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Future Growth of a Salesforce Developer in 2020


CRM systems have come out as one of the most aspiring career domains for learners worldwide. So, how will the Salesforce CRM system help you to achieve success and grow as a Salesforce Developer this year? Go through the blog to know more!

Ever wonder why companies are going customer-centric. Whether it is an IT Company or typical manufacturing industry, every organization wants to establish stronger relationships with their customers. Today, the idea of customer acquisition has been replaced with customer retention. This concept led to the discovery of CRM tools fully dedicated to serve customers 24x7x365 like Salesforce CRM.

Here is a quick idea of why enterprises love Salesforce?

  • +27% increase in Sales Revenue
  • +32% increase in Lead Conversion rate
  • +34% increase in Customer Satisfaction
  • +56% increase in Deployment rate

Here is a quick idea of why enterprises love Salesforce?

Here is a quick idea of why aspirants love salesforce?

  • There are 3.3 million jobs expected in the Salesforce ecosystem by 2022.
  • More than 200K Companies have switched to the Salesforce.
  • The annualized growth of the platform is expected to be 65 percent.
  • According to IDC, it is the number one CRM system that leads the market, with 19.7% of the total market share.

Salesforce in Numbers

Salesforce is the leading CRM system available so far, and here are a few interesting facts about the platform why it is so popular among others.

Salesforce in Numbers

Why do Companies need Salesforce developers?

As a business, you are done with the research and finally decided that Salesforce suits your business requirements completely. You have increased traffic on your website, collected plenty of business cards, networked like crazy, and improved your presence on social media platforms.

You have gathered data from visitors and converted them into buyers. But your customers are moving away after a few weeks. Your competitors have swiped them under your nose! So, what is that we have done wrong? We need expert strategies for retaining customers.

Mostly, Salesforce is considered suitable for customer acquisition, but it is five to twenty-five times more expensive than retaining the existing ones. The best idea is to hang on with potential customers and plan more attractive offers for them. According to marketing professionals, an approximate 5 percent hike in customer retention will give a 25 percent hike in profits.

Salesforce Training For Administrators & Developers

  • No cost for a Demo Class
  • Industry Expert as your Trainer
  • Available as per your schedule
  • Customer Support Available

It is clear that customer retention is more important as compared to acquiring new leads. So, you have to hire professionals who can complete this job professionally and able to build long-term relationships with customers through personalized experiences.

Here, a salesforce Developer can help a business in all possible ways. So, who is a Salesforce Developer, and what are the possible career paths to become and grow as a Salesforce Developer? There can be multiple views as a career path, and we will discuss the best ones with maximum results in the end.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Salesforce as a business.

  • Reason #1: You can increase the Company Sales through effective Salesforce1 app development.
  • Reason #2: Salesforce can give you maximum customer retention by the adoption of the right tools and tactics.
  • Reason #3: There is a marketing cloud where you can announce new products or services loudly.

How are Salesforce Certifications valuable?

Salesforce developers are in great demand, and Companies need certified professionals in this domain. According to stats, more than 60 percent of the Salesforce implementation poses challenges and needs a trained team to fix these issues. It is the biggest reason why certified Salesforce professionals are given more preference, and they usually promise error-free deployments.

With the increased demand for Salesforce.com, the demand for certified professionals is also on the rise. Certification is an excellent choice for ultimate career growth and makes you more marketable in the IT industry. Here are a few certifications and you can pick any one of them as per your career tracks.

This blog is more focused on Salesforce Developers, so DEV 401 is the right certification to consider for a position career growth in no time. Here is how certifications can help learners in two popular ways.

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  • Number 1 – Your knowledge: A certification helps you in gaining related skills and experience. You will also get hands-on expertise in Salesforce tools and techniques as needed by companies.
  • Number 2 – Your Experience: You will get an opportunity to work on real-time complex problems and add the same to your resume for getting noticed by recruiters as compared to non-certified candidates.

Before we focus on the future growth of a Salesforce Developer, let us first learn who is a Salesforce Developer. Also, please have a look at what you should study as part of the curriculum when preparing for the Salesforce Developer certification.

A Bit about Salesforce Developers

Salesforce Developers are the professionals who hold the knowledge of development and administration both. If he has a basic knowledge of a programming language, then it can be an added advantage. He builds Salesforce apps using APEX programming language or Visualforce pages as needed by the client.

The major responsibilities of a Salesforce Developer are given below.

  • He builds CRM, Salesforce apps, and effective data solutions.
  • He tests apps and implements the best strategies.
  • He designs effective customer solutions and workflows.
  • He can maintain the complex roles of different users.
  • He suggests the best technological strategies and works on security parameters too.

So, are you ready to evaluate your skills as a Salesforce Developer? If yes, check out our quiz and try to reply to the maximum questions given in the quiz. It will help you to evaluate your current skills level and how much improvements you need exactly to grow further.

salesforce quiz

Slowly but progressively industries have started adopting Salesforce for their business apps. The increasing growth of Salesforce has resulted in increased demand for Salesforce Developers and Salesforce admins. As of now, there are more than 1,50,000 satisfied Salesforce customers worldwide which is much higher than our expectations.

Future Growth of a Salesforce Developer

Well, it is tricky defining the future growth of a Salesforce Developer. We discussed successful experts in the domain, and they suggested us the two best career paths to follow and to grow as a Salesforce Developer in the future.

Path 1 – How to jumpstart your career as a Fresher?

To build a career as a Salesforce Developer, the basic knowledge of OOPs concepts is extremely useful.

How to jumpstart your career as a Fresher?

A). Join Salesforce Training Online:

Once you are done with the graduation, the immediate step is joining the Salesforce certification training and acquire all related skills that are necessary to progress your career as a Salesforce Developer. There are multiple options available online to enroll in the training. Do your homework first and register for the best institute who can keep its promises.

B). Acquire a Salesforce Developer certification

Once you are done with the training, the next step is to apply for the Salesforce Developer certification and try to clear it in the first attempt. At JanBask Training, we have structured in such a way that most of our students can clear the exam in the very first attempt. Don’t panic; if you cannot make it in the first attempt, we can help you further as well.

Learn Salesforce in the Easiest Way

  • Learn from the videos
  • Learn anytime anywhere
  • Pocket-friendly mode of learning
  • Complimentary eBook available

C). Get some experience:

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You shoulda minimum of 2-3 projects work in your resume to show your suitability for the profile. It would be great if you can join project-based training where you have to work on real-time problems and gain expertise to use in the workplace. It is a vital step because Companies don’t prefer plain resumes having zero work experience.

D). Apply for Jobs:

Till the time, you have completed your training, earned certification, and added project work to your resume as well. It is the right time to start applying for jobs and get hired by leading Companies at attractive salary packages. Don’t forget to work on your resume and make it so impressive to be reject by anyone. Also, prepare for maximum interview questions related to the Salesforce and be more confident in your skills like never before.

E). Keep enhancing your skills

Even if you are selected, your responsibilities don’t end here but keep enhancing your skills to become relevant and a skilled resource. For this purpose, you should read blogs, latest updates related to Salesforce, or attend seminars to know what is new to learn in this field.

With these five simple steps, you can kickstart your career even as a Fresher and grow quickly as compared to others. Getting hired is a goal but staying relevant for years is a challenge. All the Best!

Path 2 – How to uplift your career as an intermediate or experienced professional?

Here are some important tips on how you can uplift your career at an intermediate or experienced level.

How to uplift your career as an intermediate or experienced professional?

A). Supercharge the Profile

Keep constantly learning and add more skills, badges, and certifications to your resume. You should learn more technologies, tools, or programming languages with time. You can earn super badges by replying to tough and advanced assignments at the later part of your career. Adding and showing this much expertise to your profile will surely help you to get noticed by potential recruiters worldwide.

B). Join hands with Non-Profit Org

These days several non-profits orgs are looking to work out with Salesforce, but they are not sure of exact strategies to adopt. Here, you can showcase your work experience and skills and help non-profit Orgs in Salesforce implementation. For this purpose, you should understand business needs in-depth first and provide them the best Salesforce solution according to their needs.

C). Work on Custom apps

Show your passion for building custom apps and how they can be helpful for enterprises. Today, Companies need custom solutions that are completely tailored to their business needs and able to give maximum returns in the long run. When you show experience in designing custom apps then you can attract recruiters to hire you.

D). Start as a Freelancer

Till the time, we have discussed tips on how to glow your resume and add skills to it. Here, we will tell you why to start as a freelancer. When you are working alone on a project, it has to be analyzed from different aspects and you have to put in more effort and time than usual. Also, you are a developer and decision-maker both for that project.

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So, working as a freelancer can make you more responsible and confident. It will boost up your earnings and makes you a successful Salesforce Developer and progress tremendously in the field.

Now, when you are sure of career paths and how to progress as a Salesforce Developer. It is the right time to discuss a few more relevant questions related to the profile.

How much coding is required to progress as a Salesforce Developer?

If you are planning to start a career in the Salesforce domain as a developer, then you cannot go very far even without having any working knowledge on how to code.. You should be familiar with the syntax and how to publish it. Java and JavaScript are two programming languages frequently used by programmers. Also, you have to focus on certain guidelines and how to integrate it with an existing app.

The requirement may vary from app to app like no coding to complex programming lines. In Salesforce, almost everything can be coded, and you can design custom apps as needed by Companies. A true Salesforce Developer knows how to use innovative coding ideas and go for the programming only when it is necessary.

Salesforce Developer Salaries – Compare it with India and the USA

In India, the average salary of a Salesforce Developer is calculated as 6lakhs per annum. It is just an idea of average salaries. However, the salary may vary as per your experience and skills-level. At the same time, certification plays an important role in boosting your career graph. If you have the in-depth idea of a firm and its business processes, then you will be hired quickly. At the higher-level, your annual salary can go up to 15 lakhs per annum.

In the USA, the scenario is different, and the average salary is witness much higher as compared to India. Either it is India or the USA, you must have the outstanding skills to bag a job as a Salesforce Developer. The average salary of a Salesforce Developer in the USA is $78,000 that creates a huge difference when compared to the Indian currency.

Salesforce Developer Salaries

What is the Future of Salesforce Platform?

Growth is considered inevitable in the Salesforce sector. It is taken as the best CRM system available so far and ranked #1 for a consecutive decade. There are millions of Salesforce customers worldwide and definitely requires Salesforce Developers for the implementation of the platform. As a Salesforce Developer, you have to work in complex environments sometimes that demands a depth knowledge of Java, APEX, or similar programming languages. If you belong to a technical background then Salesforce can be an amazing platform to develop.

Future Growth of a Salesforce Developer infographic
If you don’t belong to a technical background, join a training program where you can acquire all the necessary skills and start your career as a Salesforce Developer immediately. If you are willing to experience the instructor-led LIVE Online Salesforce class, then I suggest you quickly register for a complimentary online demo session. It will help you to foresee your learning journey with our Online Training program

free salesforce demo

How to choose the best institute for the Salesforce Developer Training?

  • In the first step, research and list the best resources.
  • Join project-based learning where you can work on 2-3 projects and add the same to your resume as well.
  • The mode of training can be optional, either self-paced or Live instructor-led classes.
  • You can request to personalize the training schedule as per your availability.
  • If there is a provision of demo class, then put the request for the same.

Next Steps:

Here, I need your involvement. My goal is twofold, the first is to help you jumpstart your career as a fresher and the second is how to uplift your career with the right approach. So evaluate yourself first and take the necessary steps to fix concerned problems.

  • Evaluate your Skills: Here, you have to check your current skills-level, either you need basic skills or you want to revamp an existing Salesforce career. Once you are sure of it with professional opinions, then take the required steps ahead.
  • What is the solution?: At the basic level, you should register for the Training program and get all the necessary skills. At a higher level, you can apply for certifications and keep enhancing your skills to grow progressively.

Eventually, you can experience a dramatic change in your career growth and let yourself embark on a journey of success with JanBask Training.

Salesforce Tutorial Overview

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