  • Canon
  • American Red Cross
  • L’Oréal Americas
  • NBC Universal
  • Accenture

Top 5 Industries Where Salesforce Consultant Responsibilities Are High!

As a Salesforce Consultant, your work is not only limited to IT or software, you also manage the systems. So this is what does a salesforce consultant do in the following 5 popular industries:

1. Nonprofits

The Role of Salesforce Consultant at non-profit organizations revolves around customization and optimization of the Salesforce CRM with a cost-effective and time-effective manner for organizing & tracking of their fundraising, grants, other programs & their impact & engagement.

2. Financial Services

As a Salesforce Consultant with financial institutions, your job is to set up a financial cloud, customize Salesforce CRM to help with core financial services like banking, insurance, retirement planning, financial advice, wealth management, etc. Also, help financial institutions propel your customer relations & meet the business’s end goals.

3. Manufacturing Services

According to Salesforce, the role of Salesforce Consultant is to simplify processes at manufacturing units and help in “providing smart, personalized service with instant access to critical contracts and entitlement data in one centralized location. With omnichannel support, service reps can engage customers in real-time using their preferred line of communication.”  

4. Retail Services

As a Salesforce Consultant you ensure not only the data security & business scalability needs of the retail services with cost-effective, reliable, fast, and flexible Salesforce solutions but also customize salesforce to help partners, sales employees or associates act on valid data or information for delivering services that build loyal customer base.

5. Educational Institutions

The Salesforce role at higher education institutions is to bring Salesforce’s out-of-the-box features to help convert leads into alum by supercharging recruitment & admission processes, managing student LMS, and resolving students’ issues.


In this blog, we discussed various Salesforce Consultant roles and responsibilities that they need to perform on a day-to-day basis. We also shared job descriptions of a Salesforce Consultant that we gathered from various job portals and hiring managers. Here, you also learned about what a salesforce consultant does base in different industries, the skills or prerequisite knowledge to become a Salesforce Consultation.

As discussed in the blog, Salesforce has changed the way CRM works and with roles like Salesforce Consultant, the companies are evolving their business processes. So give a jumpstart to your Cloud professional career by becoming a Salesforce Consultant, today! 

If you have any queries regarding Salesforce Consultant, you can connect with us or drop your queries in the comment section and get real-time solutions!

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