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What Is Process Builder in Salesforce

What is process builder in Salesforce?

Salesforce process builder is a powerful tool you can use to automate business processes. It has a simple interface that allows you to point and click to select objects and fields while setting up immediate and time-based actions. Process builder allows you to do more than a simple workflow would. It is a tool that allows you to automate business processes using a graphical representation of your process. It is like workflow tool that helps you easily automate your business processes by providing a powerful and user-friendly visual representation of your process. The Process Builder’s simple and powerful design allows you to build customize the automated process.

Actions Available In Process Builder

There are several different actions you can trigger the process builder. These actions are: Trigger Apex code: You can use Salesforce process builder to invoke Apex code you have written within Salesforce. Apex can be anything from custom logic to save a record to complex business processes. To invoke an apex class in process builder we have to use @AuraEnabled attribute. Create a record: This will allow you to create new records and set certain field values for the new record. Email alerts: IN order to send an email from a process, you must create the email alert. To send an email alert that email should be associated with the same object on which process is started. Email template contains the standard text, list of recipients, and template Trigger a flow: You can launch a flow from your process to automate complex business processes. Post to Chatter: Process builder post to chatter action helps to post information to any user or group chatter feed within Salesforce. The post will appear in the chatter field as if the person who triggered the process had written it. You can reference groups or topics and add merge fields. Submit for approval: Only the record that started the process will be submitted. You can’t submit any related records for approval. Update records: Update one or more records that are related to the record that started the process. You can update the record with manually entered values or by using the values from related records. We can update records of parent or child whereas workflow only updates same or parent object from the child. Quick actions: You must already have global actions or an object specific action created within Salesforce to use these quick actions. You can then select to log a call, send an email, or update a record. Process: This action will call another process to another process. For this action, you need to choose process type as it invoked by another process. salesforce quiz

Why Process builder?

Process builder is more flexible in comparison to workflow.In workflow rule can’t update child record, Post to Chatter, auto submits record in the Approval process, invoke an apex or call flows.

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Navigation to process builder

Setup =>Create =>Build=>Process builder=>New What Is Process Builder in Salesforce

  • Enter process Name
  • Enter a description of the process
  • Finally, choose process type
  • Click on save

What Is Process Builder in Salesforce

  • Choose object name on which you want to perform the task.
  • Choose start process type.
  • Enter criteria name.
  • Choose Criteria condition.
  • Set condition field.
  • Choose condition type.

What Is Process Builder in Salesforce

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  • Choose action type.

What Is Process Builder in Salesforce

  • Select a record type.
  • Set field value which is going to update.
  • Save
  • Add Anther action
  • Action type email alert.
  • Enter action name.
  • Choose email alert name if you do not have email alert create a new one.

What Is Process Builder in Salesforce

  • Choose action type as an
  • Enter name.
  • Select apex class

What Is Process Builder in Salesforce

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  • Save
  • Activate

  Apex code

public class invokeAppoveExample {
      public static void recordInsert(list<id>ids){
      list<account>acc= [select id from account where id in:ids];
      for(account a :acc){
          opportunity op = new opportunity();
          op.StageName='closed won';
          insert op;


Now go to account update it sees its related contact will be updated, you will also a notification of address update

Process builder Vs workflow

Type Process Builder Workflow
Complexity Multiple if/then statements A single if/then statement
Visual designer    
Browser support All (Chrome recommended) All
Starts when ·         Record is changed ·         Invoked by another process Record is changed
Supports time-based actions    
Call Apex code    
Create records   Tasks only
Invoke processes    
Launch a flow   (Pilot)1
Post to Chatter    
Send email (Email alerts only) (Email alerts only)
Send outbound messages without code    
Submit for approval    
Update fields Any related record The record or its parent


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